New Reading Discovery-Robert B. Parker and Agatha Christie

Sometimes I happen upon a new reading discovery, now to tell the truth it’s quite a shame because although they are new to me they are old to everyone else and these authors have been around for decades and in this case these two authors are dead. Now don’t ask me where my head has been, stuck in the sand, regarding either of these fine writers. Blame it on my sometimes obsession with reading interracial romance and writing it that I forget there are other writers and genres that I like and should take notice of. As you know I do love mysteries, suspense and thrillers I’m trying to get into horror but I hate to admit this, but I am actually kind of a fraidy cat when it comes to scary stuff as much as I love Edgar Allan Poe, I can’t read his stories at night. But while looking for some pulp fiction mysteries to read, I stumble across Robert B. Parker, now if you don’t know who Mr. Parker is you may know the television series from the eighties, Spenser for Hire, based on his book series. I had a huge crush on Robert Urich as a teenager. I actually had no idea there was a book series attached to this, one of my all time favorite television series, what a happy day when I discovered there was. He also writes the Jesse Stone series, they also have television movies attached to them starring the incredibly sexy, Tom Selleck. There are a plethora of books in both these series and I just started reading the Spenser one like 2 weeks ago but I have now finished five in his Spenser series including:

Pale Kings and Princes

A Catskill Eagle

Looking for Rachel Wallace

The Judas Goat

Crimson Joy

All the books were excellent, quick, funny and exciting reads. I must say I enjoy the ones where Spenser and Hawk get to banter with one another, Mr. Parker really did write some great fleshed out, interesting, slightly dangerous and sometimes lovable characters. If you like a good suspense detective novel, I’d highly recommend these, I’m currently reading Walking Shadow and The Widening Gyre at the same time. It’s just a habit, I read about five books at once. But I decided to take a slight break from reading Mr. Parker to introduce myself to another mystery writer that although I’ve seen movies and PBS series based on her novels and characters I’d never actually read one.

Don’t ask me why I’d never read Agatha Christie, I find it a terrible defect in my character at this point. The woman is a brilliant writer from just watching the movies alone, I knew that. As much as a fan of mysteries as I am, I hold my head in deplorable shame that I’m only now at this late age reading one of her books. But now that I’ve read the one, I’ve discovered a voracious appetite for all things Christie. Her books have only been outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare now that’s quite a feat. I must say after my first dip in the Agatha Christie pool of mystery with a Miss Marple mystery, A Caribbean Mystery, I am fairly hooked. It started a little slow but I was drawn in by the 3rd chapter and it had me guessing all the way to the end, took me one day to read it. She doesn’t shy away from talking about what probably would been some delicate subjects in her day for books and specifically books by a woman. I want to weep on my pillow for just discovering her stories. Next I’m on to a Hercule Piorot mystery, Death on the Nile, I’ll let you know what I think but at this point I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. I would recommend whatever genre you like, you try to discover new authors and even some older authors that may have written in that genre. What I am discovering it’s fun to discover a gem that I never knew was there and even better, I get buy more books. I really do need more shelving for this office/library.