Remembering Your Heart-Chapter 3

This contains explicit sexual content, please be advised. 

Chapter 3

It had been a few weeks since Luke and Mona had been dating and things had been going well. They hadn’t made any move toward the bedroom, hadn’t even talked about actually being a relationship. Although neither was dating anyone else, the conversation just hadn’t come up. She was shopping with Tori one day at Lloyd Center when she asked how things had been going.

‘Good I guess,’ Mona said shrugging her shoulders.

‘Good. I. Guess. What the hell kind of answer is that, that ain’t no kind of answer’

Mona chuckled. Tori could go urban really quick when she was dissatisfied.  “That’s the only one I have Tori. We’ve been dating, he’s been great, really nice, and he’s a good kisser.’

‘Oh that sounds so boring, where are the juicy details.’

“I wish I could give you some, we’ve made out, some heavy petting with our clothes on but no zing, no pow, no wow!’

‘Oh you have got to be one frustrated bitch.’

‘Oh Tori, the mouth, please!’ she hated when Tori used foul language it was bad enough she was an exotic dancer at that sleazy club. She’d unfortunately picked up other bad habits from it.

‘Oh I’m sorry Ms. Prim and Proper get real Mona you work at a fire station.’

‘Yes I do and I get enough of their foul mouths and I don’t want to hear it from yours too.’

Tori rolled her eyes and went to giving Mona the tenth degree questioning, ‘anyway, no rub downs, nothing.’

‘Nothing, I’m starting to think maybe he doesn’t find me attractive but can’t think of way to let me down easy.’

‘You like him don’t you? You want him to fu…I mean have sex with you, don’t you?’

Mona looked over at Tori who was standing near her as she perused the racks in Macy’s, ‘yea, I do a lot but I don’t know what’s going on. I’d like to rip his clothes off every time I see him and from what I’ve felt I know I won’t be disappointed. But if I move toward his zipper, he takes my hand and brings it back up. Maybe he’s just a damn tease, they have those don’t they, male teases.’

‘You’re asking the wrong person that, from my experience with men that club they don’t want to tease nothing but some coochie.’

Mona was quite used to Tori’s not too subtle dislike of men, she always wondered how she did the job she did when she felt that way.

‘Well if that’s what they’re doing at your job, the one I have isn’t doing his job.

‘Well have you tried to seduce him?’

Mona turned quickly and gave Tori a confused look, ‘Tori for real?’

‘What do you mean for real, yea for real. He’s a man Mona, you’re a woman so sexy clothing and I can give some tips on a dance that will have panting like a dog.’

‘I don’t know I don’t think of myself as the seductive type. I really don’t have the body for it.’

Tori rolled her eyes, it was enough to make her want to throttle her friend, ‘Mona you are the sexiest woman I know and you don’t even know it. If you were into girls, I’d totally be into you.’

Mona chuckled lightly, ‘well I’m so complimented but I don’t regularly feel sexy. I mean being a firefighter, I’m usually just dirty and grimy, no makeup, it’s not glamorous.’

‘Doesn’t matter, it’s time for you to be glamorous. Use what your mama gave you,’ Tori told her as she did some of kind of hand gesture to indicate the sexiness that was Mona.

Mona looked down at herself, she didn’t have any boobs, but she did have that butt her mama gave her.

‘You think I could do it, you think I could wow him. I mean Luke is sexy and fine as frog’s hair. The man oozes sex when I speak to him over the phone. I’ve been to his place too, I’ve seen a picture of his ex she had some big…’ Mona put her hands in front of her boobs to indicate what his ex had and she was lacking.

‘Big effing deal, you said she was white chick didn’t you?’

‘Yes she was white.’

‘Then turn around,’ Mona turned trying to figure out what Tori was speaking of, ‘look at that, you could get lost in that booty.’

Although Mona loved her curves she was sometimes self-conscious that she had a behind that was as big as hers was. None of the men at the station ever said anything but she’d noticed some stares as she walked by.

‘Mona use that luscious body to seduce this man, he likes you.’

‘Yes, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be physical with me. Maybe he’s scared that if we have sex he’ll think I’ll want something more.’

Tori looked at suspiciously, ‘do you want something more? Because you know it’s okay to want something more.’

‘I don’t know, I mean I like Luke. We have fun together but I’m not sure I want to be that serious. Putting my heart on the line means putting my heart at risk and I don’t know if I want to do that.’

‘But you’re willing to put your body on the line,’ Tori shook her head, ‘damn I don’t understand you straight people sometimes.’

Mona just turned as they continued to peruse the racks. No more was spoke about her playing seductress.

Later that evening, Mona sat in her living room thinking about the conversation, she’d had with Tori. If she was truthful with herself she’d say she really knew she was already falling for Luke although they hadn’t had sex. Maybe if they did and turned out to be really bad, it would cure her of the growing feelings she was having for him. But what if the seduction thing didn’t work she thought, she’d been trying but he’d been refusing. Maybe she needed to cut her losses, maybe he wasn’t feeling her as much as she was feeling him. Gosh I didn’t think I was that bad of a kisser, she pondered. Her iPhone flashed and vibrated, she looked at it and noticed it was Luke.

She picked up, ‘Hi Luke.’

‘Hello, bella.’

She loved it when he called her bella, it made her toes curl.

‘How are you this evening?’

‘I’m fine. Just relaxing after an evening run. I love running on these warm nights.’

‘Yes we have been having some fabulous weather.’

‘Mmm hmm,’ she said. Goodness enough with the small talk.

‘How can I help you Luke?’

‘Well, I’d like to ask if we could have dinner Saturday.’

‘Dinner?’ she didn’t know if she should go it was Tuesday, she worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. ‘Sure, why not I’m not on Saturday night. You got lucky.’

‘I’m always lucky when I get to see you bella but we’re going to have some company.’

Company, she wondered who, ‘who’ll be joining us, your dad?’

‘No, no my dad is in the bed by 9 pm every night. No. My son.’

Mona knew he had a son Brady but she thought he was on the East Coast.

‘Really, is he coming out for a visit?’

‘No, he’s transferring to Oregon State.’

Mona was surprised from what Luke had told her of his ex, she liked Brady where she could keep an eye on him.

‘His mom is okay with that?’

‘Doesn’t matter if she is or isn’t Brady is a grown man, he’s made the decision. I stand behind him. So will you join us?’

‘Yes, of course I’d love to meet your son. You know what I’ll ask Amber if she’d like to come she’s still here doing her internship and since your son will be going to Oregon State, maybe she can show him around.’

‘That sounds great. I love being a dad but a tour guide not so much. This will be Brady’s first time out here since he was a kid. I think Amber would be great company.’

Luke had met Mona’s niece Amber and he really liked her, she was bright, funny and beautiful just the kind of girl he wished his son would be interested in. Instead he wasted a lot of time on bottle blondes with no goals and even less brains. Brady was a good kid but some of his life choices were starting to worry him, he was glad he was coming out maybe he could be a better influence on him. He knew Kim loved their son but sometimes she was a little too smothering for the boy’s good.

‘Well what time should we be ready?’

‘How about 8 pm, I’ll take you guys out to McMenamin’s Edgefield for dinner.’

‘Sounds fabulous’, Mona loved Edgefield and she also loved McMenamin’s beer.

‘I’ll you see then, bella.’

‘See you then,’ she said ending the call.

It was tough talking to him. Mona had to pull out the vibrator again. Maybe Tori was right, it was seduction time and she’d call Tori tomorrow for that lap dance lesson.

She heard the doorbell ring at about 8:05 pm. Amber called out, ‘Aunt Mo he’s here.’

She’d told Amber about meeting Luke’s son, Brady. Although she didn’t seem all that thrilled, she agreed.

Mona walked to the front to see a very handsome Luke, dressed in black gabardine slacks, black dress shoes and a white button down under gray cashmere sweater. The man always looked breathtaking beautiful, she could barely take her eyes off him. Luke smiled back as he noticed her, she wearing this beautiful cobalt strapless blue dress one of those things with empire waist that was long in the back and short in the front so he had full vision of those incredible legs of hers along with these wood bottom wedges, he loved her style.

Mona looked over and noticed Amber standing over to the side, paying way too much attention to the floor. She wondered what happened to her peppy, sassy niece. Then she noticed the young man behind Luke and knew why. He was younger version of Luke with brown hair and striking beautiful blue eyes. My goodness, he was good looking.

‘Hello there, Luke,’ she said as he stepped up to hug her.

‘Hi there bella,’ he kissed her full on the mouth. She noticed the two young people look away. Mona didn’t really care at that moment they were both adults and she sure they’d kissed someone before. Luke sought entry to her luscious mouth with his tongue and nibbled at those full lips. He loved kissing Mona but he needed to stop before his cock gave him away. He pulled away with her still in his arms. He liked the feel of those curves.

‘Well,’ he said as he removed one arm from around her waist ‘this is my son, Brady.’

Mona moved away to go toward Brady who held his hand out to shake hers, ‘Hello Brady, I’m Mona I’ve heard so much about you.’

Brady smiled and shook her hand, ‘Cool. I’ve heard a lot about you too. Heard you were a firefighter. That’s really cool.’

‘Thanks,’ Mona thought he was much like most kids trying to bumble their way through life. ‘And this…’ Mona said as she gestured to Amber to join her, ‘is my niece Amber and it looks like you two are going to be at OSU together.’

Amber stood at her Aunt’s side as Brady looked her up and down; he wasn’t gawking just checking her out. Mona turned and was shocked her niece was actually blushing. Amber was very fair, a product of her father being biracial. She’d started to wear her hair with its natural curl, much to her mother’s chagrin, but Mona thought it was gorgeous all wild and big around her gorgeous face.

‘Hi!’ Amber said as she put up her hand to wave.

‘Hey, how you doing?’ Brady responded.

Well they weren’t dazzling conversationalist but maybe after the nervousness wore off they’d be chattier. She was wondering how this night was going to go. She was also wondering was her niece as struck dumb by Brady as she had been by Luke. Good lord, what was she going to tell Georgie she’d blame her forever for hooking her child up with a white boy? Oh well, too late now. Let the chips fall where they may.

Luke took her hand and said ‘well let’s get out of here.’

‘Come on slow poke’ as she pulled Amber along behind her. She picked up her handbag and locked up and they were out of there. Let the seduction begin.

Luke had the hardest time keeping his eyes off Mona and those fetching curves. He didn’t know what was different about tonight she seemed surer of herself. They’d been in some heated sessions over the last few weeks and although she’d made moves he’d been sure she was doing it because that was what she thought he wanted. He was dying to get her clothes off and caress that beautiful body but his father had taught him to be a gentleman and that he would know when the woman was ready to receive him. Over the last few weeks, she’d hadn’t felt ready. Luke knew he was falling in love with her, he also knew he had a huge secret to tell her. He’d realized from some of their discussions that her parents were the folks his gang had terrorized and killed in the accidental fire when he was kid. Although he hadn’t participated and he’d testified against them, he’d still been there when things had gone wrong when he could have stopped them. Luke wanted to tell her but he never felt it was the right time but he’d have to do the honorable thing one of these days and confess. He felt that Mona would forgive him, she had such a big loving heart she wouldn’t hold that against him or at least he hoped.

He felt her arms go around him from behind.

‘Hey what you thinking about big fella’, she said as she nuzzled close to his back.

Luke came out his thoughts to focus on the feel of her warm body behind him. ‘Nothing much, just thinking I’m the luckiest damn guy here.’

‘Why?’ she questioned him.

He turned to face her and put his arms around her, ‘because I am with the most spectacular woman here.’

Mona blushed slightly. He loved to see her go all coy on him. It was very endearing.

‘You say the sweetest thing. I think you’re trying to butter me up big boy.’

‘You could be correct. I’ve been known to be very charming and also good with my mouth.’

Mona eyes went up in surprise and she decided to let that innuendo hang in the air.

‘You think those two will be okay?’ Mona decided to change the subject, she was doing the seductress role as well as she could but some things did catch her off guard.

‘They’ll be fine. I’m sure Amber is showing Brady a great time.’

‘Excuse me?’ Mona cocked an eyebrow at her handsome companion.

Luke laughed, ‘Mona you know I didn’t mean it that way but they’re young and it’s Saturday night in a happening city. I’m sure they’re having a good time.’

‘Oh, well I’m glad you straightened that out. That son of yours better be respectful to my niece.’

‘I can guarantee he will be. You know who his father is,’ he said kissing her soft lips lightly.

The kids had taken off after dinner, Brady had taken Luke’s Jaguar and he and Amber were going to some club in downtown Portland. Amber knew of some band that they both found they liked and she had some tickets for their concert. Luke had been happy to see them go, he loved his son but he was dying to spend time alone Mona. Brady said he’d be happy to take Amber home and he’d head back to his dad’s condominium.

As Luke kissed Mona he felt a stirring in his lions, he didn’t know what it was about this woman but he overheated every time he got near her.

‘Mona, bella’ he pleaded.

‘Yes Lucas,’ she said softly. He loved when she called him by his full name.

‘Mona, this night has been nice but we better be getting home.’

Mona pulled back to look at him, Luke saw slight disappointment in her eyes.

‘Oh yes I understand, why don’t you call a cab and it’ll drop me off.’

‘You don’t want me to ride home with you?’

‘For what, that’ll just be a huge cab bill for you.’

Luke brow furrowed, he’d had this feeling all night long that Mona’s new confidence in her skills as a woman were for his benefit. He wanted her badly. Did she want him he wondered?

‘Bella, I’d like to ask you something.’

‘Sure go right ahead,’ she was moving out of his embrace heading back to their table. He pulled her back to him.

‘Bella I’m serious. I don’t want to push you too hard or fast. That’s why I’ve been very cautious during some of more heated times together.’

Mona just stared up at him intently, biting her bottom lip. He found it oddly very sexually exciting.

‘Mmm hmm’ she said as she shook her head. She looked like a frightened school girl about to give her virginity.

‘But I think tonight in a subtle way, you’ve been trying to tell me something,’ she stared him her eyes softening. ‘Yes you have been trying to tell me something. Do you want to make love with me?’

Mona was shocked he was so direct, all of a sudden her seductress act kind of deflated. She wanted him so badly right now but she was so scared of what that would mean for her heart. But she didn’t want this chance to go without taking it.

She lowered her eyelids and said under her breath, ‘yes,’ she looked up to see his reaction he had huge smile on his face. ‘You feel okay with that.’

‘You damn right I’m okay with it. I didn’t want to dare take you without knowing full well you really wanted me too.’

‘Well what do you think I’ve been doing all these weeks?’

Luke smirked at her, that sexy thing he did regularly, ‘Bella I knew you wanted to fuck me, but I wasn’t going to go there with you. I’ve fucked some women Mona. I didn’t want you to be one.’

Mona was shocked, she knew he liked her but she didn’t know he felt this seriously about her. Had she been reading him wrong all this time? Wouldn’t be the first time she’d gotten some guy’s signals all crossed up.

‘Luke, I’ve wanted you but yes I didn’t want a wham, bam, thank you ma’am scenario.’

‘I’ll tell you what I’ll call a cab. we’ll take it to your place. I’ll tell Brady I’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll show you what it means when I say make love.’

Mona couldn’t speak. She just shook her head to indicate compliance. She turned to go back to the table and get her purse while Luke took out his phone and called them a cab.

Now that the time had come, Mona felt nervous and scared. It had been a couple of years since she’d had sex. I wonder if you can forget things she thought.

Luke was sitting on the couch relaxing. Mona had put on some beautiful bossa nova and the woman singing had a deep sensual voice belting out lyrics of love. He turned to see Mona in the kitchen; she was getting him a beer and herself a glass of wine. As she entered the room and came around to sit next to him, his cock jumped with excitement. Luke was no choirboy he’d had his share of willing females but he’d never found one quite like Mona, he wanted to make sure their first time together was special.

Mona sat there next to him, drinking the class of pinot grigio as slowly as possible. Now that it was time to seduce, she’d completely forgotten the tips Tori had given her.

‘Really nice…’ ‘Who is this…’ they spoke at the same time. They each laughed nervously at the foible.

‘You first,’ Mona offered.

Luke smiled that deeply; those dimples came out, ‘I was just going to ask who is this singing?’

‘Oh it’s Bebel Gilberto, I love her. I just generally love bossa nova music. I’d like to visit Brazil one day.’

‘Really. I’ve been. It’s breathtaking.’

‘You have, I didn’t know that. I’m sure you were blown away by all the beautiful women.’

‘Yes they were beautiful but none as gorgeous as you.’

Mona blushed again, she found herself blushing quite a bit tonight under his intense gaze.

Luke moved closer to her and took her face in his hands. Mona was still staring into those beautiful eyes.

‘Do you know what I’m going to do now, Mona?’

Mona shook her head no because she’d completely lost the power of speech.

‘I’m going to kiss you long and deep, then I’m going to do what I’ve been aching to do since the first day I saw you in my dad’s store. I’m going to make passionate love to you. Does that sound good?’ He smiled as he spoke.

‘Yea sounds great’ she spoke as if in a dream and then she remembered this wasn’t a dream, he was here, he wanted to have sex with her. ‘Hold it, Luke.’

His brow furrowed in surprise.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve been intimate with anyone. I don’t want to disappoint you.’

Luke gave her a devilish grin, ‘that only means when this happens you’ll be even more responsive.’ He move in to kiss her, his lips were light at first then he pressed in to seek out her sweetness.

Mona moaned under the kiss, he’d swept his tongue across her lips and she opened her mouth to grant it access. He was such a good kisser, if he was half as adept at sex as he was at kissing this was going to be a good night.

Luke thought it was time to get this show on the road, he scooped up Mona into his arms while still kissing her deeply. Mona was shocked when he picked her up, he didn’t seem to strain as he carried her as if she was light as a feather. He knew his way to her bedroom, when he got there he pushed in the door with this foot and maneuvered Mona and himself through it.

He threw Mona onto her bed, a little unceremoniously. She laughed, he smiled down at her then his eyes took on a stormy intense look, a look of pure animal lust. Mona nervously looked away.

‘Bella I know it’s been awhile for you so I’m willing to take some of the work off your hands.’

Mona stared back up at him as he began to remove his clothes. She could still hear the sweet sounds of bossa nova lilting through the air from the front of the house. It was more hushed, more background noise so it wouldn’t take her attention away from what this beautiful man was doing. She’d felt his physique but hadn’t really seen all of it. He removed his sweater and shirt first, she almost audibly gasped. He was so fit and cut, it was amazing. She was sure she was drooling but she checked to make sure she wasn’t. He didn’t seem too disturbed by her watching him.

Luke enjoyed the array of emotions that danced across Mona’s face as she watched him undress, embarrassment, surprise, appreciation but the one he liked most was her look of unbridled lust. She tried but she couldn’t hide it and he enjoyed that immensely. She lay there on her elbows staring at him with her legs crossed at her ankles as feet tapped slightly at the air. Her mouth was open just a tad with the tip of her tongue peeking out. He was ready to leap on top of her, he wasn’t sure she realized how sexy she was lying there watching him.

‘Bella you are the sexiest thing I’ve seen awhile.’

Mona chuckled quietly, ‘you’re just saying that and I’m still fully dressed, don’t get too excited. I haven’t removed the packaging yet.’

‘Oh but when you do…’ he said in a low sultry voice.

Mona swallowed. She noticed his look had become more feral, she wasn’t sure what to do. She felt a little uncomfortable as if she should be doing something; he was doing all the work. He’d kicked off his shoes and was unbuckling his belt. She was staring at his hands intently as he made fast work of those buttons and zipper. Then he pushed his pants down, she looked up at him quickly, he was still focused on her and then it happened, what she’d longed for since their first meeting. She looked down to see his cock about burst forth from his underwear. He stood up straight and he took his large hands and started to rub it. Mona tightened her thighs; she could feel herself start to get wetter. It was extremely erotic to watch him as he rubbed that huge cock, it was massive, she’d felt it but to see its outline she knew she’d underestimated its size. She looked up again and saw he was still looking at her from under hooded lust-filled gaze. Mona’s eyes widened, she was turned on and frightened all at the same time. He licked his lips and grinned at her almost menacingly.

Mona sat up quickly and pushed her languishing body off the bed, she wanted to be the one to do it. She wanted to be the one to reveal what hid beneath those cotton boxer briefs. Luke was inserting his thumbs into the band of his underwear when he heard a soft, ‘stop’. He looked up and Mona was standing in front of him, she looked timid but her hands her boldly seeking his body.

‘Okay,’ he told her huskily, ‘do what you like, bella.’

Mona put her slim fingers into is briefs, he’d grown out a beard and she could feel it as he rubbed against her face. His breath was warm on her neck and she could hear him moan in her ear. She pulled down and as she pulled she descended to the floor. Once she stooped she paused and there she was with what she could only guess was the largest cock she’d ever seen. It was as beautiful as the man to whom it belonged and it had an angry purple head with a tiny pearl drop ready for release at its entrance. It had to be 9 or 10 inches long with considerable girth, she licked her lips but she longed to lick his manhood. But she figured right now would be too forward.

‘Is it everything you imagined?’ He said not arrogantly but quite matter of fact.

She looked up, ‘yes’ she said, she should have been mortified she was staring at his dick like it was going to talk.

‘Now he’s ready to indulge in that sweet pussy of yours, but before he indulges I think I need to indulge. My taste buds are dying to savor what my nostrils are being enchanted by.’ He stuck out his hand and lifted her up.

‘Are you going to keep that dress on all night, bella?’

‘Oh!’ Mona had almost forgotten she was fully dressed. ‘Is there some way I’m supposed to do this?’

Luke stepped back and folded his arms across that massive chest, ‘no just do it dammit because I’m about to burst out of my skin,’ he told her jokingly. He looked very cute frustrated she thought.

Mona got to see him in all his glory, now she could have fun, he was smiling at her and she began to relax a bit. Mona decided to just do it in one fell swoop; she took her dress over head and turned her back to him as she did it.

‘Good fucking god!’

She got nervous and turned back to him, covering her small breasts with her hands. ‘Is something wrong?’

He looked at her and smiled deeply, ‘hell no, you are fucking hot!’

Mona blushed again and smiled, ‘really.’

‘Mona you have an ass made to worship and why are you covering yourself?’

She looked down at herself, ‘well…I mean I’ve got the smallest boobs.’

‘There is nothing wrong with you girl, take your hands down.’

Mona took her hands down slowly. She noticed the desire in his eyes, she was drawn to him. All of sudden she wanted to touch and be touched by him. They moved to each other and embraced. He began to kiss her everywhere there was free space to do so.

Mona felt herself falling backward onto the soft bed, Luke fell along with her. Her thong underwear was still on and as he kissed her he peeled them off. Luke inserted two fingers into her wet channel. She was warm and tight and ready for him.

‘Oh bella, you feel incredible like you’ve been waiting for me all this time.’

Mona was just caught up in the moment, his fingers felt so good, ‘yes, I’ve been waiting for you, only you,’ she said her eyes were closed as she rode his hand he had nice long thick fingers they felt delightful in her wet cunt.

He took them out and Mona felt bereft she opened her eyes to see him licking them like it was last taste of a gourmet meal.

‘Oh you are so good,’ then he started to do something she hadn’t heard him do he started to speak Italian. Mona had never heard him speak in Italian when Mr. Serrano spoke it he’d just answer in English, she wasn’t sure he could speak it. But he did and fluently and it sounded heavenly.

Mona was so turned on she thought she’d orgasm just by hearing him talk. It was low and sweet, he kissed her as he traveled down her body, leaving a trail of fire, and he paid attention to her breasts. All her former lovers had not paid much attention to them, she figured since they were so small no guy thought they were worth attention. He was still speaking soft words to her.

Luke could barely contain himself, he couldn’t wait to be inside this woman she was so sexy and beautiful, a wild mess of thick sable hair on a pillow as she moaned and writhed. She was a lot more responsive than she gave herself credit for; she rode his hand like a horse.

Mona felt his soft beard between her thighs it set her whole body to tingling and warm breath on her pubic hair. She felt his tongue come out for an initial long lick and then he went to work.

Luke loved that she had pubic hair too many women shaved theirs and he couldn’t say he enjoyed the feeling. It also decreased the friction between him and the woman as he had sex. His ex used to wax all her hair off, he hated it. He loved that Mona had hair, it was neatly trimmed but it was there and it kept her scent which intoxicated him. She was delicious, fragrant and tasted like sweetest fruit he’d ever indulged in, he could not get enough of eating her tasty cunt.

Mona could hear his sucks and slurps as he feasted on her, while every once in awhile she hear sweet words in Italian it just turned her on more. Her body was on fire, she’d never felt this good while a lover gave her cunninglingus, Luke was spectacular. Mona felt her orgasm preparing to overtake her. She wanted to give in but thought if she did she’d lose her mind. It wasn’t as if she hasn’t had an orgasm her battery-operated boyfriend had been sufficient but there was nothing like the real thing. She decided to indulge.

‘Oh yea, right there, right there Lucas!’ Mona moaned out loud, it was her time to let go, ‘yes, yes!’ And then it happened her body began to spasm as the orgasm of her life swept over her.

‘Oooooh yes, yes God yessss!’ Mona could feel her body release then relax, she was dizzy and couldn’t focus it was amazing.

Luke kept lightly licking her as her body started to calm, he’d never had a woman feel the way she felt as she came and it was beautiful. He’d spied her as she had come and it was extraordinary, her thighs trembled and he thought she’d squeeze his skull but it was heavenly.

Luke rose from between her legs smiling widely, Mona was just looked completely satiated. Now he was ready to indulge.

‘Now Mona it’s my turn,’ he told her as he cocked his eyebrow.

Mona lay on the pillow trying to get her breath back, ‘go right ahead, I’m ready to feel you.’

He produced a condom but from where Mona couldn’t figure out. He had it out and on before she knew what hit her. He was in and Mona felt so full and good, he took her breath away. Then he started in again with the Italian.

He was talking and plunging into her deeply and slowly, this man’s dick was like gold, rare and gorgeous.

Luke was in paradise, this was the best pussy he’d ever felt in life. It was tight and smooth like velvet, she fit him perfectly. Luke felt his Italian coming fast and furious as soon as he entered her. He was officially addicted to Mona; he wasn’t letting her go anywhere. He was trying to hang on but he could feel himself going over the brink and it looked like she was coming right along with.

‘Mona, you’ve got the best pussy ever!’ He said huskily and he meant it. ‘Oooh damn, bella. Unhhh!’ he came with fury.

Mona couldn’t believe she was having a second orgasm with this man, that just didn’t happen with her but it was happening now and she was thoroughly enjoying it.

‘Aaaaahhhh!’ she let go for a second time, she felt like she’d just floated to heaven. She wasn’t ready to come back.

He collapsed on the bed next to her, breathing heavily and smiling like he’d never smiled before. It was amazing, that was a lot to say. He looked over at Mona, her body still slightly shaking after the second orgasm. She had her eyes closed, she beautiful he turned over on his side and perched himself up on one elbow. She was ravishing after a good loving. Her wonderful copper skin glowed with light sheen. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him.

‘That was….I don’t really have the words,’ she really didn’t how could she describe the most incredible sexual experience of her life.

‘Meraviglioso!’ He said as he put his fingers to lips and kissed Italian style.

Mona giggled like a schoolgirl, ‘what did you just say?’

‘I said it was marvelous, just like you,’ he leaned over to take her in his arms and kiss her deeply. It was nice kiss Mona thought, she could taste herself on his lips it was heady and erotic. His tongue did a slow dance with hers as the kissed and caressed one another’s sex slick bodies. He pulled back to look at her.

‘Mona, everything about tonight was right.’

She nodded, but she was nervous it was so good could they keep this up.

‘And I think it’s just going to get better,’ he told her softly as he spread light kisses all over her face.

How could she doubt anything about this man, he was incredible. Everything she’d ever dreamed of, she looked into his eyes.

‘Luke I want you to know that this the most perfect time of my life. I care for you so much, you are an incredible man. I think I may be falling for you.’ Mona let the confession fall from her lips before she realized it. Well, she couldn’t take it back now.

Luke saw the immediate panic in her eyes, it seems she hadn’t meant to make that profession but it was okay.

‘It’s okay bella, don’t panic I feel the same way. I really do want us to be exclusive.’

‘What are you telling me?’

‘I guess I’m saying I want you to be my bella, mine and only mine.’

Mona let out a sigh of relief. It was what she wanted to hear. She hugged him and then they started to kiss, she could feel his cock start to hardened she guessed it was going to be a long.

Luke was ready to make love to her again but the lingering voice in his head had him thinking, if you’re in love with her when are you going to tell her the truth. But right now he out that thought to the side as thoughts of loving this beautiful body overtook him. He’d confess later, now was the time for loving.

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