Time For Love-Chapter 1


Okay I’m a glutton for punishment. Why would I ever start a story while I have about five of them that I’m in a middle of writing right now. Because I’m a glutton for punishment but this story was just on my mind and these two folks were on it as a good combination for hero and heroine. Don’t expect an update for this too soon. I still got two stories I’m finishing Remember Your Heart and Surviving in Dateland. But for some reason I thought Forks, Washington would be a good setting. Because I know Forks and the areas around Forks and someone needs a tell a story about that beautiful part of the country without including werewolves and sparkly vampires. So why not me.  I hope you like this story and like I said it may be awhile before you see a Chapter 2 but I’m going to complete it, definitely.

Chapter 1

‘There he is over there, Lill.’

‘Who’s over there?’ Casey peeked her nosy head in on Lill and Roberta’s conversation.

‘I’m not talking to you Casey. Get outta our business,’ Roberta admonished the young woman.

Lill still hadn’t turned toward whatever Roberta was talking about, she didn’t have time. There were other customers in The Rain Drop Diner that needed help. The breakfast rush was winding down but there were still people at her tables and the counter which Roberta was handling today.

Lillian turned toward her exasperated with her chatter, ‘What Roberta! What are you talking about?’

‘Over in the corner. He’s been here every Thursday morning for a month and the whole time he’s here he’s eyeing you.’

At that statement, Lillian thought maybe she needed to check ‘him’ out. She turned from the prep counter to the corner and there he was. She hadn’t noticed him until Roberta said something today, but she wasn’t sure how she’d missed him. He was beautiful. He had chestnut brown hair and the sweetest blue eyes she’d ever seen and Roberta was right he was looking at her. He was trying to do it slyly but he was almost gawking. She knew he wasn’t staring at Roberta she was a 56 year old rotund grandmother. Casey was out of the question it wasn’t because she was bad looking or older she wasn’t. She was 22 years old, kind of mousy but cute but she was married with 2 children. So by process of elimination it had to be her.  She looked away from his stare it was making her uncomfortable.

Lillian had never really been into white guys even as one of the few black women in a small town by the coast of Washington. She’d always dated black men, she always felt that they knew her struggle a lot better. She’d lived in Seattle for many years with two ex-boyfriends after she’d dropped out of college the first year, a decision she regretted. She struggled on her own there for a few years living with her cousin and her husband but she just felt like a burden. About 3 years ago after her dad had a stroke she’d come back to Forks to be near her parents. They needed her. She lived in a tiny house behind their place and it suited her. She helped them and it gave her chance to attend college via online. She had a few more months until graduation and then hopefully she’d be starting a career away from this diner. She’d always been grateful Ben Holloway had given her a job when she showed back up in town, she’d worked her as a teenager. Now all she hoped was that this accounting degree would get her some work. She didn’t want to look around in 4 years and be 35 still waiting on tables.

Jose was ringing for her to pick up another order but before she did she caught one more quick glance at the gorgeous man in the corner. She didn’t have time for this kind of distraction but he was certainly nice to look at.

Jonas just sat there sipping his coffee with a half eaten muffin on the plate. This certainly was not the best place in town for breakfast, there was diner up the road that had way better food, but she was here. He’d come in once to ask directions and saw her. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever beheld. Beautiful skin the color of fresh honey, she was an exotic flower in a sea of weeds in this town.

Jonas had moved to Forks from Olympia he’d just been here about two months, he’d come for an opportunity to buy a veterinary clinic from one his old professors. Dr. Parsons had always believed in him so when he decided to retire to the Bahamas he called Jonas and gave him first opportunity to buy out his established clinic. So he’d moved out here it was small but quaint and it was the setting for that book and movie ‘Twilight’. He wasn’t concerned about that he was concerned about the fine beauty that was waiting tables. He’d purposefully not set at her tables when he showed up on Thursday morning. He didn’t think he was ready to talk to her, he had seen from her name tag her name was Lillian. She was definitely a Lilly, beautiful, soft, delicate and exquisite. When he was there on Thursday mornings she never seemed to pay him much attention, he breezed in and out unnoticed until today. Today she’d looked directly at him when the older woman spoke to her. He wondered if they were talking about him. It didn’t matter. He’d have to make a move soon or he’d be accused of stalking. He just wasn’t sure he had time for love or even if he should bother.

His last relationship had ended a year ago when his fiancé, Heather had left him for a yoga instructor in California. This would be a fresh start.

Lillian was getting weary of Roberta following her around talking about the strange guy at the corner table staring at her.

‘I’ve heard a couple of people call him, Dr. Stewart. I wonder what kind of doctor he is?’ Casey said. Roberta looked over at him again, ‘with those kind of clothes child he couldn’t be a rich one.’

‘Roberta,’ she was finally fed up, ‘I’ve got customers to help and so do you. I’ve got a cup a coffee and a glass of juice to get over to Ethel and Rev. Bell, not now please.’

Roberta threw her hands in the air and backed away she knew when Lill was in a bad mood it was not the time to gossip or chitchat.

Lillian was coming from behind the counter when someone at it tried to get her attention she turned suddenly and didn’t even notice the gorgeous hunk of man who walked in front of her.

‘Whoa!’ She said as she bumped directly into his side, coffee and juice went flying everywhere. Most of it hit Lill’s t-shirt, jeans, apron, and the floor.

‘I’m so sorry,’ the good looking stranger from the corner table told her.

Lillian sighed then plastered on a smile, ‘it’s okay it was totally my fault. This will happen when you don’t watch where you’re going.’

Casey and Roberta both rushed over to make sure she was okay and to bring her a towel.

‘Are you okay Mister? I didn’t burn you with that coffee?’ Lillian asked as she tried to clean his jacket.

‘Oh no, I’m okay I got some on my pants but this jacket is water proof. Looks like that was a good purchase,’ he smiled at Lillian.

For a moment she was at a complete loss for words, he was beautiful, friendly, sensuous, and sexy all at once. His whole face lit up when he smiled, he had the naughty schoolboy thing going on full blast. She blinked and shook her head slightly to come out of the dream of her and him and more ways to make him smile.

‘Oh. Good.’ She looked over toward the Bells, ‘Reverend and Mrs. Bell, I’ll get you new glasses of coffee and juice in a moment. And well since you’re okay I better get picked up and back to work.’

Lillian hurried away from him like lightning, she couldn’t take much more of that smile. It had her weak in the knees and she’d never felt that way about anyone particularly some white guy. As she refilling coffee cups and pouring more juice she kept looking over at him. He was paying Roberta and was about to leave, but just before he did he looked back to catch Lillian smiling at him and waved. She almost dropped that dang juice glass again. She was headed back to give Rev. Bell and Mrs. Bell their drinks and peered out of the window to see him in the parking lot. He had a sure gait, very manly, she’d only noticed his face in the restaurant but his body wasn’t to go unnoticed he looked to be in good shape. He got into a silver Volvo SUV and headed out.

‘You okay child?’

Lillian looked down at Rev. Bell, ‘oh yes sir, I sure am. I made a bit of a mess but I’ve recovered.’

‘That’s good, looked a little messy for a second, Sister Danvers,’ then he chuckled.

Lillian thought, he didn’t know how right he was now that they’d acknowledged each other this thing could get messy.

Jonas had just stepped into his clinic for the day he an appointment at 9:30 a woman by the name of Ms. Killeen who had a tabby by the name of Buttons that was listless and not eating. Jonas enjoyed being a veterinarian, he preferred animals to people many times and living in such a rural area it kept him busy and the work was much more varied. He saw domesticated animals small as gerbils and wild animals as big as cougars.

‘Hey Dr. Stewart!’

‘Hey there, Thad how are you today?’

‘Doing great Dr. Stewart. Had an awesome night, my girlfriend accepted my marriage proposal.’

‘Really, that’s great. Congratulations.’

‘I guess finally getting this great job with you as veterinary assistant sealed it for her.’

Jonas laughed, yes he knew how some women were impressed by money. He hoped Thad had chosen wisely it could be tragic to figure out you hadn’t too late.

‘I see you’re getting things prepped for today.’

‘Yes, we’ll be ready Dr. Stewart. I looked at the schedule looks like we’re busy today.’

‘We have lots of precious creatures to take care of. Is Chelsea here yet?’

‘No, but it’s almost 9 she should be showing up any minute.’

‘Okay we’ve got our first patient at 9:30 am. I’ve got some notes to complete before they come in. I’ll be in my office.’

‘Okay, Dr. Stewart, I’ll let you know when our first patient arrives.’

Jonas walked toward his office, he stepped in and took off his coat and put it on the coat rack. This place wasn’t fancy or lavish, it was functional. The walls were paneled, he’d taken down all the photos Fred Parsons had up. He hadn’t replaced it with much, just various accolades, certifications and degrees he’d earned. He had a few photos of his family but not many, his parents lived in Gig Harbor still and his brother and two sisters still lived here in the Pacific Northwest. Jonas was the youngest at 35 years old, then his sister, Mary Ann was 38, married with two kids, then his brother Donovan was 43, married with one child, then his oldest sister, Vivian was 46 had married her long time girlfriend this year, they had five kids together. Jonas’ parents continually looked at him and wondered why he wasn’t married and giving them grandkids. Then again after today he thought he might make them grandparents some time soon.

He’d been enchanted when he first saw her almost a month ago when he walked into the diner to ask directions and get a cup of coffee to go. She was like a dream come to life, she was wearing braids that day and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so busy she didn’t notice him and hadn’t noticed him until today. The luck of her running into him was kismet, finally a chance to speak to her not exactly in the way he imagined but it was better than nothing.

He’d found out that day her name was Lillian because that’s what the customers called her. She was friendly and engaging and sexy as everything. Her sex appeal caught his eye but over the last few weeks of coming in for breakfast he’d noticed more. She was funny and smart, she was kind but was very direct with some of the over eager menfolk in this small town. It couldn’t be easy to so gorgeous with a body that just screamed sin and not have some of these old horn dogs and the young ones too getting all grab ass. He liked she was a little tough but sweet and stood up for herself. He’d had enough of push overs with Heather, he liked that she would probably give him a challenge.

As he sat there with images of her pretty smile and smooth, soft caramel skin he could feel his manhood stirring. Jonas couldn’t believe it, it had been many years and many women since he’d felt such longing just imagining someone. This Lillian had bewitched him and he was eager to see what would come of this infatuation. There was sharp rap at the door, Jonas looked up and tried to calm his active hormones.

‘Come in.’

‘Dr. Stewart, first patient is in.’

‘Alright Thad get the feline prepped. I’ll be in a minute.’

Meagan-Good-Mens-Health-23He needed a moment and a plan on how to make a chance encounter with the woman of his dreams into time for love.


3 thoughts on “Time For Love-Chapter 1

  1. Oh my goodness Eugenia! I just had to share this with you. Yesterday I walked into a bookstore searching for language materials as I’m learning another language. Now usually when I’m headed to the bookstore I budget a little extra for a ‘romantic novel’ the likes of Mills&Boon, Harlequin, Silhouette. Yesterday, after perusing the language section I wandered over to the romance section, read one or two synopses and left without a single romance novel.

    I said to myself, if the character doesn’t reflect me – a black woman (not ethnically ambiguous or mixed etc.) then I’m not buying the book. I’ve been in this state of mind for a while now but upon walking out of the door and realising I had acted on my conciousness, lived the words instead of just saying them – I am a beautiful black multi dimensional woman who exists and will not be erased or subordinated – it felt amazing.

    I did not have access to interracial erotica until two years ago when I came across the Interracial Erotica website and later your blog (this one). Back then I had an OMG! moment and was thrilled at having stories with characters I could relate to with aspects that resonated.

    Walking out of that bookstore I had an epiphany. I’m all in, if it means I have to do extra research or order online to find literature, reading materials or stories (romantic/erotica) that represent black women as multi-dimensional (loving a person of her choice especially non-black partner) and outside the stereotypical representations or complete erasure of black women – I’m doing it!

    Thanks for the wonderful stories, beautiful protagonists and interracial romance.

    • That was such a great story, it made me smile. I know how you feel I’ve always loved romance and mystery, my two loves since I was young. I didn’t get into romance until middle school when I read the teen romances ‘Sweet Valley High’ and such. Yes, even as a teen I was disappointed none of the characters were me. They didn’t look like me, although I could identify with some of the things they went through and feelings. I just thought well if can identify with it, why aren’t any of the girls black like me.

      I kept reading romance and as an adult I’d try to picture the heroine as black, which wasn’t always easy when they’re describing her porcelain skin and pink nipples LOL. Then in 2008 I discovered interracial/multicultural romance. Oh it was hallelujah, books that were like my romantic interests, books that had a heroine that was like me, black. They’d been around since the 90s but really started to pick up in 2000s. I read those stories voraciously I kid you not. I was buying books, downloading stories and I was reading and reading. I found the IR erotica and it was on, I was so happy. I converse with some of the authors of those stories they are great ladies and very friendly. It was giving a thirsty man water when I found those stories and authors. I’m with you, I want romance that reflects me and I’m finding more mysteries that reflect me, not as much as romance but one day I hope to rectify that. I’d really like to write a mystery, I’ve got some ideas. I’m so glad you found what you were looking for, trust and believe every romance I write on this site will be a bw and non-bm. I like it I’m going to write it. Yes keep searching the Internet and Amazon has a really large selection of IR romance and erotica that’s what got me hooked. Enjoy the stories.

      • “…describing her porcelain skin and pink nipples LOL.” I know what you mean. A character description reading “…she had blue eyes and long layered red hair…” And I’m curling the strands of my afro between my fingers – dissonance between the character and I right there!
        I like mystery novels too although I haven’t read them in a while. When you write yours – I’ll buy it.
        Thanks for the pointers on Amazon, I’ll start searching there.

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