All authors need inspiration and I certainly do. So how does it go, which came first the chicken or the egg when it comes to what I draft here on Sometimes I Write. So what happens when I write a romance story? Do I think of the idea first? Or do I picture the hero and heroine and form a story around them? Well, first let me tell you I base my hero and heroine off of famous faces, I don’t know if a lot of other authors do this but I really have to be able to picture the characters interacting in my head as I write. So it’s like I’m playing out a movie in my head and I write, I have super vivid and active imagination, always have. So I need to be able to picture characters interacting, so I use references of things I am familiar with. Now I actually do this with the hero more than my heroine because I find most female actresses black or white to be too bony, now that’s a personal opinion so don’t start lecturing me about black women and obesity. My stories are not a commentary on black women’s health and I am not a fat shamer, particularly because I’m a big girl myself. I want my heroine to reflect the diversity of real women although I want my hero to be hotness personified. Yes, I’m objectifying men but I can do this because it’s my story. That is one of the reasons my stories are set in the Pacific Northwest because I’m familiar with it, I love this place and there are a lot of black women and non-black men interracial couples.

So what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Well, I’d say it was the chicken, I need to have my characters envisioned then I can build a story around them. So for my recent stories I’ll tell you who I envision the characters looking like and some folks I’m just dying to build a story around. Now you may wonder do I do this process for my secondary characters, actually sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t it depends how much the secondary character appears in the story. I find it fun to share some of my processes with you guys as readers. I really enjoy sharing my writing drafts, maybe one day I’ll try to actually get some of this stuff published and try to make few dollars from it. But so far it’s just fun to write and share and the more I do this, the better I become as a writer. I certainly hope you see and enjoy it.

I’m currently writing a story but I have to wait a bit before I introduce it on this blog. But here are my hero and heroine. I was excited to build a story around these two.


Yes, Henry Cavill I am positive that I and a bunch of other writers have Henry as inspiration. I can understand the love, he’s the perfect hero. And as the heroine in this story is…


Jurnee Smollett, she’s just so adorable and beautiful and for this particular story she’s the perfect choice.

Now for my newest story, ‘What Happens In Vegas’ for Emerson Alistair I chose…


The gorgeous Benedict Cumberbatch, it was particularly the above photo that inspired me. His eyes are so strikingly beautiful.


My heroine for that story, I had to think really intently because I needed a dark skinned beauty for Nydia Frazier. Not easy as you’d think to find. But I did.


The gorgeous Teyonah Parris, because she had to be beautiful and fine. Her body is a great heroine body. I’m loving this story already.

I’m still in the midst of finishing ‘Surviving in Dateland’ my hero, Brock Giles was a guy I’d wanted to have a story about for awhile. I finally did.


Brandon Routh, yes I like them all-American and this child is beautiful and tall and young as I wanted my hero Brock to be.

Now for my heroine, she had to be sexy because she’s older than the hero of Sophie Roberson and I didn’t have this woman in mind but I think she fits.


Halle Berry, yes and short hair Halle, that’s the one I love. I think she fits this heroine perfectly.

Now who I have some folks I’m so hoping to have these folks in some stories. My potential heroes, the ones I’m dying to write a story that includes their image as my hero are…


Chris Evans, yes I know, you’re welcome.


John Stamos and I want him to have that beard in the story, okay I think I already got a storyline for him.


I just can’t look at him enough.

For my hopeful heroines I have…


Dinai Gurira, she’s gorgeous isn’t she, I already got the story. This little blog has given me inspiration. She’s so beautiful.


Nicole Beharie, you’d think I’d pair her with a character that looks like Fassy but umm no. And my last one I have no idea who this woman is but she is screaming she needs to be a heroine in one of my stories.


Yowza! Yes, she will make a great heroine.

So that is my inspiration, maybe if you’re a writer you’ll get inspiration from this too. I’m so glad I did this blog because it’s planted another story is this fertile imagination of mine.


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