What Happens In Vegas…-Chapter 3

Warning: This chapter contains sexually explicit material. 

Nydia was enjoying a beautiful day in Portland. Fall was coming soon and she just wanted to enjoy the last of this spectacular summer weather. She sitting on the patio drinking coffee and picking at a scrumptious banana walnut muffin at Grinders a coffee house just a block away from campus. She loved this spot, the coffee was too expensive for most of the students so they didn’t invade the place. She could work in peace and not hear too many obnoxious students talking about the ‘sick party’ going on at whatever fraternity over the weekend. Or listen to screeching music, this coffee shop played classical and jazz much more conducive to her thought process right now. Although she couldn’t get thoughts of Emerson, that had been dancing in her head and dreams as of late, out. He hadn’t shown back up at the law library thank goodness but she was dreading running into him on campus again. She was thankful to be here, she could relax and not have to be on high alert.


Nydia heard that sweet British accent in her ear. She looked up and there he was blocking the sunshine.

‘Hello,’ she muttered. Now what to do?

Emerson spotted her when he walked into the coffee shop, through the back glass window. She was sitting in the sun looking gorgeous as usual with it shining on that beautiful dark skin. She was glowing. He’d thought about just leaving her alone she didn’t really seem interested but then again there was a little twinkle in her eye he couldn’t ignore. He wanted to explore that more and now seemed like a good time a time as any.

‘May I join you Miss Frazier or is it Mrs.?’

She looked at him curiously, ‘no, it’s Ms. Frazier. See.’ She held up her ring-less finger to show him.

‘Well. It looks as if the men in this town are absolute fools.’

He sat across from her at the small round table and put a cup of what looked to be tea on it. Nydia almost melted, oh goodness he really is a super Brit she thought.

‘Next time I meet a man, I’ll inform him of your opinion.’ She didn’t mean to sound sarcastic but he made her feel on edge and snappy.

He chuckled, ‘you really are a difficult one, aren’t you?’

Nydia looked up from her papers, ‘excuse me?’ She was not liking his tone or maybe it was fact that he was so close and smelling so good, like sandalwood and fresh laundry.

‘I apologize for being so forward.’

‘What is that?’ she asked.

‘What is what?’

‘The way you speak, it’s straight out of a Jane Austen novel. Is that the way you charm the women?’ She didn’t need to ask because it was certainly the way he charmed her.

‘No. It’s not the way I charm the ladies out of their knickers if you want to know,’ then he gave her one of his disarming smiles. ‘It’s just the way I speak, would you like it better if I said, yo ma what’s up?’

She started to laugh he did the worse American accent ever and he laughed along with her. But Nydia knew she couldn’t get too close to this man, her whole life would fall apart if she did.

Emerson looked at her as she laughed and he couldn’t help but think something was so familiar about her but he just couldn’t place it. That beautiful melodic laughter just sounded oddly intimate. So many things about her had him thinking he must know her from someplace but her name wasn’t familiar at all.

‘You really do a terrible ‘hood’ accent. That was awful.’

‘I tried. Looks like you’re working hard.’

‘I am and how about yourself?’

‘It’s afternoon tea time, so I thought I’d get myself a cuppa.’

‘Ahhhh, you are really British.’

‘I am but not in every way. I can let myself go.’

At that phrase scenes of him and her letting themselves go in Vegas popped into her head. She really needed to get out of here and away from him before she burst into lustful flames.

‘Mr. Alistair, I need to…’

‘Please call me Emerson.’

‘Okay. Emerson, I need to get back to the law library. I’ve got tons of work to do.’

‘Okay, I hope I can come across you again. It’s always a pleasure Ms. Frazier.’

Nydia rose from the table she was wearing a pencil skirt that day that clung to every curve on her body for life. Emerson was in sheer pain and joy watching her form as it turned to walk away, that behind of hers, that behind…he thought, I know that beautiful rump.

‘Or can I call you…,’ then it hit him he knew where he knew her from Vegas, Vegas 5 years ago. ‘Charlotte?’ he said aloud.

Nydia turned and looked at him with pure shock and horror on her face. He’d remembered, oh yea she had to get the hell out of there right now. She snatched up her purse and jogged in those spike heels toward the door.

‘Ms. Frazier, Ms. Frazier…’ he called out after her.

She could hear him calling her name but she didn’t turn to try to acknowledge him.

Nydia was back at her office, she couldn’t believe it. Now what was she supposed to do he’d finally figured out who she was, she should just gather up her things and leave but she had a meeting in about 2 hours and she couldn’t miss it. Maybe she would just go hide in the stacks downstairs. Many times when she needed a moment to think she’d go downstairs in the stacks and just put away books. It was always quiet down there because students rarely went there and it would definitely be a good place today because school hadn’t began. She walked out and had the library assistants look at her oddly. She shouldn’t be surprised she did come tearing in here like the police were on her heels a few moments ago.

‘Milo, I’ll be downstairs in the stacks if anyone is looking for me.’

‘Okay Ms. Frazier,’ he said still staring at her cautiously.

Nydia’s heels clacked on the linoleum floors downstairs, most people would be terrified down here and she’d heard many students say they wouldn’t come down here because it was spooky. But it was comforting to her, it was cool, quiet, not too dark but not too much harsh light and she could drag the book cart from shelf to shelf stacking books and thinking. She needed time to think now because she needed a plan of what she would say when she saw Emerson Alistair again.

Emerson was furious as well as a tad turned on, he’d found the woman that he’d thinking about since that night. He was disappointed that next morning in Vegas to find her gone when he’d awoken. What he’d shared with her was more than a one night stand, at least to him, now he’d found her. He knew he wasn’t going to let her get away and then again she had a lot to explain.

At the desk they’d told him she was downstairs. As she descended, he could hear the clack of her heels on the floor, he was quiet as today he’d opted for soft sole loafers. He could hear her as she hummed a tune and as he drew closer he knew he should warn her but what the hell she’d run away from him in Vegas and fled the coffee house it was the strangest thing he’d ever seen. He rounded the corner of one the shelves and there she was her back to him. As he once again appreciated those luscious curves. He knew, yes, that was the woman who’d introduced herself to him as Charlotte in Vegas and as Nydia Frazier here.

download‘Hello again.’

Nydia almost jumped completely out of her skin, she had books in her hand so they hit the floor. She whirled around quickly to catch a glimpse of him leaning against the stacks. She really did want to jump him but a part of her was ready to run again.

‘I see the look in those beautiful eyes, you want to flee but no if you run I’ll catch you. You aren’t going anywhere Ms. Frazier.’

Nydia was a tad insulted, ‘do you think you’re going to stop me?’ She’d taken her hand on the hip tough girl stance. Emerson found he liked it and she was giving him a raging hard on.

‘Yes, because I know how.’

She cocked a quizzical eyebrow at him. ‘What, pray tell, do you know that I don’t?’

‘I know this.’ Emerson stalked toward her and Nydia backed up till she hit the wall. He knew he was taking a real chance with this move but he wanted this woman like no other and he was going to have her. They’d talk about explanations at some other juncture.

She was looking at him walk toward her and was astounded and aroused by the look in his eyes.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Reacquainting myself with you.’

He was in front in her now as she was pressed against the wall, she thought she should argue or leave but really at this moment she didn’t want to argue or leave. There was a lot of pent up sexual frustration she had regarding this man and lot of late night fantasies because of him and just wanted to relieve some that stress.

‘Would you like to leave?’ He was looking down at her eyes swimming with sex.

‘No,’ she said softly.

‘Ms. Frazier you have to speak up. I am not accustomed to taking a lady against her will.’

She looked him squarely in the eye, ‘no, I said.’

‘That’s all I needed to hear.’

Emerson hands moved to the hem of her skirt, Nydia trembled slightly at his touch. It was light but electric, she knew they had something that night in Vegas maybe that’s why she made a beeline outta there before he woke up. She’d always known she was a scaredy cat when it came to emotions especially love and she wanted to keep tight control over it all but now she just wanted to lose some of it.

Emerson stepped closer to her and pinned her in against the wall, he wanted her still. He didn’t want to talk to her face to face he wanted to speak into her ear, wanted her to feel his body and the heat emanating from it. His cock was hard as steel at this moment, he probably hadn’t felt this much lust since his night with her in Vegas. He kept inching her skirt up and noticed she wasn’t fighting or even arguing just breathing shallow but audible.

‘Ms. Frazier, I’m pleased you decided to stay,’ he finally had her skirt around her waist he was standing in front of her so if someone came across them it was unlikely they’d realize what was happening and this little corner was rather dim also. He felt her skin under his hands so smooth and supple just like he remembered, he almost came on the spot. He had to keep it together and let her melt he wanted her back but he wanted the truth too.

Nydia could feel her bare bottom on the cool wall, she wasn’t sure what he was doing but she didn’t want it to stop. She was wearing a lace thong and she felt those long slim strong fingers move the fabric aside as he slipped into her slick folds.


‘I’ve hit the spot. Yes…well that feels good to my fingers too,’ he assured her.

It had been so long since anyone had made her feel anything this good, these were only his fingers. She could feel herself start to writhe against his hand.

‘Does that feel nice Ms. Frazier?’

Nydia couldn’t speak so she just nodded her head to indicate yes. Emerson smiled he enjoyed that night many years ago the pleasure he brought her. She was extremely responsive to his touch then just as she was now.

‘Now Ms. Frazier I want you to ride my fingers because I know it feels good. I’m going to make sure you come right here most intensely. So put your arms on my shoulders because I don’t want you to fall and injure yourself. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened.’

Nydia side eyed him she couldn’t believe how calm he was, she could feel his hard member against her body but couldn’t understand how he stayed so in control. He had one hand on her butt massaging the flesh firmly while his other hand did magic fingers on her dripping cunt and slick clit. She was doing a poor job of keeping it together, her thighs were trembling and she wanted to scream out but instead of doing that she dug her fingernails into his shoulders. She hoped she wasn’t drawing blood as she put her face into his chest and muffled a scream of ecstasy in it.

Emerson felt her nails and her face against him, she was shaking uncontrollably and coming in his hands. It was warm and wet as it spread over his fingers. He looked at her as she came it was just as beautiful as previously. He let her settle before he extracted his fingers from her. She raised her face and she was gorgeous. Afterglow suited her very well.

He wanted to release his cock and screw her right into the wall but he’d just let her think about it. He knew she wanted him but she was hanging on so tightly to her control she wasn’t ready but he’d do whatever he needed to make sure she knew how much he wanted her.

‘Ms. Frazier?’

She looked up at him suddenly as she heard her name and realized what had just happened. Nydia’s eyes began to shift back and forth like a trapped animal, she started to pull at her skirt and she straightened that severe bun on her head that had gone askew in the passionate moment. She wanted to get out of there and away from him.

He looked her in the eye and said definitively, ‘I understand you want to leave and that’s fine but as I said previously we have things to speak about. And we will speak on those. Please understand that although I did not fuck you today, we are going to fuck.’

Her eyes narrowed at him and she began to squirm feverishly to get out of his hold. ‘Let me go,’ she said.

He did exactly as she asked, he let her go and backed away. Nydia took off with her book cart out of those shelves. As she left she looked back at him and he was standing at the end of the bookshelves against the wall relaxed as her eyes glanced down she noticed he was stroking his hardened cock. She thought to herself, wasn’t this scenario familiar to her. She turned and tried her best to put that sight out of her mind but the results of her own orgasm dripping between her legs made that hard to do. The remainder of the day was pretty much shot.


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