Surviving In Dateland-Chapter 7

walkingIt was Monday evening, Sophie was about to walk into yoga for the first time knowing that she and Brock were dating. She could use some good stretches today, her body was a tad sore from the workout he’d given it on Sunday.

After that passionate night of lovemaking Sophie had made the decision to leave Brock’s and go back to her own home. But he wasn’t having it. He literally kept her in bed all day, they got up intermittently to eat, shower and use the bathroom. But it was marathon sex, Sophie had never in her life came so many times in so many different positions. He was right his ego had it hands down, he was the best sex she’d ever had. They did talk some on yesterday, Brock telling her more about his family and growing up. She telling him more about herself, her hopes and dreams. It had been nice, he’d grilled out on the patio while they lounged and drank beers. She’d fallen asleep on his shoulder while they watched, The Godfather, a favorite of his and hers.

Today she had to rush home and get ready for work. She was late to the brewmaster’s meeting, Grant was looking at her very annoyed. He’d seemed really pissed at her lately, she didn’t understand, she’d have to talk to him soon about it because it was starting to grate on her nerves.

Leann had left a couple of messages for her today but she’d only given her a quick call to let her know she’d share news with her tonight. It was a balmy evening and she saw Leann standing at the door to the yoga studio. She looked annoyed too, everyone seemed to be peeved at her and for once she was happy.

‘Hey Leann,’ she said as she approached the doorway.

‘Hello stranger, what the hell was that mysterious phone call about today.’

‘I’ll have to tell you more about it tonight. Why don’t we get inside and get changed.’

Leann eyed her suspiciously.

Sophie was all excited and tingly, she’d asked Brock not to treat her differently she didn’t need any of the jealous bitches knowing that she and Brock were an item now. That would just lead to more trouble.

They were in the locker room changing, she decided not to say too much but she noticed Leann eyeing her curiously.

‘Are you going to tell me?’

‘Huh? What?’

‘Tell me what the hell is going on.’

‘Yes Leann, but not now, it’s almost time for the class to begin let’s get out of here.’

As they walked into the studio, Sophie spotted Brock, looking all kinds of sexy. He had on a long pair of clinging yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt. But that didn’t mean she missed any of that beautiful muscular physique. She seemed to straighten up and stand taller, the thought that the beautiful man across the room was hers gave her a big boost of confidence. She sashayed right into the studio, no one noticed but Leann.

‘What the hell are you doing? You’re strutting like a peacock.’

Sophie was a tad embarrassed, she’d forgotten that no one knew at this moment but her and Brock. He looked up from the person he was helping and spotted her, his smile widened. So did Sophie’s when they made eye contact, he was so beautiful. She saw him headed toward her, she looked around, maybe he was coming to help another student or just say hello.

But to her surprise and astonishment, when he got over there he swept her up in his arms. Sophie was lifted from the ground suddenly, she tried to tell him to put her down but he didn’t. She looked around as students looked on some with smiles, some with confusion and a couple with utter contempt. Leann was one of the confused ones.

‘Hi babe, I’m so happy to see you,’ he said in that deep timbre that made her toes curl.

‘Hi, can you put me down,’ she said mortified.

He lowered her to the floor but before he let her go, he kissed her right there in front of the class. It was dizzying kiss, deep, soft, and wet, his tongue intruded on hers and they did a passionate dance. Sophie really liked his kissing, it was amazing, she’d almost forgotten they were in the yoga studio. Then she heard a ‘unh unh’ from behind her.

Brock let her go and she looked around to see wide eyes and some looks of amazement.

‘Oh I’m sorry about that babe, I can’t help myself. I better get class going,’ he swatted her rump, ‘see you afterward?’

She shook her head in compliance not sure her mouth could form words.

Brock took off to the front of class, she loved his confidence. But right now she was in a bit of a panic.

She turned to see Leann, half grinning, half smirking at her.

‘When the hell did all this happen?’ Leann wondered aloud.

The only response Sophie could give as class was starting, ‘I’ll tell you later, remember.’

The class had been over for a couple of minutes, Sophie was speaking with Brock in the hallway.

‘How about later tonight at your place? I’ve got this next class and i’m headed to my parents place.’

Sophie hated to be so compliant especially for him to come by later, she didn’t want to turn into a booty call for a young stud, she’d talk about that later.

‘Okay, I’ll see you later.’

He hugged her close and kissed her. ‘Okay I’ll see you later babe.’

Sophie headed to the locker room to get her things. Leann was waiting with lots of questions.

‘So, when the hell did all this happen?’

Sophie blushed, ‘over the weekend.’

‘Oh that’s why I couldn’t get ahold of you on Sunday. How long has this been going on?’

‘This,’ she said with embellishment, ‘has just been going on since this weekend but you know I’ve been hanging out with Brock for awhile. I just didn’t realize he had feelings for me.’

‘Oh yea he’s got feelings, that was evident in that kiss he gave you.’

One of the other ladies named Jill came over to Sophie and Leann, they each only knew her to be friendly to, she seemed nice at least Sophie hoped she was.

She spoke to Leann and then directed her attention to Sophie with a wide smile, ‘you’re a lucky girl he’s absolutely adorable. I’m an old married lady with kids but I envy you. It must be nice, a handsome rich beefcake. What I wouldn’t give.’

‘Rich? He’s not rich. He’s just a teacher.’

‘Oh you don’t know, well when he first started I knew he looked familiar and he is, he’s one of the Lindstroms.’

‘Lindstroms? Of the department store Lindstrom?’ Sophie looked over at Leann who had the look of complete shock on her face.

‘Yes, he’s one. Well his mother is one. He didn’t tell you?’

‘No, he didn’t tell me.’ Sophie was getting madder by the moment. Why would he keep a thing like that from her?

‘Oh, I’m sorry I did, maybe he wanted to himself. I’m sorry, I guess I better go before I open my big mouth again,’ Jill hustled herself out of there.

Leann was excited, ‘wow you’re dating a guy from one of the richest families in Seattle. You lucky girl, you.’

Sophie was standing there fuming, ‘yea lucky me. Lucky me.’


Sophie was sitting on her couch absolutely livid, she didn’t know what to think. A Lindstrom, a damned Lindstrom as she thought about the deception her fists clinched. She heard her buzzer to the front door screech and it brought her out of her thoughts of killing a very handsome man.

She went to the speaker and pushed the button. ‘Yea!’ she said in an annoyed tone.

‘Hey babe, it’s me, I got Indian food.’

She didn’t answer she just buzzed him up, she was ready to have it out. She unlocked the door to give him access, Sophie was ready for a showdown and Brock didn’t know what he was about to walk into. Sophie decided to head into the kitchen and open a cold beer, she was mad and nervous about confronting him. She heard the door open and his beautiful voice call out to her. He rounded the corner and broke out into a big smile when he caught sight of her. Sophie almost melted, he was so gorgeous and she almost didn’t want to be upset with him. But the deception was something she couldn’t just give him a pass on, it was too important. He was wearing shorts, t-shirt, jean jacket and Birkenstocks he was amazingly casual but made everything he wore look like it just fell off the racks at a GQ shoot.

He came into the kitchen and set down the food on the counter. He came over to Sophie sidling up and wrapping his arms around her waist.

‘Hello there sexy.’

Sophie wanted to smile at his playful banter but she also wanted to sock him. He leaned in to kiss her but she didn’t respond. Brock pulled back in confusion, he didn’t seem to get the frostiness she was feeling.

‘Hey babe, what’s wrong? You’re kind of unresponsive tonight.’

Sophie turned her head away, she didn’t know how to start this conversation and his nearness was starting to confuse her. He smelled so good, all woodsy and clean.

Brock turned her face toward him, he was scowling. ‘Hey Sophie what the hell is going on?’

She twisted to move out of his embrace, ‘why don’t you tell me what’s going on, Mr. Lindstrom,’ her face a mask of fury.

Brock’s face went from madness to confusion and then realization. He put his hands on the counter and his head dropped and his eyes closed.

‘I can explain Sophie, I can explain.’

‘Really, well I’d love to hear this one,’ she said sarcastically.

Brock moved away from her back to the opposite side of the kitchen. He still had his head down and folded his arms across that massive chest. Sophie just stood there, still waiting for some palpable excuse for his deception. She wanted to hear something because she was falling hard for this man but she wasn’t going to accept lying as a character trait.

He looked up at her, his eyes full of regret she noticed and started to explain.

‘Sophie I’m sorry, I didn’t mean not to tell you. I just wanted to find the right time.’

Sophie raised an eyebrow, ‘huh? That doesn’t even make any sense. It’s not like you’re telling me you have a wife and 3 kids. Or do you?’

Brock didn’t look pleased with that response, ‘of course not, I’m not a liar.’

‘Could have fooled me.’

‘I am not a liar,’ he said through clenched teeth.

Sophie was taken aback for a second, she’d never seen him that angry. She was also displeased that his anger turned her on a little bit. Her body started to hum, the treachery of her feelings.

‘I apologize, Sophie. I can’t blame you for being angry but that’s not something I start off telling women anymore.’

‘What do you mean anymore?’

He looked away in slight shame she figured, ‘when I was younger telling girls I was a Lindstrom got me more ass than a toilet seat. Excuse my bluntness.’

Sophie tried to not smile at his colorful use of language.

‘And when you’re 20 something and horny it’s great. My mom is Gerta Lindstrom, yes my grandfather is Alec Lindstrom. My mom married my dad and that’s why I’m a Giles. That makes me Brock Darby Lindstrom Giles. But I threw around Lindstrom everywhere. It gets you stuff, jobs, grades, money, women, anything almost but it didn’t get me any pride in myself. One day, I looked up and noticed I had a bunch of people around me, sponging off of me and I didn’t know who I could trust. So I was just bumming around Seattle and L.A. after getting a mathematics degree and I took off. I just left and went off to Korea for awhile. I taught school there and I made friends and no one knew I was a Lindstrom. I just Mr. Brick there.’

‘Mr. Brick?’

‘The kids had a hard time pronouncing Brock.’

Sophie shook her head in understanding. ‘That’s great and all, Brock, but what does that have to do with you and I?’

He took one step and crossed the entire kitchen span. Sophie thought, this damn one butt kitchen is going to be my downfall.

He cupped her hands, ‘Sophie, this is the thing, after I got back I went back to school got my teaching certification and I stopped using people and stopped letting people use me. I do things on my own terms, I achieve on my own merits. I don’t want anyone liking or loving me for my name.’

When he used the word loving, Sophie pulled back a bit, she wasn’t sure but she hoped he didn’t realize that she was falling in love with him.

‘That’s awesome you feel that way but I deserved to know. We’re starting a relationship. Hell, we’ve already started a sexual one. I don’t want it based on lies even if they’re only through omission. One of the women at yoga hipped me to the info that the guy I’m dating is from one of the richest families in Seattle. I almost passed out.’

‘From what? Surprise or elation?’ He smirked at her.

She wrenched her hands from his, ‘don’t do that to me, Brock.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m only kidding.’

‘This is not a joke, this is my life. I’m not a golddigger. I liked you when you were just a hot guy who happened to be a school teacher. I didn’t deceive you, you deceived me!’

‘Sophie, I didn’t mean to.’

‘Oh I can’t take this right now. You have to leave.’

Brock’s face was shocked and disappointed, ‘what? Leave, I just got here.’

‘I can’t think with you here now and I need time to think. I don’t know if I can trust you.’

‘Oh come on Sophie, don’t do this. You know you can trust me.’

‘Really, then why didn’t you just tell me yourself that you were a Lindstrom and let me decide how I felt about that?’

Brock stood silent in the middle of her kitchen, he didn’t seem to have a snappy answer for that one she noticed.

‘Yea, just what I thought.’

‘Babe, you have to know how much I’m into you. I want to see where this goes.’

Sophie looked at him and sighed, ‘I’m not really sure if I care anymore. Can you just leave?’ She turned her back because she wasn’t sure if she could watch him walk out without throwing herself at his feet. A few moments later, she heard her front door slam.

Sophie closed her eyes for a moment and felt the warmth of tears. She put her fingers to her face, she couldn’t believe this, this whole thing had been so whirlwind. Was she really crying over him? Yes, yes she was. They’d become friends then lovers and now it was looking like she was going to lose both those bonds with him. Her chest was aching, she felt this overwhelming sadness wash over her. She looked back, the Indian take out he brought was still on the counter. It would go uneaten.

© EugeniaBerg 2013


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