What Happens In Vegas…-Chapter 2

Five Years Later…

Emerson was still finding out where things were on this campus and in this city. He’d taken this new position as professor at the Williamette Law School because he needed a change and thought there was no bigger one than moving to the Pacific Northwest. He’d never even visited here till the position opened up, he’d almost thought of going back to England but he wanted something new and amazing. He liked the city, it was very laid back and friendly. It was August and he was here to get ready for the new quarter starting in September, he’d talked to his chair and was now off to the library to try to get some periodicals and texts ordered. He’d noticed they were missing from the shelves when he’d perused the law library. He’d come out to Oregon to start anew he was teaching and had began his own solo practice from the home he’d bought. He was enjoying his success and the direction his life was moving in, now if he could only find a special woman to share it with. There were always women willing to be his bed mate but what he was looking for was much harder to find a soul mate. Maybe Portland would bring a change in his luck in the love department.

Nydia yawned, it had been a long night. Parker had a nightmare was screaming crying in the middle of the night. She hadn’t gotten him or herself back to sleep till about 3:30 am. She’d come in at 7 am this morning, to get some work done. It had been very eventful couple of years since his birth. She and Richard had divorced although he’d insisted that he didn’t care about Parker not being his child he’d raise him like he was his own. She knew she couldn’t do that to him, so they got a quick amicable divorce and she’d gone to raise him alone. Which had not been the easiest thing ever. A year after Parker’s birth had been some of the toughest days of her life, her dad had passed away. Although he’d given her the house and she’d gotten a sizable amount in insurance it had been daunting. Her brother had come out for the funeral and decided to stay, she tried her best to avoid him and his drama it was tough. He’d come to Portland dragging his troubles with him. She’d made the decision not to try to find Emerson, it wasn’t his fault she’d gotten pregnant it was her own. Her friends had been great, Shatrice had moved up to Vancouver, Washington with her husband because of his job. So she had some support, Shatrice had encouraged her to tell Emerson but she wasn’t going to. She wouldn’t even know where to begin. Danielle hadn’t really said anything either way which she sometimes found surprising. After her dad’s death she was thankful for her baby boy, but she sometimes wondered how she was ever going to raise him to be a man without the help and guidance of her dad.

He’d grown up so much and every day she looked at him, she was always reminded of that incredible night with Emerson. It had been magical and she wanted that again, too bad she couldn’t find it with Richard. Although he had grown to be a great friend to her after their divorce and a surrogate father to Parker, he had being seeing someone and Nydia tried not to get into the middle of that she didn’t want her to feel threatened but she was glad he was still around and her friend. She’d been promoted to head Law Library Coordinator and librarian at Williamette College and it was great what she’d always hoped for but she worked harder and sometimes longer hours. Today had been tough, she kept hearing that there was a new professor at the law school who had been disappointed we didn’t have some texts and periodicals he needed in the library. He was coming in today to

 speak with her, one of the associate librarian had told her, but she didn’t have a name. Her office was up by the main desk so she’d see him eventually. It was just today was not the day, she’d been informed that many books were missing and needed to be replaced. Someone had been swiping books and they had no idea who it was. A big shipment she needed for upcoming quarter was now on backorder and she needed another way to get those because if she didn’t a bunch of the professors would be upset with her not just this one. She hated new professors, they thought they were so special, she had a lot of people to please her not just this one jerk.

Emerson has been told the head librarian for the law library was named Nydia Frazier, what an odd name. He pictured her as some old gray haired woman, stooped over, with wide ankles and even wider hips. As he jogged up the steps to the law library, he saw students coming in and out he was excited about teaching. He stepped in once again, the place was massive with walls lined with texts, periodicals, codes, rules, Shepard’s, it was an impressive law library for a small college. It was deep mahogany in color with long wooden tables in the center and massive stain glass windows above the shelves, he headed toward the back to the main desk. There lots of locations to check out books but the main desk was where you go to get your questions answered. There were four people behind it, two he knew were librarians, they were a little older than the other two who looked like work study students. He stopped at the desk in front of what he could only assume was a student, that moony eyed look she gave him gave it away.

‘Excuse me,’ he said trying his best not to look her in the eye the last thing he needed was to give a student the wrong idea, ‘I’m looking for Ms. Frazier. Is she in?’

The mooney eyed girl smiled and turned toward one of the women to signal for her help, a short, very skinny woman came toward him, he hadn’t met her before.

‘Hello, I’m Ursula Stevens can I help you?’

Emerson was starting to get a little annoyed, ‘yes, I’d like to speak to Ms. Frazier.’


‘Well is there something I can help you with,’ she said it like she was making sure Ms. Frazier wasn’t bothered.

‘No. My name is Emerson Alistair, I was told I needed to speak with Ms. Frazier about some items I need ordered for the library.’

‘Oh yes, I’ll get her for you.’ Her demeanor seemed to change immediately when he told her who he was, he thought maybe she was expecting him. She picked up the phone, clicked a line and told someone on the other end he was there. The woman looked back to Emerson and told him to come around and head a little down the hall, Ms. Frazier’s door was open at the end.

Emerson came around and walked down the small hall he saw the door open at the end with sunlight streaming through. He stepped up and knocked and put his head in the door. There was a stunning chocolate beauty sitting behind the desk smiling up at him.

Nydia almost fell out of her desk chair, it was Emerson the man she’d shared the hottest night of her life with and a baby, standing in her office. There were photos of Parker all over desk, she wondered if he recognized her but it seems he didn’t. She attempted to get her composure but it was tough.

‘Hello Ms. Frazier?’

‘Uh yes that’s me, you are?’

‘I’m Emerson Alistair, the new professor here at the law school.’

‘Oh yes, you came in earlier wondering why we were missing some important items.’

Yes it was him alright, his hair was a little shaggier but everything else was familiar to her. He held out his hand and she shook it, still the same slim, strong fingers, he was dressed in tan gaberdine slacks with a white button down shirt open at the collar. He looked delicious and she almost felt like drooling.

Emerson noticed Ms. Nydia Frazier eyeing him rather hungrily, he was not offended. She was gorgeous, she dressed rather business like but those clothes were not hiding those delectable curves. As he looked it seemed like he knew her but then again he couldn’t have, he didn’t know a Nydia Frazier.

‘Sit down, Mr. Alistair.’

‘Thank you.’

Nydia was trying to keep her head low if he recognized her, he seemed to be trying but it didn’t register. Nydia was grateful.

Emerson kept watching her, she was gorgeous and what he could see not in bad shape. Beautiful face with large dark eyes, that beautiful chocolate skin he’d always had a special attraction to black women. Her hair he guessed was long but she had in some kind of severe bun at the base of her neck. She wore glasses, modern and stylish, no make up, understated jewelry, and short nails that looked well manicured. She wasn’t smiling much seemed she wanted to get right down to business.

‘Well, Mr. Alistair I understand you’d like some texts added to our library catalog. Now I must tell you we have a tight budget for the law library and many of the other professors have requested items.’

Emerson leaned back a bit in the chair to relax, when he did she seemed to sit up even straighter he figured she was trying to look even more professional but all it did was make beautiful breasts of hers stick out further. He was staring at them which he didn’t realize till he heard her voice.

‘Mr. Alstair!’ she said in a kind of admonishing tone.

‘Oh I’m sorry,’ he had the decency to at least blush but she was so sexy, he kept getting the feeling he knew her. ‘Yes, I can understand that but those texts and periodicals are vital to my courses, my students will need access to them and they are much too expensive for them to purchase. I was hoping that there could be a room in the budget for them.’

‘Well, I have a list of the items you are requesting and they are expensive. I’m looking at about $20,000 requisition. I don’t make those final decisions.’

‘I understand that Ms. Frazier, I understand that you can only make the requisition and then I have to see if it’s approved.’

‘Yes, that’s correct. I don’t know how they did at your previous university.’

‘Oh I’m sorry this is my first time teaching at a college.’

‘Really, where are you from?’

‘North Carolina. I was an attorney there.’

Nydia just wanted to crawl under her desk, she was sure this was him. How many Emerson Alistairs who are attorneys from North Carolina can you meet in a day. She was beginning to get very hot under the collar and she had to get him out of there and quick.

‘Oh well I think you’ll enjoy working here, the college administration, staff and professors are wonderful. Mr. Alistair I have another meeting in a few minutes. I’ve got your items, I’ll fill out a requisition form, have you sign it and turn it in. How does that sound.’

Nydia was rising from behind her desk to come around and show him out as quickly as possible. He seemed surprised but she had to get him out of there.

Emerson noticed she was coming around to show him the door but he had other matters to discuss with her. Also he just wanted to stay so he watch her sexy smile, he was enchanted by this woman. But it seemed she wanted him out of there, she’d been jumpy and nervous the whole time. He was wondering what was going on but it really wasn’t his business.

He rose as she came around, ‘Ms. Frazier, I still has a few other things I needed.’

Nydia was shuffling him right out the door, ‘why don’t you send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to help you.’

‘Email?’ he hated email.

‘Umm yes, please here is one of my cards, my email address is printed on it.’ She turned to retrieve a card and that’s when Emerson got a nice view of that round, substantial ass of hers, she had on pants but that didn’t hide a thing.

She turned to hand him a card, once again catching him in mid-stare. She gave it to him with a smile, a very weary smile.

‘It was nice meeting you, please give me a call if you need anything.’

‘Yes, nice meeting you too, Ms. Frazier,’ he shook her hand and gave it a little caress. The next thing he knew the door was closed with a snap in his face. He knew he had to get to know Ms. Frazier something about her was so familiar surprisingly though he realized how much when she turned and he caught sight of that beautiful behind. He knew then that he knew her from somewhere, just where?

Emerson was in his condo sitting on the balcony having a glass of wine thinking about his meeting today with Nydia Frazier. Gosh, she was the hottest thing he’d ever seen walking on two feet. Just the thought of her made his aching manhood throb through those running shorts he had on. He’d moved close to downtown in the Pearl District it was sometimes rowdy but he liked that the neighborhood was always bustling. He’d gone for a evening run and was just relaxing before a shower and maybe he’d watch a movie. But he could not get this mind off of her, he figured later on tonight he’d be masturbating thinking of her. That was a strong urge for a woman he’d only met briefly today. But he kept getting the feeling he knew, no he was sure he knew her but she didn’t seem to know him. Maybe he was mixing her up with some woman he had dated briefly. He’d dated a few women briefly before coming out to Oregon. He’d met some beautiful chocolate beauties in North Carolina but no one came close to giving him the feeling he had today while sitting having a conversation about ordering books with Nydia Frazier. He noticed she had pictures of very cute little boy on her desk but no wedding ring. He wondered, maybe he could ask her out. Then again, a single mom was a lot of baggage. He pushed himself up from his lounger on the patio and decided to take a hot shower.

Standing under the steaming water, Emerson could not get his mind off of Nydia. He closed his eyes as he ducked his head in to wash his hair, his mind was really racing with thoughts of her. Thoughts of her in the shower with him with warm water cascading down that supple body, he imagined her all slick with lavender soap and half-hooded lids screaming her desire for him. He could feel her lips on his and his hands running to places no one could ever go. He could feel the build up, his manhood aching thinking about wanting to enter her it was just too much. All of sudden Emerson came all over his shower wall and floor. He opened his eyes brought fast out his delicious fantasy, he’d never come without any stimulus but his mind. He stood there shuddering for a moment, this was bad. He really needed Nydia Frazier but with the cool way she treated him today how was he going to work that out.

Nydia was standing in the doorway looking at her beautiful son, he’d been the light of her life since he’d come into the world. But it had been tough going, if she didn’t have the house and the money her dad left her she’d barely be making it. That money enabled her to buy a rental property, so she had some extra income coming in which helped a lot to keep this roof over their heads. Her job paid well but little boys needed lots of things. He’d been going to summer day camp and was about to start preschool. She’d been so scared when she first saw him because she knew he wasn’t Richard’s but her dad had helped her through. He’d always been such a strong man and although he’d been sick, his mind was still sharp. She moved him back home and moved in with him and nursed him during his last days. She’d felt so alone with no one here to help or comfort her. Richard had been good to her but it wasn’t like having someone you really love in your life. Those times needed someone who had a deep connection, her dad’s death had been hard. She was raising a baby alone, trying to take care of his estate business. She was so happy she’d urged him to get a will, it made it a lot easier. Everything went to her and although her trifling brother had shown up after the funeral to see what he could get, she stayed strong and honored her father’s wishes. So her brother, Anthony got nothing. It’s not like she was concerned, his life was street corner hustling, drinking, and fighting with his awful wife. She avoided him as much as possible but every once in awhile he showed up for a handout, 20 or 30 bucks. She just gives it to him, easier to just shut him up and get him out of there than argue with him. He played a little with Parker during those times but Nydia did not want him to be any kind of influence on her child. He had kids of his own on the East Coast. Nydia had no idea who they were or what they looked like, it was sad her brother had turned out so wrong. Nydia noticed Parker stretch a bit and go back into deep slumber. He was a rambunctious little boy and sometimes hard to keep up with but she didn’t know what she’d do without him. She also didn’t know what she was going to do now that his father was working at her college. She moved toward the bed, kissed Parker on the head and turned to go to her own bedroom across the hall.

The house was a Victorian with beautiful detail, she’d decided to keep and refurbish. She had to do some updates to the kitchen, bathroom and electricity but for the most part she kept it all the grandeur of a Victorian home. There were three bedrooms when she moved in but one was fairly small and since most turn of the century homes have little closets, she decided to turn it into one. Her bedroom was large and so was Parker’s he had plenty of room to play. She had enough room to put a nice dresser, vanity and settee in hers. She walked in, the light was low. She only liked the lamps at night, it soothed her. And she needed soothing because her body was on fire thinking about Emerson Chesterton Alistair. He looked so good, good enough to eat. She dared not stare too long because she knew she’d start drooling but she did notice he was drinking her in every chance he got. She’d caught him a few times idly perusing her body with those devilish eyes of his, the same way he’d done that night in Vegas. Damn! She thought herself what are the chances of having a one night stand, which produced a lovechild, come back and haunt you like this. She couldn’t believe her awful luck, maybe he’d just stay away. The disinterest she tried to show him should have given him a sign she wasn’t available but the bad thing was, she was very interested. Even when he walked into her office and sucked all the air out of it, she knew she wanted him then. She had to squeeze her thighs together not to come on the spot. The man had powers, she was sure he wasn’t even aware of fully. He was so relaxed and sure of himself, he smelled so good and his skin looked so tempting, his eyes were screaming ‘come hither’ and  that mouth…well she knew all about how well that mouth worked.

Nydia could feel herself breathing harder, more shallow and her heart pumping faster. Her fingers wandered to her soft wetness, she needed a release or she’d go mad in the night. They found their way to her slickness and she began to rub, her head went back and her eyes closed tight. Then she saw him like a dream, he was there all naked rippling muscular slimness just standing watching her as she pleasured herself. His smile barely noticeable with the devilish twinkle in his eye. She could see his mouth those beautiful lips as his tongue peeked out to lick them, then she looked as his eyes grew more hungry watching her. She knew he wanted to plunge that thickness into her slick folds but he waited, he didn’t move and she heard a low guttural moan. It was coming from him, his manhood stood hard and erect thick and long like she remembered. She wouldn’t be able to wait for him because he looked so tempting but her body needed release. He took his hand and started to stroke himself, that didn’t help the ministrations on her clit as her fingers moved even faster. He didn’t move, he just stood there stroking himself and watching her. Nydia could feel herself began to build, she felt as if she was falling into an abyss of wanton pleasure. She could hear her own moans in her head or was she really moaning she couldn’t tell. It all felt so good and felt so bad letting him watch. She was falling and getting dizzy, she was about to come and then he said something.


“Huh?’ she was startled by the sound.

“Mommy!” she heard the slight whining of her child. She looked down at her raised nightgown and sticky fingers.

“Yes, sweetie Mommy’s coming,” but she didn’t come, she stood up, pulled down her gown and crossed the hallway. Parker had a little nightmare, he’d been doing that alot lately. She sat down on the side of his bed and held and caressed him as he drifted back to sleep. Then she wondered, how the hell all of this was going to work out. And when would she get the chance to actually come. © EugeniaBerg 2013


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