Remembering Your Heart-Chapter 4

WARNING: This contains explicit sexual content. 

Fotolia_2857598_M FIREMona felt achy, she was completely worn out by her night of lovely bliss with Luke. She was covered with a sheet at her stomach, she blinked slightly at the sunlight, she’d forgotten to close her blinds and the morning sun was streaming in. She turned to see the clock it was 10:30 am. She could hear the quiet snoring of a very sexy bed mate. She turned toward him, he was on his stomach face turned from hers, out cold on top of her comforter. He was a welcome sight for her tired eyes. All she saw was muscular back ripples and an ass you could have bounced a quarter off, he was truly blessed everywhere it seemed.

They’d stayed up most of the night making love, he was definitely Italian his sexual appetite was insatiable. Mona finally had to beg for mercy, she’d had multiple orgasms in a few positions and she couldn’t take anymore. But she figured she better get ready because he’d told her before they fell asleep that he really enjoyed sex in the morning. He seemed to not to find it too bad at night either. He stirred and turned to lie on his back. Mona peeked up again as he continued to snore quietly, she was amazed he could sleep on his stomach when his cock was at full mast already. She shuddered just thinking of their amazing loving from last night, her body began to react to the sight, smell and thought of having him enter her again. She became slick, she wanted him badly maybe she had a thing for morning sex too. She thought if only she could climb aboard and ride that monster he called a dick it would be a great morning. But she also knew she had morning breath, maybe she’d slide out of bed and brush her teeth quickly. She turned her body to rise from the bed and felt Luke stir again, she suddenly felt his large arm wrap around her middle and dragged her back. His hard front was against her soft back as he whispered in and kissed her ear.

‘Where are you going?’

Mona could barely remember now that he was kissing her earlobe, ah yes the bathroom. ‘I’m on my way to bathroom. I recalled you like sex in the morning and my breath isn’t that welcoming.’

Luke raised his head and attempted to kiss her, Mona moved her head so he couldn’t.

‘No, Luke I’m not in kissable form.’

‘You are always in kissable form to me, now kiss me and then I’m going to love you this morning and make sure you remember me, bella.’

She turned her body to face him, ‘I’m never going to forget you, you can count on that.’

Luke kissed her her deeply as he eased his hand between their bodies and made sure she’s ready for him.


Luke arrived back to his condo after spending the morning and afternoon with the luscious Mona, he was spent but happy. He knew he loved her more than he’d thought he could love a woman. She was loving, generous, funny, sexy, smart and beautiful, there was nothing on this earth like her. Which scared him to death because he knew what he had to tell her, it terrified him but it had to be done. Luke wished he could change his past but he couldn’t and now it was threatening his present. He needed to tell her the truth, he couldn’t build a relationship this deep on deception. He promised himself he’d do it soon, very soon.

He stepped into the door to find Brady sitting on the couch playing on that XBox.

He looked up for a moment to greet him, ‘hey Dad, what’s up?’

‘Nothing. Is this what you’ve been doing all day son, exercising your thumbs?’

‘No dad I just got back.’

‘Back from where, the gym?’


Luke was standing there looking at him waiting for the remainder of an explanation.

‘Where you been, dad?’ Brady asked through a half-chuckle.

‘Taking care of my business. Now where have YOU been today?’

‘Why should I tell you, you haven’t told me anything. I mean aren’t we friends, dad? Isn’t that what you said we’d be when I moved out here? We’d be friends. Huh? What’s up with that?’

‘Yes it was but some things even friends don’t share,’ Luke came over to sit next to his son.

‘Oh so it’s like that, I have to tell. You don’t. Maybe I feel the same way you feel.’

‘Okay enough of this Brady, I’m pulling rank. I’m your father, so tell me where you’ve been. Then maybe I’ll tell you something.’ Luke was getting nervous Brady had never been secretive with him but being away from him so long had caused a strain in their relationship. He knew he had to build trust again but he was still his dad.

Brady started to laugh and stopped his game to turn to look at his dad, ‘no biggie pop, I was at lunch with Amber.’

Luke raised from his relaxed position on the sofa, ‘what? You two had lunch today?’

‘Well yea, I figured she wanted to eat before I dropped her off,’ Brady picked up the game control and started in again.

Luke’s eyebrows furrowed, he was confused, ‘dropped her where? You picked her up from her house, you guys had lunch, and you dropped her somewhere?’

Brady looked over at his dad like he had two heads, ‘no pop, she spent the night, we got up, went out for lunch and I dropped her home.’

Luke leaped up from the couch, ‘WHAT THE FUCK? She what? You two didn’t spend the night here together did you?’

His son sighed, ‘yea she did, Dad I thought I’d had too much to drink. I didn’t want to endanger her or wreck your ride. So she just stayed.’ He was giving the most innocent look he could muster. ‘We didn’t have sex, she’s not even my type.’

Luke smirked at that sentiment, ‘really, you expect me to believe that son.’

Brady had tried to kiss her but she rebuffed him pointedly, he didn’t try again. He figured there was no need to tell his dad about it.

‘Yea, she’s not. You know how I like ’em dad.’

‘Yea blonde and dumb.’ Brady looked as if his feelings were hurt, ‘I’m sorry son, I didn’t mean that but you’ve got to know that was not a good idea.’

Luke knew about Amber’s mother, Georgina and her utter contempt for white men. This could really spell disaster for him. But he had to give his son props at least he didn’t try drive her home while he was drunk.

‘Brady, I’m glad you didn’t drive drunk.’

‘Well. At least I get credit for that, geez,’ he says sarcastically.

‘But son, you don’t understand this may get Amber into trouble.’

‘Oh yea, dad, I do understand, Amber told me about her mom. When I dropped her off I went in and everything and introduced myself to her mom. She seemed cool.’

Luke was standing there with his head back, eyes closed and sighing. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out and there was Mona’s smiling face, she was calling. He hoped it was to say what a great time she’d had last night, this morning and this afternoon. He headed for the kitchen to get some privacy and left Brady to work his thumbs on that damn machine.

He sat at a barstool by the kitchen counter and answered, ‘hey bella, how are you mi amor?’

‘Don’t mi amor me. What the hell was your son thinking dropping my niece off this afternoon? Georgie was just on the phone calling me every name but a child of god, my ear is hot.’

‘Bella, bella it’s not that big of a deal you know how kids are?’

‘No I don’t, I don’t have kids. How are they? Because if they’re like this I don’t know if I want any.’

‘Bella, calm down. I just talked to him. They didn’t do anything.’

‘Oh you talking sexual?! Oh I know that my niece has more sense than to just fall into bed with any old boy that sweet talks her.’

Luke was getting a little insulted, ‘excuse me, but my son was raised as a gentlemen.’

‘No gentlemen keeps a young lady out all night.’

‘Actually she had a hand in this too, bella.’

Mona saw red, ‘I know you’re not calling my niece a slut.’

‘I said no such thing, don’t put words into my mouth. Brady felt like he’d had too much to drink to take Amber home so they stayed here. I think that was very mature.’

‘Oh sure, that old excuse. Georgie is screaming at me about putting my niece in harm’s way. She’s blaming me for almost getting her child raped by a white boy. What am I supposed to do? She’s absolutely livid at me.’

‘Well first, I’d suggest you both calm the hell down. My son is not a rapist, I taught him to respect women like his father and grandfather before him or have you forgotten?’

Luke turned to see Brady standing at the kitchen door mouthing the word ‘rape’ and throwing his hands in the air up in the ‘I give up’ sign. He just turned and left as Luke and Mona kept arguing.

Brady went to his room and turned on his computer to crank some music. Rape. Who did people think he was, he’d never hurt a girl like that, one of his girl friends from school had been raped by a guy they knew. Brady had tried to beat the guy senseless but they got him arrested, he wasn’t even convicted just a slap on the wrist because they were on a date. His friend, Erica had been blamed for the whole thing. Her family moved away it had been so tragic. He’d never do that to any girl, especially not Amber. He’d never been into black chicks but when he’d seen her last night standing in Mona’s living room he was mesmerized. She was it, he wanted to grab her and kiss her then. That gorgeous smile, those big brown eyes, she had a killer body, he hadn’t been into black girls but he certainly was now. At the show last night he’d tried to kiss her figuring his charms would work like they had on other girls but, no she was not having it. Brady was a tad surprised at her rejection, he didn’t get rejected a lot but wasn’t mad maybe he needed to prove himself. Yea, that’s what it was, he needed to prove himself to Amber. He liked her, he was hoping she felt the same about him. But with the argument going on between his dad and Mona…maybe this was doomed before it even began. ‘Crap,’ he said to himself and put his earphones on and laid back in the bed.

Amber was sitting in her backyard, swinging on the old wooden swing her dad had put up for her as a kid. She was a daddy’s girl but he was out of town on business, she could hear her mama screaming about what she’d done today to him on the phone. Amber wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, she just felt like defying her mother. So she’d called her last night and told her she’d be staying with Aunt Mo, she knew she was lying when she did it but she did. It had been a very interesting night with Brady, Amber knew as soon as she saw him that was hot. She was sort of shocked how hot, but she should have know because Luke was good-looking that the apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree. Although she was physically attracted to him, some of the stuff he did was just stuff a dumb dude would do. He’d try to kiss her and she wasn’t remotely doing anything for him to think he could or should. She figured back in New York the girls were lined up. Well, not here in the Pacific Northwest, at least not her. She wasn’t sure he was enough for all this trouble but she was kind of glad her mother almost had a heart attack, Amber almost laughed but she was sure that would have gotten her a smack. Her mama was totally wide-eyed as she introduced her to Brady, her mother was good at putting up a front she did that all the time. She did that when speaking to Brady but Amber could tell she could hardly contain her contempt. She hated to do that Brady, she’d have to apologize to him and Aunt Mo her mom had gone completely crazy accusing her Aunt of all kinds of crazy things. She’d be upset with her but she was sure she’d find it funny in a way too. Oh well, she just decided to swing in the breeze and enjoy the day.

He had hung up with Mona, he’d have a lot to talk about with his son and his lack common sense but I think he already knew that. He’d told Mona that he’d be by tonight to take her to dinner. He wasn’t sure what he apologizing for, he hadn’t done anything but it happened that way sometimes. But he also knew he had to talk to her about what he’d figured out too, that their pasts had converged in a significant way that she was unaware of it. He wasn’t ready but he needed to reveal this to her.


Luke looked at his son and sighed, ‘yes, Brady.’

‘I’m sorry dad, I heard you talking to Mona. I mean she’s wrong and there’s really not a reason for her to freak like that.’

Luke was frustrated with Brady’s attitude, ‘Brady, you need to stop talking. You’ve fucked up enough. Now I have to straighten this out with Mona. And you will be apologizing to her.’

Brady opened his mouth to say something but had second thoughts as he looked at his father’s furrowed brow.

‘Yes sir.’

Luke left Brady standing in the kitchen as he headed to his bathroom so he could get a shower and change his clothes.


Luke was pulling up to Mona’s house, he saw her looking out of the window. He hopped out of the Jag and jogged to the step. She opened the door before he knocked.

‘Hello there,’ she said. Mona had been waiting, she’d been really upset when her sister called screaming at her about Amber and Brady but after she thought about it they were both adults responsible for themselves. ‘I’m sorry about today.’

Luke swept her into his arms and kissed her deeply as he lifted her up. Mona pulled back, they needed to get into the house she had no interest in putting up a porno for her neighbors.

‘We better go in.’

Luke looked around and said, ‘I think you’re right.’

He carried her into the house and shut the door with his foot, he continued to kiss and caress Mona. His hands making there way down her back to cup her buttocks. Mona wrapped her legs around Luke’s muscular back. He was so solid and seriously sexy. She’d forgotten all about being upset with Luke and was dying to have his throbbing cock buried deep inside her.

They unlocked lips for a moment. ‘Luke, I’m dying here. Enough with the foreplay, can we can down to some loving. I want it bad, big daddy.’

Luke smiled slyly, ‘well you little sex kitten, you. Bella I have no wish to make you wait a moment longer.’

She was wearing a sundress so Luke reached under so he could feel some of the silky flesh. As he reached under he discovered a surprise, Mona wasn’t wearing any panties.

Mona smiled coyly at her lover. Luke eyes were showing shock and growing lust.

‘Why I’m surprised at you Mona, you’ve decided to be naughty. When did this happen?’

‘It happened before you got here, I was ready, feeling slick and ready to be loved. Why not make it easy for you.’

‘Thank you, I will indulge.’

Mona could feel his large hands massage the backs of her upper thighs. He has long fingers and he used those to enter her slick entrance as he did Luke saw her head loll back and eyes close in pleasure. He enjoyed that look, he loved bringing her pleasure.

‘You like that, don’t you?’

Mona gave a sexy smile and looked at him with half-hooded lids. His long fingers felt so good going deep into her tightness. Mona didn’t realize how a hand could bring so much pleasure. Luke’s three digits buried deep in those folds and he loved it, he wanted so badly to take them out and lick her sweetness. But he wanted to see her come in his arms, he wanted to watch the wave of pure eroticism fall over her beautiful face. It felt so delicious to Mona her head was almost spinning, she wanted to cry out but couldn’t think straight enough to form the words.

She held onto Luke’s shoulders tightly as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. She saw him smiling wickedly, she could see all the love in his eyes and for a moment it frightened her but she let go and enjoyed it. He was speaking to her in Italian again, she liked his habit of doing so when they came together. She could feel her body riding his hand as her sweet essence was dripping but she didn’t care all she wanted to do was find release in his arms. Luke could hear her moaning low in his ear, his cock was hard and ready to burst through the zipper of his jeans. He moved his thumb to her clit, he’d make her come faster and more intensely than she ever had.

Mona felt his thumb sweep lightly on her clit, then he moved in more steady and hit the mark. It felt so good, Mona knew her orgasm was going to come quickly and with a thrust of power but she wasn’t quite ready for what happened to her. Suddenly his finger thrust in and hit her g-spot as he rub her clit in the perfect motion. She almost jumped out of his grasp but Luke held on tight as Mona’s orgasm hit her like a load of bricks, she couldn’t stop shivering it was the most pleasurable thing she’d felt in a long time. Her breathing was shallow and deep, at one moment she was sure she’d stopped breathing altogether. The man was talented, she kissed him deeply and their tongues meet and dueled for supremacy as their lips caressed. She was coming off her cloud of heavenly sensations. Luke had removed his fingers slowly from her entrance as he lightly fingered the folds of her vagina. She was still feeling quite sensitive in that area and his touch brought small erotic sparks to her body. She looked at him and smiled.

‘You are one hell of a lover, Mr. Serrano.’

‘Bella, for you I’d do anything because you’re special.’ He removed his fingers and they were coated in the juices of his lady love. He was dying to taste her again. Luke took one and began to like it clean, oh he was enchanted with her flavor, sweet and musky.

Mona was staring as he licked his fingers of her sweetness. It was such a turn on.

As he took the finger from his lips he told her, ‘you are the most delicious woman ever. Go ahead taste yourself.’ He offered her one of his coated fingers.

Mona wasn’t sure what to do but she decided to go for it, her senses were overwhelmed in the afterglow. She tentatively took one of his fingers and stuck out her tongue to lick and suck it. Luke watched absolutely hypnotized, she was incredibly sexy and as she licked her own essence she smiled and closed her eyes looking as though she was enjoying the whole experience immensely. His dick couldn’t take it much longer, he had to be inside her, he had to be inside her this minute.

‘Bella, I have to have you. I must right this minute.’ He made broad steps to get to her couch. Mona was kissing him and caressing his face.

Into her lips he moaned, ‘now, right on this couch, I want you, bella, oh I’m aching.’

Mona told him through passion haze, ‘yes, Luke, I need you too.’

He set her down on the floor as clothing came flying off, Mona removed her sundress in a swoosh over her head and since she was sans underwear it was easy. She started to help as Luke took off his own clothing. They kissed and caressed and laughed as they undressed him, Luke’s pants were last and Mona grabbed for the zipper and pulled them down quickly. Luke had a feral grin cross his lips as he watched hands once again deftly undress him. He just adored the look on her face, the look of hunger for him, they relieved him of his pants and underwear. He stood before her as she laid back onto the soft cushions. He had a condom in his right hand and he opened it quickly and rolled it over his cock. Her legs opened to welcome him into the sweet cavern it was slick and glistening from earlier. He looked down at her, eyes partially closed and head back.

‘Bella, you look so beautiful. I want to be inside you.’

Mona opened her eyes completely and raised her arm with her hand out, ‘come on Luke, come inside.’

Luke kneeled between those beautiful full thighs, she had the most luscious gams but at this moment he wasn’t thinking about those thighs he was focused on the hidden secrets between it. He pulled her to his throbbing cock.

‘Oh,’ she squeaked in surprise. Luke grinned at her.

They were lined up perfectly, Luke was straining not to thrust deeply and take her roughly. But he couldn’t, so striking, so sweet he was staring at her lovingly when he entered her slowly. Mona’s eyes closed and sighed deeply in relief. Luke was too relieved, she felt so good, so tight just warm and comforting. Luke was trying with all his might to hold back but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he released. Mona was straining and writhing on the seat of the sofa, her fingers clawing at the pillows to find her own release. Then finally they both received it, Luke’s orgasm hit him in a whirl and he screamed out her name as it went through every strain of his body.


Her own was swift and almost unrecognizable, she couldn’t believe she was having another release but it was smooth and stealth almost. Her head went back and her body was taut as she shook violently. She couldn’t get anything out, only a soft long moan that had originated deep in her belly. It was all so mind-blowing.

Luke’s breathing was returning to normal but he hadn’t extracted himself from her sweet spot. He liked it there and felt like he could stay lingering all day. But he saw Mona blink rapidly, her eyes seeming to come back to focus on his face. They both smiled at one another, it was satisfied look of two people who had just indulged in some incredible lovemaking and Mona said so.

‘That was absolutely phenomenal. I didn’t know sex could be like that,’ she told him breathless.

He laid on her as his softening cock slipped out, still with his body on the floor. His head was in her lap. She stroked his hair and Luke felt like he never wanted to leave. With her he felt at home, he realized at that moment he really loved Mona deeply. He peered up to look at her, those beautiful pecan eyes, she was the most breathtaking woman he’d ever seen at that moment and he didn’t want to let her go. She smiled at him and he felt the fireworks, he had to let her know his secret but he wasn’t sure if this was the right time. But no time was like the present he thought.


‘Yes, Luke.’ She looked at him with pure adoration, it startled him a bit he’d never had a woman look at him that way.

‘Let’s take a shower so we can get dressed for dinner.’  He rose from the floor.

‘Okay, that sounds like a great idea. How about Vietnamese?’

He took her hand and helped her up, ‘anything you say bella.’ He kissed her deeply and they strolled to the bathroom the get cleaned up.

They’d had dinner and were walking downtown enjoying the lingering sun of a summer’s evening in the Pacific Northwest. Mona changed into a pair of shorts and linen oversized shirt and sandals. Luke was still in his jeans and polo shirt. It was a balmy evening and beautiful as folks came and went on the streets of Portland. They were holding hands and heading for an ice cream shop Luke had heard about in a food review.

‘Luke, this is just such a wonderful time. I hate for the evening to end.’

‘But it doesn’t need to, I can always come to your place and we can work off this meal.’

Mona smiled coyly at him, he loved that about her that at times she was innocent and other times a total vixen. It was a heady combination.

‘No, I have to be at work tomorrow.’

‘Oh work. Now I’m gonna pout.’

‘Don’t pout, don’t you need to help your dad?’

Luke rolled his eyes and sighed, ‘yes, I do. I’ve been thinking of some ideas to…’

They were suddenly interrupted by a homeless man asking for change. He smelled as if he’d hadn’t bathed in a while, with clothing that was ill-fitting and dirty.

‘Hey, hey man can I get some change. Just a little something.’

Luke moved in front of Mona to protect her if the man decided to try anything.

‘Listen man, I don’t have much but you can have this.’ Luke reached into his pocket to extract a couple of dollar bills and handed them to the man.

He looked at Luke and said ‘thanks man, God bless you.’

Luke noticed he was looking at him strangely as if he was attempting to place his face, ‘hey man, don’t I know you?’

Luke did a slight annoyed grin and told him, ‘no, probably not.’

The man stepped backward and leaned back a little and stared again. Luke decided to just step past him. Mona was peaking around Luke’s large frame to hear the conversation.

‘Yea I do, I know you. Ghost Eyes. Yea that’s you. Ghosty Serrano.’

Luke’s eyes widened and suddenly in absolute horror he recognized who was in front of him. His old gang leader, Danny Fremont, they called him ‘Hot Rod Danny’. He was Ghost Eyes because his eyes were so light.

When Mona heard this she came around, she was confused as to how a homeless man knew Luke.

‘Luke, what’s going on?’

In a panicked voice he told her, ‘nothing bella, absolutely nothing.’

‘Well do you know this man?’

Danny straightened up when he saw Mona, ‘oh excuse me Miss. We’re old friends from way back in the day.’ He put his hand on Luke’s shoulder and Luke shrugged it off.

‘Uh we need to go Mona.’ Luke started to lead her away. Danny followed still talking.

‘Aww ain’t you gonna talk to me Ghosty? I mean I spent all that damn time in jail behind your punk ass.’

Luke was now in all out terror, he had to get Mona out of there before Danny revealed what had gone on years ago with her parents restaurant.

‘Come on tell her how we torched that place over on Martin Luther King, you remember that place. Where them two spooks,’ he noticed Mona again and in an attempt to be contrite changed his words. ‘Sorry miss. Two African Americans wouldn’t give us that money. We light they’re asses up, didn’t we. Remember what was it was called…yea Parnell’s Soul Kitchen. Yea they had some good food but they were damn stupid. I spend 18 years in the joint behind that. Remember.’

Mona looked from the homeless man back to Luke then back to the man who was reminiscing about something still and cackling evilly. But her mind had shut down. He’d been there, he’d actually been there and he’d set fire to her parent’s restaurant. Fire. Parents. Dead. Luke.

Mona started to breath heavily. Her rage was building up, she saw Luke saying something but she couldn’t grasp the words. Her head was swimming, she was feeling like she wanted to faint.

‘Mona…sorry…didn’t mean it. I…you.’

She pulled her arm back and slapped him so hard his face went to the side.

‘You evil, demented, fucking bastard. YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!’ She slapped him again.

Danny looked and started to shuffle away. He was around the corner and gone before Luke could have a chance to wring his neck. He hadn’t done anything, he’d run away that night but he hadn’t stopped it either.

‘I was going to tell you Mona.’

Her eyes became a waterfall of tears, he put his arms around her but she wrenched away violently and hailed the first cab she saw. She was crying uncontrollably and could barely tell the driver where she was headed.

Luke was outside the window screaming, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Mona. I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it!’

Mona couldn’t even turn to look at his face she just heard his faded screams of sorry as the cab took off from the curb. © EugeniaBerg 2013

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