I Have Some Stories to Continue

Like many people who write romance I may every once in awhile write secondary characters that are in a budding romance themselves. In these stories I don’t go into much detail about these secondary characters or their story, but you get glimpses. Those glimpses are there so you know there will be an upcoming story, an offshoot, from the main romance about these two secondary characters. I’ve done this on a few occasions in A Common Kind of Love, Rendezvous, Remembering Your Heart, and now in Surviving in Dateland. As I’ve told you before I do love a series and I find this the best way to do series for romance. But the thing is you haven’t seen me start any of these stories, well at least you haven’t seen them posted yet on this blog. But please be assured, they are coming and coming soon. There are tons of story lines dancing in my head about secondary characters from the stories I’ve mentioned. So I want to encourage you to stay with me as I bring back some of my secondary characters in these stories for their own romantic adventures.

Zoe and Al from A Common Kind of Love

Kurt and Joy from Rendezvous

Amber and Brady from Remembering Your Heart

Bailey and his mystery woman from Surviving in Dateland

Also if you haven’t read some of these, please check them out. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and sharing them all. So please don’t worry if you liked a secondary character and were dying to hear their love story, it’s coming, it’s coming…



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