Now It’s Time to Write

Well, since I’ve taken a break from blogging and vlogging about heavy subjects on my blog Married Girl In A Weird World I’ve come over to my other blog, this one, to do something I enjoy with my time off, write. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, I’ve always been a reader but I never thought I was a writer. I just knew I had an active imagination and wanted to put it down on paper. I’ve blogged before about what I like to read, mostly interracial romance, mysteries, suspense and thrillers I’ll do horror every once in awhile but only in the day time. Now what do I like to write? Really I write what I’m familiar with, what I like to read. I don’t know about other writers but I do what I know. Yes it may mean I’m stuck in a comfort zone when it comes to my writing but I have no issue with that, at least not at this moment. So right now I write interracial romance. I’m about to try my hand at a mystery, I have a few ideas and some small storyline but I need an outline.

Many authors I know write with an outline and I’m now coming to the conclusion that I’m really going to need to do this to write my best and make sure flow is correct. It’s hard to keep story-lines and characters in order in your head especially with the way I write because I write a few different stories simultaneously. Don’t ask why I do that, I just do, I have many idiosyncrasies that I have no idea where they came from this is just one. With my attempt at trying to write a mystery I know for certain I’ll need an outline. Because from all the mysteries I read, you have to keep all the plot twists and turns straight or you’ll be totally lost and have an awful story. The stories I have currently posted don’t have outlines, they just flow straight from my head and when I read some back, I’m a little embarrassed to see how I’ve forgotten small details about a character or storyline. But I know to some readers those things are almost sacrilegious. It’s not fun to see that but these are what I would call really rough first drafts, I wouldn’t dare attempt to publish any of the dreck I’m writing here. I’m just trying to hone my skills maybe one day I’ll think of myself as being worthy of being possibly published even by some of the smaller romance publishers or folks who do e-books but right now I’ll just keep writing for my enjoyment and sharing it with you.

Well, you may wonder how do I come up with these ideas. I sometimes like to hear how authors who write my favorite interracial romances come up with their ideas for stories. It can fascinating. My ideas come from my life and things that I experience and interest me. The story-lines may come from anywhere, my first story was from a challenge on a Goodreads thread. Then it just started flowing, most are centered here in the Pacific Northwest, because well I live here. I like it here and I think it’s a great place to set a story of interracial romance there’s a lot of them going on here. I also find not many interracial romances are with black women and non-black men are set here. Which is odd because we’re everywhere around here. My characters just come from whatever I want, I like to envision my heroines with the appearance of black women actresses I know, I do the same for my hero, I envision them as hot actors I know. You may notice I usually mention the name of an actor they’re supposed to look like in the description of the hero. I have to be able to see the character’s face because as I write in my mind I’m acting out the whole story. I know it sounds convoluted and complicated but it works for me. I usually have the characters do jobs I have knowledge of or would like to do myself, my character, Sophie from Surviving in Dateland, is a brewmaster, I’d love to be a brewmaster. It’s sort of fun, you can live out a life you’ve been imagining on paper. I usually write about folks around my age group, not that I don’t remember what it’s like to be young, I just don’t connect to that world and thought process anymore. It’s very different to be in your 20s in an interracial romance and be in your 30s and 40s in one. I go into a lot of detail, I know many say detail is wasted but I like detail in books, not all readers do and if you’re one of them my writing is not for you. I am a detail nut, I want to envision what I read.

I write in complete quiet and although I like to do it in the day when I’m home alone and it’s fairly silent. The best time is the middle of the night, I can write like the dickens at midnight. I just like it quiet, some folks write with music it inspires them, music just distracts me and I can’t think clearly. I usually do it now on my couch with a Bluetooth keyboard and my iPad, so I’m comfy. I personally hate sitting at a desk, it’s hard sometimes to type I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome but I can still type for a time then I have to take a break. I’m looking to get the Dragon software soon. Is that cheating? Well if it is I’ll be cheating because I don’t think it’s a requirement to be in unbearable pain just to call yourself a writer. So I’m getting ready to move along with my writing and start the new mystery, I’m very excited about that. I ask that you please comment on the stories, I enjoy sharing my writing and I want to continue to do so but only if people enjoy it. If I’m just stroking my own ego maybe I need to back away and take a class. Thanks for being here and sharing my stories with me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.



4 thoughts on “Now It’s Time to Write

  1. ‘I write a few different stories simultaneously.’ I do that also. Swing between extremes; I write depending on my mood my writing changes to suit that.

    • Exactly, I just write for my mood. And I like to write as inspiration comes, not everyday am I inspired to write the same storylines especially if I get new ideas for a story, I like to go with those.

  2. I followed the link from Married Girl in a Weird World. I enjoyed ‘Rendezvous’ it has a good plot and I liked the characters. More please more!
    Growing up I never had access to interracial romance and I’m always thrilled to read stories documenting real characters dealing with real issues.
    Keep writing because I’ll keep reading.

    • I didn’t know of any interracial romance either till about 2006 or 2007, I was excited to find it. Many of those authors are on my blog roll, check them out. I’m excited to be writing it. I’m glad you like it. Got lots of stories, keep reading.

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