What Happens In Vegas…-Chapter 3

Warning: This chapter contains sexually explicit material. 

Nydia was enjoying a beautiful day in Portland. Fall was coming soon and she just wanted to enjoy the last of this spectacular summer weather. She sitting on the patio drinking coffee and picking at a scrumptious banana walnut muffin at Grinders a coffee house just a block away from campus. She loved this spot, the coffee was too expensive for most of the students so they didn’t invade the place. She could work in peace and not hear too many obnoxious students talking about the ‘sick party’ going on at whatever fraternity over the weekend. Or listen to screeching music, this coffee shop played classical and jazz much more conducive to her thought process right now. Although she couldn’t get thoughts of Emerson, that had been dancing in her head and dreams as of late, out. He hadn’t shown back up at the law library thank goodness but she was dreading running into him on campus again. She was thankful to be here, she could relax and not have to be on high alert.


Nydia heard that sweet British accent in her ear. She looked up and there he was blocking the sunshine.

‘Hello,’ she muttered. Now what to do?

Emerson spotted her when he walked into the coffee shop, through the back glass window. She was sitting in the sun looking gorgeous as usual with it shining on that beautiful dark skin. She was glowing. He’d thought about just leaving her alone she didn’t really seem interested but then again there was a little twinkle in her eye he couldn’t ignore. He wanted to explore that more and now seemed like a good time a time as any.

‘May I join you Miss Frazier or is it Mrs.?’

She looked at him curiously, ‘no, it’s Ms. Frazier. See.’ She held up her ring-less finger to show him.

‘Well. It looks as if the men in this town are absolute fools.’

He sat across from her at the small round table and put a cup of what looked to be tea on it. Nydia almost melted, oh goodness he really is a super Brit she thought.

‘Next time I meet a man, I’ll inform him of your opinion.’ She didn’t mean to sound sarcastic but he made her feel on edge and snappy.

He chuckled, ‘you really are a difficult one, aren’t you?’

Nydia looked up from her papers, ‘excuse me?’ She was not liking his tone or maybe it was fact that he was so close and smelling so good, like sandalwood and fresh laundry.

‘I apologize for being so forward.’

‘What is that?’ she asked.

‘What is what?’

‘The way you speak, it’s straight out of a Jane Austen novel. Is that the way you charm the women?’ She didn’t need to ask because it was certainly the way he charmed her.

‘No. It’s not the way I charm the ladies out of their knickers if you want to know,’ then he gave her one of his disarming smiles. ‘It’s just the way I speak, would you like it better if I said, yo ma what’s up?’

She started to laugh he did the worse American accent ever and he laughed along with her. But Nydia knew she couldn’t get too close to this man, her whole life would fall apart if she did.

Emerson looked at her as she laughed and he couldn’t help but think something was so familiar about her but he just couldn’t place it. That beautiful melodic laughter just sounded oddly intimate. So many things about her had him thinking he must know her from someplace but her name wasn’t familiar at all.

‘You really do a terrible ‘hood’ accent. That was awful.’

‘I tried. Looks like you’re working hard.’

‘I am and how about yourself?’

‘It’s afternoon tea time, so I thought I’d get myself a cuppa.’

‘Ahhhh, you are really British.’

‘I am but not in every way. I can let myself go.’

At that phrase scenes of him and her letting themselves go in Vegas popped into her head. She really needed to get out of here and away from him before she burst into lustful flames.

‘Mr. Alistair, I need to…’

‘Please call me Emerson.’

‘Okay. Emerson, I need to get back to the law library. I’ve got tons of work to do.’

‘Okay, I hope I can come across you again. It’s always a pleasure Ms. Frazier.’

Nydia rose from the table she was wearing a pencil skirt that day that clung to every curve on her body for life. Emerson was in sheer pain and joy watching her form as it turned to walk away, that behind of hers, that behind…he thought, I know that beautiful rump.

‘Or can I call you…,’ then it hit him he knew where he knew her from Vegas, Vegas 5 years ago. ‘Charlotte?’ he said aloud.

Nydia turned and looked at him with pure shock and horror on her face. He’d remembered, oh yea she had to get the hell out of there right now. She snatched up her purse and jogged in those spike heels toward the door.

‘Ms. Frazier, Ms. Frazier…’ he called out after her.

She could hear him calling her name but she didn’t turn to try to acknowledge him.

Nydia was back at her office, she couldn’t believe it. Now what was she supposed to do he’d finally figured out who she was, she should just gather up her things and leave but she had a meeting in about 2 hours and she couldn’t miss it. Maybe she would just go hide in the stacks downstairs. Many times when she needed a moment to think she’d go downstairs in the stacks and just put away books. It was always quiet down there because students rarely went there and it would definitely be a good place today because school hadn’t began. She walked out and had the library assistants look at her oddly. She shouldn’t be surprised she did come tearing in here like the police were on her heels a few moments ago.

‘Milo, I’ll be downstairs in the stacks if anyone is looking for me.’

‘Okay Ms. Frazier,’ he said still staring at her cautiously.

Nydia’s heels clacked on the linoleum floors downstairs, most people would be terrified down here and she’d heard many students say they wouldn’t come down here because it was spooky. But it was comforting to her, it was cool, quiet, not too dark but not too much harsh light and she could drag the book cart from shelf to shelf stacking books and thinking. She needed time to think now because she needed a plan of what she would say when she saw Emerson Alistair again.

Emerson was furious as well as a tad turned on, he’d found the woman that he’d thinking about since that night. He was disappointed that next morning in Vegas to find her gone when he’d awoken. What he’d shared with her was more than a one night stand, at least to him, now he’d found her. He knew he wasn’t going to let her get away and then again she had a lot to explain.

At the desk they’d told him she was downstairs. As she descended, he could hear the clack of her heels on the floor, he was quiet as today he’d opted for soft sole loafers. He could hear her as she hummed a tune and as he drew closer he knew he should warn her but what the hell she’d run away from him in Vegas and fled the coffee house it was the strangest thing he’d ever seen. He rounded the corner of one the shelves and there she was her back to him. As he once again appreciated those luscious curves. He knew, yes, that was the woman who’d introduced herself to him as Charlotte in Vegas and as Nydia Frazier here.

download‘Hello again.’

Nydia almost jumped completely out of her skin, she had books in her hand so they hit the floor. She whirled around quickly to catch a glimpse of him leaning against the stacks. She really did want to jump him but a part of her was ready to run again.

‘I see the look in those beautiful eyes, you want to flee but no if you run I’ll catch you. You aren’t going anywhere Ms. Frazier.’

Nydia was a tad insulted, ‘do you think you’re going to stop me?’ She’d taken her hand on the hip tough girl stance. Emerson found he liked it and she was giving him a raging hard on.

‘Yes, because I know how.’

She cocked a quizzical eyebrow at him. ‘What, pray tell, do you know that I don’t?’

‘I know this.’ Emerson stalked toward her and Nydia backed up till she hit the wall. He knew he was taking a real chance with this move but he wanted this woman like no other and he was going to have her. They’d talk about explanations at some other juncture.

She was looking at him walk toward her and was astounded and aroused by the look in his eyes.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Reacquainting myself with you.’

He was in front in her now as she was pressed against the wall, she thought she should argue or leave but really at this moment she didn’t want to argue or leave. There was a lot of pent up sexual frustration she had regarding this man and lot of late night fantasies because of him and just wanted to relieve some that stress.

‘Would you like to leave?’ He was looking down at her eyes swimming with sex.

‘No,’ she said softly.

‘Ms. Frazier you have to speak up. I am not accustomed to taking a lady against her will.’

She looked him squarely in the eye, ‘no, I said.’

‘That’s all I needed to hear.’

Emerson hands moved to the hem of her skirt, Nydia trembled slightly at his touch. It was light but electric, she knew they had something that night in Vegas maybe that’s why she made a beeline outta there before he woke up. She’d always known she was a scaredy cat when it came to emotions especially love and she wanted to keep tight control over it all but now she just wanted to lose some of it.

Emerson stepped closer to her and pinned her in against the wall, he wanted her still. He didn’t want to talk to her face to face he wanted to speak into her ear, wanted her to feel his body and the heat emanating from it. His cock was hard as steel at this moment, he probably hadn’t felt this much lust since his night with her in Vegas. He kept inching her skirt up and noticed she wasn’t fighting or even arguing just breathing shallow but audible.

‘Ms. Frazier, I’m pleased you decided to stay,’ he finally had her skirt around her waist he was standing in front of her so if someone came across them it was unlikely they’d realize what was happening and this little corner was rather dim also. He felt her skin under his hands so smooth and supple just like he remembered, he almost came on the spot. He had to keep it together and let her melt he wanted her back but he wanted the truth too.

Nydia could feel her bare bottom on the cool wall, she wasn’t sure what he was doing but she didn’t want it to stop. She was wearing a lace thong and she felt those long slim strong fingers move the fabric aside as he slipped into her slick folds.


‘I’ve hit the spot. Yes…well that feels good to my fingers too,’ he assured her.

It had been so long since anyone had made her feel anything this good, these were only his fingers. She could feel herself start to writhe against his hand.

‘Does that feel nice Ms. Frazier?’

Nydia couldn’t speak so she just nodded her head to indicate yes. Emerson smiled he enjoyed that night many years ago the pleasure he brought her. She was extremely responsive to his touch then just as she was now.

‘Now Ms. Frazier I want you to ride my fingers because I know it feels good. I’m going to make sure you come right here most intensely. So put your arms on my shoulders because I don’t want you to fall and injure yourself. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened.’

Nydia side eyed him she couldn’t believe how calm he was, she could feel his hard member against her body but couldn’t understand how he stayed so in control. He had one hand on her butt massaging the flesh firmly while his other hand did magic fingers on her dripping cunt and slick clit. She was doing a poor job of keeping it together, her thighs were trembling and she wanted to scream out but instead of doing that she dug her fingernails into his shoulders. She hoped she wasn’t drawing blood as she put her face into his chest and muffled a scream of ecstasy in it.

Emerson felt her nails and her face against him, she was shaking uncontrollably and coming in his hands. It was warm and wet as it spread over his fingers. He looked at her as she came it was just as beautiful as previously. He let her settle before he extracted his fingers from her. She raised her face and she was gorgeous. Afterglow suited her very well.

He wanted to release his cock and screw her right into the wall but he’d just let her think about it. He knew she wanted him but she was hanging on so tightly to her control she wasn’t ready but he’d do whatever he needed to make sure she knew how much he wanted her.

‘Ms. Frazier?’

She looked up at him suddenly as she heard her name and realized what had just happened. Nydia’s eyes began to shift back and forth like a trapped animal, she started to pull at her skirt and she straightened that severe bun on her head that had gone askew in the passionate moment. She wanted to get out of there and away from him.

He looked her in the eye and said definitively, ‘I understand you want to leave and that’s fine but as I said previously we have things to speak about. And we will speak on those. Please understand that although I did not fuck you today, we are going to fuck.’

Her eyes narrowed at him and she began to squirm feverishly to get out of his hold. ‘Let me go,’ she said.

He did exactly as she asked, he let her go and backed away. Nydia took off with her book cart out of those shelves. As she left she looked back at him and he was standing at the end of the bookshelves against the wall relaxed as her eyes glanced down she noticed he was stroking his hardened cock. She thought to herself, wasn’t this scenario familiar to her. She turned and tried her best to put that sight out of her mind but the results of her own orgasm dripping between her legs made that hard to do. The remainder of the day was pretty much shot.


Rendezvous-Chapter 10

This chapter contains explicit sexual content. Please be advised.

Chapter 10

She was sitting on Paul’s sofa, she’d been here so many times while they had dated. It was so comfortable and she felt so at home in his house even after all this time being apart. He had on some jazz in the background, nothing too obvious just background noise she figured. He’d gone into the kitchen to get her a glass of wine. She knew what she was here for and she was wondering why he was taking so long beating around the bush. He emerged from the kitchen through the dining room to the sofa where she sat; he looked calm and kind of serene. She was getting nervous; she wanted to get on with. Why not just have this one last roll in the hay and they go and get closure.

‘Here you go’ he said handing her the glass of chilled Riesling.

He’d taken off his tie and dress shirt and just sat there in a nice form fitting t-shirt. She kept thinking he’d done that on purpose, sly devil, Violet thought to herself. Well, let’s just get this over with.

As he sat down to get comfortable, she decided to just blurt it out, ‘Paul, I know what I’m here for so why beat around the bush and play tag. Let’s just strip and get this over with, I’m ready to fuck how about you?’

He sat there looking at her like she had three heads. Violet was so over this, she started to take off her clothes, she removed her blouse and was standing to unzip her skirt when Paul’s hand took hers to stop her. She looked down at him; she’d never seen such hurt in his eyes. She was taken aback for a moment. Had she done something? Had she offended him in some way? She didn’t understand; all the things he said in the bathroom, the stuff in the car, she thought this was what he wanted and in a way she wanted it too. She stopped mid-unzip, her hands fell to her sides nervously.

Paul removed his hand from her arm, he was angry now but he didn’t want this to end in an argument. He wanted her to know how much he loved her, not how much he wanted to fuck her although he did. It was important that tonight was about love and intimacy.

‘Is that what you think of me, Violet? You really think I’m just some horned up joker only capable of only using his dick and not feeling a thing,’ the hurt in his voice was noticeable to even him.

Violet sunk back into the couch and slumped, she felt defeated and ashamed. This man had brought feelings back to her she didn’t think she’d ever feel again and more than just lust, pure and beautiful love. Her head just lolled forward.

Paul took her face in his hands and lifted it him, ‘Violet, I love you. I didn’t even realize how much I did until I lost you. That bull I pulled with Rebecca Althorp was childish; I was such a wanker for doing that to you. I apologize and I’ll never do it again. But you can’t leave me thinking that all I ever wanted you for was sex.’

Violet was looking at him and she saw what she could only guess were tears. She’d never Paul cry, she’d hardly even seen him sad. But there they were, he blinked and they started to stream. He wasn’t sobbing profusely just silent tears. Violet felt like such a damn idiot, a fool that’s what she was.

‘I could never have sex with you, ever again and I’d still want to spend the rest of my life with you,’ he said through the tears.

Did Violet hear that right, did he say ‘spend the rest of my life’ she was shocked.

She pulled back out of his caress of her face, ‘are you serious, Paul? What are you saying?’

‘I’m saying I want to marry you, love.’

‘Marry? Paul now I’m a lot of work as you can plainly see. I’m just now getting to the point where I can feel independent.’

‘That’s okay, I still love you and when you feel like you can be interdependent with me I’ll marry you. I don’t want to rush you. I know we both have a few issues to overcome but I’m mad about you girly. I don’t want you to ever leave me.’

Suddenly, he moved off the couch to the floor on one knee. Violet was in shock, when did all this happen. Was this what he’d been planning all day? Paul removed a small black velvet box from his pocket. Violet couldn’t think. She couldn’t breathe. He took her left hand in his, it looked small in those large, strong mitts of his but he was gentle. She looked up at him.

He still had tears in his eyes as he opened the box and asked in the sturdiest voice he could muster. ‘Violet Maxwell, I love you with fiber of my being. I don’t want to go another day without you being my wife. Will you marry me?’

Violet sat still stunned all this was happening. She looked at him and saw the gentleness and love in his eyes. She looked down at the ring, this man was not playing. It was a solitaire princess cut diamond and it was big, she’d never seen a diamond that big. She looked back up at him patiently waiting for her answer. He wouldn’t have to wait anymore.

‘Yes, Paul I’ll be your wife now and forever.’

Paul sighed; he’d been so nervous she’d just get up and run out again. His face lit up with that megawatt smile that Violet loved so much and he leapt to his feet and gathered her up in a bear hug.

Violet almost lost her breath as he hugged her but it felt so good to be back in his arms so secure and safe. She could feel him suddenly let her go and she was bereft by the absence but she knew he’d never go away again.

‘Oh I almost forgot I need to put this on your finger,’ he took that gorgeous ring from the box and slipped it on her finger, ‘I remembered your ring size from that shopping trip when you tried on rings while we visited Portland.’

She was shocked that was many months ago, how did he remember that. But she knew that Paul was always very aware and attentive to her and her needs. She looked at the ring on her finger; it fit perfectly and looked like it belonged. She stared up at Paul again he was happy but his eyes still held some unshed tears. She took her fingers to wipe them away.

‘Why are still crying?’ she asked. ‘I said yes.’

‘I’m just so damned happy. You know I was planning on doing this differently but all of a sudden all the love I feel for you couldn’t be contained; I had to ask you to marry me. It couldn’t wait another moment.’ He pulled her into another embrace but this time it was sealed with a kiss. He kissed her deep and hard as if he never wanted their lips to part.

Violet separated first trying to catch her breath; this man could kiss like the dickens. ‘Whew! That’s what I call passion,’ she told him with a coy smile.

They both could feel Paul’s cock start to harden and the thing they’d both been dying for all day was about to come to pass.

‘Well it looks we need to celebrate this occasion’ Paul told her as he cocked an eyebrow.

‘But Paul with my engagement, I’ve got to tell someone,’ she said jokingly.

Paul pulled her close again, ‘they can have you after I’ve had you.’

Violet knew what she meant because she slick and ready for his cock to relieve the aching in her body.

‘Okay then, you first.’ Although she was happy to accept this invitation she felt some power in this situation. Paul wasn’t one to ask, he usually just took her at will which she enjoyed but it was nice to have him make a request.

‘Well where do we start?’ Paul said eyeing her sexily, all the tears of joy were gone and there was only male hunger left in his look.

‘Why don’t we start right here, on this sofa,’ Violet loved the boldness in her voice, ‘then move upstairs? Does that meet your approval, Mr. Dudley?’ She decided to become more submissive, letting him take over or at least think he was taking over.

Paul flopped down into the corner of the large sectional one foot on it and one foot on the floor. He was full masculine form; he wanted to play the game that Violet was suggesting in her question.

‘Yes, that meets with my approval but your clothing doesn’t.’

Violet looked down she’d forgotten she was half undressed when he’d gone all romance on her. ‘What do you need?’

Paul licked his lips slowly. It was a gesture not loss on Violet’s eyes it was fairly dark in the room but Violet couldn’t miss Paul’s hunger and that hard cock about burst out of those suit pants. She sometimes found his control unbearable, she knew with her own eyes he wanted to fuck her right into oblivion but the man was so nonchalant as he sat there. She felt herself trembling with unbridled delight, she was ready to be ravished but it seems he may have turned the tables on her.

‘Violet, pay attention please.’

She gone into a reverie at the thought of making love to him and hadn’t heard a word he’d just uttered.  She looked up, he was calmly seated and then he started to rub this hardened bulge.

‘I want to you to stand and remove your clothing but don’t rush. It’s been awhile I’d like to see you do it slowly.’

Violet rolled her eyes at the frustrating slowness of this task she was assigned.

‘Did I see you roll your eyes?’ he asked in quick brusque tone.

‘No’ she stated quickly. She could feel herself getting even more aroused, she didn’t know what it was about this man’s forceful demeanor during sex that made her long to comply.

‘Good but you’re not moving.’

Violet rose slowly and stood in front of him in a way she felt brazen and bold, his eyes never left hers. She removed her skirt just as she was about to do before he stopped her, he didn’t move to stop her this time. It dropped to the floor in a heap around her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. She was standing there in a hot pink bra no underwear as he’d ripped those off earlier in the day, she didn’t know what had possessed her to choose that color that morning but she may have known already what she was in for today. Her mouth was dry and she swallowed hard to relieve her parched throat.

He was still sitting, not moving, not smiling, just his eyes she saw them as they raked over her near naked form.

Paul was trying to keep control but really he wanted to rip that bra off. He almost smiled to himself as he sat there and saw her naked neatly trimmed snatch staring at him he’d forgotten he’d already ripped her panties off. He’d be nice and leave her with something to take home. She was about to remove the bra but he stopped her.

‘No, I like you looking like that. Turn around,’ he said with a sureness only he could possess.

She wasn’t quite sure but she didn’t think long, she turned and then he did smile. He knew she couldn’t see his face but my goodness she had the nicest, roundest, most firm ass he’d ever had the pleasure of looking at. He was sure he knew men that would give a right testicle just to look at it and he got the pleasure of caressing it.

‘Move toward me, Violet but don’t turn around.’

Violet thought how awkward she didn’t want to fall but she did as he asked she stepped gingerly backward till he told her to stop. She was standing in front of him at the inside corner of the sofa. Paul had sat up and her beautiful behind was right in his face. He noticed that shiny silk that running between her legs, she wanted him badly he liked that and although he wanted to be deep within her folds he also wanted to make her wait a little.

His hands caressed her backside, he heard her whimper slightly and his cocked jumped in response. He couldn’t have that another whimper and he’d blow his load right in those $2,000 slacks. He smacked her bottom and hard, she jumped.

‘No, no Violet you have to be quiet. I can’t concentrate on this gorgeous round ass of yours if you make those sounds.’

Violet didn’t know how she was going to keep it in, she was ready to come, and she could feel her juices sliding down her leg. His warm breath on her butt wasn’t helping either.

He took both his hands and put them on each cheek and just caressed and rubbed them gently. So smooth and soft, he caught her scent she smelled intoxicating. Then he did it, the thing he did when they first came across each other in the bookstore, he stuck his tongue between those cheeks and just licked. Violet was holding it together with a thread of sanity and as Paul lapped at her, he swept that tongue from clit to her rose bud. It was over, she couldn’t stop it, she started to terrible in this hands, her head got light, she wasn’t going to be able to stand on those heels a minute more. Her orgasm swept over her while he was still enjoying himself with her backside. He’d noticed she’d come, he knew that tremble anywhere but he wasn’t done. He knew he couldn’t make her remain standing she’d probably fall over onto him so he picked her up quickly and laid her back on the sofa and continued his delightful work. He lapped at her wet pussy, he knew he could make her come again and again if he liked. He’d done it to her before, he was happy when he found she was multi-orgasmic. Violet was surprised when she’d found it out. He buried his head between her beautiful wet thighs and let this tongue do all the work. He was quite deft in the use of that tongue, a skill that been honed many years. He looked up at her, hooded eyes, head back; she seemed to be biting her tongue to keep from screaming he could only guess. He was proud of himself; she took orders well during sex which only made him want to please her more. Before he knew it, he had her shaking and convulsing, her thighs tightened around his ears he loved the sensation and her juices flowed right into his mouth. He swallowed him Dom Perignon champagne but only it was sweeter. He stood up wiped his mouth with his forearm and stood there to look at his handiwork.

Violet was breathing so hard she felt like she’d been on the working out and he’d done all the work. She was amazed at this eagerness to please and his ability to do it so very well. She’d only found she was multi-orgasmic during sessions with him. She figured the rest just weren’t up to the task but Paul could make her come so much she was aching in the next day. She looked to see him standing over her, she didn’t know when it happened but he’d taken his clothes off or maybe she was dreaming. Her orgasm had been so intense she could believe she was seeing things but as she blinked she realized he was naked. His cock was red and swollen, hard as steel and just about as dangerous. He was caressing it, getting it ready she could only imagine. She could feel herself beginning to get wet as her pussy tightened and pulsated. She figured she’d take sweet cock into her waiting mouth. She moved for it and licked the tip which had a small amount of pre-cum on it.

‘Oh no, the only place this will be exploding is in that sweet cunt of yours.’ He hoisted her up suddenly and threw her over his shoulder with ease. She looking at that hard muscular behind of his upside down, even that way it was thing of beauty. He must flown up those steps because the next thing she felt under her was that soft bed and the next thing she felt over her was the hard planes of that muscular body.

He took a moment to look at her, he couldn’t believe this woman was going to be his wife and he would be able to enjoy her to his delight anytime he liked.

‘Violet I don’t want this to be silent, I want you vocal. I want you screaming to the top of your lungs that you love me as I make love to you and as you know you’re mine and no one else’s from now on.’

Violet shook her head ‘yes’ as he entered her swiftly and completely. He took her breath away and he writhed in her slowly with her moving along as his rhythm speeded up. She could feel herself taking him deeper. Paul felt her cavern start to close around him, her cunt so was tight and it fit him perfectly. He closed his eyes only for a moment because he wanted to make sure he wasn’t dreaming that this beautiful, fabulous woman was here beneath him loving him with a passion he’d never known. Her eyes her clear shining brown and full of love, she smiled as his cock moved in and out of her. He knew he’d never feel anything for anyone that way he felt for Violet.

‘I love you, Paul more than anything. I love you and I’m yours.’

‘I’m yours too.’

He knew there was truth in that statement more than any other statement he’d made in his life. His body, soul, mind and body were all hers, hers forever. Paul could feel himself start to build up he knew he’d spill his seed in her at any moment, he’d been dreaming about this moment coming again.

‘Oh God!!!’ he felt himself come in such a wave of relief and happiness.

Violet came with him, ‘Oh Paul!! Ohhhhh!’ echoed in his ear it was beautiful sound. The sound of his woman coming in his ear, there was no sweeter sound on earth.


Later on they lay sated in each others’ arms, slick with sweat from love making which they had done about two more times during the night. It was dark with only the dim light from Paul en suite flooding into the room.

Paul looked down at her as she lay across his chest, he was so incredibly lucky that she’d had change of heart and taken him back.

‘Violet, love, are you awake?’ he said softly into her hair it was laid out in a beautiful mass on his chest.

Violet opened her eyes and moved her head up to look at him. ‘Yes, I am my darling.’ She loved having a pet name for him.

‘Ahh love, I’m glad. I’m glad about everything. I want to get up and dance.’

‘Dance? Really.’

‘Yes, when I’m happy I like to do a jig but not now. I may be a little sore from that last round we went.’

Violet giggled.

Paul swatted her on her behind but not too hard, he only did that during sex.

‘Ouch. Why did you do that?’

‘You can’t laugh at me. I will not be trifled with.’

‘Really, well I can do anything I want to do Mr. Man.’ Violet smiled at him slyly.

Paul raised an eyebrow, ‘well what are you saying?’

Violet took his already hardening dick into her hands and started to rub it gently.

‘I’m saying that right now I’m in charge for once,’ she started to ease down his sweat slick body.

‘In charge, okay’ and as she wrapped her full lips around his cock ‘just this once.’ He laid back to preparing to enjoy himself.


It was six months later and a very pregnant Violet was standing in the baby’s future nursery with the interior decorator trying to pick out drapes.

‘I don’t know, Colin. I just don’t know’ she’d hired the new boyfriend of Leonard’s he was great interior decorator and actually around Leonard’s age which was a really big surprise.

‘Well if we’re going with the yellow and green scheme, I’m thinking these two.’ He held up two swatches, Violet thought they looked good. She decided to go with those two.

She’d been a big decoration extravaganza, after Paul and she had gotten married in Australia and spent a month in New Zealand for their honeymoon. They’d come back and sold Paul’s house and moved into a bigger house in Issaquah, that’s when they discovered she was pregnant. The night he’d asked her to marry him, had been a bigger night than they’d thought. Violet had been so overwhelmed by surprise and caught up with the love and passion. She’d forgotten that she’d stopped taking birth control about 4 months prior so now a little Dudley was on its way.

When she told Paul he had been thrilled he’d always wanted to be a dad and what better way for it to happen than with the woman he loved. They’d had a small wedding if you can call 100 guests small at her new mother and father-in-law’s horse ranch outside of Sydney. It was quickly put together but everyone had chipped in. Paul had flown out Violet’s family and her brothers had walked her down the aisle. It was a beautiful wedding with Paul in a suit designed by Hugo Boss and her in a stunning embroidered lace sleeveless v-neck with trumpet front slit wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier it was simple but sexy. Nedra had been maid of honor and Pam a bridesmaid and Paul’s childhood friend, Bradford had been best man and his brother-in-law as groomsmen. They’d somehow ended up in Bangkok for the bachelor party. She didn’t as; it would have turned into a real life ‘Hangover’ movie.

Violet had finally gotten to meet his family and they had been wonderful and so welcoming. Everyone in her family and his were thrilled about the pregnancy. Nedra and Pam were excited to be Aunties to her new little one. Because as Pam said ‘as close as she was coming to having a baby was via Violet’.

She was coming from the bedroom when she heard the chef calling to her. Paul had hired this person a couple of times during the week as it was becoming harder and harder for Violet to cook meals. They’d also kept his housekeeper, Rosalita she was now managing this household but was vacation in Mexico visiting family. Although she loved cooking now was not the time, it was a summer barbeque and she had guests coming over. Paul was working on his own with an office in Issaquah so he didn’t have such a bad commute this Saturday. He was in doing some work for Harmon Brookes, he was still consulting for them and other firms. Violet had decided to stay home until the baby started school then she’d go back to work as the other Dudley in the Dudley Group, LLC. She missed working but she was happy to be home during this time and with the full support of wonderful husband.

‘Wilson, can I do something for you?’

‘Yes, Mrs. Dudley the folks are out back looking for a place to set up.’

‘Oh thank you.’

Violet walked through the French doors of the kitchen out onto the large patio, this house was a 4500 sq. ft. 5 bedroom rambler made of beautiful stone with a massive deck, swimming pool. It had trees throughout the backyard that lead into a wooded area in back. She walked back there a few times it had a small stream running through back of the property. Paul had a number of ideas of what he wanted to do with the place but personally she liked all the trees and wanted it to remain just as it was. She could imagine their child running through the woods, what a great sight that would be; she rubbed her belly and smiled down.

She saw the event coordinator for this shindig and they started to chat about where to set up everything for the party.

Then she heard a familiar roar of an engine it was Paul back from work, it was 1:00 pm and this thing was beginning at 6, she was glad he was home.

She excused herself from the coordinator who was talking a mile a minute and went through the French doors again to see her devastatingly handsome husband coming through the front door.

Paul caught sight of his beautiful wife, she was more gorgeous than ever since she’d become pregnant. He couldn’t imagine any woman in the world being more stunning than a pregnant Violet he was thinking maybe he needed to keep her that way but they would speak about that later on. He was carrying flowers, dahlias he’d picked up at the local flower shop. She saw them and smiled even brighter. They raced toward one another, him a tad faster than her and he caught her in the great room. He swept her up into his arms and hugged her then kissed her longingly while he rubbed that rotund backside and squeezed it ever so slightly.

When he put her down she said ‘well Mr. Dudley that was quite a hello.’

He tapped her bottom one more time, ‘you wait till later on when I say goodnight.’

Violet knew what that meant a long night of luxurious love-making with her husband. They’d had to work out the dynamics since her belly had gotten rounder but he was quite the engineer when it came to sexual positions.

‘How are you darling?’ she said caressing his handsome face, ‘are those for me?’

‘I’m doing very well, love, now that I’m home and yes these are for you.’ He handed her the gorgeous bouquet.

Violet loved dahlias, really she loved all flowers. She took them to the kitchen and asked Wilson to put them in water. Although he wasn’t the butler he complied, he liked the Dudleys they were nice people and very much in love.

‘Well wow, you’ve gotten this whole thing set up don’t you?’

‘I do, there’s an event coordinator and before you know it, violά we’ll be ready to go.’

‘Well while these folks are out here taking care of this business, why don’t I take you to the bedroom and we’ll take care of some business.’

Paul had decided later was too late he wanted his hot wife, right now and his hands were beginning to roam.

‘I got things to do,’ she said as his hands started to roam further ‘Paul, right now with a house full of people?’

‘As long as you stay quiet no one will ever know,’ Paul told her with wicked challenging smile.

Violet smiled a bit more, ‘okay but you know that’s not a challenge for me, it is one for you.’

‘Maybe I can take you to the bathroom for old time’s sake,’ he told her.

‘I’ll tell you what if you can work that out I’ll be amazed.’

He took her hand as they strolled toward their en suite bathroom. Violet was so happy and in love with this man. She was thinking all this from an encounter in a bookstore bathroom, life was full of surprises.


Rendezvous-Chapter 9

This chapter contains explicit sexual content. Please be advised.

Chapter 9

It was Monday at 9:00 am and Paul was running late, he was never late but he hadn’t been getting much sleep over the weekend. This new case with Tri Swisz Athletics had come up and they’d sent that damn Kurt Brandt over to handle some of the details. He knew that son a bitch was a charming snake, as he thought about it his anger began to boil over. Leslie, Paul’s legal secretary, had set him up in a hotel that at the last minute he cancelled, he was wondering where he was staying while here in Seattle. He knew that Violet and Kurt were friends and he couldn’t help but believe that he may be staying with her. He couldn’t get it off his mind he’d been tossing and turning all morning thinking about what he would do when he saw this guy in the meeting this morning. Well, now would be his opportunity when he walked into the Mt. Rainier conference room.

He saw a bunch of the other attorneys gathered around a figure at the head of the table with Harmon and Arnold doing the bulk of talking to the person. Lots of laughs and chatter, he also saw Kurt standing in the crowd. He looked on confused as he walked down to the other end of the table, then he heard it as clear as a bell. Violet’s laughter, what the hell was she doing here. He hadn’t seen in her in almost 8 months and now she just showed up out of the blue and to a case meeting of all things. He tried his best to enter the fray but it seemed everyone was there and he couldn’t make it through.

“Well it’s been okay working on my own. I’m enjoying it, I get to do whatever I like and take the cases I want. My office, my rules. I like that feeling” he heard her say bright and cheery.

“Oh if only…” said Sue Ellen Kirsch with a sigh, she’d joined the firm a little before Violet resigned.

He had to get to her, he felt like everyone standing there were making a brick wall between him and his target, Violet. He finally burst through.

‘Oh Paul, old man you’ve finally joined us,’ he heard Kurt say.

Paul didn’t even acknowledge Kurt’s comment he was so mesmerized by Violet. She looked absolutely gorgeous, she had on a white suit with a bright yellow blouse with ruffles on it, the buttons open just a smidgen so he could see peak at those beautiful chocolate globes she called breast. She was wearing yellow peep toe pumps and her toes were painted yellow. He was pleasantly shocked, when she worked here previously she was usually so conservative when it came to her dress but that suit was dang near scandalous with the long skirt with the slit up the front over her thigh clinging to every curve on her body. He felt himself start to almost sigh painfully aloud; he had to get himself together.  Lord she was gorgeous; his eye went from her delectable body to her beautiful face. Flawless as ever, her hair had grown out just a tad it hung a little past her shoulders. Those gorgeous bright mahogany brown eyes, she looked so at ease with herself.  So…happy. Paul’s heart sank at that moment, she’d moved on and he was still feeling the lingering sting of her leaving him. He hadn’t tried to find her but he had heard that she’d started her own practice and had an office up in Northgate. She looked so gorgeous.

Violet saw Paul step through the throng of old office mates. Everyone had been so thrilled to see her and she had been happy to see them all too. She’d happily taken the offer that Kurt gave her over the weekend to do some work for Tri Swisz while here in Seattle. She’d also been happy she changed her mind when he made the move on her the other night, she’d been so overcome with lust and a lot of still present grief she’d almost lost her head and ruined a wonderful friendship. Kurt had understood and although he told her he’d always been attracted to her he really had his eye set on a woman that wouldn’t give him the time of day, Joy, or at least he thought. They’d settled into a long conversation about love lost and unrequited but she assured Kurt that if he took a chance that Joy would fall madly in love with him. As madly in love as she was with this beautiful man in front of her. Kurt stood at her side and noticed she seemed distracted he moved close in and put his hand on her lower back.

Paul was not so mesmerized he didn’t notice when Kurt Brandt moved in next to Violet and put his hand on her back. Paul wondered to himself was that why she looked so care free and happy, she and Kurt Brandt had finally hooked up he figured. That dirty dingo he thought to himself, he couldn’t wait for Paul to be out of the picture. Bastard he thought.  Then he heard his name.

‘Paul, how are you?’ it was Violet speaking to him. Her voice sounded like pure silk and he could feel a chill go down his spine.

‘I’m fine, love, how are you?’

Oh well played thought Violet the inclusion of the endearment ‘love’ that he always used with her almost had Violet coming on that spot in that Victoria’s Secret g-string.  She gathered her wondering thoughts together to answer, “I’m wonderful. Everything is wonderful.” The words rang false in her ears.

For a moment to her it seemed no one was there but she and Paul, she could hear other voices but they all sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher while she was stared at him. He looked so gorgeous still, although under his eyes it seemed a little darker as if he hadn’t been sleeping well. But that one blemish didn’t take away from the male beauty that was Paul Dudley. He had on a black suit, she couldn’t tell who by maybe Ozwald Boateng, Paul was that kind of man and that suit fit him perfectly. He had on a beautiful white shirt and silk tie with black, white and gray. He could always work a suit like it owed him money. Violet could feel her flesh start to heat up and she needed a drink of water. She excused herself from the crowd and went over to the buffet hutch in the conference room to get a glass.

Paul thought this would be a good opportunity for him to whisper a little nugget in her ear, maybe something naughty.  He walked over before anyone noticed, especially Kurt.

‘I’m so shocked to see you here’ he said low to her leaning in close.

Violet was slightly startled and jumped a little not in surprise but his breath was warm on her neck she felt she was going to pass out. She turned slightly towards him and tried not to look him the eye, ‘really I’m still working as an attorney and Kurt said he needed some help so he hired me for a bit. There’s no conflict of interest if that’s what you’re worried about.’

Paul moved closer so they were touching, his eyes seared into Violet, he wanted her to look up at him.

Violet could feel the heat of his glare she tried to will herself not to look at him but she couldn’t this man still had a hold on her after all these months. She looked up at him slowly, he stood staring motionless his body just barely brushing hers. Violet kept her legs tight together because her womanly juices were about to stream down and that g-string wasn’t going to hold anything in. His eyes held that same feral glare they did when they would make love, he looked like he could will her clothes to just fall easily from her body. She could feel him breathing, his nostrils flared as he took in her scent.

‘You smell good Violet’ he told her in hushed tones only they could hear, ‘you smell…ready.’

Violet’s eyes widened, she was astounded could the man smell her wetness.

Paul realized she knew what he was talking about, his smile widened not exactly friendly more dangerous. Yes he could, he knew Violet’s womanly scent anywhere and her aroma was like the sweetest perfume to him. Paul couldn’t resist he licked his lips.

Violet thought ‘Oh my god, I’ve made a mistake I have to get out of here now.’ She turned to rush out of the room to the bathroom. She heard Kurt calling after her; she didn’t turn as she rushed out of the room ‘I’ll be right back’ and rushed down the hall to executives’ private bathroom.

Paul thought this was his chance, if he couldn’t get her back he could at least make her remember him forever.

Paul exited the Mt. Rainier Conference room without being noticed. They’d be starting this meeting in a few minutes but he had just enough time to see what Violet was doing. He knew she’d gone to executive lavatory, they were the nicest on this floor and seeing that she and Sue Ellen Kirsch were the only two women in this meeting she’d probably be there alone.  Paul knocked on the door to the bathroom and waited.

Violet heard a knock on the bathroom door, she wondered who it was. Sue Ellen should have a cardkey to this toilet, maybe it was one the legal secretary’s that needed to go to the bathroom really quick. This was just for partners but what the hell she didn’t work here anymore why not let them in so they can see the perks they missed out on. She went to the door and opened it, there was Paul. Something about this scenario seemed familiar.

‘Hello’ he said smoothly and entered. Violet didn’t think to stop him she was so shocked he was there in the first place.

‘Paul what are doing here?’ she asked bewildered.

He cocked one eyebrow in a look to her that said ‘are you really serious?’

‘Violet your pussy was calling me,’ he told her matter of factly as if that was the most normal thing in the world.

Violet blinked she’d forgotten how direct he could be when it came to sex.

‘Paul I’m not doing this’ she warned but her words sounded weak even to her.

‘Doing what?’ he said he looked as if he didn’t know what she was talking about; he eased her toward the sink. He’d taken off his jacket and slung his tie to the side, and he was rolling up his sleeves.

Violet couldn’t take her eyes off his gestures they were sexy and so male, she felt her bottom bump against the granite counter. She looked back only to see herself looking like a sex-starved vamp and Paul looming over her like the Big Bad Wolf. What the hell she thought, just go with it, she noticed after he’d rolled up his sleeves he was sinking toward the floor. Before she knew it he was on his knees and her skirt was hitched up, panties ripped and thrown to the side and this man had his face buried in her soft wet patch. Violet couldn’t believe it this beautiful man, in what she could only guess was a 7 or 8 thousand dollar suit, was on his knees eating her out like he was a dying man with his last meal. Violet had to put her hands behind her on the counter to stay steady. Her knees were starting to buckle. She guessed he realized this because he slung her legs around his ears and continued. She heard his greedy slurps as his ate her pussy like a gourmet meal. Violet’s head rocked back, she could feel the cold granite on her behind but it was heating up quick and so was she.  She wanted to ask a question but she couldn’t make a coherent sentence, she couldn’t put together a coherent thought, all she could do is feel and that’s all she wanted to do is feel. Feel the man that she missed and loved bringing her pleasure.

Paul felt even though he was sucking her clit and licking her juicy pussy he wouldn’t be satiated. It tasted like heaven; Paul hadn’t forgotten that Violet had the sweetest cunt he’d ever tasted. It was like a ripe peach, her wetness was running down his chin but he didn’t want to let a bit of it get away from him. He would have said something to her but he didn’t want to miss a drop. So he feasted on that slippery flesh.

Violet could herself building up, this would be the fastest she’d ever orgasmed but only Paul could do something like that. All of a sudden it hit her like a thunderbolt, her orgasm came on so fast and strong Violet felt she could have crushed that countertop beneath her fingers.

Paul felt the rumblings her orgasm her thighs clinched tight around his head and it felt fabulous. It felt good to make her body feel pleasure under his ministrations. Paul knew now that he’d done this, he had the opportunity to make her his again all he had to do is get a chance to talk to her. After the orgasm he looked up at her.

Violet looked down at him on his knees with her slickness spread across his face along with that devilish grin. She loved him so much but she couldn’t let one orgasm confuse her and let him back into her life, she didn’t want to be manipulated. She bounded off the counter and eased away from him. Paul stood up and had straightened out his clothing and hair before she knew it, goddammit how did he do that she thought. Violet pulled her skirt down as she tried to wipe herself clean, she was dying to have him fuck her at that counter but she was also so angry he was so smug. If he thought he’d just come back and eat a little pussy and all would be forgiven he had another thing coming. She pulled down her skirt sans panties and picked up her scrap of underwear and deposited it in the trash and opened door to leave.  She turned to see him standing there smug as ever with a huge hard on in those expensive dress pants.

‘Damn you Paul, damn you’ she said through clenched teeth and she swept out of the executive lavatory back down the hall to the conference room.

Paul stood there smiling with the hardest cock he’d ever had in his life. He knew he had her where he wanted her mentally now if only he could get her to where he wanted her physically.


Violet never squirmed so much in a chair in all her days, as the meeting went on into the early afternoon all she could feel were Paul’s eyes, the absence of her underwear and the slickness of her crotch. It was the most uncomfortable meeting of her life. She sat the large oval shaped table as they talked about the new acquisitions for Tri Swisz brand, she attempted with all her might not to look at Paul but every once in awhile her mind would get the best of her and her eyes would wander up. There he would be staring at her, not that she believed anyone noticed he seemed to be very stealth about it or at least she felt like that. He played with his pen, she noticed him writing notes while still staring at her. She had zoned out about 45 minutes ago. They’d been dismissed for lunch and she headed back to her own office and had lunch with Kurt. Kurt seemed none to the wary about where she’d gone or why she looked disheveled but did she look disheveled? She’d gone into the bathroom, the regular one not the private one she didn’t want a repeat of this morning’s performance,  checked herself out in the mirror she looked fine a tad flushed but her pecan hue hid that well.

The meeting dragged on and on it was 6:00 pm when it was finally dismissed. Harmon invited them all to dinner at the Rockwell’s on the firm, Kurt had accepted so she had to accept just looked good after all this time away to be friendly. The one person she wanted to avoid being friendly with was Paul Dudley, he offered her a ride over to Rockwell’s.

‘Violet I’ll be happy to chauffeur over to the restaurant,’ he inquired.

She looked around for Kurt wasn’t he the person she’d driven in with, they’d taken a car sent by Harmon this morning. What the hell happened to him, she noticed him walking down the hall talking to Harmon and Roger Strasser.  Judas!

‘Well I don’t know, I think Kurt and I should ride together we’ve got some things to talk about before tomorrow’s meeting,’ she tried to get away from him. He took her arm and told her, ‘oh come on after this morning, we’re still good friends. Let me give you a ride.’ But the way he said ‘ride’ Violet didn’t think he meant his car. She wondered if she could get anyone else to join them but Pam was in Argentina, so she was on her own.

Well it was just down the block, she figured she’d be okay with him till they got to the restaurant in Magnolia. They rode down the elevator the garage in silence, she’d look at him every once in awhile and he’d smile that same feral smile. Violet kept thinking what a bad idea this was but there was no turning back now. He didn’t try to touch her or kiss her; he was very cordial unlike his scene in the bathroom earlier today. She kept wondering what it was about her, this man and bathrooms being a sex den.

He was in that mustang he took her out on their first real date, she loved that car. Every time she saw one on the roads in Seattle she always looked to see if it was him behind the wheel but it never was. He clicked the alarm off and before she could outstretch her arm he was there opening her door, Paul was a gentlemen and she missed that about it. She missed a lot of things about him, his laugh, his sweetness, his honesty, and well in the bathroom this morning she found she missed that tongue, his touch, how he made her body shiver with excitement at the slightest glance. She sat there thinking she needed to steel her resolve with him in this car as he slid in beside her and turned to smile at her with a wink, she knew she was in for an uphill climb on that task.

As they drove along it was still light out, it was Spring in Seattle so it was still a little cold, rainy but the sun was staying out later into the evening.  They rode along in silence, the radio wasn’t even playing so Violet felt a tad unnerved. She noticed Paul wasn’t really disturbed at all. She couldn’t take the uncomfortable silence one more moment.

‘That was a very productive meeting, don’t you think?’ it was an inane statement but she had to say something to break up the weird vibe in the car.

Paul seemed to come out of some sort of reverie, ‘yes, it was very stimulating’ he said with emphasis on the word ‘stimulating’. Violet turned her head to the window. Maybe she should have just been quiet. ‘You know what my favorite part was?’ he asked her.

She turned back toward him, ‘no, what?’ she said curiously.

‘The smell of your sweet snatch on my upper lip all day, it was intoxicating.’

Violet sighed she wasn’t sure what to do, this man was driving her senses crazy and whenever he’d say anything she wanted to rip off her clothes or have him rip them off.

‘Paul you have to stop, I can’t take it. I think I need to go home, this evening is going to turn into a disaster if you keep on like this.’

‘Oh no love, this evening is going to turn into exactly what I want and I want you.’

All of a sudden he swung a quick right at the next light. She wasn’t sure what he was doing but she noticed he was headed toward Queen Anne Hill.

‘Where are we going?’ Violet shouted indignantly.

‘To my house, I’m not kidnapping you. You’ve been there before but before you get on with that little shite Kurt, I’m going to embed myself into your memory.’

‘Are you going to try to take me against my will, Paul? Is that the game you’re playing? Well, that will not…’

But she didn’t finish he covered her mouth with his hand, ‘Violet if you ever in your life accuse me of trying to rape you, I’ll never speak to you again. Ever,’ he looked over her briefly with a furrowed brow. He was extremely angry, ‘do you understand me?’ he rumbled.

Violet shook her head she knew Paul would never do anything so loathsome but she was trying to appeal to the gentlemen in him. I guess the gentlemen was out and Mr. Rough and Ready was in.

He removed his hand from her face and set it on her knee, it was not a sexual gesture more than a reassuring one.

‘Do you want to come home with me, Violet? I’d adore if you’d agree.’

She was surprised he asked, when Paul wanted something he usually just went for it especially when it came to them and sexual intimacy. Violet wondered what this would mean. She also wondered why he thought she and Kurt were involved. If she went to his house maybe they could discuss this, maybe she could get the answers she wanted and get some closure. Who was she fooling; she knew if she went all she’d get is the fuck of her life. She knew she’d regret this but she agreed.

‘Yes, I’ll come home with you Paul.’

Rendezvous-Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Paul didn’t know what had gone wrong, he thought his plan to make Violet realize what she could possibly lose if she didn’t step up and say she loved him would work. He never thought it would end up like this with her in his office, telling him that she thought it would be better if they ended this affair without any hard feelings. Hard feelings. Was she kidding? His feelings were hard and getting harder. He could barely get a word out before it was over and done with, she was a good lawyer she had totally caught him off guard with the argument she made for their break up. Now all he could do was sit there behind his desk and wonder how the hell the woman of his dreams had just walked out his life forever.

Violet was sitting there in her office with her head on the desk, she’d just spent the last ten minutes shedding tears over what could have been between her and Paul. She was a bit dizzy, all she knew was that after the team meeting she’d gone to his office to do what she felt would end her suffering. She wouldn’t be the one that got their heart broken in this affair. She was determined to be the heartbreaker. She wasn’t even sure what she’d said to him most of it was an absolute blur.

Leonard entered her office, “Violet, darling I need your signature on the documents and wanted to remind you about the meeting with Mr. Ruston of Greymaster Shipyard…” he trailed off as he notices Violet with her head in her hands “What is going on with you missy?”

Violet lifted her head with tears in eyes, “Leonard, I don’t know what to do, it’s over, it’s over.”

“What’s over?” said Leonard with a look of utter shock on his face

“My relationship with Paul, it’s over.”

Leonard rounds the desk, drops the documents for the case on it and puts his arm around Violet squeezing her tight.

“What are you talking about? When did all this happen? Does he know?” Leonard questioned her while comforting her.

Violet turned to look at Leonard stupidly, “Of course, he knows I told him in his office not 10 minutes ago. I can’t take this I got to get out of her Leonard. I’m going home. You can have the rest of the day off.”

“Well what about your meeting?”

Violet turned as she’s gathered up her briefcase and purse, “Reschedule it, please. I just need some time, my head is spinning and I feel like I’m going to faint.”

Leonard made her sit down on the leather couch “Oh no you don’t. Stop let me get you some water. I’m calling Pam, you need a ride home and I take the bus. You will not be driving.”

Leonard rushed from office to call Pam. Pam entered the office to find a distraught Violet.

Pam bounded in, in all her petite glory, “Violet, Leonard just called down on my private line. What is going on?”

Violet started to cry even harder, “Pam I have to get out of here. I just have to go. I’m going to lose it.”

“Okay honey, we’ll get your stuff and get you outta here.” Pam gathered up Violet’s things once again and they get ready to leave for the day.

They pass Leonard on the phone with Mr. Ruston’s office.

“Oh no, I’m sorry but Ms. Maxwell had an emergency and this meeting has to be rescheduled for a later date.”

Leonard mouths to Pam and Violet as they pass ‘I’ll be by later’. Pam gets ready to hustle Violet out of the office before anyone notices and starts asking questions.

“Go down to my office Leonard and have Janine give you my things and bring them with you when you come to Violet’s. My keys are in the purse, bring my car.” Leonard usually takes the bus so transporting her car to Violet’s place so she has it to get home will be a treat especially since Pam drives a BMW, “Thanks sweetie.” Pam runs to catch up to a fast moving Violet.

Paul sees Pam and Violet walking toward to the elevator. He decided to come down to see if he could talk some sense into Violet. He thought about walking up them and stopping them but as he stares he sees Pam turn around. Pam notices him and then scowls at him and turns to rush Violet into the awaiting elevator.

Paul is confused and upset. He didn’t understand what had happened. Well yes he did, he did something childish he tried to make her jealous but he’d been so upset after the Switzerland trip. He was tired of Violet running from him. He was tired of chasing her. He thought if he’s told her how he felt she would finally be convinced they start a life together maybe even get married. He was surprised that he’d been thinking about marriage again but when you get something this great, well he just didn’t want her to get away. But now he’d done it, he’d pushed her away like a fool.


Pam was in the kitchen getting Violet another cup of Earl Grey tea she glanced over at a stoic figure on the couch, Violet had kind of zoned out. She was drinking tea and would talk intermittently but really only to say something hurtful about Paul. Pam had called Nedra, who was at her studio and was on her way to Ballard from Renton. She’d talk to Leonard and he was still getting some work done but would be over as soon he finished. Pam really didn’t know what to say, she and Violet had been friends for awhile but she’d never seen her like this. She went over and set the tea on the coffee table in front of Violet then heard the doorbell ring. Thank goodness, she thought, it must be Nedra. She ran down the stairs to see someone she knew she didn’t want to see at the door, Paul Dudley.

She opened it swiftly to give him what for, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Pam, I really like you but I’m going to warn you to step aside so I can talk Violet.”

Pam puffed up her small body and stood on her tiptoes, “Are you threatening me?” She stuck her finger into Paul’s chest. “Listen here mister, how dare you bring your sorry ass over her when my girl is up there in catatonic shock from some crap you did. I don’t want to hear…”

“Pam!” Violet was standing on the stairs to the first floor. Pam turned suddenly and Paul looked up and saw Violet standing there looking like hell. He’d told himself that he never wanted to see her look like this again, he’d promised himself and now he’d broken that promise. What the hell is wrong with you, he thought to himself, did he have to destroy everything he touched.

Violet had calmed herself a little; she’d heard their voices from the first floor and just wanted it to stop. “Pam, it’s okay I’ll talk to him” she wasn’t sure what she would say but was not in the mood to hear those two go at it.  She walked down the steps toward him, Paul just stood in her doorway not daring to enter. Pam stood to side glaring daggers at him.

“You can step in Paul”, he did as she asked but didn’t go any further than the foyer, “and Pam I’ll be okay.”

Pam turned toward her with sympathy in her eyes, “okay if you need me, just holler and I’ll be down to kung fu his ass”.

Violet smiled to herself, that Pam was a feisty something but a loyal friend. As Pam came up the steps Violet descended down all the while looking at Paul intently, his eyes never diverted from her. She was surprised he didn’t seem really that guilty or didn’t let off an heir of guilt but then again as attorneys, they both had good poker faces. Once she was the bottom landing, she put out her arm to welcome him into her office. He turned solemnly and entered as she followed.

As Paul looked around he once again noticed how Violet’s office reflected her, very feminine and functional. It was a large room and on one side it held a regular desk that was metal painted white and other a standing desk with a stool, it was covered in papers and books. She had books on shelves and bookcases, all over the floor and lots of bankers’ boxes with documents from her cases. The room was a soft teal color with paintings and posters of travel spots from around the world. He knew she liked to travel, lots of photos with her and friends in different spots. She was rather adventurous as he’d come to figure out. He decided to stand as she took a seat in an oversized chair in the corner.

She looked him up and down, she was wondering why he’d shown up here. There wasn’t much he could say now to explain that display between he and Rebecca.

Paul decided he needed to go first because she didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk. “Well I guess I should get on with this. First I want to apologize again for what I did. I didn’t mean for it to turn out that way. I just thought that maybe I could get you bothered enough to care, to say something, to let me know your feelings”. He looked at her pleadingly, he wanted her to know that he wasn’t serious about Rebecca or any of that, he’d just chosen a childish way to show his dissatisfaction with their relationship.

Violet sat there kind of staring through him, she didn’t really care why he’d done what he’d done at this point. No man was going to manipulate her again, ever, she’d had that done before and it never worked out the way she imagined. She was not going to let him play games with her. So he’d explained himself quite well but that explanation was not enough, Violet knew she had to protect herself. She’d thought in the beginning this was a bad idea, now her suspicions were confirmed. She should have stuck to her first mind.

He was standing there waiting for a response, anything. Something. Her face hadn’t even moved, he was getting nervous and Paul never got nervous.

“Don’t you have something to say, Violet. I want to know that you understand what I’m saying. I love you and I want you to tell me something. That you love me or trying to love me, I need something.”

“Hmmm that’s so interesting Paul. Yes I do have something to say. The same thing I told you this afternoon but after this conversation, you’ve confirmed it. We are done. No one and I do mean no one will manipulate me ever again” she shouted at him. “I cannot believe that in one breath you would say you love me and then with your actions try to humiliate me. How dare you come here with that sorry excuse, I want you the hell out of my house and out of my life,” Violet was seething.

“But Violet, you have to understand…” he pleaded.

She jumped up from her chair and in a burst of anger told him, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. NOW!!” Violet didn’t recognize the roar coming from her soul; she was taken aback by her anger. But there it was all the anger she had built up over past heartbreaks she’d just released on Paul.

Paul was shocked, he stepped back. He couldn’t believe it, she was breathing heavily and tears were flowing freely from her eyes. She was mad and unbelievably hurt and there was nothing he could do to rectify this situation, he told himself he never wanted to do this to her again and here he had broken her heart. He’d hurt her all to try to make her jealous, all because of some childish game.

His words rushed out but he wanted to say them before he left her life for good, “I’m sorry Violet, I’m just so sorry.” He felt like a ton of bricks hit him when she looked at him with pain in her eyes.

“I don’t give a damn,” she said and dropped back into a chair in her office. Her head fell forward and she started to sob loudly.

He wanted to go to her but he’d done enough, he’d ruined another relationship, what the hell was wrong with him. As he turned to leave, he saw Pam running downstairs she ran into the office and comforted Violet. The scene as he opened the door to leave was Violet wailing in Pam’s arms, they both ignored his exit. As he closed the door and went to get into his car Paul started to cry, he’d just ruined the only good thing in his life. He knew she’d had issues previously why had he pushed so hard, he knew why because he was insecure just as he had been after the break up with Anya, he’d been so damn insecure and now it had damaged something so beautiful and precious. He drove away wiping tears from his eyes.


Paul was waking up to a sunny day in Sydney, after the debacle with Violet he couldn’t bear to see her at work so as soon as the Tri-Gear/Swisz Athletics merger had been completed he taken a sabbatical he really needed it. He’d fell into a deep depression after their break up, he’d come to discover that his feelings for Violet were deeper than he’d realized. They were a need, a love he had never known before and the thought of seeing her or not seeing her was enough to drive him almost mad. So he’d come home to visit his parents. They’d been pleased to see him but a little surprised, he didn’t tell them what had been going with he and Violet. He just said he’d needed some time off because of the stress of work. His mum was delighted, she loved doting on him and his dad was glad to have some male company around the house. Although he’d grown up in the city his parents had moved a little outside of Sydney to a large farm with about 100 acres of land. His dad had been doing something he’d always had an interest in, raising horses, so Paul was helping while he was there. The hard labor was just what he needed to take his mind off the Violet but sometimes during the night his cock would get rock hard and he’d have to relieve himself at the thought of her beautiful sienna skin and smooth shapely body. There had been some rough nights trying to satiate his lust for her and even rougher days trying to forget his love for her.

After the blow up at her home, he’d gone in the next day to ask Harmon for a sabbatical after the merger would be complete, which he happily agreed to. He hadn’t asked Paul why he wanted it. Harmon wasn’t the type of man to pry which Paul was thankful for. He’d just given him the go ahead. Paul assigned the other cases he’d been working on to other attorneys and left a week or so later, he’d caught a flight to Sydney to take his mind off his troubles. He’d called his office to try to see if he could get any information from Leslie without actually telling her he was trying to get information about Violet but she had none. He wasn’t sure what she’d done after that episode, but he did discover a few weeks later that she’d given her resignation and left Brookes and Smithmeyer. He didn’t have all the details but after he heard the news he felt even worse. He knew she’d left because of him, she’d told him she wouldn’t be able to deal with working there if things ended badly and they had. He’d left a wake of carnage in her life and his own; he’d been in Sydney almost three months and had just been lost without her, absolutely lost. Now what was he supposed to do?


Violet had finally finished hashing out a deal on the lease for her new office. She’d be sharing the digs with another solo practitioner but it didn’t matter, she’d finally gotten her own firm. She’d be having the engraving put up ‘Violet Maxwell, Attorney at Law’ any day now. She’d been so heartbroken after her break up with Paul that she just couldn’t stomach the thought of trying to go back and work at Brookes and Smithmeyer so after she’d taken some time off, she decided to tender her resignation. It was hard thing to do because Mr. Brookes really had given her, her first chance as an attorney and had been such a wonderful mentor to her. He and Mr. Smithmeyer had been sad to see her go but they also understood her ambition. While the tragedy of she and Paul had been horrid to go through, it had spurred her on to finally make a move out of the safety of working for someone else. She’d be working for herself and she was so proud of that fact. There had been some sad good-byes at her going away dinner, especially Pam although their friendship had not waned since she’d left, but not everyone seemed heart-broken particularly Rebecca Althorp, who she thought had been jockeying for her job at the party. That witless slut, she thought but that was all over now. She hadn’t immediately started practicing law after her resignation, she’d told all of her clients what was going on and surprisingly many told her to call them after she’d set up her new digs, they wanted to give her some work because she’d always done such a great job for them. She was shocked to see how many of the clients she’d worked with at the firm had admired her hard work and tenacity, so she was starting with an impressive client list.  She’d been living off savings for the last month or so. Leonard had also resigned his position as legal secretary because as he told her ‘I’m not working for any of other dicks and bitches around here’. So he was going to be her legal secretary still, she didn’t know if she could use him full time at first but with the way her client list was looking he’d be full time and she’d probably be able to pay a little more than he made Brookes and Smithmeyer. Nedra had been really upset about what happened between her and Paul, she’d was astonished at how it all gone so wrong so fast. But she’d been totally supportive of the decision that Violet had made going out on her own. She was also sending Violet some work from professional photographers she knew who need trademark and copyright legal work done. Violet had never been so happy, scared and sad all at the same time.

“Okay, Ms. Maxwell all the documents have been signed and here’s your set of keys to the office,” her new landlord a tall heavyset Russian gentlemen named David Baranova handed her the keys. She and the office’s other occupant were at his real estate office, her new office mate was a woman that did bankruptcy work, she was older white woman in her early 50s tall and amazingly bony with short platinum blonde hair that looked like a bad dye job, her name was Rachel Lamb, she was friendly and seemed outgoing, she dressed like a gypsy though. She had a mouth like a sailor so Violet was trying to get used to blunt manner, she had her own legal assistant who she said worked part time, a Filipino woman who Violet had met briefly by the name of Evangeline.

After Rachel signed what she needed to regarding the changes to the lease, she turned to Violet and took her hand and shook it hard. She had a solid grip for a woman so thin, “Alright Violet, you’re in for a hell of a ride now girly” and started to laugh boisterously. Violet just smiled back at her, she hoped she knew what she was doing because it was all done for now.


Violet was standing in the airport waiting for her friend to come out to meet her, she’d stayed close to Kurt Brandt even after she left Brookes and Smithmeyer they had become close friends. He was coming to visit because he was going to visit her old firm, they were doing some other work for what had know become Tri-Swisz Athletics. She had been really proud of the work she’d done on that merger she and Paul had worked… ‘oh wow’ she thought so many months had gone by and she hadn’t really thought about Paul at all. She had no idea what he was doing, she wondered if she was back at the firm but she never asked and Pam was such a good friend she never volunteered any information. She hadn’t been back to visit, she didn’t want to accidentally run into him if he had come back. The only thing she knew was that he’d gone back to Sydney for a sabbatical. She was torn from her reverie by a masculine voice.

“Violet!” it said loudly she looked up to see Kurt Brandt coming her way. Although he was in Seattle on business, she’d insisted that he stay with her no stagnant business hotel for him. He’d also get some of her wonderful home cooking.

“Kurt,” she stood with her arms open to give him a big hug. As he walked toward her all of sudden Violet started to notice what an absolutely handsome man he was. Now if there was anyone she could see herself getting under after the heart break with Paul it was Kurt Brandt, the man was gorgeous. All 6’4” slim athletic build of him with that perfectly coiffed hair and those striking blue eyes. Yes, he could make her forget all about Paul, at least for a little while she thought to herself.

When he reached her, he stood to take her in for a moment. He reached out to hug her closely “hello, there beautiful,” he said as he kissed her cheek lightly. He kept his arms around her as he pulled back slightly to look at that gorgeous cinnamon brown smiling face. She really was a beautiful woman Kurt thought and she’d told him about her relationship ending with Paul but not all the details. He intended on getting those while he was here. What a damn fool that guy was, to let this beautiful, smart, successful and incredibly sexy woman get away from him. Well, what he’d so easily thrown away Kurt was more than willing to pick up and make his own. They’d been friends for awhile now, maybe now was his opportunity to take that friendship to the next level. He’d always liked Violet, she was smart and dynamic women, he’d always had a thing for beautiful black women and she definitely fit in that category. He wondered what she thought about him.

As Violet pulled out of the hug, she was little shaken by some of the feelings it stirred. She knew she was still healing from her time with Paul but for a moment in Kurt’s strong arms she relaxed and something reawakened slightly in her lady bits, she was having a tough time pulling from Paul emotionally but physically he was like a drug addict’s withdrawal. Her battery operated boyfriend was not working to soothe her libido. She wondered was it a smart idea to keep the temptation, which was Kurt Brandt, close to her by inviting him to her home. But it was too late now. She’d have to put that vibrator into overdrive, time to stock up on batteries.

“It’s so great to see Kurt, it’s been so long. You look fabulous.”

“I feel wonderful. After the wonderful work you did on the merger and everything in the transition is going so smoothly. Darling, you’ve made my life easy.”

Violet smiled up as him, she did have to admire that handsome face. “Do you have some luggage?” Violet asked. She’d seen he’d only come out with a carryon and a laptop briefcase.

“No I’m traveling light libeling, so let’s roll”, he put a bright smile on his face as they walked toward the parking garage.

On the way back to Violet’s townhome, they talked of things, nothing too serious. Kurt didn’t pry he wanted to ask what had happened between she and Paul but he’d wait for the right time.

“So are you seeing anyone Kurt? I can’t imagine you being single for any amount of time.”

“Nothing serious, I can’t find the woman of my dreams. I think if I could make her, she’d be just like you Violet.”

Violet blushed a little, good thing she had a darker complexion or he’d be able to tell. But this was Kurt, he was always teasing and flirting with her, there was nothing to it. But she did notice that after his compliment she’d gotten a little moist, boy she was horny maybe this was a bad idea.

Later that evening they were sitting in her living room laughing and drinking wine, she had couple of bottles of chardonnay she’d gotten on a trip to Napa Valley she was enjoying drinking them with a  good friend.

“Oh it’s so good to see Kurt, I haven’t been this light hearted in a long time,” her face turned somber for a moment but she let it pass and smiled although stiffly again at Kurt.

“I’m so happy to spend time with you. I’m so glad we’ve become such good friends,” Kurt put out his hand to touch her knee. Violet was aware of his touch but she noticed it held none of the spark that happened between her and Paul. “So how is your practice?”

“Oh it’s going grand. I’m so shocked at how busy I am. I thought I’d have to drum up business but I was just thrilled that many of my clients at Brookes and Smithmeyer were ready to give me some work. It’s not as big as what I did for them there but it’s still significant and they recommended me to other associates.”

“Wow, that’s awesome Violet, I knew you’d do well when talked to me before about going solo. I knew you could do it. I’m sad I won’t be working with you at the firm anymore but I’m happy for your success.”

“Who will you be working with at the firm?” It was out before Violet could call it back, she thought she didn’t want to know but in heart she was dying to hear whether Paul had returned.

Kurt looked down for a moment, not really wanting to answer he didn’t know all the details of their parting but from what he guessed it hadn’t gone very well.

“Paul.” He said flatly.

Violet looked away for a moment and took her wine glass she downed what was left and got up to open another bottle. She would need it she thought. As she fiddled with the bottle and wine opener she looked over at Kurt, he was staring at her with sympathy in his eyes.

“Kurt, don’t feel bad. You don’t have to, I’m a big girl. I just wasn’t sure whether he’d come back to the firm yet.” Violet could barely bring herself to say his name. Pain was still there that she thought had gone away.

“Libeling, I can’t do anything about this. He’s the best international lawyer in that firm, our company needs to the best. Actually Harmon Brookes begged him to come back from what I’d heard he’s been in Australia.”

“Yes I know and yes you’re right he’s a whiz with international law you’ll never find anyone better in Seattle or possibly the world. Have you spoken with him?” she asked as she brought her glass and the newly open bottle back to coffee table and sat on the couch.

“Yes I have, he’s been very cordial. I knew he wasn’t fond of me in Bern but he’s professional.”

“Has he asked about me?”

Kurt sighed he wasn’t sure he wanted to be in the middle of this now that she’d asked, “no he hasn’t asked me anything,” he immediately took his hands and put them on her knees “but he’s being professional Violet.”

Violet could feel wetness pooling in her eyes but she wasn’t going to cry it has been almost 8 months since there break up and she was finally feeling like her old self again. But she couldn’t help it, she blinked and tears rolled down they weren’t sobs just silent tears thinking of the loss and failure of something that had started so good.

“Oh Violet I’m sorry,” Kurt reached out and drew her into in arms to comfort her, “I’m sorry libeling I didn’t want to make you cry.”

She looked up at him “it wasn’t your fault Kurt, I shouldn’t have asked. I’ve been doing so well, I’ve kind of put it all to the back of my mind.”

“Violet, he was a fool, a damn fool. I would have never let someone as beautiful and extraordinary as you get away from me.”

She smiled as tears fell, it made her feel good to know that but she hadn’t broken up with Kurt she’d broken up with Paul and it was still painful. Kurt held her as he stroked her hair and tried to silence her crying. He took his hand and gently brushed away her tears. Violet looked up at him when he did this, it was such an intimate moment and she just wanted the pain to go away. She wrapped one arm around his neck and gathered him in for a kiss, Kurt went willingly he’d longed to kiss those succulent lips and he was feeling very protective of Violet at this moment. Their lips met quite suddenly but the kiss was passionate and deep, Kurt pulled into his lap and the kiss got deeper and more desperate as if they were searching for something that would bind them. Violet just let herself go, she hadn’t kissed someone since Paul and had to admit that Kurt was not a bad kisser, his kisses didn’t hold all the feral hunger of Paul’s but they were pretty dang good. Kurt took his hand started to caress her back he moved slowly up and down to her shirt bottom then under her shirt to touch her skin. He wanted to make love to her right then and there on the couch but he needed to ask her, he didn’t want this to be a mistake that she’d regret later especially after all the drama with Paul.

He pulled back suddenly leaving a bereft Violet, her eyes opened suddenly. She was flush with hotness from the kiss and Kurt was breathing a little heavy.

“Violet, I have to know before we go any further. Do you want this?”

Violet looked at him for a second then decided, she wanted to take this chance, “yes, Kurt this is what I want, this is what I want badly.” She rose from the couch as she took his hand to lead him to her bedroom. © EugeniaBerg 2011

A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Naomi stood on the veranda of her new home the Calderon Estate on Tocara, she looked over atCalderonBayit was beautiful out there this time of day as the sun set in the west and made the sky an amazing glowing orange and pink. She was so tremendously happy now that she was Mrs. Douglas Harper. She and Douglas had eloped toTahitiand had gotten married on the beach, only she and he were present. It was a beautiful ceremony and they each shed some tears at the thought that they were finally being joined in matrimony. She had to come up with an amazing lie to tell her father who had wondered why she hadn’t returned after Dhani and Freddie’s wedding. She’d told him that she had decided to stay in Knoxville and help Freddie get settled. How he’d fallen for that she wasn’t sure, because after their wedding Dhani and Freddie had taken off for Greece for a month long honeymoon.

She and Douglas had spent almost three weeks in Tahiti languishing in a hut perched on top of the ocean, making love, talking, basking in the sun, swimming and eating their fill. She had such a wonderful time just discovering so many things about him. He was more amazing than she’d thought at first. He’d resigned from his new position at the CDC, they were sad to lose him but he knew that he needed to be where his wife was since she was royalty and if no Minister in Parliament objected he soon may have been himself.

When they’d finally returned toBocaraIslandand told her father about their marriage, Naomi thought he was going to have a heart attack. She’d never seen him so upset, the veins in his neck started to throb. Her mother and Zoe were completely thrilled by the news, but her mother wanted to plan a big wedding for the island to share in. After about a week, her father calmed down. He and Douglas had a long talk and her father explained in no uncertain terms what was expected of him as his new son-in-law and as Prince Douglas of Bocara. Douglas had some reservations about his new royal title but if he had to choose between that and being without Naomi he’d take on the title happily. King Milo had to call in some political favors in Parliament but their marriage had not been objected to. Most of the folks in Parliament wanted to stay on her father’s good side so they knew better than to object to his daughter’s choice of husband.

Bocarans had taken to the new Prince with love and full acceptance. The islanders loved their Princesses so it wasn’t hard for them to love Princess Naomi’s choice in a life mate. The wedding had been a huge event at St. Mark’s Cathedral, the unofficial religion of the island was Catholicism and a huge Roman Catholic wedding was called for. Naomi had settled with her fate as Princess, she went along with the planners and her mother’s wishes. She’d had the true wedding of her dreams inTahitiso she didn’t mind all the decadence of this wedding. She knew she had a duty to the people of Bocara to do it big and let them celebrate her marriage, she was happy to make them happy and have them be a part of the special love she and Douglas shared. It was inevitable, regarding some things she’d just have to include the people since she’d always be Princess Naomi to Bocarans.

The wedding had been the event of the year, her mother had it put together in record time. She didn’t want it to get out that her daughter was already married to Douglas since it would be a scandal. So while she waited to marryDouglasagain they lived separately. It had been a strain on their relationship and an amazing sacrifice for him, not being able to be with his wife every night but he understood they had to keep up appearances. They were seen together at different events in the country, holding hands and being cozy. During those eventsDouglasreally just wanted to take her into a quiet corner and rip her clothes off and make love to her like tomorrow would never come. The day of the wedding Naomi surprisingly didn’t have any jitters, how could she, she’d already married this man, this was just a repeat for the crowds. She and her mother had gone toIndiato have her dress made by the designer that designed the dress for the First Lady of theUnited States, Naeem Khan, for the India State Dinner for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Mrs. Gursharan Kaur a few months prior. Naomi and her mother had seen it on television as the news covered the event, they’d both been blown away at the elegance and beauty of the gown and wanted something similar for Naomi’s wedding just bigger and on a grander scale. He’d designed a beautiful white dressed with silver inlay, it flowed around her like a river and had a six foot train, the dress had sheer long sleeves with delicate silver inlay and a sweetheart neckline, and she’d worn royal jewels from the vault. The necklace was platinum with diamonds and beautiful diamond hanging earrings and as a Princess, an intricate diamond tiara. The jewelry and crown weighed a little less than 15 pounds, her neck was a tad strained.

The church was filled with family and guest, political and otherwise.Douglas’ family had been flown in on the royal private jets. They’d stayed at a guest house on the royal estate. She’d met his family on their first night in town and her father had prepared a formal dinner welcoming them into the household. Doug’s mother and father had been reserved at first but Queen Evie had made them feel welcome and although her father could be stodgy sometimes because of his station in life, on that evening he’d loosened up and was very welcoming and warm toDouglas’ family. His grandmother and grandfather were the funniest and cutest little old people she’d ever seen. It was cute to watchDouglaswith his Nana as he called her, she loved that Naomi called him Douglas which no one else in his family did. His sisters and their families had also come, she knew neither of her parents would know what to make of his sister and her girlfriend but they were cordial. His sister Margaret, Maggie as they called her was really funny and made jokes the entire night mostly at Douglas’ expense but he took it all in stride. His sisters teased him a lot since he was the baby of the family and told really wonderful stories about them all growing up together. It was a wonderful night, they’d all gotten to know each other and it seemed as if the family was going to get along swimmingly. His remaining family Aunts, Uncles and cousins were flown out a few days before the wedding and put up in a hotel.

The wedding had been broadcast on the television. The entire ceremony which had taken about two hours had been televised.Douglaswas so handsome in his gray waist coat although he fidgeted with the collar the entire ceremony. She’d chosen Zoe as her maid of honor even though she’d been Freddie’s she couldn’t see picking anyone but Zoe for that important job, she loved her sister dearly.  It was an absolutely formal occasion with everyone dressed for the cameras. Her mother and new mother in law looked gorgeous in baby pink. Her mother was wearing an elaborate hat she’d ordered from London. Her bridal party was dressed in pink gowns all designed by Naeem Khan. Dhani was Doug’s best man and his groomsmen including Al were all in gray waistcoats looking completely dapper. She remembered the look in Douglas’ eyes as she walked down the aisle of the church arm and arm with her father, she was so awestruck at the look of absolute everlasting love he gave her, he smiled at her with the pleasure of a child on Christmas morning, it was pure and genuine. She was glad he’d found her in this supposed ‘commoner’ manner, she’d found the most uncommon of loves.

The reception had turned into an all night celebration for the people of her country. After the ceremony she and Douglas had walked out to cheers and celebration, flower petals thrown all around her and a Bocaran military brigade saluting them as they left the church. They rode through the streets to shouts of congratulations being overwhelmed with feelings of love from the people, Naomi had teared up on the ride she’d never realized how much the Bocaran people loved her and how much that love meant to her. She was their Princess and she was immensely proud to be that at this moment.

She came out of her memories as Esther, Calderon Estate’s household manager, approached her on the veranda.

Naomi turned as she noticed Esther, “good evening Esther how are you this evening?”

“Good evening, your highness. I am doing well. I came out to inform you that I gave instructions to the kitchen regarding this evening’s dinner menu and the chauffeur has left to pick up your guests for this evening’s dinner party.  They should be arriving shortly.”

“Thank you so much, Esther,” she smiled at her. Esther turned and re-entered the great room of the home.

Naomi had been excited all this week about the prospect of seeing her guests. She’d missed her best friend Freddie, she was so pleased that Freddie’s life had turned out so wonderfully for her she certainly deserved. As children she and Zoe had played with Freddie most of their childhood, she was Naomi’s closest friend almost like a sister to her and Zoe. Freddie’s father, Quentin, had been a landscaper for the royal family and frequently brought Freddie to work with him so the girls could play together. After Naomi had returned home from school inEnglandand Zoe no longer needed a governess. It was just a natural transition to have Freddie come in and be their personal assistant. Naomi now had her own personal assistant, Carla and a personal secretary, Minerva. EvenDouglashad an assistant although he was still trying to get use to Nieman, who could sometimes be a little overbearing.

Naomi felt arms come around her waist and firm lips at the pulse in her neck.

“Hello, Mrs. Harper.”

Naomi loved to hear that coming from those shapely lips of his. She turned in his arms and put them around his neck securely, “hello Mr. Harper.” She kissed him firmly as his hands roamed her back and stopped at her round bulbous derriere.

“Boy, I got one fine feeling wife.”

Naomi chuckled, one of the best things about him was his playful nature he made being married a joy each and every day. He swung her around in his arms as he lifted her from the ground. Naomi was taken aback for a moment, she wanted to be careful she had some big news for her husband and guests tonight.

“You are a silly man, aren’t you? I was just standing here staring out at this beautiful bay, we’re so blessed to have this home.”

Doug put his arms around Naomi’s waist and looked at the sun setting on the bay.

“I’m so lucky to have this to share with you,” he held her tightly to him, “when will Dhani and Freddie get here?”

“Jack went to pick them up from the ferry station a few minutes ago. They should be here in a little while. I’ll be so happy to see those two.” She turned excitedly and said, “And I really can’t wait to see how Freddie’s fat belly looks.”

They both started to laugh at the image of a pregnant Freddie, she was now six months pregnant and looked like she was about to pop at any moment. She’d found out early in her pregnancy that she was carrying twin boys and Dhani was going to be a proud papa again. Naomi thought about her own news she planned on sharing tonight with her husband and guests.

Naomi smiled upDouglas, “I can’t wait to see…”

“Your highness,” Naomi turned as she saw the maid at the door of the veranda, “your guests have arrived.”

“Thank you, Audrey. Could you please show them out to the veranda and have the kitchen bring out appetizers for our guests.”

“Yes, ma’am right away. May I get you anything Prince Douglas?”

Doug looked at Audrey, his eyes narrowing slightly it was still weird to hear ‘Prince’ before his name every time someone said it. “No, not right now, thank you Audrey.”

Audrey turned on her heels and left quickly to bring out their guests.

As they approached, Naomi and Douglas could hear the voices of Dhani and Freddie bickering over something regarding Freddie’s shoes.

“…they are too high Freddie,” he told her in an annoyed voice.

“Shush, Dhani nothing is wrong with these shoes. You’re like an old grandmama. Stop hovering over every little thing I do, I’ll be fine. It’s not like these are six inch stripper heels.”

Naomi chuckled to herself and feltDouglaslaugh heartily as well. Those two could bicker over anything including whether it was night or day but you could always feel the love that dwelled between them.

As Freddie caught sight of Naomi outside the open french-doors, a smile as big as she’d ever seen came across her face.

Naomi ran to her and gathered her up in a big hug they’d barely been able to speak before the tears started. Dhani looked atDouglasand rolled his eyes, ‘women’ he thought. Douglas started to laugh and meet his best friend mid way on the verandah. They hugged each other like the long lost brothers with hearty pats on the backs. Douglas was so happy to see Dhani he missed his friend a lot, they didn’t get to talk or see each other as much but he was glad they’d shown up to visit.

Dhani pulled back, “What’s up man? How’s life treating the Prince?”

Douglassmirked, “how’s life treating the King?”

Dhani popped his invisible collar, “it’s all good, it’s all good.”

They hugged again and just laughed at their good fortune. The ladies finally pulled apart and wiped their tears, Naomi was looking at Freddie’s protruding belly and rubbing it. They went arm and arm to go sit down as the kitchen staff brought out appetizers.

A few hours and drinks later for the guys, they were sitting inside talking and playing catch up on what was happening in their lives.

“Well, that’s awesome man. I am so glad to hear that, you deserve it Dhani. You’ve worked hard in your life and if anyone deserves this, you do man. How does the college feel about it?”

“They’re sad, they’re losing one of their prized professors but man, I have to follow the opportunity especially with the two new little ones on the way,” Dhani turned to wink at his glowing wife and she waved back coyly. “But when they offered me the assistant dean of African American Studies at Prairie View A & M, I had to take it. A historically black college offering this to me, it would have been an insult to my ancestors if I would have turned it down.”

“So, you’re moving toTexas, wow!”

“Yea, wow is right the town is only about an inch thick,” he chuckled, “but it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump and you’re in Houston. So right now we’re looking for a house inKaty,Texas.”

“Freddie’s okay with this?”

Dhani looked over at Freddie, she was talking a mile a minute to Naomi, “as you can see, Freddie’s fine. After the twins are born she’s going to stay home with them until it’s time for them to go to school. So, it’s gonna be good. So…” he said jabbingDouglasin the arm, “how about you what’s happening with Prince Douglas,” he laughed. “Man, I can’t believe it my boy went from being a scrub to being a Prince, it’s a trip.”

Douglas smiled at his good friend. It was trip for him too.

“It’s good, still trying to get used to all this ‘royalty’ stuff but it’s not bad. I like working with Bocara’s Health Ministry, consulting on different projects the government is trying to bring down the pike. But even more than that, I love the opportunity to run the Hope Clinics,” Doug puffed up with pride. “Those are the best and the best use of my time. I’d always wanted the chance to help those that are underprivileged get the kind of health care we take for granted back in the states.”

“Well, whatcha doing? Whatcha working on?”

“Lots of stuff, it’s been a task just trying to make sure that people actually come into the clinic when they need to. Some of the folks in the villages don’t trust doctors, especially some white dude with an American accent.”

Doug had had an uphill battle getting some of the islands’ residents in the remote villages to come into the clinic for check-ups. He was still struggling on some levels but he’d made a lot of progress over the past few months.

“It’s been tough but we’re doing good things. I get some of my old colleagues from the CDC to come down on occasion and volunteer their services especially when it comes to HIV, AIDS education and treatment. I’ve finally hooked up with Doctors Without Borders and they are going to start sending folks down.”

“Aw man, that sounds fantastic. You’re doing it up big here aren’t you?”

“Well, you could say that,” Doug joked, “but the best part of my life is sitting over there.” They both turned to look at the women they loved and adored. “I don’t know what I would have done if I’d lost her Dhani. Every time I come back from my days working at the clinic, it’s like being greeted by sunshine. She’s my everything. She’s my purpose for living.”

At that moment Naomi got up from her seat across from Freddie to sit by her gorgeous husband. Freddie came over and sat on Dhani’s lap and he hugged her tightly big belly and all.

“What are you two getting into, mon?” Freddie said in her island accent she’d lost some of it and taken up with a southern one.

“Oh nothing, man stuff,” Dhani told her. Her brow wrinkled as she looked at him curiously.

“There’s no boy stuff,” she said.

“I didn’t say boy stuff, I said man stuff,” he deepened his voice to appear more commanding.

Freddie just tsked and rolled her eyes, “anyway…speaking of ‘gettin’ into’ how is Zoe doing?” She looked over at Naomi who looked over atDouglasand smiled.

“Zoe’s just being Zoe,” she looked at Freddie as if to say ‘and you know what that means’.

They all started to laugh, Doug fell over onto Naomi holding his sides he was laughing so hard.

After they calmed down, Naomi explained, “Well, she left a couple of weeks ago to start her assistant professor position atHarvardLawSchool. And well…Al’s been looking in on her a little she told me.”

“Yea, he’s been looking in on her because I told his dumb ass to look in on her,” Douglas rose slightly from his seat as he rumbled on. “That’s my sister-in-law and he could pretend all he wants that he doesn’t like her but after that debacle the night of you guys wedding, he better look in on her or I’m gonna look in on him and that ain’t gonna pretty.”

Naomi smiled, Douglas could be very overprotective when it came to her and Zoe, she found it surprisingly charming.  “She’s going to be fine, darling. She’s doing well inBostonso far but when I spoke to her a few days ago she is just really, really cold.”

They all started to laugh at the image of a shivering Zoe. Douglashugged her close to him and kissed her cheek.

Naomi put her hands on his legs and looked at him. Douglas smiled at her a little confused as to why all of sudden she looked so happy and was looking at him.

“Douglas,” she took his hands in hers, “this night is more than just an opportunity for us to enjoy the company of our good friends, it’s also a chance for me to make an announcement amongst people I love.”

“Okay, what’s going on sweetheart?”

“Well, you know my personal physician and I have been visiting frequently lately?”

“Yea, I know,” Douglas looked over at Dhani and Freddie who were grinning likeCheshirecats. “Why you two looking like that?” he asked them in confusion. They just smiled even harder.

His eyes settled back on Naomi’s beautiful face she looked gorgeous as usual, his island princess he couldn’t fathom how he was so lucky to have her in his life.

“Douglas I went to the doctor about three weeks ago and he told me, we’re going to have a baby,” she smiled wide atDouglas.

Doug was in shock for a moment, had he heard her right ‘baby, they were going to have a baby’.

He swallowed hard, “did you just say baby?” he questioned. Naomi shook her head in the positive. Doug jumped up from the sofa hauling Naomi up into his arms, “woo hoo, I’m gonna be a daddy.” He jumped and danced around with Naomi in his arms, he kissed her soundly on the mouth.

“Douglas, please let me go,” she laughed as he jumped with her in his arms.

Doug realized he needed to stop jostling his now pregnant wife, “oh I’m sorry darling. I didn’t mean to jerk you all around,” he put her down gently on the ground. “But I’m so damn excited, I’m going to be a dad. That’s awesome!” he shouted and kissed her again.  Doug turned to shake hands with Dhani and give his friend a hug. He hugged a very pregnant Freddie also he couldn’t wait until Naomi looked like she did with his child in her belly.

“Congratulations, man it’s great news. We’re really happy for you,” Dhani told him as he looked at his best friend standing there with his new bride.

Freddie hugged Naomi again and told them both, “yes, we are very happy for you,” she looked at them both as she rubbed her stomach, “you two are in for quite a wonderful adventure.”

Naomi stood hugging her husband, “yes, I know we are. I cannot wait for the baby to get here. I’m really excited, a little scared but more excited.”

“Oh don’t worry chile, between me and your mama you’ll have tons of support and lots of advice,” Freddie reassured her.

“Yes, sweetheart you don’t have to worry about a thing, you’ll get nothing but support from me and I’ll treat you like the princess mommy you certainly are,” Doug smiled over at her. He didn’t ever realize that his heart could be filled with this much love and care for one person but Naomi brought out all the best in him.

“Well, I’m sorry honey that I told Dhani and Freddie first but I wanted it to be a surprise for you. But when I found out I had to tell someone.”

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “am I always the last person to know stuff about this woman?” he said in reference to when they met her not telling him she was royalty.

She smacked him playfully on his chest, “no you are not, Mr. Harper.  My parents also have no idea about this and neither does Zoe but I’ll be telling them all very soon.”

“Good, I don’t want to always be the last to know,” Doug said and laughed.

“We’re just so thrilled for you both,” Dhani said, “now my little boys will have a friend to come visit and play with here in Bocara.”

“And my little boy will have the same,” Doug said proudly sticking his chest out a little.

“And how do you know it’s going to be a boy?” Naomi asked.

“Because, baby I only make boys,” he said with some bravado.

“Oh, you’re so silly,” she smiled up at him, “it’ll be a little while before we know all that but all I’m hoping for now is a healthy baby.”

“Amen to that,” Freddie replied.

They all smiled and laughed at the happiness they’d found with their mates and their friends.

Later that evening after Freddie and Dhani had gone back to their hotel, Naomi and Doug lay in each other’s arms after some celebratory lovemaking. He was particularly gentle with her this evening but Naomi reassured him that he wasn’t going to hurt the baby, she’d already asked the doctor.

Doug held her satisfied body closer to his. Her smooth mocha skin had a slight sheen on it from their earlier exertions. He kissed her softly on her temple. Naomi had settled into him and was nodding off.

“Before you fall asleep on me,” he told her, “I just want you to know that I am the happiest and most blessed man on this earth.”

“Oh, I wasn’t falling asleep, well…I was but I’m glad to know that, I feel the same way also except ten times more. You make every single dayDouglasa happy ending.”

She bent her head up and he kissed her deeply. They’d each found the love that they’d longed for and now they were living happily ever after. ©



I hope you enjoyed the story and yes Zoe and Al will have a story of their own, I’m still working on starting it though. But enjoy the rest of the stories here, I’m really enjoying sharing them with you. I don’t get many comments so that’s either I’m such an awesome writer, I don’t need any or I’m such a  bad one and everyone is scared to say something. Anyway I still want you all to feel free to express yourselves, I’m still working on my writing, grammar, style, other things but I have to get these stories out. They have to be released and I’m still looking for a writing partner/editor so let me know if  you’re interested. Don’t pay nothing but I’m fun to talk to. 

Rendezvous-Chapter 7

This contains very explicit and graphic sexual content. 

Chapter 7

Bern, Switzerland was beautiful this time of the year thought Violet as they exited the airport to take a cab to the room they’d be sharing at the Hotel Savoy. The weather was mild, sunny and bright. Violet had tried to pack light but that was nearly impossible for her. She was so surprised when he’d shown at up Seatac Airport that morning with one small carryon and a computer case. She’d ended up with three bags, two she had to check and her purse.

As they stepped into the cab, Paul was amazed at the amount of luggage Violet had brought for a week trip. She’d packed as if they were going on holiday for a couple of months instead of on a business trip for a couple of days.

“Violet, what’s in all of those bags?” he asked her curiously.

“Clothes, of course. Why are you asking?”

He shook his head, “no reason.”

Violet looked at him again as she looked at her bags ‘men’ she knew he was just being a smarty pants because she’d packed so much. Well, she had to have choices for her trip. Who knew what would happen between them, she just wanted to be prepared.

The bellman came out and greeted them in German, “Gutenmorgen, Willkommen nachBern. Aufnehmen Sie mit uns Kontakt? Mag ich Ihr Gepäck nehmen?”

It was a good thing Paul spoke German because she was lost. “Ja sind wir. Danke. Wir überprüfen innen unter den Namen Paul Dudley und Violet Maxwell.”

Paul and Violet followed the bellman into the hotel to the front desk. The woman at the front desk was a pretty blonde with blue eyes, as soon as she set her eyes on Paul she got excited. She looked at Violet for a moment as Paul attempted to get them checked in. Whatever they were saying, it was clear that she was chatting up Paul eagerly as she continuously batted her eyelashes at him. Violet rolled her eyes in annoyance. She then handed Violet her cardkey for the room. Violet snatched it up and turned to walk towards the elevator without even a thank you. It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway, she thought, since the only person the front desk clerk was paying attention to was Paul. Paul came up behind her a few seconds later.

“Hey, wait up. We need to go up together.”

Violet turned her annoyed face on him, “really, Do we? The way that woman was looking at you, she would have been happy to lead you to your room by your dick,” she spat out.

Paul smiled, she was jealous, she was actually jealous. If only she knew that the bimbo at the front desk didn’t even come close to being as sexy as she was with those skin tight suit pants clinging to that round firm ass of hers. He had to shake his head to come out of the trance that sexy body of hers had on his conscience.  As they entered the elevator with the bellman, Violet leaned against the wall crossing her arms across her chest. Paul leaned next to her and slyly slid his hand over her behind and squeezed hard. She turned on him and he smiled at her wickedly. Violet was still annoyed but she couldn’t help it, this man had a hold on every part of her and she couldn’t control it but right now she was feeling as if she didn’t want to. Her smile to him was small as she tried to belie the feelings that were going through her as he wreaked havoc on her hormones. Their rooms were adjoining since they were still keeping their burgeoning relationship private. Although Leonard had made sure to reserve them rooms that were co-joined.  The bellman stopped at Violet’s room first, opened the door and stepped to the side to let her enter. Paul stayed in the hallway and looked in as she entered. It was a nice room, the bellman set her luggage on the bed and turned to walk out of the room. Violet followed as he left, he turned at the door to look at her with a big expectant smile. Violet pulled some bills from her wallet and gave him a tip. He thanked her and turned to lead Paul towards his room. Violet closed her door and rushed into the bathroom to make sure she wasn’t looking too haggard after their travels. She eased her suit jacket off and loosened a couple of buttons for Paul’s impending seduction. He liked easy access to her bounty and she was willing to give it to him. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs with her foot shaking nervously. She could feel her pussy contract and get slick as she thought about Paul taking her in a few seconds. She could hear Paul and the bellman chatting. She thought to herself, ‘can he stop being chatty Cathy so we can get to fucking,’ her patience was running thin. She noticed silence from his room, then the telling low knock.

Violet rose from the bed and unlocked the adjoining door and opened it to a beautiful sight, Paul standing in the door with that sexy smirk.

“Why are you still dressed?” he asked her with a little annoyance in his voice.

“I was waiting for you to help me undress,” Violet said as she caressed his dress shirt covered chest.

“Oh!” he commented as his brows raised, “well I can certainly oblige but you have to remember we have a dinner tonight with the Swisz people.”

“How would I ever forget that,” Violet said in a sexy low tone. Her hands wandered down to caress his cock, it was already rock hard and ready to service her every need.

Paul backed Violet into her room and her legs hit the bed, she dropped back onto the bed and laid out for him. Paul’s eyes lowered to her body, he was ready to make love to her. That plane ride had been too long and he wanted to devour her. He eased onto her body and started to kiss her as they both began to remove her clothing. Violet figured she may as well help. No use in wasting time.

After a late afternoon of some seriously intense loving, they joined the Swisz merger team for dinner. The Chief of Operations, Wang Lan, who was originally fromChina, Chief Financial Officer, Gregor Thoms, Vice President, Joy Mulisa who was fromTanzania, President and CEO, Mathias Steinhof, and their more than capable liaison who was helping with the whole transition joined  Kurt Brandt at dinner that evening. Kurt and Violet had worked closely and she was looking forward to seeing him again, they’d only talked on the phone during business and conference calls. Paul had never met him but he was going to  tonight, he’d notice the easy rapport between his girlfriend and Kurt was really interested to meet this guy this evening.

Violet came out of her room looking absolutely gorgeous Paul thought she always looked wonderful to him, she could have been wearing a gingham sack and he’d be impressed. Her body was made for clothing and everything she put on went from glamorous to super sexy in seconds. She had poured that beautiful body into a print wrap dress with a ruffle at the bottom, it hung long in the back to her mid-calf and slightly above her knees in the front. She had on a light long black sweater as a cover up and her feet were in some sexy mary jane pumps. He couldn’t stop looking at her as they walked down the hall to the elevator.

“You look spectacular. How do you do it, you make every other woman look like my grandmother,” he told her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and caressed it.

Violet turned to look at him and laughed that beautiful light feminine laugh he loved. “Well, Mr. Dudley you aren’t looking too sloppy yourself,” she eyed him up and down. Paul was so handsome in a light grey summer suit with a lavender dress shirt, he’d decided to ditch the tie since this was just an informal dinner for everyone to meet and get comfortable with one another again.

“Paul, you are looking hot tonight and I’m going to enjoy peeling those clothes off later” she wrinkled her brows at him. A wicked smile broke out on his handsome face.

“You’ll only do that if I say so,” he told her. Violet had gotten used to his forceful manner when it came to his sexual desires and she’d found herself very inclined to give into him.

The dinner was at a new and upcoming Asian fusion restaurant inBern. When they arrived, most of the guests were already seated sipping on various drinks. Violet had met them before so she introduced them to Paul. Wang was a small thin man who wore glasses. Gregor was a man of medium height with a pot belly, he was also balding. Joy was a beautiful woman with skin the color of dark mahogany about the height of Violet just a little taller with golden eyes. They were so striking Paul was transfixed for a moment.  Mathias and Kurt walked in a little later. Mathias was a tall, middle-aged man with dark brown hair sprinkled with gray he had an amazing physique for a man in his 50’s. And then in walked Kurt, he looked like a GQ model, 6’4” light brown hair, a thin muscular body, he had amazing blue eyes and as he walked to the table Paul noticed them zoning in on HIS girlfriend. Violet rose from her chair and greeted him like a long lost friend, Violet hugged him just a little too tightly and Kurt hugged and held her like a piece of silk.  They held each other for a moment much to longer than Paul liked. When Violet moved out of Kurt’s embrace she then seemed to snap back to reality, realizing that Paul was there.

“Oh, I’m sorry Paul. Paul this is our merger liaison, Kurt Brandt, we’ve been working together on this merger from the beginning so we have intimate knowledge of one another.”

Paul’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion and anger.

Kurt stuck his hand out to shake Paul’s, “Wilkommen Paul. Violet has told me a lot about you, I was happy when you joined the team. It seems your knowledge has been most welcome and needed.”

Paul relaxed his face a bit, but he was still uncomfortable with this guy having any knowledge about his woman.  “I’m glad to finally meet you,” Paul said, still not smiling, “glad to be of service in this whole process.”

Violet turned back to Kurt and asked, “where is your legal crew?”

Kurt smiled big at her and put his hand on her shoulder, “oh no, no company lawyers tonight. I just came to have a drink and eat some good food and catch up with a good friend. There will be time for lawyers at tomorrow morning’s meeting.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. We just arrived early this morning. My mind isn’t on business right now.” She took Kurt’s arm and led him to the table to sit next her.

Paul followed, but he was not happy about the close relationship between Kurt and Violet. They were too cozy and for some reason his jealousy was starting to rear its ugly head. As they were about to sit, Kurt attempted to pull out Violet’s chair for her to sit but Paul wasn’t going to let him make any more moves on his woman, he pulled it out first. Violet looked over at him curiously, she wondered why all of sudden he’d gone all caveman on her in the middle of this restaurant with business colleagues around.  She was a little surprised, he’d seen her work with other men at the office and she’d never noticed this reaction, what was going on with him.

The evening flew by and they all had a good time, catching up and talking a little about the final steps in the upcoming merger. Paul had been quiet throughout the night, only speaking when spoken to. Violet had attempted to include him in the conversation but she’d grown weary of his childish behavior as the evening continued and just decided not to acknowledge his games. As they said their farewells for the evening, Paul was gracious as he could be with the thought that another man had set his sights on his woman. During the evening he’d kept his composure as best he could, so no one would be aware of their relationship which could jeopardize things for so many people and could present conflicts. So he just related to Violet all evening as a colleague, just someone he worked with but he’d longed to touch that beautiful golden brown skin, slide his hand beneath the table and finger her warm snatch.  He also saw someone sitting on her other side that seemed to want to indulge too, Kurt.  As they left Kurt and Joy asked if they could each get a chance to have lunch with her before they left after a few days.  Violet assured them both they’d get a chance to speak with her personally.

On the way back to the hotel, Violet noticed Paul seemed a little peeved. She touched his arm with a gentle caress hoping to calm him down.

In the car Paul was pissed at her familiarity with this Kurt fellow, she was his woman and he didn’t like the idea of some fairy boy looking at his woman as if she were the last biscuit in the tin. He also didn’t like the way that Violet seemed to revel in the attention of this guy. He had no idea she could be this kind of flirt and he didn’t know if he could handle it and he definitely didn’t like it.

Violet had decided she wasn’t going to get into this with Paul, he was acting childish. This was her job as well as his and she had been working with the team at Swisz for over 2 years on this merger. She didn’t have time to worry about him having a fit. She cared for Paul but he needed to understand that this was business, she was just having a good time tonight and she wondered why he was having  a bad one, ‘oh men!’ she thought. They could sometimes act like little babies. As they left the elevator and walked towards their hotel rooms, he seemed to speed up as he got to his door, Violet was going to say something to him but he opened his door quickly and went inside and closed it. Violet was in shock, who did he think he was playing with acting as if she was just some high school girl he could jerk around when he didn’t get his way. Violet hurried to his door and began to bang on it loudly, she knew that if someone came out in the hallway, they’d think she was a raving maniac but her ire was up and she had enough of his silliness.

Paul sat inside his room still fuming when he heard the clear, loud rapping at his door. It had to be Violet, so that’s how she wanted it well he’d show her who was boss. He bounded out of his chair to door and swung it open abruptly. There was Violet standing in the hallway, she seemed a tad shocked when he opened the door but she was standing there hand on her hip giving him the nastiest look she could muster.

“Excuse me,” she said loudly “but did you just slam a door in my face?”

Paul feigned confusion for a second, “slam a door? No, I just came into my hotel room, that’s all. Do we have a problem?” he tried to act as if the situation was not occurring.

“Do you we have problem?” he asked brusquely. Violet rushed past him to enter his room and turned swiftly to face him, her hair moved with her. All of sudden Paul was turned on and mad at the same time. She looked so beautiful, he had to have her right now in the worst way.

He closed the door behind himself as she walked in.

“You damn right, we have one. What the hell is going on with you? This little tantrum you’re throwing is just ridiculous.”

Suddenly Violet saw Paul coming towards her with purpose in those long steps. She stepped back instinctively because he had a look in his eye. She’d seen it before but never to this degree.

Paul was on her suddenly and he began to kiss her hard and with ferocity. Violet could barely keep her bearings, he’d never been this forceful with her but he was trying hard to take total possession of her body and soul. He began to rip at her clothes, Violet was attempting to help him take them off so she’d have clothing in a wearable condition later but he was having none of it. He kept moving her hands, as he stripped off clothing and underwear with lighting speed. Everywhere his hands removed clothing they returned to grab and massage her flesh. It was a little overwhelming and a little painful, usually he was fairly gentle although he could be forceful in manner. But the worst he’d done with her was a little rough petting here and there but nothing like this, this was bound to leave marks. She wasn’t sure what was going on with him but she was scared and turned on by the whole scene. She took her hands and started to stroke him through his pants, for a man who had been mad a few seconds ago he was sure turned on now. His cock was rock hard and about burst through that flimsy zipper. He pushed her hands away from his cock and pushed her back on the bed, she came down pretty fast and hard so she bounced a little. Her breasts bounced as she did, Paul couldn’t take it he was going to fuck her until she was bowlegged. He was going to let her know she was his and no other man on the earth could possess her the way he could. He’d been holding back a little on showing her his wild side, he had warned her previously and she had seen glimpses of it here and there as they’d made love but he was unbound tonight.

Violet leaned back on her elbows, her eyes as big as saucers. Paul was looking at her through hooded lenses and breathing harder than she’d ever seen him breath. She would have sworn he had just come from running a marathon, he removed his clothes promptly with pieces flying and he stood there his gaze raking over her. Her pussy was so wet, she was leaking like a faucet and only he could put out that fire. Hadn’t they just been fighting a few seconds ago and giving each other the silent treatment? What the hell had happened between now and then?

He looked at her feral and raw and told her in no uncertain terms, “Violet, you’re mine. No other man on this earth will have you the way I’m going to have you tonight. You’re mine, dammit.”

Suddenly he came across her body and started kiss her again even harder this time, he took those fingers of his stuffed them into her warm cunt. She could feel her juices coating his hand, he took his fingers out and put them into her mouth, she sucked at them greedily. She couldn’t believe that this man made her want so bad to taste herself.

He turned over onto his back, his cock rising into the air at attention and gave her an order she had never heard from any other man and one she wasn’t going to refuse from him.

“Suck my cock,” she looked at him with surprise in her eyes, his brow grew furrowed and he told her in a low stern voice “Now, Violet.” It was a request and an order all in one breath.

Violet leaned over him and took his cock into her mouth immediately. She didn’t know what had come over her, she’d been so upset and now she was savoring his sweetness. He put his hand on the back of her head and she opened up her throat to take him deeper into her mouth. He kept his hand on the back of her head, Violet knew that if any other man had done that she’d have given him the riot act but with Paul she just wanted to please him. He was so big, it was hard to take him all in and she felt like choking almost but he was moaning and wailing she could hear how turned on he was, he’d never been this loud. He began to fuck her mouth a little all the while saying dirty nasty things to her, that were astoundingly hot and making her hotter. Violet didn’t know many things about herself sexually, most of the sex she’d had was to please the man and not herself. But she felt so powerful with a mouthful of Paul’s cock, she was controlling his orgasm.

He took a moment and slapped her ass hard as he told, “suck it, suck it with your pretty mouth. You’re such a slut but you’re my fucking slut.” As he smacked her bottom again it made her pussy gush even harder. She wanted to be fucked senseless by him right at that moment but did not dare stop sucking.

“Oh suck it harder, suck that big beautiful cock. I know you like my cock in your mouth. Wait till I put it in that ass of yours.”

Violet hadn’t really heard what he said, did he say ‘ass’? All of sudden she could hear his roar, he was going to come and hard. Violet moved to pick her head up before he came but all a sudden she became emboldened, she decided to stay and drink in his essence. Paul came long and hard, he didn’t try to stop Violet from taking his seed down her throat, in a way it’s what he wanted, he wanted her submitting to him and finding her sexual power at the same time. As he unloaded his hot manhood into her mouth, Paul was so turned on. He knew she’d never done anything like that before and it filled him with male pride that she did it with him, that she wanted to please him, she really did love him.

Violet lifted her head from his pelvic region tentatively, all of sudden she felt ashamed, what if he really thought she was a slut for what she did? Violet rose and was going to attempt to leave the bed, although swallowing his cum hadn’t been that bad, it tasted sweet and salty nothing like she thought it was going to be, but the shame coming over her was terrible and maybe she needed a moment to think about what had just happened. Of course, Paul was having none of that.

Paul was still recovering as he turned to see her trying to sneak out. “Excuse me, where the hell are you going?”

Violet stood stock still, after that release she’d have thought he’d want to sleep, but who was she fooling every time they’d ever made love, the man was ready for a second round within moments of the first. She stood up and turned to look at him, “listen, Paul the little he-man thing was really cute and that a hot little session but we both have to up early in the morning for our meeting. So I think I need to jump in the shower and hit the sack. I think maybe we need some time alone.”

As she spoke, Violet noticed the scowl on his face getting deeper and deeper. Maybe she should have just laid down next to him and wait for him to fall asleep before she snuck out. She tried harder to explain why she was leaving, they’d be tired in the morning, the night had been long, they could think some things over but the more she explained the less convinced Paul seemed to be.

“Violet, now is not the time to trifle with me,” he said sternly. Why did he remind her of her dad when she was little when he said that, how weird. “You will drop those clothes immediately or I’ll be dragging you by your hair back to bed.”

Violet mouth opened she thought she’d give him a smart comment but the look on his face warned her, he may actually do what he’d just threatened but she thought he was actually teasing her but she could never tell with him sometimes. She laid her clothing down and lay back on the bed.

He turned over on his side to look at her, he was still stern in his speech but his eyes had gone soft on her. It was just so amazing to her that he could be so take-charge and vulnerable all at the same time. She was falling in love with this man so hard, it was starting to hurt her.

“Violet, I want to tell you something about tonight. Yes, I was upset this evening, the way that Kurt guy kept mooning over you. It was starting to bother me.”

“Really, Paul? Kurt is just a friend. We’ve been working on this merger so long we’ve just become close friends. He has no interest in me as a girlfriend at all. In fact, I think he’s got some interest in Joy.”

“Hmmm.” Paul was surprised.

Violet just laughed, how clueless men could be, “yea, look at her. She’s the exotic, tall, leggy, model type. Why wouldn’t he be interested in her? You should know, you were married to a model. I’m sure if I were the one we’d be skipping off into the sunset getting married,” she smiled but Paul didn’t return it.

He sat straight up and turned toward Violet, she watched as he reached those muscular arms out to grab her smaller ones. He hefted her up and she turned to look at him steadily.

“I want you to know Violet I am not hanging on to you until something better comes along. I’ve been trying during this time to let you know how much I care about you and what an important part of my life you are but I guess showing you isn’t enough.” He stared at her for a moment and then it happened, “Violet Ingrid Maxwell, I love you. I love you more than I love me. You are absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t trade you in for all the leggy model-types in the world.”

Violet sat there silently, she’d never had a declaration of love quite like this. In her past she always felt that men told her they loved her out of obligation not out of actual genuine emotion. He was looking at her quietly studying her face, he’d just put his heart out in the open and she sitting like a stone statute. Suddenly she was terrified and just really needed to get out there, she’d been hoping he would say this but now that he had all the doubt came crushing on her again. All the heartbreak and pain of past relationships gone wrong, she couldn’t take it if she declared her love for him and then he left, she would be devastated, she wasn’t going to risk it.

Violet shrugged off his grip and told him, “I’m sorry Paul, I don’t know if I’m ready for this. I need a chance to just think,” she pleaded to him with her eyes, “I just need a chance to think.”

Paul silently conceded it to her. She gathered her clothes for a second time and walked through the adjoining door. Paul sat there and looked at it as if he could see her through it. He’d told her he loved her, couldn’t live without her and she just sat silent. His heart felt heavy, he thought she’d moved on from her past heartbreak but it looked like there was more work to do.

Violet sat on the bed, naked with her head in hands. She cried quietly she didn’t want Paul to hear and knock on the door to try to rescue her. This was her fight now. His love wasn’t going to be enough to move past the pain of disappointment regarding her previous relationships. She had to do that herself. She had to do that by herself.


Their week in Bern had passed slowly after the night Paul told her he loved her. Violet was on auto-pilot, she was in meetings discussing aspects of the upcoming merger but she barely recognized herself. She hadn’t really spoken to Paul at all during the trip and on Thursday he’d been called back toSeattleon another important matter regarding a client at the firm. That Friday, as she packed to get on the plane she kept re-playing the scene in his room from a few days prior, what was she going to do? She knew any sane man would not wait around while she contemplated whether or not to love him, especially one as special as Paul. They’d been dating now for almost a year, although she felt love from him she wasn’t about to make a statement to that fact. That would leave her too open. Maybe she should cut her losses, the merger was almost complete and they wouldn’t need to see each other around the office much anymore. She could just stop pursuing this relationship and save herself the pain of a bad break-up. He was too wonderful not to want someone better, with a better body or better confidence. Yes, that’s what she was going to do when they returned home, do Paul a favor and stop this before anyone got their feelings hurt, most likely, her.

Paul had been so angry after leavingBernon Thursday, angry and miserable. He’d tried to call, email and even text Violet and he hated texting but she didn’t answer and if she did it was only about business. He knew that she’d gotten back Friday night, he thought of surprising her at the airport in the baggage claim section but what was the use she’d probably only look right through him and keep going. She hadn’t tried to speak to him since she’d returned, he hadn’t seen her all weekend and it was now  time for their Monday team meeting. They wanted to debrief the team about the trip toSwitzerlandand upcoming assignments to get ready and close this merger out. Harmon would be joining them for this meeting he’d wanted to be part of the debriefing.

As Paul strolled towards theRainierconference room, someone was coming behind him saying his name it was familiar female voice but not the one he wanted to hear. He turned and was greeted with a huge smile and the batting fake eyelashes of Rebecca Althorp. He’d actually been helping her with an estate issue that had overseas ties and boy had she been intrusive, she asked a lot of dumb questions, he figured it was just so she would have an opportunity to come to his office and lean over his desk to shove those fake boobs at him. He didn’t feel like talking to her right now, this just was not the time.

She sidled up to him, twisting her hips so hard he thought she’d throw one out. She came up and immediately put her hand on his arm as if to lock him in place.

“I’m so glad to see you. I’d heard you’d gotten back to work late last week but I hadn’t had a chance to come by and see how your trip was. Oh well, it was probably frightfully mundane it’s not as if Violet Maxwell leads an exciting life. She’s totally looks like no fun, too bad it wasn’t me with you inBernwe would have had a blast,” she said her chest heaving. He would say something about the Violet comment but he wasn’t exactly feeling warm and fuzzy about his lady love at the moment.

“What can I do for you Rebecca? I’m on my way to a meeting and I don’t want to be late.”

“Oh, I don’t want to keep you from taking care of business, I’m sure you’re good at it,” she was trying to use innuendo with him but he saw through her like a cheap cotton undershirt.

“Paul, I just really need your help on more matters regarding the Bourque estate. Could you pleaseee help me” she gave Paul those lost puppy dog eyes. He wondered to himself did that actually work on men? He couldn’t see how and that whiny thing she did when she wanted to get her way worked, it was nerve-wracking. His nieces and nephew had never whined like that as children, she was grown woman.

“Sure, Rebecca I’ll help you when would you like to meet?”

She perked up quickly and started to bounce up and down, “oh thank you, you’re a godsend Paul. How about we do a lunch meeting today, is that okay?”

“Sure, it’s fine, how about 1 p.m. at Danny Dunne’s Café?”

Rebecca was disappointed he hadn’t said some place more cozy and private, but any time she could get alone with this hunk of a man was great. All she had to do was wait and make her move, he was going to be hers, no woman could compete with her and she knew it. All of sudden out of the corner of her eye she spied Violet coming down the wall, she had her head down reading as she walked. She thought to herself, ‘what a loser and she’s fat.’ She’d noticed that Violet and Paul seemed to spend a lot of time together but this dang merger was about to be completed and she’d be using Paul every chance she got on this estate stuff. Just as she was coming down the hall toward them, Rebecca saw Violet look up and spot them and her eyes widened as she saw Rebecca go in for the kill. Paul was staring at Violet as she made her way down the hall, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Then all of sudden he felt something cold and wet on his cheek, he did a side-eye and spotted Rebecca kissing him on the cheek as she caressed his arm.

“Thanks so much handsome. See you for that lunch,” she turned and sashayed down the hall in a skirt way too short for any woman who wanted to be taken seriously as a professional.

He realized Violet heard Rebecca say the last sentence, how could she not she’d said it loud enough for her to hear. And then he noticed something else, a look of fire in her eyes, she was mad, she was jealous he thought, this made him perk up. Maybe this Rebecca thing could work in his favor, he hated doing things like this but if she thought she may lose him even though he was sure she should have known he’d never go for Rebecca then maybe she’d confess her love for him.

Violet was stunned, she didn’t just see what she thought she saw. Why was Rebecca being cozy with Paul. Her stomach lurched a bit, wow he seemed to have moved on really quickly and with Rebecca of all people. Maybe he wasn’t the man she thought he was, maybe he’d been playing her all this time or maybe he just needed a nice set of pillow boobs to wipe her away from his mind. He was staring at her hard, she decided she’d try to be the adult in this situation.

“Good morning, Paul” she said flatly without a hint of emotion. ‘Son of a bitch’ she thought but inside her heart was crumbling into pieces. This sealed it for her, she was done with Paul. ©

Rendezvous-Chapter 6

This contains explicit sexual content.

Chapter 6

Violet woke to the smell of freshly brewing coffee and something that felt like a tongue between her legs. She opened her eyes slightly, lifted her head from the pillow, only to see Paul between her legs, licking her slit very slowly and deeply. What a wonderful way to start the day, she thought. She moaned and placed her fingers in his hair, she felt his head lift a little but his tongue never lost contact with her wet core.

“Paul, what are you doing to me,” it was less of question and more of a declaration.

His hands massaged her thighs and moved up to grab her under her butt, lifting her up. Paul wasn’t aware of anything except pleasing his woman, yes Violet, his woman. She tasted so good, it was intoxicating. He was getting addicted to her. Her body squirmed underneath his hands as he massaged her ass.

Violet was overcome with feelings of pure pleasure. Her body felt like it was floating into orgasmic ecstasy. Paul felt so good. His hair felt like silk as she passed her fingers through it. She couldn’t help but notice how much he enjoyed this. She wanted to make him feel good but she just needs the right opportunity. For now, she chose to lay against the Egyptian cotton sheets with her eyes closed and allow her body to prepare itself to take flight.

Paul had already learned many things about her in such a short time. He knows when her legs start to shake that’s an indicator that she’s about to come. He could feel her clit stiffen under his tongue, as it grew, he licked it. He decided as he felt her body start to seize up that he’ll go further and do more, her body lifted inviting him to go to that place he went to when they met at Borders, her rosebud was there for the taking. So Paul moved his head down and swiped her tight hole, stopping for a moment to enjoy the sensation.

Violet feels him going for her sensitive bud, as he swipes and pushes his tongue inside her she comes completely apart. Her body shakes with a passion that is immeasurable. She is taken in a whirlwind of absolute lust and total satisfaction. As she groans and screams his name, she wants him to take what’s his.

“Paul, get up here, don’t play with me I need satisfaction,” she orders.

Paul lifts his head, cocks an eyebrow and says, “Yes, ma’am right away.”

He lifts himself to loom over her and sinks deep into her with a powerful surge. He loves her body as he feels himself knowing more and more that he loves her also.

After a shower together and more rubbing and grinding in the shower stall, they sat together to drink coffee.

“Did you come downstairs before all that incredible sex happened to start the coffee maker?” she asked him curiously.

Paul laughed, “No silly, my brewer is on automatic. You know how I am at the office without my morning coffee, well the same applies here. I’m sorry I can’t cook, but I think Rosalita went grocery shopping this week so there may be some frozen waffles in there.”

“Frozen waffles yuck! That’s not a breakfast, sit down here handsome and I’ll whip you up something.”

In fact, Rosalita had been to the grocery store that week and she had brought back all kinds of goodies. Bacon, eggs, fruit, pancake batter, hash browns and some wonderfully tasty peach preserves. Oh, Violet was in breakfast heaven. The one thing she did do everyday was eat a healthy breakfast, it was important to help her keep her mind alert while working. She’d discovered that Paul was more of a sugary donut and coffee kind of guy. She started on breakfast while he sat at the island and watched her, enamored.

Paul was looking at her in amazement. He’d never watched her cook although she had made a couple of meals for him. He’d never seen her in action. She was amazing, very agile in the kitchen and she was very beautiful too. She pulled her hair back into some kind of messy bun, with tendrils hanging on the side of her face that once in awhile she’d sweep back behind her ears. She looked good after a night of being well-loved, her skin was glowing. She washed all her make-up off and it was just her smooth cinnamon brown skin, she never wore much make-up anyway, which he preferred, but her bare face was gorgeous. Since Anya was a model she was rarely seen without the full makeup artist treatment, he wondered to himself again why he’d ever married her, maybe because he was just young and stupid. He watched as Violet strolled his kitchen in a large t-shirt he let her borrow, she bent over once and he saw just enough of her beautiful and bountiful rump to get his cock jumping again. She turned to look at him with a question.

“Paul, do you have a griddle somewhere around here?”

“Griddle? Oh for the hotcakes, yes I think it’s in that cabinet next to the dishwasher. I’d be dang it if I’m not sure where everything is. Rosalita set the kitchen up the way it suits her, she’s the one that usually cooks here on the weekdays.”

She turned to him and put her hand on her hip with the griddle hanging from the other hand and a sassy smirk on those gorgeous lips and told him, “You are so spoiled.”

Paul shrugged nonchalantly, “And I intend on staying that way.” He came around the island and grabbed her in a hug and kissed her deeply.

Violet playfully struggled to get out of his grasp, “let me go, you brute. I have breakfast to finish for a spoiled brat,” and she swatted him on the bottom.

“Ouch, do that again,” he grinned and sat back to watch her finish breakfast.

After breakfast, they went out to enjoy the summer sun. They went to a local farmer’s market, then to the store to pick up some personal items that Paul was in need of, he also made her pick up some items that she would need while staying at his house because he decided she wasn’t leaving this weekend. They also went by her house to pick up some clothes and items she needed to work on for some of her cases. That night while they ate dinner, that Violet made of course, a wonderful vegetable lasagna, they sat on his back deck together as the evening glow covered the sky drinking some microbrew from Passionate Brewing Company called, Passionate Summer Peach Ale. They were enjoying each other’s company greatly and becoming more relaxed, so Paul decided to ask about Violet’s ex-boyfriend. He knew he was treading in dangerous territory since she’d never volunteered any information, and in the past whenever he brought up her past relationships she’d just say, “There’s no need to discuss that, it’s in the past, long forgotten.” But she would always have this look of sadness and pain in her eyes but it never showed on her face. He wanted to know what happened.

“Violet, I need to ask you something,” he said.

“Yes, go right ahead.”

“I want to ask about your ex-boyfriends.”

She turned and looked at him with her forehead creasing, “Why? We don’t need to talk about that. It’s over, it’s done now.”

Paul put his hand on hers and entwined their fingers. It was still pretty light out so he looked deep into her gorgeous pecan eyes, “Yes, we do. I want to know what happened, Violet. I shared my story about Anya and me last night I think with the way our relationship is progressing I have a right to know.”

Violet turned on him suddenly, “Right? You have no such right. I didn’t ask you about your ex-wife, you volunteered that information. I didn’t force it out of you.” Violet pulled her hand away from his and grabbed her plate, fork and bottle and stomped towards the house.

Paul got up immediately taking his plate and utensils with him. Violet was in the kitchen scraping leftovers in the garbage disposal rather forcefully looking madder than a cat with a squished tail.

“Violet, love,” Paul set his things in the sink and pulled her to turn toward him. She wrenched her arm away, “I only want to know what happened.”

She looked up at him, breathing hard from her anger, with unshed tears in her eyes. She started to shout “What do you want to know, Paul, what? How my ex-boyfriend told me he wasn’t ready for commitment but a month after dumping me he was back with his baby mama, and they had moved in together. How the first man I ever loved used me for sex, then tried to get me fired from my job to protect his sorry ass. How I always committed myself to people who had no intention of committing themselves to me. Telling me I was unlovable, not pretty enough or the famous line ‘well, girl you could lose some weight because you’re kind of thick’. I heard it all. I don’t want your pity for poor little Violet, no man wanted her. She was never good enough.” Violet’s arms were flailing and she was so mad, she felt steam rising from her head, “I don’t have to tell you anything Paul, anything at all. You’re not going to use it against me when you get tired of me and want another supermodel girlfriend. I’m not going to let you do that. Forget this crap, I’m going home.” She ran out of the kitchen and upstairs to get her things, Violet had long since let her tears go, she couldn’t believe he’d humiliate her like that.

Paul was stunned for a second at her outburst he couldn’t believe that anything bad had happened to such a beautiful and wonderful woman like her. He turned to go up the stairs after her she wasn’t going to keep running every time things got tough. He also thought if he ever saw any of her exes he’d sock them right in the eye, such wankers.

When he entered the room, she was walking frantically, throwing stuff into her overnight bag and she was crying, he heard her soft sobs.

“Violet,” he said, he didn’t want to touch her, he was afraid she might smack him, “Violet, love please stop, wait one moment.” He stepped in front of her to stop her back and forth pacing, “please Violet stop for a moment we need to talk, nothing good can come of you running out like this.”

She looked up at him with those beautiful sad brown eyes, tears running down her soft cheeks. Her eyes were red and he thought to himself I never want to see her this upset again. He was angry with himself for making her cry. He reached out and wiped her tears away with his fingers. He stared at her with concern, she was precious to him and he didn’t want her to hurt because of something he said. But, he also couldn’t let her leave and run away, they had to stop this behavior, he wanted her to know that no matter what, he wasn’t leaving her anytime soon.

She looked into his gorgeous eyes and handsome face, etched with so much care and gentleness it was almost too much to bear. She’d never had a man look at her like that, ever, and she wasn’t sure what to do with it. She wasn’t sure how to react to it, but she decided she didn’t want to leave mad at him. He bent down and kissed her slowly and passionately then he pulled away, her tears were drying and her sobs had stopped. He picked her up and went over to the bed and set her down, she wondered if he was going to try and make love to her but he didn’t, he just lay beside her. He put his arms around her and laid her head on his chest and he whispered to her, “It’s okay, love. It’s fine. You can tell me anytime you are ready. You can tell me anytime you want.” He kissed the top of her head. She breathed deeply and knew now was the time to come clean, so she started.

“The first man I ever fell in love with was when I was twenty-three years old. I was clerking at my first firm during the summer after my first year of law school. I didn’t meet Mr. Brookes until my second clerk position. His name was Dirk Woodhall, he was gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as you of course,” she smiled. Paul laughed to himself. “But he was good-looking he was an attorney that I was working with, I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I was so entranced with him. It was actually against the policy of the firm for senior and junior employees to date. He was tall, slender, great dresser, had brown hair and blue eyes. He was actually the first white guy I had ever dated, I was nervous at first but he made me feel…well good. I’d always had self-esteem issues in high school and college. I was kind of shy and awkward, so to have this handsome attorney pay attention to me was flattering. We kept our relationship a secret, meeting outside the office always. He’d only say little things here or there in the office since we didn’t want anyone to overhear us being too intimate. After about six months of hot and heaviness, he started to grow distant. I’d worked with him frequently doing research for him but all of a sudden he just stopped asking for my help, he stopped coming around, he always had some kind of excuse for not talking to me at work or seeing me outside of it. Finally one day, I stepped into the copy room and saw him cozying up to one of the new clerks, a blonde with big boobs and a shorter skirt. He saw me but acted as if I wasn’t even there. I was so hurt. I went back to my office and cried like a baby. Then he started to make my life a living hell around there, he’d give me assignments with vague instructions. In meetings he’d criticize my work and my legal skills openly in front of the other attorneys and staff. He made my life hell and then he starting bringing it up to senior partners about how shoddy my work was, how incomplete my research had been, anything to make me look incompetent. One of the legal secretaries for one of the senior partners told me how he had been bad-mouthing me and encouraging them to fire me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I just quit. My self-esteem and feelings had been beat almost beyond repair. It wasn’t until I started working at Brookes and Smithmeyer, did I realize that I was a good clerk. I was good at what I did and was going to be an excellent attorney one day. My relationships from then on have all been pretty lousy and I started to think it’s me, I was just bad at choosing boyfriends.”

Paul laid there rubbing her back, as his blood boiled. What happened to her was the most unethical and malicious tripe he’d ever heard. It was a shame but many men he knew in the legal field did use their power and influence to intimidate and seduce unsuspecting young women. Paul had been bad, but he had never done something so low to someone he worked with it was inconceivable to him to be that low.

She continued, “My last boyfriend, Travis, treated me like I was nuisance in his life only there for sex and to cook him dinner. I let myself get used in that one. I was lonely and eager and he used it against me. He constantly had problems, baby mama drama, I did what I could to help, gave him money to help with his child support, helped him find an attorney when they went to court and then paid for the attorney. I was such a grade A sucker, it was ridiculous. I thought he was cheating I just had to figure out with whom. Then one day he lowered the boom, he felt suffocated, he needed his space, he to had to think which meant our relationship was over. He’d moved in a couple of months previously and was living practically for free with me. He was only a mechanic and didn’t work steady. I think I was in love with the idea of love. After he left, I saw him and his baby mama out on the town one night at one of the restaurants he used to take me to all the time. I ran into them and he looked shocked, like a deer caught in headlights, he said my name and she looked at me and smirked and said ‘is this her? She wasn’t worth one of me. Too bad sweetie he was mines first and he’ll be mine forever.’ I felt about 3 ft tall after that confrontation, he never said a word to me, never defended me or anything. He just walked off and I learned later they were living together. I’ve had some bad luck.” She looked up at Paul with her eyes still red from crying.

“Well love, believe me your luck has changed and so has mine. Now that I’ve heard the stories, I’m kind of sorry I asked. What wankers! You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. You deserve to be treasured and loved and worshipped, that’s what I want to do.” Paul dragged her body over his and they began to kiss and grope at each other, clothes started to fly off and before they each knew what had happened they were joined in sexual passion. It was rough and a not so gentle mingling, but they each enjoyed the release of ecstasy that helped to overcome the pain of past relationships. It felt good to release that passion with each other.

When Violet woke up after their lovemaking session she felt hungry. She’d always been a midnight snacker, and after the workout with Paul she needed a little something to eat. She rolled over and noticed it was 11:47 pm. She’d brought an outfit from her house for work tomorrow but she had to be up and at the office about an hour early because she had a conference at 8 am. She tiptoed out of the bed and decided to just run downstairs naked, it wasn’t going to take too long to get something from the fridge and eat it quickly. As she pulled back the covers, she noticed Paul fast asleep next to her, the moonlight filtering in through the blinds lit up his body. He looked so sexy and very masculine splayed on his stomach with one leg over the covers. His hard body looked delicious. She had to shake her head to get it out of the trance his spectacular body was having over her senses. Violet tiptoed out of the room and downstairs trying not to disturb his slumber. She opened the fridge and dug around, she noticed some pepperoni slices and cheese she took those out and set them on the counter. She leaned over to check the fruit bins and saw grapes, perfect she thought and reached in to grab those.


She heard from behind her and nearly jumped out of her skin, she turned to see Paul leaning in the kitchen door looking delectable standing there absolutely nude. For a second she thought she should forego the snack and munch on him. “Paul you scared me to death,” she chastised him mildly.

He chuckled, “I know, but I heard you sneak out of bed. Did you really think you could leave me there alone and I wouldn’t notice your soft, warm body missing?” he raked his eyes across that beautiful nude frame of hers.

She said seductively, “Well, I guess I can’t get away from you. Why don’t you come over here and you help me with my snack.”

He smiled and walked over to her and began feeding her grapes, slices of pepperoni and cheese.

“Mmm, this is good and you’re excellent at feeding me. You want a job, sexy?” she grinned at him suggestively.

Violet began to think, that maybe she did need him as a midnight snack. He smacked her bottom lightly.

“Oh!” she squealed.

“You like that?” he asked her, he wanted to get some information that he could use later on.

Violet was a little reluctant to reveal she had a taste for some rough play sometimes, she’d been shamed by past lovers for trusting them with her kinkier side. But, as she looked at Paul she had an odd sense she could trust him with her secret.

“Yes,” she muttered silently and looked down, blushing a little.

He put his hand under her chin and raised her head, “say that again love, and I want to hear it louder this time,” Paul put a little force behind his voice.

Violet raised her head and looked him in his eyes and spoke, “Yes.”

“What else do you like?” he asked her, as he smacked her bottom again.

Violet moaned low in her throat, she was getting turned on and she thought, no she knew, he knew it. His smiled turned wicked and more seductive. “You like when I spank that delectable ass. Maybe I should tie you down and spank that gorgeous ass of yours. I’ve got some other ideas for it too. I think you’ll like those.” He was watching her like prey he wanted to pounce on her and gobble her up.

Violet was feeling so desirable and wanted him to take her again, she couldn’t get enough of this man and it was scaring her a little.

“Violet,” he said low in her ear as he caressed her buttocks, “I have a side of me that I haven’t shown you yet. I don’t just let this side out for anyone, I’ve wanted someone that would enjoy this part of me, revel in it and succumb entirely. I think you’re just the woman to do it. I saw something in you that day at Borders, something that wanted to be possessed, that wanted to submit her desires to her man and let him take care of her needs, bring you to sexual delights and wanton pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, but you have to trust me. You have to trust that I only want to please you and if you submit your body, mind and spirit to me during lovemaking, I’ll make it more pleasurable than you ever dreamed it capable of being.” Paul leaned over to take her earlobe into his mouth, sucked it lightly before letting it go and delving into her mouth with his tongue kissing her with abandon and pure lust.

Their lips parted and Violet was left standing there her lips swollen from the kiss and her body about to melt into a complete puddle. Paul swatted her butt then rubbed it to take away the sting and turned to leave to go back upstairs to bed.

Violet wondered as she stood there with a slightly stinging rump and her core getting slick, if she submitted her body to him would her heart not be far behind and if so could she handle that, could she risk her heart again?


Paul and Violet had been dating exclusively for a couple of weeks. In the office they were discreet and professional. Also in the office only Leonard and Pamela knew of their growing relationship and romance and they had kept their mouths sealed tight. Violet found that sometimes in meetings she would look up from notes to catch him staring at her intently with a look of absolute unbridled lust in his eyes. She wasn’t positive anyone else in the room would know the look, but she knew it and would grow warm all over when he looked at her that way. During this time, they spent practically everyday together she’d pretty much moved into his house on Queen Anne Hill. Although they hadn’t declared their undying love for one another, Violet was okay with that, she wasn’t really in any rush to make that declaration. She did care immensely for Paul, she knew that she was falling hard for him, she was determined not to say it first, that only spelled disaster in her previous relationships and she liked how things were going, no need to rock the boat.

She sat in her office one Tuesday afternoon, drinking tea and looking out of the window at the cloudy summer day.Seattlewas like that, you could never tell what you would get regarding the weather from hour to hour. Summer had been cooperating so far, but who knew how long that would last.

Leonard stepped into her office, “Hello, Violet.”

She looked up Leonard was looking fabulous in a summer seersucker suit, lemon yellow shirt, bow tie and white oxfords, nothing got by him when it came to fashion.

“Hey Leonard darling, how are you?” Violet said batting her eyelashes at him.

“Well, of course, I’m not doing as fabulous as you with that f-i-n-e man on your arm but I am looking good.”

“You are. I must say no one I know can pull off some of the fashion choices you dare choose.”

Leonard turned in a circle and struck a pose. Violet laughed loudly, she was always glad he was her legal secretary and not some of the other straight laced, prim and proper folks in this firm. He made it fun to come to work and be an attorney, he was also sharp as a tack.

“What did you come in here for, diva?” she rolled her eyes at him.

“Oh yea, we are working huh? Mr. Brookes secretary called, he wants to meet with you in about thirty minutes.”

“Did she say why?”

“Nope, just that he wants to speak with you about something regarding the Tri-Gear/Swisz merger, not many details.”

Violet’s forehead wrinkled, she was wondering what the heck was going on with Harmon Brookes. He was never one to call a meeting without giving details first, and she was a tad bit confused and that made her a little nervous.

“Okay, you can tell her I’ll be there.”

“Oh please girl, I already did that. It wasn’t like you were going to say no.” Leonard’s eyes went up in that ‘whateva’ look.

“Get out of here, Leonard.”

“You know you love me.”

“Yes, I do but still get to stepping. I still have work to do and so do you.”

He put his hand to his chest demurely, “I do, don’t I? I need to be out of here today early. I got a hot date.”

“With Richardo again?”

“Yes, with Richardo again, I am really starting to like him. Girl, he might be the one.”

Violet wanted to bust out laughing but she didn’t want to hurt Leonard’s feeling. Richardo was a twenty-four year old pretty boy that Leonard had met at a club and fell madly in love with at first blow job.

“Leonard, I hope you two have a good time tonight.”

“Oh, yes we will because I have plans for him.”

“Get outta here.” Violet said shooing him out, if she’d had something to throw at this head she would have.

Violet’s office phone rang, it was her personal line only a few people had this number and she knew if they called it, it was important.

“Hello,” she said as she picked up the line, Violet wondered who would be calling her, probably Nedra.

“Hello sweetheart.”

It was her mama fromHouston. Violet broke out into a gigantic smile.

“Hi, mama it’s so good to hear from you.”

“Well I thought I better call my baby, since it seems my baby can’t call her mama.”

“I’m sorry mama it’s just been so busy, work and everything.”

Violet’s mom chuckled, “yea, I know you been busy with work and busy with a new boyfriend from what I hear.”

Violet was surprised, she hadn’t told her mother really anything about Paul, she wondered who…Nedra, big mouth.

“Nedra told you, right? Oh she got a big mouth.”

“Don’t be mad at Nedra, you know ever since Diane died she’s been using me as a surrogate mama,” Bernice laughed a little. Nedra’s mom, Diane had been friends with Bernice in her later years and had recently passed of a heart attack. Not only had Violet been a great comfort to Nedra but so had Bernice, while Nedra got matters in order inBeaumont, where her mom was living at the time of her death.

“I’m not upset about that mama. I just didn’t want you to find out about my new boyfriend like this.”

“Well, I’ve found out. Now tell me a little more about this man.”

“Well, I’m sure you already know a lot. His name is Paul Dudley, he’s Australian and he works with me.”

“Do you think that’s wise, dear? You know I’ve always warned against dating people you work with, if it ends it might not be good, you remember that guy you dated a while back.”

Violet thought back to Dirk, she didn’t want to think about him and that horrible relationship but she had put that out of her mind and wasn’t going to hold that against Paul. “Mama, I understand that but I’m trying to put that mess and the drama it caused within me behind me. Paul is really nice mama, he’s such a gentlemen, sweet, gentle, and he’s good to me very affectionate and loving. I feel on top on the world.”

“Well, baby if you like him, I like him,” but Violet could hear the worry and warning in her mother’s voice. She had always heeded her mother’s advice as a young woman and she’d never led her wrong. She didn’t want her mom to worry about her and Paul.

“Mama, you’re coming here for Thanksgiving aren’t you?”

“Yes, your brother Greg and Natalie are not happy about it but I haven’t seen you in awhile so I want to spend that time with my baby. Anyway Monty’s coming up with Lita and the baby so we’ll be there.”

Violet had almost forgotten her middle brother Monty was coming with his second wife, Lita and their new little girl, Angelica.

“I almost forgot about that, good then you’ll both get to meet him. What’s Tyrone doing for Thanksgiving,” Violet asked curiously. Tyrone lived such a wild life, who knew what he’d be up to.

“Who knows, I try my best to just love Ty and keep out of his business because between the three baby mamas, it’s enough to give me high blood pressure.”

“Ah, geez is he ever gonna get it together,” her brother was so smart and charming but he seemed to have something about women and kids.

“Well, this last one Farrah, they might be in for the long haul, I hope so. I’ve been praying for that boy to settle down because if he doesn’t settle down it’s going to be bad news.”

Violet just laughed, not heartily, her mama was in constant prayer for all of them and she always appreciated it. Bernice’s life was church and her job as a city bus driver.

“That’s good, it’s about time. He can’t spend his entire paycheck on child support and baby toys,” Violet thought for minute, “no maybe he can, he’s the one who made those children with those girls he can suck it up.”

“Yes, he can that whole paycheck from NASA is going to them. Don’t play if you can’t pay.”

Violet and her mom busted out laughing over the phone.

“Oh, mama you’re so funny. Well, mama I just want to let you know. I’m enjoying my relationship with Paul. You’re going to like him mama, you are going to like him a lot and he’s really cute mama.”

“Yea, I figured that. I know you got some good taste in men just like your mama.”

Violet smiled into the phone, she looked like her mom they had the same everything so she knew that smile on the other end of the phone was like hers.

“Mama, I got to go. I have a meeting with one of the head partners and I don’t need to be late.”

“Oh no, I don’t want my baby to get in trouble. Now, you call me more than once a month, girl,” Bernice scolded her.

“I will mama, I’m sorry.”

“I accept the apology. Go to your meeting. I love you.”

“I love you, too ma. Bye.” Violet hung up the phone and gathered her things headed up to 46th floor to Harmon Brookes office. She was wondering what all the hubbub was about, but she was about to find out.

Violet arrived on the 46th floor. There are only four offices on this floor and the remaining space were conference rooms and war rooms for cases. One of those four offices was occupied by Harmon Brookes, it was less of an office and more of an apartment, he and Mr. Smithmeyer had a full kitchen in their office, bar area although Mr. Smithmeyer didn’t drink and a full bathroom and sauna. She’d snuck into Mr. Smithmeyer’s private lavatory once and it was spectacular. As she opened the outer doors to Mr. Brookes office, she noticed his private secretary there, Queen Porter, Queen was fromTrinidad and everyone in the office addressed her as Ms. Porter. She had a daughter and two grandchildren their pictures were on her desk. Her daughter was strikingly gorgeous so was Queen, you could tell in her day she was probably beating them off with a stick. She was tall almost 5’10”, a big woman but solid and all curves with a pair of legs that looked they could crush coconuts, she had smooth cocoa skin, short hair that was dyed blonde, it always looked odd to Violet but from the way she held herself with such dignity and pride she looked like she’d earned it. She was in her early 50’s now Mr. Brookes was in his mid-60’s. There had been whisperings around the office that she and Mr. Brookes were involved but if they were you couldn’t tell. They had a wonderful rapport with each other but were always professional. She did all his private business, he had a legal secretary also, but Queen never did that work for him. She knew that Ms. Porter had been with him now almost thirty years. She drove a white E-class Mercedes, brand new, there was talk that she made more than the associates at the firm and a couple of the junior partners.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Porter.”

Ms. Porter looked sharply over her glasses and a wide smile broke out on her face when she saw Violet, “Well, hello there Ms. Maxwell. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you,” she tilted her head slightly, “something about you is different. You look so bright, you have a glow…ah, you’re in love?”

Violet looked down blushing a little “it’s not a big deal Ms. Porter.”

“It is a big deal, you look happy and it makes your work more productive. It helps, I know,” she smiled at Violet a ‘knowing’ smile that said she understood.

Violet just smiled back and decided to steer the conversation away from her love life, “How are your grandkids?”

“Oh, the two boys, they are wonderful. I have pictures, wait let me get them.”

She pulled her purse from her desk drawer and rifled through it looking for the photos.

She showed them to Violet, “look, aren’t they handsome?” beaming with the pride only a grandmother can.

“They are so adorable.” Violet stares at the picture of the two boys, “how old are they?”

“They are seven and three, the three-year-old Jaden gets into everything.”

Violet just laughed, they were really cute little boys, curly black hair, long eye lashes, and café au lait skin. They would be handsome young men. Violet wonders if she had a little boy with Paul would he look like this. Where’d that come from, they’d only been dating there was no talk of marriage and especially not children. Violet shook the thoughts from her head.

“Here you go Ms. Porter, they are really handsome,” she said handing the photos back to Queen. She was depositing them into her purse again when Violet heard the door open behind her she swung around and saw Paul stepping through the door in a charcoal grey suit, looking good enough to eat. Violet had to squeeze her thighs tight she could feel herself begin to leak sweetness down her leg. It was becoming better but sometimes when he just looked particularly gorgeous it was hard for her body to not succumb to urges to have him immediately.

“Mr. Dudley,” Queen comes around her huge desk and hugs Paul intimately he hugs her back heartily. Since he’s worked with Mr. Brookes previously she knew him.

“Hello, Queen, how are you?” he asks with that blinding beautiful smile, his jade green eyes flash lust towards Violet. She notices and smiles to herself.

“I am wonderful, how are you?”

“I’m doing fabulous as usual. Is Harmon almost ready?”

“Yes, I think so let me check.”

Violet looked at him curiously, “you here to meet with Mr. Brookes, too?”

“Yes, I am. You also?”

“Yes, I wonder what this is about?” Violet wasn’t getting nervous, she knew she and Paul had been doing damn good work on the merger even though they had been frequently working on merging themselves but their work product never suffered.

Queen looked up at them once she was off the phone, “alright, you two he’s ready to meet.”

“Okay,” Violet moved towards Harmon’s office door.

“Thank you, Queen,” Paul came up behind Violet and rested his hand on her lower back intimately. He may not have noticed it but Queen did, ‘those two are in love’ she thought and smiled to herself. She wished she was a little younger because that Paul Dudley was not a bad man to be in love with, Violet had chosen wisely.

As the door clicked shut behind them, they entered and saw Harmon standing behind his desk. He was an old school southern gentleman born and raised inAlabama, where he attended undergraduate and law school. For being an old school southern gentleman, Violet found that he was not a good ol’ boy. He was very smart, wise, and respectful. He reminded Violet of Burt Lancaster, a big smile always, he was a strapping big man, looked like he still worked out frequently and was in quite good shape for someone of his age. His hair was completely white and he had full head of it, Violet couldn’t tell if it was real or fake but if it was fake it was fantastic. Mr. Brookes never tried to be young he took pride in his age and was always appropriately dressed from his clothing, to his hair, he always looked like a sixty-five year old man with incredible taste in clothes and fashion. His hair was cut short and he was wearing a brown pin-striped suit, he had his glasses on, which he didn’t wear all the time. Violet always found him incredibly handsome. If she was into older men or had a daddy thing he wouldn’t have been a bad man to have it with.

“Come on in, you two” he had a loud deep voice with a slight southern twang, he may have tried to lose it but it didn’t go far.

Paul reached out and shook his hand firmly, “How you doing, Harmon?”

“I’m fine, doing well.”

“Hello, Mr. Brookes”

“Hello Violet, you look lovely. You two sit on down and we’ll get this shindig started. Would you like anything to drink? I can certainly go over to that kitchenette thing and get something or have Queenie bring you something in.”

“No.” Paul answered.

“No, thank you Mr. Brookes” Violet said simultaneously.

The one thing Violet knew about any meeting with Harmon was that he got straight to the point, he was very direct and she always appreciated that about him. But she was having a hard time not appreciating Paul and how sexy he looked in that beautiful well-tailored suit. He really could wear a suit. Then again his body looked good in all clothes and no clothes at all. Violet let her eyes travel down his body to those strong legs, she couldn’t see the complete definition through those suit pants but she could see some of the bulge of his muscular legs.

“Okay, here’s the deal you two,” Violet’s head sprung up as she heard Harmon’s voice, “this merger is going fantastic,” he nodded towards them approvingly, “you all have been doing a wonderful job on this. Violet I must compliment you. You have taken the reins of this merger and handled it well.”

Violet smiled, “thank you, Mr. Brookes.”

“No need to thank me, I need to thank you, you make this firm look good.”

Violet glanced towards Paul, he was looking at her smiling slightly with a devilish look of ‘later on tonight we’ll be celebrating this’ she just turned back towards Mr. Brookes and squeezed her thighs even tighter.

“You have done a fine job. I’ve been checking over the file, you know I do that periodically just to keep up with all the cases that are going on in my firm.”

Harmon Brookes and Mr. Smithmeyer knew the status of every single case in the firm, they just worked like that, this law firm was their baby, their family and they made sure they knew what was happening under their roof.

Violet spoke up, she wanted to make sure everything about the case as it stood was understood by Mr. Brookes, “yes, Mr. Brookes we’ve been coming along. We have some meetings to attend in each company, starting the process of the merger. We also have an upcoming final meeting with the SEC, laying out the final plan to them for approval.”

“Yes, I understand. The reason I called you two in here was to talk about those meetings. I want those to start now.”

Paul looked at her, “now, sir,” he asked.

“Yes now, the sooner the better. This merger is hot and with the economy in the state it’s in, you don’t want to wait too long and make investors or boards nervous. This is not the best time to handle a merger but the SEC knows it’s necessary in some cases to keep companies functioning and the economy growing.”

Violet made a comment to them both, “yes, sir I agree. The SEC has been watching mergers closely but if your plans are sound, they aren’t saying much to stop or discourage.”

Paul looked at Violet he was always impressed at how well she did her job and how knowledgeable she was about it. He was getting increasingly turned on just by sitting there near her hearing her speak with Harmon. He couldn’t say he’d ever been this turned on by a woman speaking about the SEC, his cock was getting harder by the second. The fact that she looked so deliciously dressed in a beautiful crisp white linen skirt that hugged every curve ,with a turquoise shirt and a pair of three inch turquoise sandals with jewels all over them with a strap around the ankle, had him thinking about tying her down.

“Well, this means I want you start setting up meetings with Swisz Athletics as soon as possible. I want you two out of here on a plane toBern,Switzerlandas soon as feasible. How does that sound?”

Paul looked at Violet and she looked at him. They both looked back at Mr. Brookes and said a resounding “yes, sounds great”.

“Good, I knew you’d two would be ready to get going. If I know anything about you and Paul, you’re both definitely tenacious, an admirable quality.”

Violet thought to herself, he doesn’t know how tenacious because tonight I’m going to be on my back with someone working my body out overtime. She looked over at Paul and he just gave her a big smile, with that twinkle in his emerald green eyes. Switzerland, here we come thought Violet. ©