Surviving in Dateland-Chapter 6

Please be advised this contains explicit sexual content.

86764730293033930_VibpMBRZ_cChapter 6

The remainder of the day had gone smoothly. No more private conversations with the harpy, Mara, so Sophie had relaxed a bit. She still knew that she and Brock had to talk later but he didn’t try to make her uncomfortable. He stayed close by her the rest of the day, talking, laughing with his friends and relaxing it was a good atmosphere. The two nemeses seemed kind of pouty but no one paid them much attention.

They’d gotten back to the park about 5:30 pm, Brock was helping Sophie lug some of her stuff back to her truck. They were saying their good-byes to his friends when she heard the voices of the two nemeses behind her. She sighed and rolled her eyes, Brock glanced over at her and smiled knowingly.

They caught up and Mara took Brock by the arm trying to pull him away from where he and Sophie were on the sidewalk.

‘Brock,’ she said in a whiny voice, ‘I want to ask you something before you leave.’

Sophie noticed he seemed to have no intention of moving from her side.

‘You can ask me here, Mara.’

Both she and Whitney got annoyed pained looks on their faces. Sophie thought it just made them look less attractive, not complimentary at all.

Sophie tried to assure him, she’d be okay on her way to the parking, ‘go ahead Brock, I’ll be fine. This bag isn’t heavy and I’ll just walk slow so you can catch up.’

Brock pulled his arm away from Mara and took Sophie’s hand, she noticed the intimate gesture so did Mara and Whitney. Mara’s face went completely red, she looked like she was about to produce steam from her ears and that pained look became extremely unattractive.

‘Well, Brock,’ she started talking quickly as if she was trying to hustle him into something. ‘Whitney and I are going to this new club tonight in Kirkland. We wanted to see if you wanted to tag along like old times, you can meet us out at our place and we’ll go out and have some real fun.’

Sophie just stood there, trying to ignore the conversation but Brock didn’t let her hand go. In fact as they talked he started to rub the inside of her palm with his thumb. Sophie was actually getting turned on by the simple gesture.

‘Oh sorry guys, Sophie and I got plans tonight.’

‘You and Sophie got plans,’ Mara said in disbelief it sounded like she wanted to spit the words out.

‘Yea, we do. Anyway, I’m not into that stuff anymore. I’m surprised you two are, clubs were never really my thing in college and they certainly aren’t now.’

‘Oh okay then. Guess we’ll see at the barbecue in two weeks,’ Mara asked batting those fake eyelashes.

Sophie had had just about enough but Brock had her hand in his and he wasn’t letting her go. These two were a piece of work, shameless sluts.

‘I’ll be there. See you guys later.’ He let Sophie’s hand go for a moment and hugged them both quickly, Sophie noticed Mara tried to hang on but Brock wasn’t having it.

Sophie said a quick good-bye and they mumbled something under their breath but she didn’t care she was on her way to have a talk with the sexiest man ever. Mara and Whitney were on their way to probably try to hook up with some nitwits.

She’d driven over to Brock’s place; this would be her first time at his house. They usually met at an arranged spot, he’d been to her place in West Seattle but since they were closer to him, they decided to head to his place. When she got there she was so hot and sticky, she wanted to shower and change of clothes, she had brought some with her. She was planning on staying at her mom’s for the night so she’d packed an overnight bag.

When they finally stopped it was front of a brick house, small in size, there were two houses next to it that we’re exactly like it. It was cute, small front yard, no shades on a large picture window in the front and a garage for one car. She parked on the street. Brock met her at her car door.

‘Hey there, pretty lady can I help you with something?’ He was so sweet and gallant, she really enjoyed it.

She climbed down out of the truck, she’d found that Brock wasn’t as big a tree-hugger as she thought. He loved her truck, had actually asked to drive it once when they’d gone up hiking. He was an outdoor kind of guy and appreciated that her truck could go places his Prius could not.

‘I’m fine, just feeling kind of grimy. You know all day in the sun, some perspiration, a little sand and suntan lotion is not a good feeling.’

‘Well I kind of don’t know what to tell you, you can use my shower. I don’t know what you’ll wear. But I’ve got some t-shirts in there, they’ll be kind of big.’ He held his arms out to demonstrate his massiveness. None of which was lost on Sophie.

‘I’ve got a change of clothes,’ she picked up her overnight bag.

Brock looked slightly confused, ‘were you planning on staying?’

‘No, no’ Sophie said immediately she wanted him to know she had not planning on seducing him, ‘I was headed to my mom’s to spend the night. That’s all.’

‘Oh okay, well why don’t you go in and take a shower and then I’ll get cleaned up. Maybe we can walk down to the Swede and get beer, maybe something to eat.’

Sophie tried to sound nonchalant, ‘Okay sounds good to me.’

Sophie was turning to get the rest of her stuff out of the car, Brock pulled her close and looked her directly in the eyes, ‘then we can talk.’

‘Okay.’ She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his, those deep chocolate orbs had her mesmerized.

They’d decided to walk down to the bar, it was nice mild evening. It was little after 7 pm and the sun was still out, one of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest were the long summer days when the sun set at 9 pm or so.

They walked and didn’t talk much, Sophie had a print sundress she put on with a lavender sweater, she had some slipper leather flats that were yellow. She looked over at Brock intermittently as they strolled, she was still struck by how handsome he was. He’d changed into a button down blue plaid shirt with a long sleeved blue sweater hoodie and jeans, he was sporting a pair of white converse. He was a great dresser but never overdone. She kept wondering where he got his style from. Sophie was looking when he turned to her with a curious glance.

‘What you looking at, sexy lady?’

Sophie was embarrassed she’d been caught staring at him again, ‘nothing just noticing how sharp you are.’

‘I am, aren’t I?’ he responded puffing up his chest in an attempt to look cocky. He didn’t look convincing to her.

She chuckled, ‘you don’t have an egotistical bone in your body.’

‘Well I do have an ego when it comes to two things, my skills as a teacher and my skills in the bedroom.’

Sophie just looked down at the sidewalk and kept walking.

They were sitting at a table in The Swede enjoying a drink, tonight Sophie had decided to ditch the beer and go for something more sophisticated, scotch and soda.

‘I can’t believe you’re drinking scotch?’ Brock told her in surprise, ‘I don’t know of any women who drinks scotch besides my great Aunt Elke.’

‘Really, I love it,’ she said as she sipped a bit more of the smooth brown liquid, ‘I can’t drink a bunch of them but when I want to go high faluting I drink scotch.’

‘You are a total conundrum Sophie Roberson, I’m just stumped by you.’

‘Stumped,’ she said scrunching her nose, ‘I’m easy, I’m not a girly girl, I make beer, I’m horrible at dating, I need to get into better shape and I’m a tad mature.’

‘No those things aren’t you,’ he told her softly, he took her hand in his, ‘ not the real you.’

‘That is the real me.’

‘No it’s not, we’ve been hanging out for a few weeks now and you’re very cautious about how far you let me in.’

‘Well that’s just called, getting to know you.’

‘I get that but there’s something else. It oughtta be obvious to you by now, that I dig you Sophie. You’re the coolest chick I’ve met in a long time.’

Sophie wasn’t sure how to respond, she’d figured out today that although she’d given him the brush off awhile back he wasn’t going anywhere.

‘Well, Brock I don’t know what to say. I like you too but it’s just that you’re younger than me.’

‘Yea. And.’

‘Well I mean aren’t you uncomfortable with that, wouldn’t you feel odd out in public with me.’

Brock started turning his head looking around, he looked under the table and over the back of Sophie to the next booth.

‘Sophie do you see anyone paying attention to us,’ he put her hand to his lips and kissed it.

She started blushing, ‘Well I guess not.’

‘Yes, that’s because no one cares.’

‘Well those two friends of yours sure do.’

Brock looked confused as he asked, ‘what friends?’

‘Mara and Whitney.’

He started to laugh, deep and long as he did it, he smiled at her.

‘Those two. I don’t want anything to do with them besides what you see of them. I don’t regularly hang out with them, I just end up seeing them when my buddies get together. Yea we knew each other back in college and I’m not gonna lie I hooked up once with Mara one drunken night long ago. She’s been pining ever since. I, however, have not. Those two are vapid and silly, all they think about is partying and knowing Mara probably drugs too. She was into that crap back in college, one of the many reasons I don’t mess around with her.’

Sophie was relieved, ‘I mean I know you weren’t into them but I thought maybe you’d be into girls like them. You know young, thin, blonde, tan.’ She put her fingers in her cheeks and twisted them to simulate dimples.

‘First of all I’m not into girls, I’m into women. I personally don’t care what race a woman is, as long as she is nice, aware, passionate, smart, funny and sexy the rest will take care of itself.’

‘Oh.’ Now Sophie really did feel like an idiot. ‘Am I those things? Is that why you like me?’

‘Baby, I think you’re that and probably more but I won’t know unless you take down those damn walls. You are beautiful and sexy and self-confident Sophie. I know you make digs at yourself about your age and weight but you don’t even realize…’, he took a deep breath, smirked and shook his head.

‘When you popped out in that little yellow bikini today, I had catch my breath. Jesus woman, Josh was going to try to make a move on you till I stopped him.’

Sophie chuckled a little, she was complimented that his friend found her attractive enough to think about asking out. She did notice he’d been flirting with her a bit today.

‘Yea he is a bit of a flirt.’

‘Good thing he didn’t take it too far, I’d hate to have to beat the hell out of a friend but I’m sorry you’re mine.’

‘Excuse me, I’m what?’

‘You’re mine, Sophie I’ve waited long enough. I want go out on an actual date with you. I want us to be together, exclusive. Whatever you want to call it. But I don’t want another dude from this online dating crap making time with my woman.’

Sophie had to admit his demanding tone was kind of turning her own. She liked how he’d staked his claim and wasn’t going to let her get away but this was modern times and she was a modern woman.

‘Brock you just can’t order me to stop online dating.’

‘Well I thought you wanted to anyway.’

‘I do but that’s up to me to decide. I really like that you like me and I like you but shouldn’t we be trying to get to know each other a little more.’

‘No, I want you to be exclusive with just me. I don’t have any interest in any other woman. Is there some guy you’re interested in?’

‘Well, not really.’

‘Well what’s the problem. You don’t like me, think I’m ugly, don’t want to date a teacher.’

Sophie put up her hands to signal stop. ‘No, none of those things. I just thought that being a good looking guy you’d have a few on the hook and want to do this as a courting thing.’

‘This is not Victorian England, I don’t have anyone on the hook. Hell it’s looking like I don’t even have you on it. Okay, if you want to take your time that’s fine but believe me when I say today or 6 months from today I’ll still be fascinated by you.’

Sophie wasn’t ready to reveal those feelings just yet. She’d shown her hand in love too soon before and it had only ended badly for her.

‘Brock, I enjoy your company also.’ He didn’t look thrilled with that answer. ‘But lets just date and see how this goes.’

‘Alright but I’m not going anywhere.’

She was hoping he was telling the truth when he said that, but she’d been on the other end of that conversation.

After eating and drinking a little more, they’d rambled back to Brock’s place. That scotch had been laying on her heavy and she was sure she wouldn’t be able to drive.

‘Sophie, I don’t think that you should drive anywhere.’

‘I think you’re right. Is it okay if I stay here for bit?’

‘It’s fine, you’re welcome to stay all night, I’ve got a futon in the extra room.’

‘You sure about that?’

He opened up his door and welcomed her in, ‘yes I am very sure. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.’

Sophie stepped into his home again, she noticed how cozy and nicely decorated it was. It had hardwood floors and they looked original. He had a kitchen that looked like it had been redone but not anything gauche just simple and classic.

‘Would you like a cup of coffee?’ he asked her.

‘I’d love one,’ she answered, ‘little cream and sugar.’

‘Why don’t you head downstairs, I have a nice relaxing den area down there. Nice plush couch, some good music, television, the works. Even another half bath. Go check it out and relax.’

Sophie found the door and went downstairs to the basement, the steps were steep so she took each of them slowly. Once she was down there, she was astounded, it was fabulous. The walls were a soft gray color and the couch was a sectional in steel gray. The whole room was gray, black, white and rich purples. She was so surprised, he couldn’t have decorated this. She turned when she heard him descending the stairs. He had a carafe in his hand and some mugs.

‘I just decided to make a whole pot. The cream and sugar are in my pockets. Can you get them out?’

Brock raised his arms while Sophie dug deep in his pockets to retrieve those packets. It was really intimate and she could feel herself start to shake a little at their closeness.

Brock just smiled down at her intimately. She was always surprised at how his smile would calm her. She didn’t feel nervous then, everything just felt…right.

He put down the coffee and cups on the coffee table.

‘Now this is decaf, I figured if we drank anything else this late at night we’d be wired.’

‘Thanks for looking out, I could not stand caffeine this time of night.’

They both sat down on the couch, Sophie was at the other end of the couch. He poured them each some coffee and she put in the cream and sugar. Seems he took his black. They sat sipping for awhile.

‘This room is nicely decorated.’

‘Thanks,’ he said nonchalantly.

‘Actually, your whole house is decorated nicely. Did you do this?’

‘No,’ he told her bluntly, ‘decorating is not my thing.’

Sophie sighed a little, ‘I’m glad because I kept thinking no straight man can decorate this well.’

Brock chuckled, ‘I beg your pardon if I was a decorator I’d be a great one.’ He puffed up that massive chest.

Sophie could feel herself getting hot under her collar or was it the coffee she wondered.

‘I’m just saying, this place looks like its had a woman’s touch.’

‘It did, oh don’t get nervous,’ he tried to reassure her, ‘this is not the mark left by one of the women I dated. My sister did this, she’s an interior designer and every time she comes over to visit she has a new project for my house. I don’t invite her over that much,’ he said jokingly.

Sophie smiled, ‘you have siblings?’

‘I do, three others in fact. My oldest sister, Brooke, my younger brother, Bailey, and my litte sister, Bianca.’

‘So you’re a middle kid like me. I have an older brother and younger sister. Well, that’s good to know.’


‘I don’t know I think middle kids have a different perspective. We’re peacemakers.’

‘I don’t know about that description but I think it is different to be a boy in the middle of girls.’

‘That usually means you know how to treat women.’

‘I’d say your assessment is correct. How about some music?’

‘Sure,’ Sophie wanted to put out of her head that she’d just made that comment. He was so hard to read sometimes, many times she’d say things she thought were provocative and wouldn’t get any response. Then say things she thought were benign and he’d heat all up, it was hard for a girl to figure out.

He turned on his stereo and attached his iPhone, the next thing she knew Nina Simone was belting out a tune.

‘Would you like to dance?’

She furrowed her brow in confusion, ‘dance in this little space?’

‘You don’t need a lot of space to dance close. Unless, you’ve decided to dance on the other side of the room.’

He offered his hand to her, she took it and got up. They danced close and slow. Sophie was in heaven, he smelled so good to her it was unlike anything she’d ever smelled it just smelled clean and woodsy. She sunk into that solid chest and he put his arms around her. She rested her head on his shoulders and just relaxed as they swayed to Nina Simone. It was like a dream, she couldn’t believe she was here with this beautiful man who actually liked her and he was holding her tight. She kept thinking it was a dream and soon she’d wake up. But she didn’t, she could feel his warm breath in her hair, she just closed her eyes and went with it. The song ended then John Coltrane’s A Love Deluxe started. Sophie loved this piece, she could feel her face getting flush, she was getting soft and feeling slick. Her hands drifted down to rest that sculpted chest of Brock’s. She was breathing heavily and she heard him moan softly. She looked up at him, he was looking at her his eyes glazed over with pure animal lust. Sophie didn’t want things to happen like this but she had no control. Her body was running things its way.

Brock closed the distance between their lips, he kissed her hard then eased up a little. It was a heady combination of rough and tender and she wanted more. He tugged at her bottom lip, sucking it lightly and she decided to just let their tongues do a tango. The kiss lasted a long time, she could hear herself moaning and his grunts of pleasure. His hands had gone to her behind and they were caressing and squeezing it gently. Sophie wanted more, she tore her lips away from his for a brief moment.

‘Brock, Brock…’ she was saying through deep breaths, ‘I want… ,’ she could barely get it out.

‘I know, I know darling. I want it to, I want to be inside you so badly I’m in physical pain right now.’

His eyes were dark and stormy with lust and she could feel his manhood standing at sturdy attention against her.


‘Not down here,’ he said forcefully, ‘the first time I take you it won’t be on a couch.’

He picked her up effortlessly and she wrapped her legs around him. They kissed furiously as he ascended the stairs he must have taken them two at at time before she knew it they were in his bedroom. Brock deposited her in the ground and turned on a low light in the corner. She was beginning to remove her clothes when he stopped.

‘Oh no you don’t sweetness, I want that pleasure all to my myself.’

He moved toward her in the room, it was a small room so it seemed as if his massiveness overtook everything else and all she could see was him. But he was so gentle, he spoke to her softly in that deep timbre.

‘Are you okay with this?’ He kissed her sweetly.

She was looking into his eyes, they were so beautiful and tender, ‘yes, don’t worry I know exactly what I want.’

He smiled, ‘good because I want you.’

He kissed her again, deep and slow, Sophie felt her clothing melting away. She could feel cold air on her skin, she helped as he undid her bra. She was impressed by how deft he was at relieving her of her clothes. He talked and kissed her all at the same time uttering how beautiful and sexy she was, it was a wonderful feeling.

Before she knew it she stood there naked before him.

‘Gosh, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen Sophie.’

She loved the look of sincerity in his eyes, she felt all her guard float away. He was taking off his clothing, Sophie helped as he’d expose more skin she’d kiss it tenderly. He was laughing and moaning at every touch. Then before she knew it he was down to his boxer briefs. He removed them slowly as Sophie sat on the bed, the lights were on so nothing was hidden from either of them. She could tell he wasn’t lacking in the manhood department but something about her was curious to see what it looked like. He removed them and she saw his tan lines, it was oddly erotic. Like that part of himself he’d kept hidden just for her. Then it was out and stood prominently. She smiled to herself.

She looked up and noticed him perusing her body and smiling. She felt bold, she stood up and kissed him stroking his cock, it was thick and long with emblazoned with redness. He was ready.

‘Sophie sweetness, don’t do that,’ he said at her lips, ‘I’m gonna pop and I don’t want to do that unless I’m inside of you.’

‘Oh that will happen any minute now.’ Sophie was slick with juices almost flowing down her leg. Her body was craving the entrance of his body.

They lay down together and started to caress each other gently. Brock’s hand moved to her soft hairy patch between her legs, he seemed to like the friction of his hand against her hair.

‘Oh I see you’re not clean shaven,’ he said matter-of-factly.

‘Does that bother you,’ she knew a lot of men seemed to be into the trend of no hair but she knew that hair held her womanly scent and that drove men crazy.

‘Nope, I want to know I’m making love to a woman not a little girl,’

‘Oh I’m all woman.’

‘Yes, I’m about to find out how much of one tonight.’

Brock kissed her again as his fingers dipped into her wetness, she was so tight. Sophie rode his fingers for a few moments and moaned deeply into his mouth. His fingers felt so good, they were so thick and long and filled her. They were caressing and kissing each other so long, Sophie didn’t notice him slip a condom out of his nightstand to put on. He pulled back a bit to put on the rubber.

Brock didn’t take his eyes off Sophie, ‘you look so heavenly and I can’t wait to be inside you. But sweetness, I gotta put this on before I do.’

Sophie took it from him, ‘let me.’

Brock handed her the opened packaged, she took the rubber out and rolled it onto his stiff member. She watched to make sure it went on correctly as she did she watched his face it was pure ecstasy with his head lolled back and his eyes closed. His face told her he was in need, so was she, once it was on and his eyes opened up his lids hooded.

He slowly slinked toward her with a small smile on his face, he looked hungry.

‘I’m going to enjoy this,’ he told her as he began to kiss her again.

Sophie just relaxed against his soft bed as he kissed her into oblivion. His fingers were moving into her and out she felt overcome with so many emotions. Lust, ecstasy, pleasure and what she knew was love. The last one she wasn’t ready to acknowledge.

‘Sophie, I want to take this slow but I don’t think I can. I want make love to you,’ he said through his heated ministrations on her body.

‘That’s what you’re doing now, do what you will.’

‘I will,’ as he said that he eased into her soft folds.

‘Ahhh’ Sophie moaned loudly it had been awhile since she’d had sex with anything but her vibrator. She felt so full and he stretched her slightly.

‘Oh Sophie you feel so good, like heaven,’ as he moved in and out of her slowly.

He moved slow and steady, their bodies riding the rhythm in tandem. Brock pushed into her deeply, Sophie had her hands on his chest. She could feel the light sheen of sweat on him, although a breeze was blowing through the curtains he was heated up. He looked down at her and smiled deeply, Sophie had never seen anything quite like it. He was holding himself back, she could tell. He felt so good, his body fit hers perfectly.

He was speaking to her in gentle passionate tones, ‘Oh Sophie, oh you’re so beautiful.’ Then he said something even Sophie wasn’t sure she had heard right, he said, ‘please, please let me love you.’

She wasn’t sure if he was talking about sex or actual love so she just assumed he meant sex.

‘Yes, yes Brock, please make love to me,’ she told him fervently.

His head went down and he leaned over her body and starting to pick up speed in his hips. He was moving fast and deep into her. It wasn’t painful, actually to Sophie it felt good. She was moaning loudly as he grunted and told her how wonderful she was.

He was moving deep, steady, stroke, Sophie could feel her orgasm ready to explode on her body.

‘Who’s got the best pussy?’ he bellowed so loudly she was sure the neighbors could hear but who cared.

‘Oh God, I do, I do,’ she answered profusely.

‘Yes you do, oh god, yes you do.’

He was moving, fast, and then slow, then he’d pick up the pace. Sophie was prepared to come hard enough to blow her own mind and then it hit her like a wave, it came crashing down hard and felt so refreshing she began moan out, her legs began to shake and the feeling swept over her of pure satisfaction. She began to cry, she turned her face because she didn’t want Brock to see. But he did, he turned her back toward him and lowered himself to kiss away her tears as he screwed her brains out.

His body stretched taut over hers and he let out what she could only call a half-roar and half-scream. It was nothing like Sophie had ever heard before and it was beautiful but so was he when he orgasmed.

He dropped to her side in the bed as they both steadied their breathing. He pulled her close, as he planted kisses on her forehead and face. He kissed her deeply one more time. Then after a few moments Sophie heard his soft snoring. She wished she could sleep but she couldn’t get his statement about love out of her mind. They’d just decided to take this thing to the next level but slowly, hadn’t they? He couldn’t be feeling love for her, but she knew she was having those feelings for him. But she couldn’t go that deep this soon, it would only mean disaster. She turned over to her side to spoon with him; she’d worry about love tomorrow. Right now, she was tired she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. © EugeniaBerg 2013


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