Love Never Leaves-Chapter 4




Jake entered Helena’s home it was beautiful and comfortable as he knew it would be she had photos and art all over the walls they told of her culture and travels. He was intrigued, she seemed very worldly to him and he liked that his wife Connie had also traveled the world. He found that it made her more interesting and Helena seemed to be that kind of woman.

“Jake would you like something to drink?” She asked as they entered the living room.

Helena looked at him curiously; he looked deep in thought as he perused her walls looking at the art and photos. He seemed not to be aware that she even asked him a question.


He looked up startled for a moment. She was standing there looking at him oddly.


“I was just asking if you’d like something to drink.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I was just really intrigued by your artwork and photos they’re really beautiful.”

“Thank you. I’ve traveled all over the world and collected art from many places. I love those photos, they remind me how wonderful my life has been and all the love I received from it.”

“Wow, that’s really special. You’re very lucky.”

“I don’t think I’m lucky, I know I’m blessed.”

He looked at her and smiled a bit but she noticed it didn’t seem happy there was something about him that was sad something in his eyes. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something terrible had happened to this man but she wasn’t sure he was ready to share it.

“Well Jake I’m headed to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine. I’d be more than happy to pour you a glass while I’m there.”

He did smile then, a big genuine smile, “sure. I’d love a glass of wine.”

He walked behind her into the kitchen. There was light from the porch outside streaming through the windows, it gave the place a romantic glow. He liked her kitchen it seemed lived in and used. He’d only been in his house a week or so but he barely touched anything regarding the kitchen. He thought that may have been because his wife loved being in the kitchen, it was her domain when she was alive. It seemed so sacred to him now as if he had no right to touch it or make it his own. He’d been eating out of to-go boxes and the microwave for the last couple of days he just couldn’t seem to bring himself to use the stove and cook a meal.

Helena opened the fridge and took out a bottle of Pinot Grigio she had in there, she went into the cupboard and pulled out to wine glasses and filled them. She handed him a glass and he smiled and raised it to her in a toast.

“Here’s to our new friendship.”

She raised her own glass in acknowledgment and took a sip; it was cold and tasted delicious.

“Why don’t we go back into the living room and sit and chat for moment. I’d really like to get to know more about you Jake.”

He nodded in agreement and they walked back into the living room together. Her living room seemed to invite comfort the pillows on her couch were plump and soft, at least they looked that way. She fell into the couch and seemed to relax immediately.  Jake sat on the other end and turned to look at her. She was really beautiful and he wasn’t really sure he should be there on her couch drinking wine. Maybe this was a dangerous place for him at this moment. She picked up a remote, pushed a button, and music begin to flow from speakers near them it was the soothing sound of jazz. She sighed and kicked off her shoes as she put her feet under her to get cozy in the downy softness of her sofa.

“Now I can ask you more questions,” she said to him with the sneaky grin on her face.

“I’m not sure I’ll answer them all if you do ask.”

“You mean if I ask questions you’ll dodge them?”

“I didn’t say that, I may answer and I may not. I get to make that choice.”

“Oh, are you telling me you’re enigmatic?”

“I’m just saying I may or may not answer the question. It doesn’t mean I’m mysterious just that I’m private about some things.”

“I can respect that but I’m not going to delve too deep this early.”

“I’m thankful for that, you seem like a nice lady and I think I’d like to get to know you better too but I don’t want to invade your space.”

“You’re not. I’m an open book for the most part, but I can understand that others are not like me. I mean your reception when I first came to your front door told me a lot about you. One of the things it told me was that you’d like your privacy.”

Jake had a look of deep regret on his face, he knew he’d been really rude to her when they first met and he wasn’t sure how he’d make that up to her.

“I’m still very sorry about that incident. You and your friend didn’t deserve my scorn.”

“I told you it was no big deal we lived; we’re not scarred from it. I don’t expect you to apologize again and again about it we’re supposed to be moving forward in this relationship. I only mentioned it because you said you were so private and that incident really let me know how private you were. So now that that’s over with tell me a little more about being the famous author, Earl Gall, I find it interesting that you’re a famous writer. Does it seem sublime to you that you walk around all day and no one knows you’re Earl Gall?”

Jake looked at her and furrowed his brow, “no, not really, since I like my privacy it’s nice that people don’t know. That’s one of the reasons I made sure not to have my picture taken too frequently when I’m on book tours. Some people do know but surprisingly people aren’t that pushy. Particularly here in the Pacific Northwest they seem to love to give you your space. Although I sometimes notice that people are staring and they may recognize me but they won’t come up and say anything. Some people do ask if I’m Earl Gall and I always answer honestly but they’re very nice.”

“Do you enjoy writing?”

“That’s a funny question, of course I do. I’ve been writing all my life. I have lots of drafts of stories I wrote in my teens and 20s but I never thought I had the talent to do it full-time.”

She laughed. Jake enjoyed watching her laugh it gave him joy. He felt like he should be ashamed of his feelings toward her but he wasn’t, he was happy. It confused him he’d been depressed for so long about his wife and son’s death he didn’t understand this woman who was practically a stranger making him happy. He’d met people before and they didn’t do this to him. He’d spent time with family and that didn’t make him feel happy either at this point in his life. But sitting there with Helena was just such a delight she was contagious, her happiness was contagious.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked. Helena had noticed that he seemed more relaxed and the look he gave her was full on erotic.

“Helena, you’ve made me feel something I’d thought was lost.”

“What’s that?”

“I feel delight with you, it’s strange since we’ve known each other such a short time. But with you I feel at ease and I’m not really sure how to take this. I want to tell you all my secrets but I’m not sure if you can handle them. But sitting on this couch with you more than anything I want to touch you, I want to kiss you, I want to hold you.”

Helena just looked at him she was shocked he’d told her this he’d been a tad closed off the whole evening. Now here he was telling her she was bringing him delight and he wanted to kiss her. She thought, well she wanted him to kiss her too. There was something in him that she felt needed the human bond. Helena knew that she needed that bond also but in her mind she felt they were moving too quickly. But there was something about him sitting on her sofa now appearing so relaxed and so at ease it didn’t matter how quickly they moved.

Suddenly she felt herself move forward as she saw Jake moving toward her his eyes softening and filling with need. She wanted to kiss him and it looked like he was going to reciprocate that feeling. She felt herself being cradled suddenly in his strong arms as his mouth moved towards her, his lips were on hers before she could think about what was happening. It was soft at first then she felt the urgency in him his mouth crushing against hers, his tongue seeking out her own. It felt good as she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight and close. He was holding her against him as if his very body wanted to merge with her own. Their mouths separated for brief moment to catch a breath while in her ear, he whispered to her, “Helena I need you so badly. I don’t know what’s come over me but I need you.”

They looked into each other’s eyes as he moved in again to kiss her it was a heady feeling for both of them. Helena felt the stir of passion while she tried her best to keep her emotions under control. She smiled as his lips pressed against hers and felt a joyful giggle come to her lips this was the best kiss she’d ever had even better than kissing Scott. Then suddenly Jake’s body jerked away from her his arms went to his side and he had a look of complete horror on his face.

“Oh my God what have I done,” he said more to himself than to her, “I’ve betrayed you, I’ve betrayed you!” He was talking to someone but not her.

He rose from the couch swiftly and suddenly left Helena there sitting, wondering what the hell had just happened. She got up and moved to the door that he’d run out of and opened it and stared as he ran to his house. He looked back only briefly with the same look of anger and despair she’d seen the first night she met him. He opened his door slammed it hard and locked it.

She wasn’t really sure what had just happened they were sitting there enjoying a passionate kiss and suddenly he breaks away in horror. She picked up her cell phone and called him she wanted to know what happened. She was confused and angry. His phone rang and rang but she got the voicemail. She called again and got his voicemail again. She was tempted to go across the street and bang on his door like a maniac but she didn’t feel like she needed to chase him. She wasn’t sure what she’d done to make him so upset but she knew the things she’d felt from the first time she saw him were true, this man was hurting and maybe he just needed time. Maybe he just needed time.



Surviving In Dateland-Chapter 8


WARNING: This contains explicit sexual content. 

It had been over a week after the big blow up with Sophie and Brock, he’d been calling her but Sophie wasn’t in the mood to hear it or him. The betrayal was too much, she’d talked to Leann about it and she told her to let it go there were a lot worse things he could be. For Sophie that didn’t matter, he was the worse thing she thought he could be, a liar. She wasn’t sure about giving him a chance. He’d sent flowers and cards and little gifts to the office, Sophie had either given them away or threw them in the trash. He’d told her he used his wealth to influence people previously, he wasn’t about to start doing that again with her. It had been almost impossible not to call him or melt at the beautiful words he’d written her in the card but she was standing strong.

It was Friday night and bunch of folks from work were going to the Harvest Moon to drink beer in celebration of them completing the brews for the Fall roll out. She’d been in charge of one herself this year, first time and was proud of her accomplishment. She didn’t want to miss it especially since the tab would be on the boss, Bob Stehr.

They were at the Harvest Moon which was a bar and restaurant, it had spectacular food but the atmosphere was relaxed. So Sophie was jeans, steal toe boots and her flower power t-shirt, no time to get gussied up so many of the folks who brewed beer smelled like hops and barley. It was an odd aroma along with some sweat, but she was used to it.

She along with the two ladies in accounting and Trudy were the only women that worked full time. There a couple part time bartenders and waitresses, but they were the steadys. Trudy was there tonight with her new boyfriend, a skinny kid with red hair he was an Irish exchange student named Kevin Sullivan, he was cute for a skinny kid. Most everyone had their girlfriends or boyfriends there with them, it laughter and jokes all around. Grant and his wife and kids were sitting down by Sophie, she hadn’t told him anything about what happened between her and Brock. He knew they were dating and had been suspicious about her snappy mood swings but he hadn’t pried. She had told Leann about it but just said they were taking a break while she reassessed some things but in her mind, she kept thinking there was a good chance this short lived love affair was over. She hated she had decided to take it this far.

‘You okay, Sophie?’

She looked up to see Grant’s concerned eyes. She also saw his wife’s attention shift towards her, she tried her best to not make Nicky uncomfortable but she couldn’t help that she and Grant were friends. She didn’t have feelings for him but she knew she could cause this woman a lot of pain if she wasn’t careful.

‘I’m fine, Grant,’ she smiled. He was holding his baby daughter Hillary such a cute little thing, blue eyes and blond little curls. Sophie reached over and pinched her little cheeks.

She’d thought once before about having children but that was a dream and it looked like her chances of it ever happening her slim to none. She was cooing and talking to the baby in Grant’s arms and noticed him look up and frown slightly. He wasn’t looking at her he was looking over her shoulder. She turned to see what he was frowning at, seems the whole table had turned to see.

‘Brock,’ she said under her breath. Yes, there he was standing in the middle of the restaurant holding a huge bunch of flowers along with a bunch of delivery men standing beside him holding all kinds of different arrangements. There were dahlias, roses, tulips, gerber daisies, carnations, and lilies and everything in between. It was amazing. It looked liked a garden had sprang up out of nowhere. He looked at her and smiled brightly. Sophie didn’t know what to say, she’d never been treated so lovingly by a man, ever. She didn’t even realize men like this existed. Then she noticed something else, he was in a suit, a very causal one but a suit nonetheless. She was about to stand but her knees got a little wobbly. She was overwhelmed, she was still upset but really this man had proven he wanted her time and time again was she silly enough to throw this chance away? She got up and rushed over to him. She was standing there in front his expectant face.

‘Are these for me?’

‘You know it babe. I’ll bring flowers everyday for the rest of my life if you’ll just give me another chance. Sophie, I’m so sorry. I was an unconscionable fool. I deserve you kicking me out that night but please, I’m begging you don’t kick me out forever. I think I’m falling in love with you.’

For a moment Sophie wasn’t sure she heard him right but she did he’d said he was falling in love with her. She stood with a complete look of shock plastered on her face and she noticed his face kind of dropping. She didn’t want him to think she didn’t have feelings for him because she did but she still wasn’t comfortable confessing those so soon. This man was amazing, she could feel herself start to smile huge then Brock’s amazing smile returned. He turned to hand the roses to a delivery guy and turned back and took Sophie in his arms. He drew her close, they were both still smiling.

‘Im going to kiss you now and I swear on everything I am and have I will never deceive you again.’

Sophie didn’t speak she was waiting on the kiss then it happened, his lips connected with hers and everything in the room came to a complete halt. Sophie couldn’t hear the cheering, whooping and clapping of the restaurant patrons. All she heard was the quickening of her heart as what she knew was the man of her dreams held her close and kissed her as if tomorrow wouldn’t come. She wanted to stay like this forever but it ended as he pulled back from her she opened her eyes slowly and saw only his gaze. Then she felt the other eyes and heard the noise. Sophie glanced around to see people staring and everyone at her table shouting and cheering, everyone that was except Grant his eyes were narrowed and he looked pissed. She turned back to Brock and put Grant’s weird look out her mind right now it was only about she and him. Even though they were in this restaurant.

‘Well, aren’t you going to say anything?’ he asked.

She’d was so totally spaced out that she didn’t respond, ‘oh’ she said with an embarrassed chuckle. ‘I’m going to to say this to you one time only. No lying not even by omission.’

He nodded his head in compliance.

‘Now that you understand that, I guess you better meet everyone before they start a parade.’

She kissed him softly on the lips. Sophie wanted to reassure him that his apology had been accepted. She took his hand and lead him to the table. The delivery folks were instructed to give a bouquet of flowers to every woman at the table by Brock, Sophie found it to be a sweet and noble gesture. At that moment she realized she didn’t want to lose him and she got to keep the roses.

He was introduced to everyone, Sophie got lots of approving looks from her co-workers dates at the table. Some of them enviable, a couple just flat out lustful. Finally she introduced him to Grant and Nicky, Nicky was all smiles and very friendly but Grant was a bit cold which Sophie just found odd but it seemed every time she mentioned Brock he was odd. She just couldn’t understand what he had against Brock but she’d ask him about it at some point at this point she only cared about Brock.

Sophie and Brock were sitting at an empty table later that evening, the dinner had broken up and everyone had gone home. They were still there sharing a piece of the most delectable raspberry lemon cheesecake she’d ever had. At the bar on the other side of the Harvest Moon was some rockabilly band playing and folks were whooping it up but the restaurant was still quite mellow.

Brock placed a forkful into her mouth, ‘oh my goodness that is sinfully rich and delicious,’ she commented almost mewling at the taste. ‘I really should stop, my hips are going to be mad at me.’

‘But I’m not going to be mad at your hips,’ he assured her as he took her by those hips and pulled her closer to him.

‘You can be a charmer, can’t you?’

‘My grandmother says that about me. That I’m a charming ass.’

‘No. Grandmas shouldn’t talk like that,’ she admonished.

‘Well she’s kind of right, I was a charming ass in my younger days. Actually I was a charming ass the other day as I tried and failed to explain keeping secrets.’

Sophie sat up slightly at attention, she figured he was ready to spill his guts and she was prepared to listen.

‘I really didn’t mean not to tell you.’

Sophie smirked and rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

He chuckled nervously and took her hands, Sophie felt safe when he held her hands. She felt safe with him.

‘I didn’t. I just thought I’d wait for the right time to tell you. I know, I know that’s a shitty excuse but I did. I found myself liking you so much as time went on I thought if I tell her now she’ll either do one of two things. Think I’m a louse and take off, surprise, surprise. Or…’

‘Be all moony eyed because you have a few bucks,’ Sophie finished the sentence for him, her face emotionless.

‘I’m sorry, I know that’s such a dick thing to say but it’s happened before.’

‘No, I get it, I get it. I’m just a broke black chick, surprise, surprise.’

Brock set back in chair and sighed, ‘this isn’t exactly coming out right.’

But Sophie wasn’t as upset with him as he thought. She got it, she really did but it still hurt her feelings.

‘I get it, Brock. I actually do but you have to understand something. I’m a 38 year old divorced black woman. In the realm of prizes, I haven’t always felt like one. I had a really crappy marriage with a guy who left because I changed careers and wasn’t paying my half of the bills. The absolute last thing I have ever been is a golddigger. I pretty much took care of myself while married and before as a single woman. Hell, I didn’t even want to go out with you. You convinced me to do that. I really like you, I do more than I’ve liked someone in a long time. Don’t make me regret that decision.’

Sophie was shocked when he suddenly pulled her into his lap. He looked at her for few moments and then kissed her deeply pulling her in, she could barely catch her breath.

‘I won’t ever do that,’ he raised his hand and told her, ‘I promise.’

A huge grin broke out on Sophie’s face, she still wasn’t sure if she was ready to reveal her true feelings to him. But she did know something, what she was feeling, he was feeling also.

They’d driven back to Sophie’s condo since it was closer. They were sitting on Sophie’s patio looking out on the black waters of Puget Sound. Since she finally knew the truth of who he was Brock was giving her more background.

‘My great grandfather was an immigrant from Sweden and he started as a tailor and it went from there.’

‘Wow, you ought to be really honored to have such a legacy. I know your family is really charitable and they do a lot for the community.’

She looked over to Brock who nodded his head, ‘yea they do but a lot of it is just for show, just for tax purposes.’

‘Well, you shouldn’t be so down on your family even if some of it is for show, people still benefit. I know they added that new cancer center at St. George’s Hospital and my mom’s husband was treated for prostate cancer there, it benefitted him. You shouldn’t be so resentful of her family’s wealth. A bunch of folks would kill to be that wealthy. I’m sure a bunch of your kids at school would.’

‘Yea you’re right, they would. I’ve got kids whose parents or parent are hurting. I’ve paid some bills for parents without them knowing.’

Sophie eyed him surprised, ‘how’d you do that?’

‘I just told them there’s a charity because there is. I sent them there for help.’

Sophie looked confused.

‘I have a foundation, Sophie.’

‘You have a what? It’s your family’s foundation?’

‘No,’ he shook his head, ‘it’s mine. Yes, I am wealthy so why not do something good with it. After I got my trust fund and I’d gone through all the crap I described before. After my time in Korea and starting to teach here, I wanted to do something. So I started my foundation, my dad helped me.’

Sophie was just staring at him in astonishment, this man was amazing.

‘I don’t know what to say, I’m just like wow! And I’m so damn stupid, I was going to let you go. I’m so sorry.’

She took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply. It had been awhile since they’d seen one another or spoken and Sophie felt stirrings in her nether region. She didn’t know what it was about this particular man that could stir her up so quickly and completely. After she moved out of the kiss they waited in the darkness staring at one another.

‘Sophie, can I ask you something?’


‘Do you think we got physical too soon? I’m just saying we were hanging out not dating and then I take you out once and bam! It’s on.’

Sophie giggled at his description. ‘I probably should have held out but I didn’t want to so I didn’t.’

‘I’m glad you didn’t too. I was nervous maybe I pushed you into that.’

Sophie smiled at him, ‘I was mad about you not telling me who were but I can’t say I regretted that but I didn’t want it to turn into a late night hot mama thing either.’

‘Never,’ he said emphatically. ‘You know what? With you standing there looking totally luscious in that t-shirt you’re about to pop out of, I’m about to pop out of these pants.’

‘Oh my goodness are you serious? You are so cheeky, young man.’

He rose swiftly from his seated position to gather her up in his arms, he held her close and tightly. It felt great to be held by someone, she could feel his manhood against her waist but she was surprised he didn’t make any other overt signals that he was interested in her sexually.

‘I know what you’re thinking Sophie,’ he looked down at her, ‘and it’s true I want to make love to you badly but not so badly that I would remove romance from the picture.’

‘That means a lot to me.’

‘You know as much as you now know about me, I don’t know much about you. But you know that’s okay, I want you to trust me and I know right now you’re working your way toward that so I’m okay with you being a bit of mystery. But trust me, I’ll solve it.’

‘You really are tenacious.’

‘Lady, you’re dealing with a Lindstrom we’re born with tenacity. Right out of the womb.’

Sophie started to let her hands roam that gorgeous body of his, ‘well, could I get a possible demonstration of that in the bedroom where it counts.’

‘You certainly can,’ he closed in on her full lips grasping and sucking them with his own, he kissed her letting his mouth ease her open for entry of his tongue. It was all heady for Sophie, those clothes were confining them both and she wanted them off.

She moved out of his kiss and breathing hard.

‘Brock, let’s move this little demonstration to where it matters.’ She led him instead he was holding her hand as they crossed to her bedroom. Sophie had a king sized bed, a gift she bought for herself she always figured she was going to be single forever so why not be as comfortable as possible.

She plopped down in her clothes, she’d removed her shoes but was still dressed. So was he, he’d taken off his suit jacket and stood in slacks and a crisp white shirt. She looked at him for a long time, he really was beautiful when he dressed up he looked like he’d dropped off the pages of GQ. She noticed the eyes at the Harvest Moon cutting her way, didn’t matter she had him and planned on keeping him.

‘What are staring at?’ he asked bewildered by her look.

‘At you. You are a sexy beast.’


They smiled and laughed at the playfulness. He stripped off his shirt as Sophie just watched, his chest was broad and muscular as was the rest of him. She wondered sometimes how he was so flexible but he was extremely athletic. Then came the slacks, he was doing an odd striptease she thought maybe she put on background music but then again she didn’t need anything to take her attention away from this spectacular specimen of maleness. And before she knew it he was standing there completely naked. She wondered did he see the look of utter wonder and awe in her eyes as she perused his body. She was so ready for him to just take her right there it had been too long and she was slightly feigning. But he wasn’t rushing so she figured she could control herself she was a grown woman. He was a very grown up man.

‘I’ve missed you Sophie,’ he said very quietly but the seduction was there. ‘I’ve wanted to be here with you so badly and tonight I’m aching to taste your nectar.’

Her eyes shot up, she liked the directness, she loved being wanted. He moved toward her on the bed slowly. He draped his naked body over her clothed one, she could feel his hardened shaft rub against her as he unzipped her jeans and relieved her of them.

‘What are planning on doing now I’m laying here with no pants Brock?’

‘Lay back and relax, Sophie,’ he gently prodded her to lay back.

It was dark in her bedroom with just slight glow of the moon filtering in through her sheer curtains. She felt exceptional and just wanted to enjoy coming together again with this man she felt such growing love for. She wished she could tell him but for now she wanted to just feel him. She felt her panties come off as his warm breath prickled the flesh between her thighs. Sophie was so excited but he was taking forever. She moaned deep in her throat.

‘Sophie I know you want to move, I know you want to writhe but don’t just yet babe. Because I’m about to eat your pussy like it’s my job.’

Sophie giggled out loud then her giggle was cut short by the feel his tongue. She sucked in a sudden breath at his deft skill on her sensitive clit. It had been long time since a man had pleasured her like this, but none were ever this good. Sophie wasn’t sure if it was because they’d been apart for so long but his ministrations and her overwhelming need was a great combination.

She could hear him slurping and sucking to what seemed his heart’s delight. Her head was back pressed into the pillow but she looked up, she had to see him at work the man was amazing. There he was happily between her thighs his eyes closed as he concentrated on that warm center. He opened them slowly and looked up at her in the darkness she could just see shadows but she swore she felt and saw him smile devilishly around her wet snatch. Sophie was going to pieces, Brock was massaging her legs and butt as he just feasted. He licked slow, then fast, hard and light, he’d do little nibbles it was everything Sophie enjoyed. Sophie was going to come it was building fast and it was about to be a gusher, she felt the pressure then the tremble in her thighs as they closed tighter around Brock’s head. Her leg muscles began to tighten as her hands grabbed for her sheets, she pulling and stretching as her toes clenched into knots it was coming. Sophie didn’t want to hold back a moment longer so she succumb to the feeling. It hit her like beam of light shiny and warm, Sophie lifted her back from the bed as she almost screamed in unknown pleasure. Her body just felt the sensation of the orgasm as her mind accepted the feeling, she was shaking all over she had to back up to detach herself from his tongue. She could feel her heart racing and her breathing was shallow, her eyes opened and all she saw was a beautiful, muscular Brock looming over her with a smile of satisfaction and arrogance on his face. He could certainly make the claim. He did do that like it was his job.

He stood staring at her with hooded lids and desire in his eyes, his manhood heavy and hard in his hands.

‘Come here,’ he said but Sophie figured she must not have moved fast enough because before she knew it he’d drawn her up by her legs and pushed into her in one deep stroke.

It wasn’t painful, all she felt was relieved. She’d wanted to feel his cock between her folds. It felt good and right, he began to move in and out slowly. Sophie was surprised he could hold her up as her head was still on the bed but her lower body was pulled up against his as he stood. This yoga was certainly doing everyone good. Sophie was moaning as he made contact with her still delicate clit and just made the sensations of her earlier orgasm wash over. He was talking to her as he plunged deeper and deeper.

‘Oh god Sophie, you feel so good, so right. I want you like this all the time.’

‘You too, Brock. Yes, just take me.’

Sophie looked at him, she was just overwhelmed with the look in his eyes as he loved her. It was gorgeous Sophie had to look away she was about to cry she was just drowned in emotion. Sophie was suddenly not sure if she it was just sex or more.

‘Sophie, Sophie you’re so beautiful,’ he leaned over slightly and caressed her face as he moved in her. Sophie nuzzled into his hand and kissed it. Then something, she figured that surprised both of them, happened.

‘I love you,’ Brock said quietly under his breath.

Sophie was struck silent then suddenly another orgasm hit her and she moaned out loud, ‘aaaahhhh!’

‘Yeah baby, let it come. I’m coming with you.’

Then Brock let out a something akin to a roar, Sophie smiled and as they rode those lightning bolts out together. She’d never come twice during sex it was a heady feeling for her. Brock’s own release was waning but he was still breathing heavy and had her thighs in a vice grip. There would surely be bruises tomorrow but she okay with that. He eased his hold and lowered her to the bed gently. He was standing above her with a tremendous naughty grin.

‘Baby, you are the absolute best.’

‘Thanks, I think,’ she said she wasn’t sure what the compliment was for but she’d just decided to enjoy it.

As he flopped onto her bed and settled himself, Sophie turned to stare at him. She really was overwhelmed by how handsome he was, she was overwhelmed that he was here with her and she was completely overwhelmed that he’d just told her he loved. But it was during sex so that didn’t really count. Did it?

Brock reached over and pulled her snug against him, their bodies were both still slick with sweat from the feverish love making.

‘You are so sexy, just the sexiest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to indulge in.’

‘Oh come on Brock, let’s not go overboard.’

He swatted her lightly on her butt.

‘Ow, what the heck?’

‘Don’t say those things about yourself, you’re gorgeous Sophie and I’m so incredibly lucky to have you. You say something untrue like that again and I’ll spank you.’

‘You wouldn’t dare?’

Brock pulled his head back to look at her, ‘yes I would. I love you and I don’t want any woman I love speaking about herself like that.’

‘Brock, don’t say that.’

‘Don’t say what?’

‘The ‘L’ word I know you don’t feel like that about me. I know you were swept away in a moment of passion.’

He swatted her butt again.

‘Ow, come on.’

‘I told you I’d spank you if you said untrue things.’

Sophie put her hands over her eyes and rolled onto her back. ‘I can’t deal with this, I can’t. There is no way you feel like that.’


‘Because we haven’t known each other long enough. That’s why.’

‘How long have we been hanging out?’

‘A couple of months so it’s just too soon.’

‘It may be too soon for you but not me. I’m an adult and believe me I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t mean it. Also, you want to know something?’ Brock perched his face on his bent arm. ‘I know you love me.’

Sophie looked at him startled, ‘how would you know that?’

‘I just do but I know you’re not ready to tell me.’

Sophie just stared at him in the dark room, her eyes had adjusted so she could see him clearly and yes she saw the love in his eyes. She closed her own to block it out, she was sure he saw the same in hers but she wasn’t about to put herself in a vulnerable position, she had to be more sure.

‘Okay, we’ll talk about something else but I’m not going anywhere.’

She opened her eyes again as he looked down at her with that beautiful sexy smile. Gosh, she did love him and more than she thought she could handle.

‘I want you to go somewhere with me Sophie.’


‘Over to Port Townsend.’

‘What? Why?’

‘Because I want you to meet the family.’

Sophie’s stomach dropped out. Family. Meet the Lindstroms. Oh she definitely was not ready for this. This is not how she thought their night of passion would end.

Remembering Your Heart-Chapter 5

beautiful Black WomanIt had been over a month and Mona had neither seen nor heard from Luke. Well, it wasn’t as if he didn’t try, he’d come by the firehouse only to be turned away brusquely and with threat of bodily harm by some of her fireman brothers. She didn’t want to speak to him, she’d cried not just for the loss of her relationship with him but for the betrayal and knowing he was part of it. She’d gone home that night after the scene on the street and threw up, she was sick to her stomach. She’d felt so violated, she cried and wailed for days at home but at work she was just stoic. Guys asked her what was wrong but they got the look of death for interfering but they knew she didn’t want to see Luke so they protected her. He called so much, she actually changed her phone number and threatened her niece with bodily harm if she gave it to Brady.

On this S
unday she’d finally come out to have lunch with Georgie and Amber. Her older cousin had found out that she’d broken up with Luke and was happy about it although she tried her best not to show Mona.

‘So how about shopping after this? It’s almost time for my baby to head back to Eugene. I am so sad.’ She reached over to caress Amber’s cheek.

Amber rolled her eyes and sighed she was excited about getting out of there so she wouldn’t have her mom watching her every move. It seemed she and Brady had been secretly going out from time to time, she wanted to tell her Aunt Mo but that was the last thing she needed to hear now.

‘Mom it’s just Eugene, it’s not a big deal.’

‘It is to me young lady, I’m your mother and I miss you when you’re gone.’

‘I’ll be back Thanksgiving mom, geez.’

‘Well ask Mona, I’m sure she’ll miss you too. Won’t you Mona?’

‘Huh?’ Mona had barely heard the nattering of her cousin, maybe it was bad idea to come out today.

‘Aren’t you going to miss Amber.’

‘Oh. Yea, of course, I’ll miss my regular running buddy. But she’s a grown woman Georgie, let her live her life.’

‘Oh whatever, you don’t understand. When you have kids you’ll know.’

Mona got a pained look on her face, Georgie realized what she said. ‘I’m sorry Mona that was so thoughtless of me.’

It had to be bad if Georgie apologized, she never apologized but Mona knew that they all knew what she had been struggling with over these last few weeks.

‘It’s okay, it really is. I need to go to the bathroom,I’ll be right back.’

Mona rose from the table and headed toward the restroom sign. She was standing in the mirror looking at herself, gosh she looked like warm death, her eyes were bloodshot because she’d been having nightmares about her parents. Her face was sort of gray, she didn’t normally wear makeup but today would have been a good day to start. Her hair was pulled back into some sort of makeshift ponytail. She thought for a woman who’d supposedly moved on she certainly didn’t look like it. As she headed back into the restaurant, she noticed in her peripheral vision a sight she knew. It was Luke. She wasn’t sure at first but then she heard him laugh that deep rumble of his, she was mortified. She’s looking like a hag and he’s here guffawing it up with a blonde. She was a fool. After she got back to the table Georgie excused herself to the restroom. Mona hoped she didn’t see him because knowing her cousin there would be a scene but then again what did she care he deserved it.

‘Aunt Mo?’

‘Huh?’ She seemed to not be listening to anything or anyone today.

‘I was just asking how was your salmon?’

Mona shook out her consuming thoughts of beating Luke senseless. ‘It was great honey but we better go. I’ve got stuff to do today.’

‘Oh yea, mom said when she got back she’d pay the check and we’d be out of here. You know what Aunt Mo?’

Mona smiled at her, ‘what?’

‘I’m worried about you.’

‘Dont be sweetie, I’m fine.’

‘I know you miss Luke and you know he misses you too. Brady tells me that all the time. That his dad is miserable without you.’

Mona clenched her teeth, he couldn’t be too miserable with that blonde.

‘Really. Well it’s too complex for you to worry about. We’re adults we know what we’re doing.’ Although Mona wasn’t sure what she was doing.

Amber just looked at her suspiciously, she loved her Aunt Mo but she couldn’t understand someone giving up someone they love. She was willing to defy her mother to be with Brady, although secretly.

Georgie had returned and was ready to pay and get out there.

‘Okay, ladies let’s head for shopping. There are these bad pumps I’ve got my eye on at Lindstrom I have to have them.’

‘Well, I won’t be joining you guys I’ve got other things to do.’

‘What other things?’

‘Just other stuff, will you lay off Georgie,’ Mona raised her voice at her cousin it was something she rarely did but Georgie could be overbearing sometimes and she wasn’t feeling it at the moment.

‘Okay, okay I’ll leave you alone.’ Georgie put her arm around Mona and pulled her tight it was a sweet gesture and actually Mona could use some human contact. She was becoming a bit prickly.

She was hoping they could escape without anyone catching a glimpse of her ex man here with another woman. That hope was dashed as they headed for the exit and she spotted Luke and his lunch companion. She was a petite blonde all curves in a dress Mona couldn’t pull off on her best day.

‘Aunt Mo, you okay?’ She heard Amber say in her ear as she took her hand.

Mona shook her head because she felt as if she spoke she’d scream like a maniac. She could hear Georgie behind them babbling, she hadn’t seen Luke and Mona was not in the mood for a Georgie drama trip. She turned toward Georgie who spotted the look in her eyes.

Georgie’s brow furrowed and she saw who Mona was giving her the look about. Georgie’s shock and disgust shown immediately and as she opened her mouth, Mona mouthed ‘please no’ to her. Georgie stopped but only because she knew Mona needed her silence now but any other moment and she would have ripped him a new one.

Luke saw her coming toward him, of all the days to run into Mona why today. He couldn’t think he just wanted to grab her and drag her away from this place, away from the obvious pain that shown in her eyes. This was a business lunch and although Ms. Sheila Webster wanted more he had no interest in her. The only woman in his thoughts was Mona. She looked away for a moment at her cousin Georgina who he’d met at a family gathering. She didn’t like him then and there was pure hatred in her face now, but Amber was there and in her he did have an ally. But even she looked confused at this scene, he’d have to get Brady to explain it to her later.

He spoke first to the frostiest reception of his life. ‘Hello there.’ Sheila stopped at his side and eyed the group of women in front of her cautiously. The one in the middle who looked like she needed a vacation as she looked almost through her and back to Lucas.

‘Hi Luke,’ Amber was the first to speak up, ‘wow fancy seeing you here.’

Luke tried to play it cool but his hands her itching to reach out and touch Mona so badly. He was wiling her to look at him but she wouldn’t.

‘Yes, I’m taking an associate out for lunch. Everyone this is Sheila Webster. Sheila, this is Amber, her mother Georgina Delacroix and Mona Anderson.’

‘Hello y’all. Nice to meet you.’ She had a heavy southern drawl Mona noticed.

‘You too,’ they said in unison.

Mona was ready to head pass Luke, when she felt his hand on her arm. ‘How are you, Mona?’ His voice was so soft, sweet with care and concern could this be the same person she’d discovered had a hand in her parents’ death. She turned to look at him then down at where his hand warmed her skin.

‘I’m fine.’

He let her go and Mona walked on. His body was racked with pain, Georgie was at her side and Mona looked back at the scene she’d just left. Luke was staring at her with a pained expression, she couldn’t look too long or she’d cry. Amber was saying goodbye and moving past. Mona could hear the woman asking, ‘who the heck were they? Why was the one in the middle giving you the evil eye? What a witch.’

Mona just tuned the rest out, as they reached the exit and into the parking lot. Amber and Georgie were asking if she was okay, she kept reassuring them that she was but she wanted to get to her car. She said her good byes and promised them, she’d call if she needed anything. Once in her truck, she lay her head on the steering wheel and began to sob loudly. She knew she may have looked strange to passersby but she cried like a baby in that car for almost an hour. Mona hadn’t felt pain like this since her parents’ death and she was feeling it for the man who killed them. At that thought her pain deepened.

Luke came home to an empty house, Brady had gone away to Lincoln City with friends. One more blast before it was time for him to head back to school for the Fall quarter. He was proud of Brady he seemed to be making friends and adjusting to life here. He was doing a lot better than his old man. Luke flopped down on the couch, he was drained. This last month or so had been the pits, he’d told his father happened between him and Mona. His papa had lectured him a bit but really what he needed he got from his dad. He cried in that small man’s lap just as he did when he was young. Luke couldn’t believe it, he cried like a baby but he needed that time. He hadn’t cried like that since his mama died but he was heartbroken.

He’d finally started getting full nights of sleep here in the last week and then out of the blue Sheila Webster had called about a business brunch. Well, maybe not out of the blue, she’d had her eye on him he knew since he’d rolled into town many months ago. What was his rotten luck to have lunch with her and run into Mona. He almost wanted to start crying again. She looked so sad, so lost, he wanted to kick his own ass for being the one to do that. He figured he could explain but what would it matter now he should have told her from the beginning.

That had been a tough time in his life, no mama, he was running wild in the streets. His father working day and night to keep the business alive. He was just a punk kid who followed, who wanted to belong so when he should of said no or stop, he ran. He remembered the next couple of days hearing about the fire and the people killed. He was so scared but he had to do something, he told his pops who immediately boxed him about the ears and dragged his sorry ass down to the station to report his friends. But in the end what he learned was they weren’t friends, they were punk kids like him. Danny was over 18, so he was an adult so he got the most time, the rest of the gang turned on him to make sure they got the least amount of time they could. Since Luke turned State’s evidence and didn’t have anything to do with the actual murder he was set free and immediately sent to live with his Grandfather and Nana in Brooklyn.

His grandparents had a store and he worked his butt off, his grandfather cut him absolutely no slack. He worked everyday after school and weekends. He was so tired most of the time he didn’t have the energy to get into trouble. He went to mass on Sundays and went to the school attached to the church. He hated it but his father wouldn’t let him come back till he cleaned up his act. He worked hard, played baseball, started to make friends and started getting serious about life. He graduated, went to a two year college to get his grades up and then went to Fordham. He meet his ex-wife on a trip with friends to the Jersey Shore, he’d completely fell head over heels in what he thought was love. She was a WASP, everything he wasn’t, cultured, beautiful, and rich. He felt lucky she looked his way. They got married after she graduated and started living not the life either imagined then Brady came and it got real complicated. He loved her, he really did, but he knew she deserved someone that was in love with her. So he got divorced and played bachelor about town and boy did he play. Beautiful women everywhere and he loved the sistas and they loved him.

He never thought he’d want to be married again even with all the beautiful women he met in New York but then he came here and found this spectacular angel that made everything about his world more sane, joyful and comforting. He didn’t know what he was going to do with Mona out of his life. The thought of never holding, kissing or making love to her again filled him with unspeakable pain. Luke physically hurt. He’d made a complete mess out of his life again but this time he didn’t think he could recover or if he wanted to. He rose from the couch to head to bedroom he just wanted to sleep and forget.