What Happens In Vegas…-Chapter 1

Her last night in Vegas, whatever this club Danielle had dragged her too was fabulous. She didn’t get to do this much back home. There was just work and trying to see about her aging father. But tonight was hers, her 30th birthday and it was fabulous. Her two best friends Danielle and Shatrice had taken her to Vegas for it. They’d been staying at the MGM resort in a fabulous suite paid for by Danielle, she was the one with the rich older husband. Danielle had always been at best, practical, she’d married an older gentlemen who was a real estate developer in Southern California. Shatrice had left her two kids with her boyfriend in Los Angeles while she partied it up this wild weekend. And Nydia well, she was here to celebrate her 30th birthday and her father was at the home in Portland, Oregon. She hated to leave him but he understood, he always understood. It had become too difficult for Nydia to have her father live with her especially when he started to wander away from home and get lost. Portland wasn’t his city, it was hers, she’d moved out there to be with the man of her dreams the one who was supposed to take care of her and after she’d gotten pregnant, he went out for a soda and never came back. It had been hard for Nydia, she’d lost that baby but that was many years ago. When she was young and stupid, she wasn’t young or dumb anymore. She was older and harder. She hadn’t really dated a lot again but was now dating a mechanic, Richard, it wasn’t passionate it was safe. She’d come here for fun and maybe some passion, she wasn’t serious about her relationship and she didn’t love him. The only man she loved and trusted was her daddy, even her good for nothing brother wasn’t to be trusted. He was living in Detroit, just out of jail, another stint at the big house. He and that harpy wife of his were there, they were no help with her dad, no encouragement, no support. All she had was her girls, the ones she’d met as a child in Inglewood, California where she grew up. They were the family she knew and trusted. They were here helping her celebrate her birthday. 30 years, no husband, no prospects, no kids, and after her miscarriage she’d been told no chance to have one. Time to celebrate or was it time to forget, Nydia Frazier, couldn’t figure out which one, so she just decided time to have another drink.

Emerson had spotted her awhile before, she was gorgeous. He’d always loved the beautiful skin of black women and this one had taken his breath away. She was like dark chocolate, all smooth and sensual. Her hair was braided in what he knew were cornrows, it was long down her back. He was fascinated by her hair, her beautiful dark smooth skin, she was all curves with long legs. He was tall 6’2″ and he was guessed she was maybe 5’7″ on a pair of killer heels ‘5’10”. She was sexy but he realized she didn’t seem really comfortable with it, but she was pulling it off nicely. She was there with two other women, both who had men buzzing around them like bees. They looked, experienced, Emerson felt bad thinking that but those two had no issue handling men or using there sex appeal although he didn’t feel they had as much as the sweet chocolate one. She was trying but she didn’t have to try, she was sex, that sweet coy smile. He’d been watching her awhile, she had on some kind of banner about her 30th birthday. He kept wishing he could help her celebrate, she was looking around probably thinking she wanted out of that place. Guys were trying to chat her up but she didn’t seem interested, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and was hoping she noticed him.

Nydia was standing at the table, laughing with her girls. There were tons of guys constantly talking trying to throw their weak raps to her. She wasn’t as flirty as those two but those drinks were making it easier. Danielle wasn’t planning on taking anyone to bed, neither was Shatrice with a boyfriend and two kids. Nydia had other ideas, why not do as the ads said why not do some wild things and let them stay in Vegas. Her relationship with Richard wasn’t serious they had only slept together twice and it wasn’t that great. Nydia wanted some fun, her life was so dull and she knew after tonight she’d be back to it. Tonight she wanted to just live, just live her life. She thought she saw something or someone to have that good time with. She’d noticed him eyeing her about 15 minutes previous. She was never into white boys but this one was sexy as hell. He was tall, slim, and seemed in pretty good shape. It was dark so she was unsure what color his eyes were but his hair was dark. He was over by the bar just staring at her, she wasn’t sure what to do but something about him was telling her he was a good candidate for her wild Vegas night. He looked fairly predatory and it had Nydia a little turned on. Now how would she come on to him because he didn’t look like he was going to come here way. While wondering, she looked up to catch him staring again he was lighting up a big cigar and smiled menacingly at her around it. He looked like the devil almost, at least dangerous, and oddly she felt drawn to him. Nydia smiled back, he winked. Her eyes went down in embarrassment, she was right he had been staring. Nydia didn’t know what to do maybe she should head toward the bar, those drinks were making her a tad bolder than she’d ever been. She looked up and there he was.


Nydia was shocked he was there. He wasn’t holding the cigar but his smile was still quite menacing and sultry.

Nydia came out of her wandering thoughts, ‘hello,’ she said shyly.

‘How are you this evening?’

‘I’m doing fine and you?’ Nydia only knew to be polite and as bold as she believed those drinks were making her, right now she was nervous.

He was studying her face and Nydia was wondering why he was looking so intently.

‘I’ve been looking at you all night and I wanted to come over and say something.’

Nydia smirked at him, oh it was time for the lame come-on, she knew it. ‘What exactly is that?’

He leaned over and said softly in her ear so she could hear over the noise, ‘I wanted to say, happy birthday.’

She smiled, she’d almost forgotten they were here celebrating her birthday and she had on the sash.

She chuckled, ‘I almost forgot it was my birthday.’

‘Can I buy you a birthday drink?’ He asked smoothly.

This was the first Nydia had noticed his accent, he was English and now that he was closer she noticed how handsome he was. She’d never even thought about the possibility that a man this handsome and debonair would ever notice her. Maybe it was the night, the music, or this dang town but Nydia had decided she wanted to know him better.

‘Sure, I’ll take the drink but I want your name.’

‘My name is Emerson,’ he took her hand to shake it, it was soft and smooth with long fingers, ‘and yours?’

The girls had decided when they flew in that when they met a guy over this weekend they’d use fake names. It was just fun, there wouldn’t be any love matches here so why go through the drama of giving real names. Nydia had decided to use Charlotte, Shatrice was Carrie and Danielle was Samantha a play on the names of their favorite characters from Sex and the City.


‘Well, Charlotte do you have a last name?’

‘Oh I do but why go through the drama besides you didn’t give me your last name.’

He looked at her curiously, she didn’t quite look like a Charlotte but he was just glad she was talking to him.

‘Alistair. Emerson Chesterton Alistair.’

It sounded completely fake to Nydia but what the hell this was Vegas, where everybody is someone else. ‘Wow that’s a whole lot of name,’ she told him, ‘mine is Charlotte Monroe.’

‘I’m so glad to meet you. How about I get you another drink and we get to know each other.’

Nydia talked to Emerson most of the night, they danced a couple of dances and she was quite surprised because he could really move.

She found out he was an attorney from North Carolina in Las Vegas visiting his parents. Nydia tried her best not to give away too much, he was staying at the Bellagio. Nadia wasn’t trying to give much information, she’d have to lie anyway and she didn’t want to have to keep those straight. She told him she was from Los Angeles and actually she was although she didn’t live there anymore. She said she was a librarian, but she was more than that she was assistant library coordinator for the law library at Williamette College. She’d gone and gotten a JD and a masters in library science to do that. She knew a lot about attorneys and one of the things she knew was that she didn’t want to get involved with one but if it was just one night that was okay and anyway she had safe Richard waiting at home. Yes, safe dull Richard who kissed like a fish and whose idea of excitement was a night at home ordering in pizza and watching old episodes of Dragnet. She looked at him again, he was such a good looking guy like the guy from that Sherlock show on PBS whose name she couldn’t recall. But Emerson was better, he was warm and had a wry smile, Nydia almost wished she liked lawyers but having past experience as one she knew better.

Emerson had been having the time of his life with the beautiful Charlotte as she called herself. He knew that wasn’t her name but he didn’t press her. Every time he called her Charlotte she didn’t respond very quickly and looked tad confused as to why he called her that. But she’d try to cover the mistake, she introduced one of her friends as Samantha then later called her Shatrice the drinks he thought were messing with her little name game. What could he do it was Vegas, many people just came down here to be wild and free for a moment because you could leave your secrets behind as you boarded the plane home. He still liked her, they’d chatted more. He talked to her friends, they’d sized him up. One was a petite redhead with green eyes, she was 29 but looked like she was 40 years old he couldn’t believe how much work she’d had for someone so young. The other was slightly taller and little heftier than his Charlotte, the one she’d called Shatrice she had a cooper skin tone and light brown eyes. She was dressed to the nines, they all were but his Charlotte seemed the most capable at pulling it off. The other two just looked overdressed, she was subtle and sophisticated. A purple wrap mini dress with stockings with a seam up the back, those things were driving him crazy. Each time she walked away to the loo he watched those toned legs and that nice round firm bottom move gracefully through the crowd. He stayed around most the evening, he had her on the hook and had decided to play this one for all it was worth.

He leaned over to his Charlotte after they’d left the dance floor, ‘would you like to go somewhere a little more quiet?’

She looked over at him furrowing her brow, ‘like where?’ She said a little indignantly.

He put his arm around her shoulder, ‘no, no my dear I mean just a quieter bar this place is getting rowdy and I just want a chance to talk more without trying to bellow over everyone else.’

Nydia sighed she was actually feeling cozier as time passed. She felt that maybe this was the man she was going to have some 30th birthday fun, she didn’t want to know much more about it that would just get her attached. She did not want attachment. She had enough of that, she’d let the girls know she was leaving with this guy and would meet them back in the room later tonight. Nydia was no idiot she could take care herself, self-defense had taught her that. But she felt like self-defense wasn’t needed this night she probably going to be more than willing to get into whatever Mr. Alistair was willing to get her into. He looked so good as she stared him in the dim light of the nightclub, she still, couldn’t tell what color his eyes were but they were light. He was so sophisticated, she’d never met a man more sure of himself. But he was an attorney they were arrogant bastards but that was fine with her, tonight she’d spend her night with a sexy arrogant bastard and enjoy it.

She told the girls she was headed out with Emerson, they were hesitant but Nydia assured them she’d be okay and that she’d text them all the information from the hotel. She was on the find-a-friend app with Shatrice. They wished her luck and told her to be safe. And off she went to be wantonly wild more than she ever had in her life.

Nydia’s head was pounding, she felt like someone had let loose a jackhammer in it. Oh dear God if you just let me live I’ll never drink again, she thought. She wasn’t quite sure where she was as she opened her eyes, it was bad her pupils ached. She moved slightly and felt a warm body next to her, she jumped up immediately. Well this wasn’t her hotel room but it was certainly a nice one she looked around her clothing was strewn all over the floor. She felt herself retch, she hated hangovers but it was her own fault. She looked over to see a very sleep and very naked man next to her. She looked down and realized she was naked too. Emerson, yea now she remembered the attorney she met at the club last night. They’d gone and had drinks and she’d discovered under better light he was even hotter than he was in the nightclub. The man was heavenly chestnut brown hair with big curls, the most gorgeous light blue eyes she’d ever seen. She had decided to drown in them and he had swept her off her feet and into his bed. This was certainly a 30th birthday to remember, the parts she did remember. Although she did recall he was heavenly in the sack, Nydia had never been made love to like that in her life. Seeing as he was an arrogant bastard she was sure he’d get his jollies and leave her in the cold but he didn’t. He took his time, lots of time, made love to her body as he blew her mind. It was amazing. She’d come three times in that one night, she’d actually forgotten the last time any man could make her orgasm during sex. He was sexy as hell, that deep timbre in his voice and that English accent to go along with it. His body was from what she saw next to her and what she recalled during sex was in good shape. He was slim but toned and muscular, she couldn’t lie he had the biggest cock she saw on a white guy on any guy as a matter of fact. She was still a little sore from that pounding he put on her. She couldn’t say she was disappointed. But she also knew she was now like Cinderella and her night of wanton bliss was over, there was no Prince Charming or happily ever after. She needed to get the hell out of there before he woke up. She eased out of bed and tip toed across the room to retrieve her clothing. She found everything but her damn underwear, she couldn’t believe it. She looked all over but no lace thong anywhere, she did remember him removing them with his teeth last night. She wondered what he did with them, maybe he was freak that kept women’s underwear as a prize. Aw what the hell, she hated to give up a Vicky’s thong those things were expensive but she had to get the hell out of there. She checked the mirror, ugh she looked like hell, she’d be doing the walk of shame this morning but it was 6:39 am and she was leaving today she had to get back to the hotel.

She put on her clothes quickly as possible sans stockings and missing Vicky’s drawers and turned to look at the best one night stand ever. He moaned and stirred a little as he did the bottom part of the sheet drifted down to expose those taut muscular buttocks of his. Ahh Nydia thought his ass was certainly praiseworthy. Too bad he’s an arrogant bastard lawyer, she thought. She eased out the door and shut it behind her and made her way back to the MGM.

On the cab ride to the airport she got loads of questions from her girls.

‘Well, how was he?’ Danielle always the most cynical of the lot asked.

‘Yea girl he was fine but you know what they say about white boys,’ Shatrice told her smirking.

Nydia just grinned, none of them had ever dated a white man although Danielle was white she’d only dated black men and her husband was an older black guy. Shatrice and her boyfriend of forever had two kids and he was Puerto Rican.

‘Well, what is that they say?’ Nydia asked curiously.

‘You know that they’re not well…’ She looked up toward the cab driver who was not paying them any attention then back to Nydia, Shatrice’s eyes went down in a knowing gesture. ‘Well it’s what I heard.’

Nydia really started to laughed, both of her friends just eyed her with confused looks.

‘Well I don’t know about every man but this man was not lacking, not lacking anywhere.’

She heard a low ‘whhaa?’ from Shatrice. Danielle just looked, well to Nydia she looked a little peeved.

‘I’m glad you had your fun, little girl but now back to the real world’ Danielle said in a snooty tone.

Nydia decided not to pay her any attention, sometimes Danielle could be a brat especially when she wasn’t the center of attention.

Shatrice was just itching for more details, ‘to hell with the real world. I want details chick, gimme details.’

They wanted details so Nydia gave them up, those she could recall. It was an interesting ride to the airport.

Nydia had given her two friends hugs and they’d promised to get together soon and make sure they called each other. It was bittersweet good-byes but Danielle was right it was time to get back to the real world. If only Nydia knew how real her world was about to get maybe she would have stayed in Vegas.

Nine months later.

‘Push, push Mrs. Greene.’ Nydia heard the doctor’s repeated commands.

It was hard, she didn’t want to push, she didn’t want to be here. After she’d returned from her 30th birthday trip she’d discovered a few weeks later that her doctors had been very wrong about her getting pregnant. She could and she did. Richard had done the honorable thing and married her. He was standing next to her in the delivery room. Holding her hand trying to coach her as a very tired and irritated Nydia tried to use her loins to coax a stubborn child forth. She looked at her doctor then over at Richard’s dark onyx face. She had been so shocked at the news of her pregnancy, she’d almost passed out. Richard hadn’t questioned a thing, although she had some reservations about his being the father he’d been excited about her announcement and proposed immediate marriage. So Nydia, Richard, her father, his younger brother and a friend she worked with had attended a patch together wedding at the courthouse. Where she had become Mrs. Nydia Greene.

She could hear Richard in her ear with his soft monotone coaching her along.

‘Come on darling, you can do it. Just a little more and our boy will be out.’

Their marriage hadn’t been one to set the world on fire but he’d been patient, kind, sweet and attentive. They’d moved into Richard’s apartment a nice two bedroom in Tigard. Her daddy had not been thrilled with the news that only daughter was pregnant before she was wed but he was understanding. He was sitting out in the hospital lobby waiting with her best friend Danielle, Shatrice had not been able to get away. They’d both been as surprised as Nydia but when they asked too many probing questions, Nydia would just clam up.

She was in so much pain but she was ready for this child. She never thought she’d have this chance and now she wanted this baby. She’d decided to call him Parker Frazier Greene.

‘Oh it looks like he’s going to make an appearance. One more big push Nydia,’ she heard Dr. Caldwell order.

She pushed and then heard the cry. He had some good lungs, she felt tears come to her eyes. She looked over and Richard was beaming, they took the baby, got him swaddled. The nurse passed him to Nydia, she looked over and saw the smile drop from Richard’s face. She could heard people congratulating her the back ground. Then she looked at her baby. He was beautiful. He was gorgeous with a cafe au lait skin tone, soft light brown hair and a pair of light blue eyes she’d seen before.

Aww shit, she thought. © EugeniaBerg 2013




2 thoughts on “What Happens In Vegas…-Chapter 1

  1. “He looked fairly predatory and it had Nydia a little turned on” and “menacingly at her around it. He looked like the devil almost, at least dangerous, and oddly she felt drawn to him”… The stories I write almost always ends in tragedy and all I could think was, “Girl, Noooooooooo!” Yup, tragedy!

    I enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.

    • LOL well it’s not over it’s a romance and I can’t live with a romance ending tragically. I have to have the HEA, so we’ll see what happens to Nydia, Richard and Emerson. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

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