Star’s Favorite…Authors- Roslyn Hardy Holcomb & Crystal Hubbard

31SQ6cy-QGL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-72,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_I had a reader of this blog share a story with me a week or so ago. She talked about how much she enjoyed reading romance but that her last visit to the bookstore had left her yearning for more, something that reflected her as a black woman and the types of romance stories she enjoyed. She said she left the bookstore empty handed. She then commented how much she enjoyed my blog because I wrote interracial romance with black women and white men as the central characters. She also said she’d just discovered interracial romance books with black woman and non-black men as the hero and heroine. She was excited and it showed in how she spoke about this new romance sub-genre discovery.

I know the feeling, I discovered interracial romance in 2008 as my previous marriage was going down the crapper and I just needed something to take me away. I don’t remember how I actually found out that there were romances written about the type of relationships I’d been in all my dating life. But hallelujah and pass the tambourine, it was a joyous occasion. I remember buying my first three books of  interracial romances from Amazon, I wasn’t sure what to buy because when I discovered this pot of gold I also discovered the gold had been there many years. So there were a crapload of interracial romance books featuring black women and non-black men. How could I have been so blind? But two of those first three books I bought were by these two women and I’ve been a super fan of them ever since. Most of us don’t really get to know the authors of our books but I can say I know these two ladies via social media, they are both engaging and funny. They’re wonderful, genuine women which makes reading their books even better.

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb, writes some of the best interracial romance and erotica ever. The first book I ever read by her was Rock Star, if you haven’t read it pick it up. Also just pick up anything else she’s ever written too. She is amazing. She’s what I believe they were talking about when they say wordsmith. Her writing is crisp, full of emotion, and she doesn’t hold back. I enjoy that she doesn’t insult the intelligence of the reader. I figure she thinks if you’re reading this you’re smart enough for her to fully engage you. She’s never written a bad book, at least not for me. Anyone I’ve ever told to read her writing was as smitten by it as I was the first time I read her stories. She is not one to miss, go on Amazon now and put her name in the search engine and buy every book she’s written you won’t regret it, I guarantee. Also check out her blog The One Who Writes, she is funny and straight forward, and always has an encouraging word for black women. I can’t tell you how much you’ll enjoy it.

Now, Crystal Hubbard, I met online after reading her book. I think I talked about it in a little Yahoo online group I had regarding interracial romance books. She found the online chat group and just got in there like she’d known me all my life and in a way I felt she did. She’s so friendly, quirky, fun, and silly and has an amazing loving spirit. She has had an ongoing a battle with cancer that occurred a little after I met her. She has the most determined spirit. Both of these women are mothers and have some awesome kids and I like that they share that partially with us. The first book I read by Crystal was, Crush, I think I read it in 2 days. She took me there, her ability to weave a tale and put you right in the midst of it is fantastic. She’s got an amazing ability to be descriptive without being too wordy. She also writes children books and horror and fantasy stories. I can’t tell you anything but that you need to read her work. It will enchant you, as will she.

41UnnBlx0YL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_I am a die hard romance fan, always have been since my teen days but discovering interracial romance just brought me life. I cannot express in a more definitive fashion how important it is for you, if you’re a fan of this sub-genre, to get and read these two ladies’ books. Also find them online and talk to them, they are both thoroughly engaging, intelligent, funny, and kind women. You don’t always get that kind of opportunity with writers but I’m so glad I know these two. I’m even happier that I’m a fan of their work. Don’t forget to look them up at Amazon for all their titles.


I Have Some Stories to Continue

Like many people who write romance I may every once in awhile write secondary characters that are in a budding romance themselves. In these stories I don’t go into much detail about these secondary characters or their story, but you get glimpses. Those glimpses are there so you know there will be an upcoming story, an offshoot, from the main romance about these two secondary characters. I’ve done this on a few occasions in A Common Kind of Love, Rendezvous, Remembering Your Heart, and now in Surviving in Dateland. As I’ve told you before I do love a series and I find this the best way to do series for romance. But the thing is you haven’t seen me start any of these stories, well at least you haven’t seen them posted yet on this blog. But please be assured, they are coming and coming soon. There are tons of story lines dancing in my head about secondary characters from the stories I’ve mentioned. So I want to encourage you to stay with me as I bring back some of my secondary characters in these stories for their own romantic adventures.

Zoe and Al from A Common Kind of Love

Kurt and Joy from Rendezvous

Amber and Brady from Remembering Your Heart

Bailey and his mystery woman from Surviving in Dateland

Also if you haven’t read some of these, please check them out. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and sharing them all. So please don’t worry if you liked a secondary character and were dying to hear their love story, it’s coming, it’s coming…


Time For Love-Chapter 1


Okay I’m a glutton for punishment. Why would I ever start a story while I have about five of them that I’m in a middle of writing right now. Because I’m a glutton for punishment but this story was just on my mind and these two folks were on it as a good combination for hero and heroine. Don’t expect an update for this too soon. I still got two stories I’m finishing Remember Your Heart and Surviving in Dateland. But for some reason I thought Forks, Washington would be a good setting. Because I know Forks and the areas around Forks and someone needs a tell a story about that beautiful part of the country without including werewolves and sparkly vampires. So why not me.  I hope you like this story and like I said it may be awhile before you see a Chapter 2 but I’m going to complete it, definitely.

Chapter 1

‘There he is over there, Lill.’

‘Who’s over there?’ Casey peeked her nosy head in on Lill and Roberta’s conversation.

‘I’m not talking to you Casey. Get outta our business,’ Roberta admonished the young woman.

Lill still hadn’t turned toward whatever Roberta was talking about, she didn’t have time. There were other customers in The Rain Drop Diner that needed help. The breakfast rush was winding down but there were still people at her tables and the counter which Roberta was handling today.

Lillian turned toward her exasperated with her chatter, ‘What Roberta! What are you talking about?’

‘Over in the corner. He’s been here every Thursday morning for a month and the whole time he’s here he’s eyeing you.’

At that statement, Lillian thought maybe she needed to check ‘him’ out. She turned from the prep counter to the corner and there he was. She hadn’t noticed him until Roberta said something today, but she wasn’t sure how she’d missed him. He was beautiful. He had chestnut brown hair and the sweetest blue eyes she’d ever seen and Roberta was right he was looking at her. He was trying to do it slyly but he was almost gawking. She knew he wasn’t staring at Roberta she was a 56 year old rotund grandmother. Casey was out of the question it wasn’t because she was bad looking or older she wasn’t. She was 22 years old, kind of mousy but cute but she was married with 2 children. So by process of elimination it had to be her.  She looked away from his stare it was making her uncomfortable.

Lillian had never really been into white guys even as one of the few black women in a small town by the coast of Washington. She’d always dated black men, she always felt that they knew her struggle a lot better. She’d lived in Seattle for many years with two ex-boyfriends after she’d dropped out of college the first year, a decision she regretted. She struggled on her own there for a few years living with her cousin and her husband but she just felt like a burden. About 3 years ago after her dad had a stroke she’d come back to Forks to be near her parents. They needed her. She lived in a tiny house behind their place and it suited her. She helped them and it gave her chance to attend college via online. She had a few more months until graduation and then hopefully she’d be starting a career away from this diner. She’d always been grateful Ben Holloway had given her a job when she showed back up in town, she’d worked her as a teenager. Now all she hoped was that this accounting degree would get her some work. She didn’t want to look around in 4 years and be 35 still waiting on tables.

Jose was ringing for her to pick up another order but before she did she caught one more quick glance at the gorgeous man in the corner. She didn’t have time for this kind of distraction but he was certainly nice to look at.

Jonas just sat there sipping his coffee with a half eaten muffin on the plate. This certainly was not the best place in town for breakfast, there was diner up the road that had way better food, but she was here. He’d come in once to ask directions and saw her. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever beheld. Beautiful skin the color of fresh honey, she was an exotic flower in a sea of weeds in this town.

Jonas had moved to Forks from Olympia he’d just been here about two months, he’d come for an opportunity to buy a veterinary clinic from one his old professors. Dr. Parsons had always believed in him so when he decided to retire to the Bahamas he called Jonas and gave him first opportunity to buy out his established clinic. So he’d moved out here it was small but quaint and it was the setting for that book and movie ‘Twilight’. He wasn’t concerned about that he was concerned about the fine beauty that was waiting tables. He’d purposefully not set at her tables when he showed up on Thursday morning. He didn’t think he was ready to talk to her, he had seen from her name tag her name was Lillian. She was definitely a Lilly, beautiful, soft, delicate and exquisite. When he was there on Thursday mornings she never seemed to pay him much attention, he breezed in and out unnoticed until today. Today she’d looked directly at him when the older woman spoke to her. He wondered if they were talking about him. It didn’t matter. He’d have to make a move soon or he’d be accused of stalking. He just wasn’t sure he had time for love or even if he should bother.

His last relationship had ended a year ago when his fiancé, Heather had left him for a yoga instructor in California. This would be a fresh start.

Lillian was getting weary of Roberta following her around talking about the strange guy at the corner table staring at her.

‘I’ve heard a couple of people call him, Dr. Stewart. I wonder what kind of doctor he is?’ Casey said. Roberta looked over at him again, ‘with those kind of clothes child he couldn’t be a rich one.’

‘Roberta,’ she was finally fed up, ‘I’ve got customers to help and so do you. I’ve got a cup a coffee and a glass of juice to get over to Ethel and Rev. Bell, not now please.’

Roberta threw her hands in the air and backed away she knew when Lill was in a bad mood it was not the time to gossip or chitchat.

Lillian was coming from behind the counter when someone at it tried to get her attention she turned suddenly and didn’t even notice the gorgeous hunk of man who walked in front of her.

‘Whoa!’ She said as she bumped directly into his side, coffee and juice went flying everywhere. Most of it hit Lill’s t-shirt, jeans, apron, and the floor.

‘I’m so sorry,’ the good looking stranger from the corner table told her.

Lillian sighed then plastered on a smile, ‘it’s okay it was totally my fault. This will happen when you don’t watch where you’re going.’

Casey and Roberta both rushed over to make sure she was okay and to bring her a towel.

‘Are you okay Mister? I didn’t burn you with that coffee?’ Lillian asked as she tried to clean his jacket.

‘Oh no, I’m okay I got some on my pants but this jacket is water proof. Looks like that was a good purchase,’ he smiled at Lillian.

For a moment she was at a complete loss for words, he was beautiful, friendly, sensuous, and sexy all at once. His whole face lit up when he smiled, he had the naughty schoolboy thing going on full blast. She blinked and shook her head slightly to come out of the dream of her and him and more ways to make him smile.

‘Oh. Good.’ She looked over toward the Bells, ‘Reverend and Mrs. Bell, I’ll get you new glasses of coffee and juice in a moment. And well since you’re okay I better get picked up and back to work.’

Lillian hurried away from him like lightning, she couldn’t take much more of that smile. It had her weak in the knees and she’d never felt that way about anyone particularly some white guy. As she refilling coffee cups and pouring more juice she kept looking over at him. He was paying Roberta and was about to leave, but just before he did he looked back to catch Lillian smiling at him and waved. She almost dropped that dang juice glass again. She was headed back to give Rev. Bell and Mrs. Bell their drinks and peered out of the window to see him in the parking lot. He had a sure gait, very manly, she’d only noticed his face in the restaurant but his body wasn’t to go unnoticed he looked to be in good shape. He got into a silver Volvo SUV and headed out.

‘You okay child?’

Lillian looked down at Rev. Bell, ‘oh yes sir, I sure am. I made a bit of a mess but I’ve recovered.’

‘That’s good, looked a little messy for a second, Sister Danvers,’ then he chuckled.

Lillian thought, he didn’t know how right he was now that they’d acknowledged each other this thing could get messy.

Jonas had just stepped into his clinic for the day he an appointment at 9:30 a woman by the name of Ms. Killeen who had a tabby by the name of Buttons that was listless and not eating. Jonas enjoyed being a veterinarian, he preferred animals to people many times and living in such a rural area it kept him busy and the work was much more varied. He saw domesticated animals small as gerbils and wild animals as big as cougars.

‘Hey Dr. Stewart!’

‘Hey there, Thad how are you today?’

‘Doing great Dr. Stewart. Had an awesome night, my girlfriend accepted my marriage proposal.’

‘Really, that’s great. Congratulations.’

‘I guess finally getting this great job with you as veterinary assistant sealed it for her.’

Jonas laughed, yes he knew how some women were impressed by money. He hoped Thad had chosen wisely it could be tragic to figure out you hadn’t too late.

‘I see you’re getting things prepped for today.’

‘Yes, we’ll be ready Dr. Stewart. I looked at the schedule looks like we’re busy today.’

‘We have lots of precious creatures to take care of. Is Chelsea here yet?’

‘No, but it’s almost 9 she should be showing up any minute.’

‘Okay we’ve got our first patient at 9:30 am. I’ve got some notes to complete before they come in. I’ll be in my office.’

‘Okay, Dr. Stewart, I’ll let you know when our first patient arrives.’

Jonas walked toward his office, he stepped in and took off his coat and put it on the coat rack. This place wasn’t fancy or lavish, it was functional. The walls were paneled, he’d taken down all the photos Fred Parsons had up. He hadn’t replaced it with much, just various accolades, certifications and degrees he’d earned. He had a few photos of his family but not many, his parents lived in Gig Harbor still and his brother and two sisters still lived here in the Pacific Northwest. Jonas was the youngest at 35 years old, then his sister, Mary Ann was 38, married with two kids, then his brother Donovan was 43, married with one child, then his oldest sister, Vivian was 46 had married her long time girlfriend this year, they had five kids together. Jonas’ parents continually looked at him and wondered why he wasn’t married and giving them grandkids. Then again after today he thought he might make them grandparents some time soon.

He’d been enchanted when he first saw her almost a month ago when he walked into the diner to ask directions and get a cup of coffee to go. She was like a dream come to life, she was wearing braids that day and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so busy she didn’t notice him and hadn’t noticed him until today. The luck of her running into him was kismet, finally a chance to speak to her not exactly in the way he imagined but it was better than nothing.

He’d found out that day her name was Lillian because that’s what the customers called her. She was friendly and engaging and sexy as everything. Her sex appeal caught his eye but over the last few weeks of coming in for breakfast he’d noticed more. She was funny and smart, she was kind but was very direct with some of the over eager menfolk in this small town. It couldn’t be easy to so gorgeous with a body that just screamed sin and not have some of these old horn dogs and the young ones too getting all grab ass. He liked she was a little tough but sweet and stood up for herself. He’d had enough of push overs with Heather, he liked that she would probably give him a challenge.

As he sat there with images of her pretty smile and smooth, soft caramel skin he could feel his manhood stirring. Jonas couldn’t believe it, it had been many years and many women since he’d felt such longing just imagining someone. This Lillian had bewitched him and he was eager to see what would come of this infatuation. There was sharp rap at the door, Jonas looked up and tried to calm his active hormones.

‘Come in.’

‘Dr. Stewart, first patient is in.’

‘Alright Thad get the feline prepped. I’ll be in a minute.’

Meagan-Good-Mens-Health-23He needed a moment and a plan on how to make a chance encounter with the woman of his dreams into time for love.

Surviving In Dateland-Chapter 8


WARNING: This contains explicit sexual content. 

It had been over a week after the big blow up with Sophie and Brock, he’d been calling her but Sophie wasn’t in the mood to hear it or him. The betrayal was too much, she’d talked to Leann about it and she told her to let it go there were a lot worse things he could be. For Sophie that didn’t matter, he was the worse thing she thought he could be, a liar. She wasn’t sure about giving him a chance. He’d sent flowers and cards and little gifts to the office, Sophie had either given them away or threw them in the trash. He’d told her he used his wealth to influence people previously, he wasn’t about to start doing that again with her. It had been almost impossible not to call him or melt at the beautiful words he’d written her in the card but she was standing strong.

It was Friday night and bunch of folks from work were going to the Harvest Moon to drink beer in celebration of them completing the brews for the Fall roll out. She’d been in charge of one herself this year, first time and was proud of her accomplishment. She didn’t want to miss it especially since the tab would be on the boss, Bob Stehr.

They were at the Harvest Moon which was a bar and restaurant, it had spectacular food but the atmosphere was relaxed. So Sophie was jeans, steal toe boots and her flower power t-shirt, no time to get gussied up so many of the folks who brewed beer smelled like hops and barley. It was an odd aroma along with some sweat, but she was used to it.

She along with the two ladies in accounting and Trudy were the only women that worked full time. There a couple part time bartenders and waitresses, but they were the steadys. Trudy was there tonight with her new boyfriend, a skinny kid with red hair he was an Irish exchange student named Kevin Sullivan, he was cute for a skinny kid. Most everyone had their girlfriends or boyfriends there with them, it laughter and jokes all around. Grant and his wife and kids were sitting down by Sophie, she hadn’t told him anything about what happened between her and Brock. He knew they were dating and had been suspicious about her snappy mood swings but he hadn’t pried. She had told Leann about it but just said they were taking a break while she reassessed some things but in her mind, she kept thinking there was a good chance this short lived love affair was over. She hated she had decided to take it this far.

‘You okay, Sophie?’

She looked up to see Grant’s concerned eyes. She also saw his wife’s attention shift towards her, she tried her best to not make Nicky uncomfortable but she couldn’t help that she and Grant were friends. She didn’t have feelings for him but she knew she could cause this woman a lot of pain if she wasn’t careful.

‘I’m fine, Grant,’ she smiled. He was holding his baby daughter Hillary such a cute little thing, blue eyes and blond little curls. Sophie reached over and pinched her little cheeks.

She’d thought once before about having children but that was a dream and it looked like her chances of it ever happening her slim to none. She was cooing and talking to the baby in Grant’s arms and noticed him look up and frown slightly. He wasn’t looking at her he was looking over her shoulder. She turned to see what he was frowning at, seems the whole table had turned to see.

‘Brock,’ she said under her breath. Yes, there he was standing in the middle of the restaurant holding a huge bunch of flowers along with a bunch of delivery men standing beside him holding all kinds of different arrangements. There were dahlias, roses, tulips, gerber daisies, carnations, and lilies and everything in between. It was amazing. It looked liked a garden had sprang up out of nowhere. He looked at her and smiled brightly. Sophie didn’t know what to say, she’d never been treated so lovingly by a man, ever. She didn’t even realize men like this existed. Then she noticed something else, he was in a suit, a very causal one but a suit nonetheless. She was about to stand but her knees got a little wobbly. She was overwhelmed, she was still upset but really this man had proven he wanted her time and time again was she silly enough to throw this chance away? She got up and rushed over to him. She was standing there in front his expectant face.

‘Are these for me?’

‘You know it babe. I’ll bring flowers everyday for the rest of my life if you’ll just give me another chance. Sophie, I’m so sorry. I was an unconscionable fool. I deserve you kicking me out that night but please, I’m begging you don’t kick me out forever. I think I’m falling in love with you.’

For a moment Sophie wasn’t sure she heard him right but she did he’d said he was falling in love with her. She stood with a complete look of shock plastered on her face and she noticed his face kind of dropping. She didn’t want him to think she didn’t have feelings for him because she did but she still wasn’t comfortable confessing those so soon. This man was amazing, she could feel herself start to smile huge then Brock’s amazing smile returned. He turned to hand the roses to a delivery guy and turned back and took Sophie in his arms. He drew her close, they were both still smiling.

‘Im going to kiss you now and I swear on everything I am and have I will never deceive you again.’

Sophie didn’t speak she was waiting on the kiss then it happened, his lips connected with hers and everything in the room came to a complete halt. Sophie couldn’t hear the cheering, whooping and clapping of the restaurant patrons. All she heard was the quickening of her heart as what she knew was the man of her dreams held her close and kissed her as if tomorrow wouldn’t come. She wanted to stay like this forever but it ended as he pulled back from her she opened her eyes slowly and saw only his gaze. Then she felt the other eyes and heard the noise. Sophie glanced around to see people staring and everyone at her table shouting and cheering, everyone that was except Grant his eyes were narrowed and he looked pissed. She turned back to Brock and put Grant’s weird look out her mind right now it was only about she and him. Even though they were in this restaurant.

‘Well, aren’t you going to say anything?’ he asked.

She’d was so totally spaced out that she didn’t respond, ‘oh’ she said with an embarrassed chuckle. ‘I’m going to to say this to you one time only. No lying not even by omission.’

He nodded his head in compliance.

‘Now that you understand that, I guess you better meet everyone before they start a parade.’

She kissed him softly on the lips. Sophie wanted to reassure him that his apology had been accepted. She took his hand and lead him to the table. The delivery folks were instructed to give a bouquet of flowers to every woman at the table by Brock, Sophie found it to be a sweet and noble gesture. At that moment she realized she didn’t want to lose him and she got to keep the roses.

He was introduced to everyone, Sophie got lots of approving looks from her co-workers dates at the table. Some of them enviable, a couple just flat out lustful. Finally she introduced him to Grant and Nicky, Nicky was all smiles and very friendly but Grant was a bit cold which Sophie just found odd but it seemed every time she mentioned Brock he was odd. She just couldn’t understand what he had against Brock but she’d ask him about it at some point at this point she only cared about Brock.

Sophie and Brock were sitting at an empty table later that evening, the dinner had broken up and everyone had gone home. They were still there sharing a piece of the most delectable raspberry lemon cheesecake she’d ever had. At the bar on the other side of the Harvest Moon was some rockabilly band playing and folks were whooping it up but the restaurant was still quite mellow.

Brock placed a forkful into her mouth, ‘oh my goodness that is sinfully rich and delicious,’ she commented almost mewling at the taste. ‘I really should stop, my hips are going to be mad at me.’

‘But I’m not going to be mad at your hips,’ he assured her as he took her by those hips and pulled her closer to him.

‘You can be a charmer, can’t you?’

‘My grandmother says that about me. That I’m a charming ass.’

‘No. Grandmas shouldn’t talk like that,’ she admonished.

‘Well she’s kind of right, I was a charming ass in my younger days. Actually I was a charming ass the other day as I tried and failed to explain keeping secrets.’

Sophie sat up slightly at attention, she figured he was ready to spill his guts and she was prepared to listen.

‘I really didn’t mean not to tell you.’

Sophie smirked and rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

He chuckled nervously and took her hands, Sophie felt safe when he held her hands. She felt safe with him.

‘I didn’t. I just thought I’d wait for the right time to tell you. I know, I know that’s a shitty excuse but I did. I found myself liking you so much as time went on I thought if I tell her now she’ll either do one of two things. Think I’m a louse and take off, surprise, surprise. Or…’

‘Be all moony eyed because you have a few bucks,’ Sophie finished the sentence for him, her face emotionless.

‘I’m sorry, I know that’s such a dick thing to say but it’s happened before.’

‘No, I get it, I get it. I’m just a broke black chick, surprise, surprise.’

Brock set back in chair and sighed, ‘this isn’t exactly coming out right.’

But Sophie wasn’t as upset with him as he thought. She got it, she really did but it still hurt her feelings.

‘I get it, Brock. I actually do but you have to understand something. I’m a 38 year old divorced black woman. In the realm of prizes, I haven’t always felt like one. I had a really crappy marriage with a guy who left because I changed careers and wasn’t paying my half of the bills. The absolute last thing I have ever been is a golddigger. I pretty much took care of myself while married and before as a single woman. Hell, I didn’t even want to go out with you. You convinced me to do that. I really like you, I do more than I’ve liked someone in a long time. Don’t make me regret that decision.’

Sophie was shocked when he suddenly pulled her into his lap. He looked at her for few moments and then kissed her deeply pulling her in, she could barely catch her breath.

‘I won’t ever do that,’ he raised his hand and told her, ‘I promise.’

A huge grin broke out on Sophie’s face, she still wasn’t sure if she was ready to reveal her true feelings to him. But she did know something, what she was feeling, he was feeling also.

They’d driven back to Sophie’s condo since it was closer. They were sitting on Sophie’s patio looking out on the black waters of Puget Sound. Since she finally knew the truth of who he was Brock was giving her more background.

‘My great grandfather was an immigrant from Sweden and he started as a tailor and it went from there.’

‘Wow, you ought to be really honored to have such a legacy. I know your family is really charitable and they do a lot for the community.’

She looked over to Brock who nodded his head, ‘yea they do but a lot of it is just for show, just for tax purposes.’

‘Well, you shouldn’t be so down on your family even if some of it is for show, people still benefit. I know they added that new cancer center at St. George’s Hospital and my mom’s husband was treated for prostate cancer there, it benefitted him. You shouldn’t be so resentful of her family’s wealth. A bunch of folks would kill to be that wealthy. I’m sure a bunch of your kids at school would.’

‘Yea you’re right, they would. I’ve got kids whose parents or parent are hurting. I’ve paid some bills for parents without them knowing.’

Sophie eyed him surprised, ‘how’d you do that?’

‘I just told them there’s a charity because there is. I sent them there for help.’

Sophie looked confused.

‘I have a foundation, Sophie.’

‘You have a what? It’s your family’s foundation?’

‘No,’ he shook his head, ‘it’s mine. Yes, I am wealthy so why not do something good with it. After I got my trust fund and I’d gone through all the crap I described before. After my time in Korea and starting to teach here, I wanted to do something. So I started my foundation, my dad helped me.’

Sophie was just staring at him in astonishment, this man was amazing.

‘I don’t know what to say, I’m just like wow! And I’m so damn stupid, I was going to let you go. I’m so sorry.’

She took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. It had been awhile since they’d seen one another or spoken and Sophie felt stirrings in her nether region. She didn’t know what it was about this particular man that could stir her up so quickly and completely. After she moved out of the kiss they waited in the darkness staring at one another.

‘Sophie, can I ask you something?’


‘Do you think we got physical too soon? I’m just saying we were hanging out not dating and then I take you out once and bam! It’s on.’

Sophie giggled at his description. ‘I probably should have held out but I didn’t want to so I didn’t.’

‘I’m glad you didn’t too. I was nervous maybe I pushed you into that.’

Sophie smiled at him, ‘I was mad about you not telling me who were but I can’t say I regretted that but I didn’t want it to turn into a late night hot mama thing either.’

‘Never,’ he said emphatically. ‘You know what? With you standing there looking totally luscious in that t-shirt you’re about to pop out of, I’m about to pop out of these pants.’

‘Oh my goodness are you serious? You are so cheeky, young man.’

He rose swiftly from his seated position to gather her up in his arms, he held her close and tightly. It felt great to be held by someone, she could feel his manhood against her waist but she was surprised he didn’t make any other overt signals that he was interested in her sexually.

‘I know what you’re thinking Sophie,’ he looked down at her, ‘and it’s true I want to make love to you badly but not so badly that I would remove romance from the picture.’

‘That means a lot to me.’

‘You know as much as you now know about me, I don’t know much about you. But you know that’s okay, I want you to trust me and I know right now you’re working your way toward that so I’m okay with you being a bit of mystery. But trust me, I’ll solve it.’

‘You really are tenacious.’

‘Lady, you’re dealing with a Lindstrom we’re born with tenacity. Right out of the womb.’

Sophie started to let her hands roam that gorgeous body of his, ‘well, could I get a possible demonstration of that in the bedroom where it counts.’

‘You certainly can,’ he closed in on her full lips grasping and sucking them with his own, he kissed her letting his mouth ease her open for entry of his tongue. It was all heady for Sophie, those clothes were confining them both and she wanted them off.

She moved out of his kiss and breathing hard.

‘Brock, let’s move this little demonstration to where it matters.’ She led him instead he was holding her hand as they crossed to her bedroom. Sophie had a king sized bed, a gift she bought for herself she always figured she was going to be single forever so why not be as comfortable as possible.

She plopped down in her clothes, she’d removed her shoes but was still dressed. So was he, he’d taken off his suit jacket and stood in slacks and a crisp white shirt. She looked at him for a long time, he really was beautiful when he dressed up he looked like he’d dropped off the pages of GQ. She noticed the eyes at the Harvest Moon cutting her way, didn’t matter she had him and planned on keeping him.

‘What are staring at?’ he asked bewildered by her look.

‘At you. You are a sexy beast.’


They smiled and laughed at the playfulness. He stripped off his shirt as Sophie just watched, his chest was broad and muscular as was the rest of him. She wondered sometimes how he was so flexible but he was extremely athletic. Then came the slacks, he was doing an odd striptease she thought maybe she put on background music but then again she didn’t need anything to take her attention away from this spectacular specimen of maleness. And before she knew it he was standing there completely naked. She wondered did he see the look of utter wonder and awe in her eyes as she perused his body. She was so ready for him to just take her right there it had been too long and she was slightly feigning. But he wasn’t rushing so she figured she could control herself she was a grown woman. He was a very grown up man.

‘I’ve missed you Sophie,’ he said very quietly but the seduction was there. ‘I’ve wanted to be here with you so badly and tonight I’m aching to taste your nectar.’

Her eyes shot up, she liked the directness, she loved being wanted. He moved toward her on the bed slowly. He draped his naked body over her clothed one, she could feel his hardened shaft rub against her as he unzipped her jeans and relieved her of them.

‘What are planning on doing now I’m laying here with no pants Brock?’

‘Lay back and relax, Sophie,’ he gently prodded her to lay back.

It was dark in her bedroom with just slight glow of the moon filtering in through her sheer curtains. She felt exceptional and just wanted to enjoy coming together again with this man she felt such growing love for. She wished she could tell him but for now she wanted to just feel him. She felt her panties come off as his warm breath prickled the flesh between her thighs. Sophie was so excited but he was taking forever. She moaned deep in her throat.

‘Sophie I know you want to move, I know you want to writhe but don’t just yet babe. Because I’m about to eat your pussy like it’s my job.’

Sophie giggled out loud then her giggle was cut short by the feel his tongue. She sucked in a sudden breath at his deft skill on her sensitive clit. It had been long time since a man had pleasured her like this, but none were ever this good. Sophie wasn’t sure if it was because they’d been apart for so long but his ministrations and her overwhelming need was a great combination.

She could hear him slurping and sucking to what seemed his heart’s delight. Her head was back pressed into the pillow but she looked up, she had to see him at work the man was amazing. There he was happily between her thighs his eyes closed as he concentrated on that warm center. He opened them slowly and looked up at her in the darkness she could just see shadows but she swore she felt and saw him smile devilishly around her wet snatch. Sophie was going to pieces, Brock was massaging her legs and butt as he just feasted. He licked slow, then fast, hard and light, he’d do little nibbles it was everything Sophie enjoyed. Sophie was going to come it was building fast and it was about to be a gusher, she felt the pressure then the tremble in her thighs as they closed tighter around Brock’s head. Her leg muscles began to tighten as her hands grabbed for her sheets, she pulling and stretching as her toes clenched into knots it was coming. Sophie didn’t want to hold back a moment longer so she succumb to the feeling. It hit her like beam of light shiny and warm, Sophie lifted her back from the bed as she almost screamed in unknown pleasure. Her body just felt the sensation of the orgasm as her mind accepted the feeling, she was shaking all over she had to back up to detach herself from his tongue. She could feel her heart racing and her breathing was shallow, her eyes opened and all she saw was a beautiful, muscular Brock looming over her with a smile of satisfaction and arrogance on his face. He could certainly make the claim. He did do that like it was his job.

He stood staring at her with hooded lids and desire in his eyes, his manhood heavy and hard in his hands.

‘Come here,’ he said but Sophie figured she must not have moved fast enough because before she knew it he’d drawn her up by her legs and pushed into her in one deep stroke.

It wasn’t painful, all she felt was relieved. She’d wanted to feel his cock between her folds. It felt good and right, he began to move in and out slowly. Sophie was surprised he could hold her up as her head was still on the bed but her lower body was pulled up against his as he stood. This yoga was certainly doing everyone good. Sophie was moaning as he made contact with her still delicate clit and just made the sensations of her earlier orgasm wash over. He was talking to her as he plunged deeper and deeper.

‘Oh god Sophie, you feel so good, so right. I want you like this all the time.’

‘You too, Brock. Yes, just take me.’

Sophie looked at him, she was just overwhelmed with the look in his eyes as he loved her. It was gorgeous Sophie had to look away she was about to cry she was just drowned in emotion. Sophie was suddenly not sure if she it was just sex or more.

‘Sophie, Sophie you’re so beautiful,’ he leaned over slightly and caressed her face as he moved in her. Sophie nuzzled into his hand and kissed it. Then something, she figured that surprised both of them, happened.

‘I love you,’ Brock said quietly under his breath.

Sophie was struck silent then suddenly another orgasm hit her and she moaned out loud, ‘aaaahhhh!’

‘Yeah baby, let it come. I’m coming with you.’

Then Brock let out a something akin to a roar, Sophie smiled and as they rode those lightning bolts out together. She’d never come twice during sex it was a heady feeling for her. Brock’s own release was waning but he was still breathing heavy and had her thighs in a vice grip. There would surely be bruises tomorrow but she okay with that. He eased his hold and lowered her to the bed gently. He was standing above her with a tremendous naughty grin.

‘Baby, you are the absolute best.’

‘Thanks, I think,’ she said she wasn’t sure what the compliment was for but she’d just decided to enjoy it.

As he flopped onto her bed and settled himself, Sophie turned to stare at him. She really was overwhelmed by how handsome he was, she was overwhelmed that he was here with her and she was completely overwhelmed that he’d just told her he loved. But it was during sex so that didn’t really count. Did it?

Brock reached over and pulled her snug against him, their bodies were both still slick with sweat from the feverish love making.

‘You are so sexy, just the sexiest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to indulge in.’

‘Oh come on Brock, let’s not go overboard.’

He swatted her lightly on her butt.

‘Ow, what the heck?’

‘Don’t say those things about yourself, you’re gorgeous Sophie and I’m so incredibly lucky to have you. You say something untrue like that again and I’ll spank you.’

‘You wouldn’t dare?’

Brock pulled his head back to look at her, ‘yes I would. I love you and I don’t want any woman I love speaking about herself like that.’

‘Brock, don’t say that.’

‘Don’t say what?’

‘The ‘L’ word I know you don’t feel like that about me. I know you were swept away in a moment of passion.’

He swatted her butt again.

‘Ow, come on.’

‘I told you I’d spank you if you said untrue things.’

Sophie put her hands over her eyes and rolled onto her back. ‘I can’t deal with this, I can’t. There is no way you feel like that.’


‘Because we haven’t known each other long enough. That’s why.’

‘How long have we been hanging out?’

‘A couple of months so it’s just too soon.’

‘It may be too soon for you but not me. I’m an adult and believe me I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t mean it. Also, you want to know something?’ Brock perched his face on his bent arm. ‘I know you love me.’

Sophie looked at him startled, ‘how would you know that?’

‘I just do but I know you’re not ready to tell me.’

Sophie just stared at him in the dark room, her eyes had adjusted so she could see him clearly and yes she saw the love in his eyes. She closed her own to block it out, she was sure he saw the same in hers but she wasn’t about to put herself in a vulnerable position, she had to be more sure.

‘Okay, we’ll talk about something else but I’m not going anywhere.’

She opened her eyes again as he looked down at her with that beautiful sexy smile. Gosh, she did love him and more than she thought she could handle.

‘I want you to go somewhere with me Sophie.’


‘Over to Port Townsend.’

‘What? Why?’

‘Because I want you to meet the family.’

Sophie’s stomach dropped out. Family. Meet the Lindstroms. Oh she definitely was not ready for this. This is not how she thought their night of passion would end.

Surviving in Dateland-Chapter 6

Please be advised this contains explicit sexual content.

86764730293033930_VibpMBRZ_cChapter 6

The remainder of the day had gone smoothly. No more private conversations with the harpy, Mara, so Sophie had relaxed a bit. She still knew that she and Brock had to talk later but he didn’t try to make her uncomfortable. He stayed close by her the rest of the day, talking, laughing with his friends and relaxing it was a good atmosphere. The two nemeses seemed kind of pouty but no one paid them much attention.

They’d gotten back to the park about 5:30 pm, Brock was helping Sophie lug some of her stuff back to her truck. They were saying their good-byes to his friends when she heard the voices of the two nemeses behind her. She sighed and rolled her eyes, Brock glanced over at her and smiled knowingly.

They caught up and Mara took Brock by the arm trying to pull him away from where he and Sophie were on the sidewalk.

‘Brock,’ she said in a whiny voice, ‘I want to ask you something before you leave.’

Sophie noticed he seemed to have no intention of moving from her side.

‘You can ask me here, Mara.’

Both she and Whitney got annoyed pained looks on their faces. Sophie thought it just made them look less attractive, not complimentary at all.

Sophie tried to assure him, she’d be okay on her way to the parking, ‘go ahead Brock, I’ll be fine. This bag isn’t heavy and I’ll just walk slow so you can catch up.’

Brock pulled his arm away from Mara and took Sophie’s hand, she noticed the intimate gesture so did Mara and Whitney. Mara’s face went completely red, she looked like she was about to produce steam from her ears and that pained look became extremely unattractive.

‘Well, Brock,’ she started talking quickly as if she was trying to hustle him into something. ‘Whitney and I are going to this new club tonight in Kirkland. We wanted to see if you wanted to tag along like old times, you can meet us out at our place and we’ll go out and have some real fun.’

Sophie just stood there, trying to ignore the conversation but Brock didn’t let her hand go. In fact as they talked he started to rub the inside of her palm with his thumb. Sophie was actually getting turned on by the simple gesture.

‘Oh sorry guys, Sophie and I got plans tonight.’

‘You and Sophie got plans,’ Mara said in disbelief it sounded like she wanted to spit the words out.

‘Yea, we do. Anyway, I’m not into that stuff anymore. I’m surprised you two are, clubs were never really my thing in college and they certainly aren’t now.’

‘Oh okay then. Guess we’ll see at the barbecue in two weeks,’ Mara asked batting those fake eyelashes.

Sophie had had just about enough but Brock had her hand in his and he wasn’t letting her go. These two were a piece of work, shameless sluts.

‘I’ll be there. See you guys later.’ He let Sophie’s hand go for a moment and hugged them both quickly, Sophie noticed Mara tried to hang on but Brock wasn’t having it.

Sophie said a quick good-bye and they mumbled something under their breath but she didn’t care she was on her way to have a talk with the sexiest man ever. Mara and Whitney were on their way to probably try to hook up with some nitwits.

She’d driven over to Brock’s place; this would be her first time at his house. They usually met at an arranged spot, he’d been to her place in West Seattle but since they were closer to him, they decided to head to his place. When she got there she was so hot and sticky, she wanted to shower and change of clothes, she had brought some with her. She was planning on staying at her mom’s for the night so she’d packed an overnight bag.

When they finally stopped it was front of a brick house, small in size, there were two houses next to it that we’re exactly like it. It was cute, small front yard, no shades on a large picture window in the front and a garage for one car. She parked on the street. Brock met her at her car door.

‘Hey there, pretty lady can I help you with something?’ He was so sweet and gallant, she really enjoyed it.

She climbed down out of the truck, she’d found that Brock wasn’t as big a tree-hugger as she thought. He loved her truck, had actually asked to drive it once when they’d gone up hiking. He was an outdoor kind of guy and appreciated that her truck could go places his Prius could not.

‘I’m fine, just feeling kind of grimy. You know all day in the sun, some perspiration, a little sand and suntan lotion is not a good feeling.’

‘Well I kind of don’t know what to tell you, you can use my shower. I don’t know what you’ll wear. But I’ve got some t-shirts in there, they’ll be kind of big.’ He held his arms out to demonstrate his massiveness. None of which was lost on Sophie.

‘I’ve got a change of clothes,’ she picked up her overnight bag.

Brock looked slightly confused, ‘were you planning on staying?’

‘No, no’ Sophie said immediately she wanted him to know she had not planning on seducing him, ‘I was headed to my mom’s to spend the night. That’s all.’

‘Oh okay, well why don’t you go in and take a shower and then I’ll get cleaned up. Maybe we can walk down to the Swede and get beer, maybe something to eat.’

Sophie tried to sound nonchalant, ‘Okay sounds good to me.’

Sophie was turning to get the rest of her stuff out of the car, Brock pulled her close and looked her directly in the eyes, ‘then we can talk.’

‘Okay.’ She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his, those deep chocolate orbs had her mesmerized.

They’d decided to walk down to the bar, it was nice mild evening. It was little after 7 pm and the sun was still out, one of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest were the long summer days when the sun set at 9 pm or so.

They walked and didn’t talk much, Sophie had a print sundress she put on with a lavender sweater, she had some slipper leather flats that were yellow. She looked over at Brock intermittently as they strolled, she was still struck by how handsome he was. He’d changed into a button down blue plaid shirt with a long sleeved blue sweater hoodie and jeans, he was sporting a pair of white converse. He was a great dresser but never overdone. She kept wondering where he got his style from. Sophie was looking when he turned to her with a curious glance.

‘What you looking at, sexy lady?’

Sophie was embarrassed she’d been caught staring at him again, ‘nothing just noticing how sharp you are.’

‘I am, aren’t I?’ he responded puffing up his chest in an attempt to look cocky. He didn’t look convincing to her.

She chuckled, ‘you don’t have an egotistical bone in your body.’

‘Well I do have an ego when it comes to two things, my skills as a teacher and my skills in the bedroom.’

Sophie just looked down at the sidewalk and kept walking.

They were sitting at a table in The Swede enjoying a drink, tonight Sophie had decided to ditch the beer and go for something more sophisticated, scotch and soda.

‘I can’t believe you’re drinking scotch?’ Brock told her in surprise, ‘I don’t know of any women who drinks scotch besides my great Aunt Elke.’

‘Really, I love it,’ she said as she sipped a bit more of the smooth brown liquid, ‘I can’t drink a bunch of them but when I want to go high faluting I drink scotch.’

‘You are a total conundrum Sophie Roberson, I’m just stumped by you.’

‘Stumped,’ she said scrunching her nose, ‘I’m easy, I’m not a girly girl, I make beer, I’m horrible at dating, I need to get into better shape and I’m a tad mature.’

‘No those things aren’t you,’ he told her softly, he took her hand in his, ‘ not the real you.’

‘That is the real me.’

‘No it’s not, we’ve been hanging out for a few weeks now and you’re very cautious about how far you let me in.’

‘Well that’s just called, getting to know you.’

‘I get that but there’s something else. It oughtta be obvious to you by now, that I dig you Sophie. You’re the coolest chick I’ve met in a long time.’

Sophie wasn’t sure how to respond, she’d figured out today that although she’d given him the brush off awhile back he wasn’t going anywhere.

‘Well, Brock I don’t know what to say. I like you too but it’s just that you’re younger than me.’

‘Yea. And.’

‘Well I mean aren’t you uncomfortable with that, wouldn’t you feel odd out in public with me.’

Brock started turning his head looking around, he looked under the table and over the back of Sophie to the next booth.

‘Sophie do you see anyone paying attention to us,’ he put her hand to his lips and kissed it.

She started blushing, ‘Well I guess not.’

‘Yes, that’s because no one cares.’

‘Well those two friends of yours sure do.’

Brock looked confused as he asked, ‘what friends?’

‘Mara and Whitney.’

He started to laugh, deep and long as he did it, he smiled at her.

‘Those two. I don’t want anything to do with them besides what you see of them. I don’t regularly hang out with them, I just end up seeing them when my buddies get together. Yea we knew each other back in college and I’m not gonna lie I hooked up once with Mara one drunken night long ago. She’s been pining ever since. I, however, have not. Those two are vapid and silly, all they think about is partying and knowing Mara probably drugs too. She was into that crap back in college, one of the many reasons I don’t mess around with her.’

Sophie was relieved, ‘I mean I know you weren’t into them but I thought maybe you’d be into girls like them. You know young, thin, blonde, tan.’ She put her fingers in her cheeks and twisted them to simulate dimples.

‘First of all I’m not into girls, I’m into women. I personally don’t care what race a woman is, as long as she is nice, aware, passionate, smart, funny and sexy the rest will take care of itself.’

‘Oh.’ Now Sophie really did feel like an idiot. ‘Am I those things? Is that why you like me?’

‘Baby, I think you’re that and probably more but I won’t know unless you take down those damn walls. You are beautiful and sexy and self-confident Sophie. I know you make digs at yourself about your age and weight but you don’t even realize…’, he took a deep breath, smirked and shook his head.

‘When you popped out in that little yellow bikini today, I had catch my breath. Jesus woman, Josh was going to try to make a move on you till I stopped him.’

Sophie chuckled a little, she was complimented that his friend found her attractive enough to think about asking out. She did notice he’d been flirting with her a bit today.

‘Yea he is a bit of a flirt.’

‘Good thing he didn’t take it too far, I’d hate to have to beat the hell out of a friend but I’m sorry you’re mine.’

‘Excuse me, I’m what?’

‘You’re mine, Sophie I’ve waited long enough. I want go out on an actual date with you. I want us to be together, exclusive. Whatever you want to call it. But I don’t want another dude from this online dating crap making time with my woman.’

Sophie had to admit his demanding tone was kind of turning her own. She liked how he’d staked his claim and wasn’t going to let her get away but this was modern times and she was a modern woman.

‘Brock you just can’t order me to stop online dating.’

‘Well I thought you wanted to anyway.’

‘I do but that’s up to me to decide. I really like that you like me and I like you but shouldn’t we be trying to get to know each other a little more.’

‘No, I want you to be exclusive with just me. I don’t have any interest in any other woman. Is there some guy you’re interested in?’

‘Well, not really.’

‘Well what’s the problem. You don’t like me, think I’m ugly, don’t want to date a teacher.’

Sophie put up her hands to signal stop. ‘No, none of those things. I just thought that being a good looking guy you’d have a few on the hook and want to do this as a courting thing.’

‘This is not Victorian England, I don’t have anyone on the hook. Hell it’s looking like I don’t even have you on it. Okay, if you want to take your time that’s fine but believe me when I say today or 6 months from today I’ll still be fascinated by you.’

Sophie wasn’t ready to reveal those feelings just yet. She’d shown her hand in love too soon before and it had only ended badly for her.

‘Brock, I enjoy your company also.’ He didn’t look thrilled with that answer. ‘But lets just date and see how this goes.’

‘Alright but I’m not going anywhere.’

She was hoping he was telling the truth when he said that, but she’d been on the other end of that conversation.

After eating and drinking a little more, they’d rambled back to Brock’s place. That scotch had been laying on her heavy and she was sure she wouldn’t be able to drive.

‘Sophie, I don’t think that you should drive anywhere.’

‘I think you’re right. Is it okay if I stay here for bit?’

‘It’s fine, you’re welcome to stay all night, I’ve got a futon in the extra room.’

‘You sure about that?’

He opened up his door and welcomed her in, ‘yes I am very sure. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.’

Sophie stepped into his home again, she noticed how cozy and nicely decorated it was. It had hardwood floors and they looked original. He had a kitchen that looked like it had been redone but not anything gauche just simple and classic.

‘Would you like a cup of coffee?’ he asked her.

‘I’d love one,’ she answered, ‘little cream and sugar.’

‘Why don’t you head downstairs, I have a nice relaxing den area down there. Nice plush couch, some good music, television, the works. Even another half bath. Go check it out and relax.’

Sophie found the door and went downstairs to the basement, the steps were steep so she took each of them slowly. Once she was down there, she was astounded, it was fabulous. The walls were a soft gray color and the couch was a sectional in steel gray. The whole room was gray, black, white and rich purples. She was so surprised, he couldn’t have decorated this. She turned when she heard him descending the stairs. He had a carafe in his hand and some mugs.

‘I just decided to make a whole pot. The cream and sugar are in my pockets. Can you get them out?’

Brock raised his arms while Sophie dug deep in his pockets to retrieve those packets. It was really intimate and she could feel herself start to shake a little at their closeness.

Brock just smiled down at her intimately. She was always surprised at how his smile would calm her. She didn’t feel nervous then, everything just felt…right.

He put down the coffee and cups on the coffee table.

‘Now this is decaf, I figured if we drank anything else this late at night we’d be wired.’

‘Thanks for looking out, I could not stand caffeine this time of night.’

They both sat down on the couch, Sophie was at the other end of the couch. He poured them each some coffee and she put in the cream and sugar. Seems he took his black. They sat sipping for awhile.

‘This room is nicely decorated.’

‘Thanks,’ he said nonchalantly.

‘Actually, your whole house is decorated nicely. Did you do this?’

‘No,’ he told her bluntly, ‘decorating is not my thing.’

Sophie sighed a little, ‘I’m glad because I kept thinking no straight man can decorate this well.’

Brock chuckled, ‘I beg your pardon if I was a decorator I’d be a great one.’ He puffed up that massive chest.

Sophie could feel herself getting hot under her collar or was it the coffee she wondered.

‘I’m just saying, this place looks like its had a woman’s touch.’

‘It did, oh don’t get nervous,’ he tried to reassure her, ‘this is not the mark left by one of the women I dated. My sister did this, she’s an interior designer and every time she comes over to visit she has a new project for my house. I don’t invite her over that much,’ he said jokingly.

Sophie smiled, ‘you have siblings?’

‘I do, three others in fact. My oldest sister, Brooke, my younger brother, Bailey, and my litte sister, Bianca.’

‘So you’re a middle kid like me. I have an older brother and younger sister. Well, that’s good to know.’


‘I don’t know I think middle kids have a different perspective. We’re peacemakers.’

‘I don’t know about that description but I think it is different to be a boy in the middle of girls.’

‘That usually means you know how to treat women.’

‘I’d say your assessment is correct. How about some music?’

‘Sure,’ Sophie wanted to put out of her head that she’d just made that comment. He was so hard to read sometimes, many times she’d say things she thought were provocative and wouldn’t get any response. Then say things she thought were benign and he’d heat all up, it was hard for a girl to figure out.

He turned on his stereo and attached his iPhone, the next thing she knew Nina Simone was belting out a tune.

‘Would you like to dance?’

She furrowed her brow in confusion, ‘dance in this little space?’

‘You don’t need a lot of space to dance close. Unless, you’ve decided to dance on the other side of the room.’

He offered his hand to her, she took it and got up. They danced close and slow. Sophie was in heaven, he smelled so good to her it was unlike anything she’d ever smelled it just smelled clean and woodsy. She sunk into that solid chest and he put his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulders and just relaxed as they swayed to Nina Simone. It was like a dream, she couldn’t believe she was here with this beautiful man who actually liked her and he was holding her tight. She kept thinking it was a dream and soon she’d wake up. But she didn’t, she could feel his warm breath in her hair, she just closed her eyes and went with it. The song ended then John Coltrane’s A Love Deluxe started. Sophie loved this piece, she could feel her face getting flush, she was getting soft and feeling slick. Her hands drifted down to rest that sculpted chest of Brock’s. She was breathing heavily and she heard him moan softly. She looked up at him, he was looking at her his eyes glazed over with pure animal lust. Sophie didn’t want things to happen like this but she had no control. Her body was running things its way.

Brock closed the distance between their lips, he kissed her hard then eased up a little. It was a heady combination of rough and tender and she wanted more. He tugged at her bottom lip, sucking it lightly and she decided to just let their tongues do a tango. The kiss lasted a long time, she could hear herself moaning and his grunts of pleasure. His hands had gone to her behind and they were caressing and squeezing it gently. Sophie wanted more, she tore her lips away from his for a brief moment.

‘Brock, Brock…’ she was saying through deep breaths, ‘I want… ,’ she could barely get it out.

‘I know, I know darling. I want it to, I want to be inside you so badly I’m in physical pain right now.’

His eyes were dark and stormy with lust and she could feel his manhood standing at sturdy attention against her.


‘Not down here,’ he said forcefully, ‘the first time I take you it won’t be on a couch.’

He picked her up effortlessly and she wrapped her legs around him. They kissed furiously as he ascended the stairs he must have taken them two at at time before she knew it they were in his bedroom. Brock deposited her in the ground and turned on a low light in the corner. She was beginning to remove her clothes when he stopped.

‘Oh no you don’t sweetness, I want that pleasure all to my myself.’

He moved toward her in the room, it was a small room so it seemed as if his massiveness overtook everything else and all she could see was him. But he was so gentle, he spoke to her softly in that deep timbre.

‘Are you okay with this?’ He kissed her sweetly.

She was looking into his eyes, they were so beautiful and tender, ‘yes, don’t worry I know exactly what I want.’

He smiled, ‘good because I want you.’

He kissed her again, deep and slow, Sophie felt her clothing melting away. She could feel cold air on her skin, she helped as he undid her bra. She was impressed by how deft he was at relieving her of her clothes. He talked and kissed her all at the same time uttering how beautiful and sexy she was, it was a wonderful feeling.

Before she knew it she stood there naked before him.

‘Gosh, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen Sophie.’

She loved the look of sincerity in his eyes, she felt all her guard float away. He was taking off his clothing, Sophie helped as he’d expose more skin she’d kiss it tenderly. He was laughing and moaning at every touch. Then before she knew it he was down to his boxer briefs. He removed them slowly as Sophie sat on the bed, the lights were on so nothing was hidden from either of them. She could tell he wasn’t lacking in the manhood department but something about her was curious to see what it looked like. He removed them and she saw his tan lines, it was oddly erotic. Like that part of himself he’d kept hidden just for her. Then it was out and stood prominently. She smiled to herself.

She looked up and noticed him perusing her body and smiling. She felt bold, she stood up and kissed him stroking his cock, it was thick and long with emblazoned with redness. He was ready.

‘Sophie sweetness, don’t do that,’ he said at her lips, ‘I’m gonna pop and I don’t want to do that unless I’m inside of you.’

‘Oh that will happen any minute now.’ Sophie was slick with juices almost flowing down her leg. Her body was craving the entrance of his body.

They lay down together and started to caress each other gently. Brock’s hand moved to her soft hairy patch between her legs, he seemed to like the friction of his hand against her hair.

‘Oh I see you’re not clean shaven,’ he said matter-of-factly.

‘Does that bother you,’ she knew a lot of men seemed to be into the trend of no hair but she knew that hair held her womanly scent and that drove men crazy.

‘Nope, I want to know I’m making love to a woman not a little girl,’

‘Oh I’m all woman.’

‘Yes, I’m about to find out how much of one tonight.’

Brock kissed her again as his fingers dipped into her wetness, she was so tight. Sophie rode his fingers for a few moments and moaned deeply into his mouth. His fingers felt so good, they were so thick and long and filled her. They were caressing and kissing each other so long, Sophie didn’t notice him slip a condom out of his nightstand to put on. He pulled back a bit to put on the rubber.

Brock didn’t take his eyes off Sophie, ‘you look so heavenly and I can’t wait to be inside you. But sweetness, I gotta put this on before I do.’

Sophie took it from him, ‘let me.’

Brock handed her the opened packaged, she took the rubber out and rolled it onto his stiff member. She watched to make sure it went on correctly as she did she watched his face it was pure ecstasy with his head lolled back and his eyes closed. His face told her he was in need, so was she, once it was on and his eyes opened up his lids hooded.

He slowly slinked toward her with a small smile on his face, he looked hungry.

‘I’m going to enjoy this,’ he told her as he began to kiss her again.

Sophie just relaxed against his soft bed as he kissed her into oblivion. His fingers were moving into her and out she felt overcome with so many emotions. Lust, ecstasy, pleasure and what she knew was love. The last one she wasn’t ready to acknowledge.

‘Sophie, I want to take this slow but I don’t think I can. I want make love to you,’ he said through his heated ministrations on her body.

‘That’s what you’re doing now, do what you will.’

‘I will,’ as he said that he eased into her soft folds.

‘Ahhh’ Sophie moaned loudly it had been awhile since she’d had sex with anything but her vibrator. She felt so full and he stretched her slightly.

‘Oh Sophie you feel so good, like heaven,’ as he moved in and out of her slowly.

He moved slow and steady, their bodies riding the rhythm in tandem. Brock pushed into her deeply, Sophie had her hands on his chest. She could feel the light sheen of sweat on him, although a breeze was blowing through the curtains he was heated up. He looked down at her and smiled deeply, Sophie had never seen anything quite like it. He was holding himself back, she could tell. He felt so good, his body fit hers perfectly.

He was speaking to her in gentle passionate tones, ‘Oh Sophie, oh you’re so beautiful.’ Then he said something even Sophie wasn’t sure she had heard right, he said, ‘please, please let me love you.’

She wasn’t sure if he was talking about sex or actual love so she just assumed he meant sex.

‘Yes, yes Brock, please make love to me,’ she told him fervently.

His head went down and he leaned over her body and starting to pick up speed in his hips. He was moving fast and deep into her. It wasn’t painful, actually to Sophie it felt good. She was moaning loudly as he grunted and told her how wonderful she was.

He was moving deep, steady, stroke, Sophie could feel her orgasm ready to explode on her body.

‘Who’s got the best pussy?’ he bellowed so loudly she was sure the neighbors could hear but who cared.

‘Oh God, I do, I do,’ she answered profusely.

‘Yes you do, oh god, yes you do.’

He was moving, fast, and then slow, then he’d pick up the pace. Sophie was prepared to come hard enough to blow her own mind and then it hit her like a wave, it came crashing down hard and felt so refreshing she began moan out, her legs began to shake and the feeling swept over her of pure satisfaction. She began to cry, she turned her face because she didn’t want Brock to see. But he did, he turned her back toward him and lowered himself to kiss away her tears as he screwed her brains out.

His body stretched taut over hers and he let out what she could only call a half-roar and half-scream. It was nothing like Sophie had ever heard before and it was beautiful but so was he when he orgasmed.

He dropped to her side in the bed as they both steadied their breathing. He pulled her close, as he planted kisses on her forehead and face. He kissed her deeply one more time. Then after a few moments Sophie heard his soft snoring. She wished she could sleep but she couldn’t get his statement about love out of her mind. They’d just decided to take this thing to the next level but slowly, hadn’t they? He couldn’t be feeling love for her, but she knew she was having those feelings for him. But she couldn’t go that deep this soon, it would only mean disaster. She turned over to her side to spoon with him; she’d worry about love tomorrow. Right now, she was tired she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. © EugeniaBerg 2013

What Happens In Vegas…-Chapter 1

Her last night in Vegas, whatever this club Danielle had dragged her too was fabulous. She didn’t get to do this much back home. There was just work and trying to see about her aging father. But tonight was hers, her 30th birthday and it was fabulous. Her two best friends Danielle and Shatrice had taken her to Vegas for it. They’d been staying at the MGM resort in a fabulous suite paid for by Danielle, she was the one with the rich older husband. Danielle had always been at best, practical, she’d married an older gentlemen who was a real estate developer in Southern California. Shatrice had left her two kids with her boyfriend in Los Angeles while she partied it up this wild weekend. And Nydia well, she was here to celebrate her 30th birthday and her father was at the home in Portland, Oregon. She hated to leave him but he understood, he always understood. It had become too difficult for Nydia to have her father live with her especially when he started to wander away from home and get lost. Portland wasn’t his city, it was hers, she’d moved out there to be with the man of her dreams the one who was supposed to take care of her and after she’d gotten pregnant, he went out for a soda and never came back. It had been hard for Nydia, she’d lost that baby but that was many years ago. When she was young and stupid, she wasn’t young or dumb anymore. She was older and harder. She hadn’t really dated a lot again but was now dating a mechanic, Richard, it wasn’t passionate it was safe. She’d come here for fun and maybe some passion, she wasn’t serious about her relationship and she didn’t love him. The only man she loved and trusted was her daddy, even her good for nothing brother wasn’t to be trusted. He was living in Detroit, just out of jail, another stint at the big house. He and that harpy wife of his were there, they were no help with her dad, no encouragement, no support. All she had was her girls, the ones she’d met as a child in Inglewood, California where she grew up. They were the family she knew and trusted. They were here helping her celebrate her birthday. 30 years, no husband, no prospects, no kids, and after her miscarriage she’d been told no chance to have one. Time to celebrate or was it time to forget, Nydia Frazier, couldn’t figure out which one, so she just decided time to have another drink.

Emerson had spotted her awhile before, she was gorgeous. He’d always loved the beautiful skin of black women and this one had taken his breath away. She was like dark chocolate, all smooth and sensual. Her hair was braided in what he knew were cornrows, it was long down her back. He was fascinated by her hair, her beautiful dark smooth skin, she was all curves with long legs. He was tall 6’2″ and he was guessed she was maybe 5’7″ on a pair of killer heels ‘5’10”. She was sexy but he realized she didn’t seem really comfortable with it, but she was pulling it off nicely. She was there with two other women, both who had men buzzing around them like bees. They looked, experienced, Emerson felt bad thinking that but those two had no issue handling men or using there sex appeal although he didn’t feel they had as much as the sweet chocolate one. She was trying but she didn’t have to try, she was sex, that sweet coy smile. He’d been watching her awhile, she had on some kind of banner about her 30th birthday. He kept wishing he could help her celebrate, she was looking around probably thinking she wanted out of that place. Guys were trying to chat her up but she didn’t seem interested, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and was hoping she noticed him.

Nydia was standing at the table, laughing with her girls. There were tons of guys constantly talking trying to throw their weak raps to her. She wasn’t as flirty as those two but those drinks were making it easier. Danielle wasn’t planning on taking anyone to bed, neither was Shatrice with a boyfriend and two kids. Nydia had other ideas, why not do as the ads said why not do some wild things and let them stay in Vegas. Her relationship with Richard wasn’t serious they had only slept together twice and it wasn’t that great. Nydia wanted some fun, her life was so dull and she knew after tonight she’d be back to it. Tonight she wanted to just live, just live her life. She thought she saw something or someone to have that good time with. She’d noticed him eyeing her about 15 minutes previous. She was never into white boys but this one was sexy as hell. He was tall, slim, and seemed in pretty good shape. It was dark so she was unsure what color his eyes were but his hair was dark. He was over by the bar just staring at her, she wasn’t sure what to do but something about him was telling her he was a good candidate for her wild Vegas night. He looked fairly predatory and it had Nydia a little turned on. Now how would she come on to him because he didn’t look like he was going to come here way. While wondering, she looked up to catch him staring again he was lighting up a big cigar and smiled menacingly at her around it. He looked like the devil almost, at least dangerous, and oddly she felt drawn to him. Nydia smiled back, he winked. Her eyes went down in embarrassment, she was right he had been staring. Nydia didn’t know what to do maybe she should head toward the bar, those drinks were making her a tad bolder than she’d ever been. She looked up and there he was.


Nydia was shocked he was there. He wasn’t holding the cigar but his smile was still quite menacing and sultry.

Nydia came out of her wandering thoughts, ‘hello,’ she said shyly.

‘How are you this evening?’

‘I’m doing fine and you?’ Nydia only knew to be polite and as bold as she believed those drinks were making her, right now she was nervous.

He was studying her face and Nydia was wondering why he was looking so intently.

‘I’ve been looking at you all night and I wanted to come over and say something.’

Nydia smirked at him, oh it was time for the lame come-on, she knew it. ‘What exactly is that?’

He leaned over and said softly in her ear so she could hear over the noise, ‘I wanted to say, happy birthday.’

She smiled, she’d almost forgotten they were here celebrating her birthday and she had on the sash.

She chuckled, ‘I almost forgot it was my birthday.’

‘Can I buy you a birthday drink?’ He asked smoothly.

This was the first Nydia had noticed his accent, he was English and now that he was closer she noticed how handsome he was. She’d never even thought about the possibility that a man this handsome and debonair would ever notice her. Maybe it was the night, the music, or this dang town but Nydia had decided she wanted to know him better.

‘Sure, I’ll take the drink but I want your name.’

‘My name is Emerson,’ he took her hand to shake it, it was soft and smooth with long fingers, ‘and yours?’

The girls had decided when they flew in that when they met a guy over this weekend they’d use fake names. It was just fun, there wouldn’t be any love matches here so why go through the drama of giving real names. Nydia had decided to use Charlotte, Shatrice was Carrie and Danielle was Samantha a play on the names of their favorite characters from Sex and the City.


‘Well, Charlotte do you have a last name?’

‘Oh I do but why go through the drama besides you didn’t give me your last name.’

He looked at her curiously, she didn’t quite look like a Charlotte but he was just glad she was talking to him.

‘Alistair. Emerson Chesterton Alistair.’

It sounded completely fake to Nydia but what the hell this was Vegas, where everybody is someone else. ‘Wow that’s a whole lot of name,’ she told him, ‘mine is Charlotte Monroe.’

‘I’m so glad to meet you. How about I get you another drink and we get to know each other.’

Nydia talked to Emerson most of the night, they danced a couple of dances and she was quite surprised because he could really move.

She found out he was an attorney from North Carolina in Las Vegas visiting his parents. Nydia tried her best not to give away too much, he was staying at the Bellagio. Nadia wasn’t trying to give much information, she’d have to lie anyway and she didn’t want to have to keep those straight. She told him she was from Los Angeles and actually she was although she didn’t live there anymore. She said she was a librarian, but she was more than that she was assistant library coordinator for the law library at Williamette College. She’d gone and gotten a JD and a masters in library science to do that. She knew a lot about attorneys and one of the things she knew was that she didn’t want to get involved with one but if it was just one night that was okay and anyway she had safe Richard waiting at home. Yes, safe dull Richard who kissed like a fish and whose idea of excitement was a night at home ordering in pizza and watching old episodes of Dragnet. She looked at him again, he was such a good looking guy like the guy from that Sherlock show on PBS whose name she couldn’t recall. But Emerson was better, he was warm and had a wry smile, Nydia almost wished she liked lawyers but having past experience as one she knew better.

Emerson had been having the time of his life with the beautiful Charlotte as she called herself. He knew that wasn’t her name but he didn’t press her. Every time he called her Charlotte she didn’t respond very quickly and looked tad confused as to why he called her that. But she’d try to cover the mistake, she introduced one of her friends as Samantha then later called her Shatrice the drinks he thought were messing with her little name game. What could he do it was Vegas, many people just came down here to be wild and free for a moment because you could leave your secrets behind as you boarded the plane home. He still liked her, they’d chatted more. He talked to her friends, they’d sized him up. One was a petite redhead with green eyes, she was 29 but looked like she was 40 years old he couldn’t believe how much work she’d had for someone so young. The other was slightly taller and little heftier than his Charlotte, the one she’d called Shatrice she had a cooper skin tone and light brown eyes. She was dressed to the nines, they all were but his Charlotte seemed the most capable at pulling it off. The other two just looked overdressed, she was subtle and sophisticated. A purple wrap mini dress with stockings with a seam up the back, those things were driving him crazy. Each time she walked away to the loo he watched those toned legs and that nice round firm bottom move gracefully through the crowd. He stayed around most the evening, he had her on the hook and had decided to play this one for all it was worth.

He leaned over to his Charlotte after they’d left the dance floor, ‘would you like to go somewhere a little more quiet?’

She looked over at him furrowing her brow, ‘like where?’ She said a little indignantly.

He put his arm around her shoulder, ‘no, no my dear I mean just a quieter bar this place is getting rowdy and I just want a chance to talk more without trying to bellow over everyone else.’

Nydia sighed she was actually feeling cozier as time passed. She felt that maybe this was the man she was going to have some 30th birthday fun, she didn’t want to know much more about it that would just get her attached. She did not want attachment. She had enough of that, she’d let the girls know she was leaving with this guy and would meet them back in the room later tonight. Nydia was no idiot she could take care herself, self-defense had taught her that. But she felt like self-defense wasn’t needed this night she probably going to be more than willing to get into whatever Mr. Alistair was willing to get her into. He looked so good as she stared him in the dim light of the nightclub, she still, couldn’t tell what color his eyes were but they were light. He was so sophisticated, she’d never met a man more sure of himself. But he was an attorney they were arrogant bastards but that was fine with her, tonight she’d spend her night with a sexy arrogant bastard and enjoy it.

She told the girls she was headed out with Emerson, they were hesitant but Nydia assured them she’d be okay and that she’d text them all the information from the hotel. She was on the find-a-friend app with Shatrice. They wished her luck and told her to be safe. And off she went to be wantonly wild more than she ever had in her life.

Nydia’s head was pounding, she felt like someone had let loose a jackhammer in it. Oh dear God if you just let me live I’ll never drink again, she thought. She wasn’t quite sure where she was as she opened her eyes, it was bad her pupils ached. She moved slightly and felt a warm body next to her, she jumped up immediately. Well this wasn’t her hotel room but it was certainly a nice one she looked around her clothing was strewn all over the floor. She felt herself retch, she hated hangovers but it was her own fault. She looked over to see a very sleep and very naked man next to her. She looked down and realized she was naked too. Emerson, yea now she remembered the attorney she met at the club last night. They’d gone and had drinks and she’d discovered under better light he was even hotter than he was in the nightclub. The man was heavenly chestnut brown hair with big curls, the most gorgeous light blue eyes she’d ever seen. She had decided to drown in them and he had swept her off her feet and into his bed. This was certainly a 30th birthday to remember, the parts she did remember. Although she did recall he was heavenly in the sack, Nydia had never been made love to like that in her life. Seeing as he was an arrogant bastard she was sure he’d get his jollies and leave her in the cold but he didn’t. He took his time, lots of time, made love to her body as he blew her mind. It was amazing. She’d come three times in that one night, she’d actually forgotten the last time any man could make her orgasm during sex. He was sexy as hell, that deep timbre in his voice and that English accent to go along with it. His body was from what she saw next to her and what she recalled during sex was in good shape. He was slim but toned and muscular, she couldn’t lie he had the biggest cock she saw on a white guy on any guy as a matter of fact. She was still a little sore from that pounding he put on her. She couldn’t say she was disappointed. But she also knew she was now like Cinderella and her night of wanton bliss was over, there was no Prince Charming or happily ever after. She needed to get the hell out of there before he woke up. She eased out of bed and tip toed across the room to retrieve her clothing. She found everything but her damn underwear, she couldn’t believe it. She looked all over but no lace thong anywhere, she did remember him removing them with his teeth last night. She wondered what he did with them, maybe he was freak that kept women’s underwear as a prize. Aw what the hell, she hated to give up a Vicky’s thong those things were expensive but she had to get the hell out of there. She checked the mirror, ugh she looked like hell, she’d be doing the walk of shame this morning but it was 6:39 am and she was leaving today she had to get back to the hotel.

She put on her clothes quickly as possible sans stockings and missing Vicky’s drawers and turned to look at the best one night stand ever. He moaned and stirred a little as he did the bottom part of the sheet drifted down to expose those taut muscular buttocks of his. Ahh Nydia thought his ass was certainly praiseworthy. Too bad he’s an arrogant bastard lawyer, she thought. She eased out the door and shut it behind her and made her way back to the MGM.

On the cab ride to the airport she got loads of questions from her girls.

‘Well, how was he?’ Danielle always the most cynical of the lot asked.

‘Yea girl he was fine but you know what they say about white boys,’ Shatrice told her smirking.

Nydia just grinned, none of them had ever dated a white man although Danielle was white she’d only dated black men and her husband was an older black guy. Shatrice and her boyfriend of forever had two kids and he was Puerto Rican.

‘Well, what is that they say?’ Nydia asked curiously.

‘You know that they’re not well…’ She looked up toward the cab driver who was not paying them any attention then back to Nydia, Shatrice’s eyes went down in a knowing gesture. ‘Well it’s what I heard.’

Nydia really started to laughed, both of her friends just eyed her with confused looks.

‘Well I don’t know about every man but this man was not lacking, not lacking anywhere.’

She heard a low ‘whhaa?’ from Shatrice. Danielle just looked, well to Nydia she looked a little peeved.

‘I’m glad you had your fun, little girl but now back to the real world’ Danielle said in a snooty tone.

Nydia decided not to pay her any attention, sometimes Danielle could be a brat especially when she wasn’t the center of attention.

Shatrice was just itching for more details, ‘to hell with the real world. I want details chick, gimme details.’

They wanted details so Nydia gave them up, those she could recall. It was an interesting ride to the airport.

Nydia had given her two friends hugs and they’d promised to get together soon and make sure they called each other. It was bittersweet good-byes but Danielle was right it was time to get back to the real world. If only Nydia knew how real her world was about to get maybe she would have stayed in Vegas.

Nine months later.

‘Push, push Mrs. Greene.’ Nydia heard the doctor’s repeated commands.

It was hard, she didn’t want to push, she didn’t want to be here. After she’d returned from her 30th birthday trip she’d discovered a few weeks later that her doctors had been very wrong about her getting pregnant. She could and she did. Richard had done the honorable thing and married her. He was standing next to her in the delivery room. Holding her hand trying to coach her as a very tired and irritated Nydia tried to use her loins to coax a stubborn child forth. She looked at her doctor then over at Richard’s dark onyx face. She had been so shocked at the news of her pregnancy, she’d almost passed out. Richard hadn’t questioned a thing, although she had some reservations about his being the father he’d been excited about her announcement and proposed immediate marriage. So Nydia, Richard, her father, his younger brother and a friend she worked with had attended a patch together wedding at the courthouse. Where she had become Mrs. Nydia Greene.

She could hear Richard in her ear with his soft monotone coaching her along.

‘Come on darling, you can do it. Just a little more and our boy will be out.’

Their marriage hadn’t been one to set the world on fire but he’d been patient, kind, sweet and attentive. They’d moved into Richard’s apartment a nice two bedroom in Tigard. Her daddy had not been thrilled with the news that only daughter was pregnant before she was wed but he was understanding. He was sitting out in the hospital lobby waiting with her best friend Danielle, Shatrice had not been able to get away. They’d both been as surprised as Nydia but when they asked too many probing questions, Nydia would just clam up.

She was in so much pain but she was ready for this child. She never thought she’d have this chance and now she wanted this baby. She’d decided to call him Parker Frazier Greene.

‘Oh it looks like he’s going to make an appearance. One more big push Nydia,’ she heard Dr. Caldwell order.

She pushed and then heard the cry. He had some good lungs, she felt tears come to her eyes. She looked over and Richard was beaming, they took the baby, got him swaddled. The nurse passed him to Nydia, she looked over and saw the smile drop from Richard’s face. She could heard people congratulating her the back ground. Then she looked at her baby. He was beautiful. He was gorgeous with a cafe au lait skin tone, soft light brown hair and a pair of light blue eyes she’d seen before.

Aww shit, she thought. © EugeniaBerg 2013



Now It’s Time to Write

Well, since I’ve taken a break from blogging and vlogging about heavy subjects on my blog Married Girl In A Weird World I’ve come over to my other blog, this one, to do something I enjoy with my time off, write. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, I’ve always been a reader but I never thought I was a writer. I just knew I had an active imagination and wanted to put it down on paper. I’ve blogged before about what I like to read, mostly interracial romance, mysteries, suspense and thrillers I’ll do horror every once in awhile but only in the day time. Now what do I like to write? Really I write what I’m familiar with, what I like to read. I don’t know about other writers but I do what I know. Yes it may mean I’m stuck in a comfort zone when it comes to my writing but I have no issue with that, at least not at this moment. So right now I write interracial romance. I’m about to try my hand at a mystery, I have a few ideas and some small storyline but I need an outline.

Many authors I know write with an outline and I’m now coming to the conclusion that I’m really going to need to do this to write my best and make sure flow is correct. It’s hard to keep story-lines and characters in order in your head especially with the way I write because I write a few different stories simultaneously. Don’t ask why I do that, I just do, I have many idiosyncrasies that I have no idea where they came from this is just one. With my attempt at trying to write a mystery I know for certain I’ll need an outline. Because from all the mysteries I read, you have to keep all the plot twists and turns straight or you’ll be totally lost and have an awful story. The stories I have currently posted don’t have outlines, they just flow straight from my head and when I read some back, I’m a little embarrassed to see how I’ve forgotten small details about a character or storyline. But I know to some readers those things are almost sacrilegious. It’s not fun to see that but these are what I would call really rough first drafts, I wouldn’t dare attempt to publish any of the dreck I’m writing here. I’m just trying to hone my skills maybe one day I’ll think of myself as being worthy of being possibly published even by some of the smaller romance publishers or folks who do e-books but right now I’ll just keep writing for my enjoyment and sharing it with you.

Well, you may wonder how do I come up with these ideas. I sometimes like to hear how authors who write my favorite interracial romances come up with their ideas for stories. It can fascinating. My ideas come from my life and things that I experience and interest me. The story-lines may come from anywhere, my first story was from a challenge on a Goodreads thread. Then it just started flowing, most are centered here in the Pacific Northwest, because well I live here. I like it here and I think it’s a great place to set a story of interracial romance there’s a lot of them going on here. I also find not many interracial romances are with black women and non-black men are set here. Which is odd because we’re everywhere around here. My characters just come from whatever I want, I like to envision my heroines with the appearance of black women actresses I know, I do the same for my hero, I envision them as hot actors I know. You may notice I usually mention the name of an actor they’re supposed to look like in the description of the hero. I have to be able to see the character’s face because as I write in my mind I’m acting out the whole story. I know it sounds convoluted and complicated but it works for me. I usually have the characters do jobs I have knowledge of or would like to do myself, my character, Sophie from Surviving in Dateland, is a brewmaster, I’d love to be a brewmaster. It’s sort of fun, you can live out a life you’ve been imagining on paper. I usually write about folks around my age group, not that I don’t remember what it’s like to be young, I just don’t connect to that world and thought process anymore. It’s very different to be in your 20s in an interracial romance and be in your 30s and 40s in one. I go into a lot of detail, I know many say detail is wasted but I like detail in books, not all readers do and if you’re one of them my writing is not for you. I am a detail nut, I want to envision what I read.

I write in complete quiet and although I like to do it in the day when I’m home alone and it’s fairly silent. The best time is the middle of the night, I can write like the dickens at midnight. I just like it quiet, some folks write with music it inspires them, music just distracts me and I can’t think clearly. I usually do it now on my couch with a Bluetooth keyboard and my iPad, so I’m comfy. I personally hate sitting at a desk, it’s hard sometimes to type I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome but I can still type for a time then I have to take a break. I’m looking to get the Dragon software soon. Is that cheating? Well if it is I’ll be cheating because I don’t think it’s a requirement to be in unbearable pain just to call yourself a writer. So I’m getting ready to move along with my writing and start the new mystery, I’m very excited about that. I ask that you please comment on the stories, I enjoy sharing my writing and I want to continue to do so but only if people enjoy it. If I’m just stroking my own ego maybe I need to back away and take a class. Thanks for being here and sharing my stories with me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.