Rendezvous-Chapter 10

This chapter contains explicit sexual content. Please be advised.

Chapter 10

She was sitting on Paul’s sofa, she’d been here so many times while they had dated. It was so comfortable and she felt so at home in his house even after all this time being apart. He had on some jazz in the background, nothing too obvious just background noise she figured. He’d gone into the kitchen to get her a glass of wine. She knew what she was here for and she was wondering why he was taking so long beating around the bush. He emerged from the kitchen through the dining room to the sofa where she sat; he looked calm and kind of serene. She was getting nervous; she wanted to get on with. Why not just have this one last roll in the hay and they go and get closure.

‘Here you go’ he said handing her the glass of chilled Riesling.

He’d taken off his tie and dress shirt and just sat there in a nice form fitting t-shirt. She kept thinking he’d done that on purpose, sly devil, Violet thought to herself. Well, let’s just get this over with.

As he sat down to get comfortable, she decided to just blurt it out, ‘Paul, I know what I’m here for so why beat around the bush and play tag. Let’s just strip and get this over with, I’m ready to fuck how about you?’

He sat there looking at her like she had three heads. Violet was so over this, she started to take off her clothes, she removed her blouse and was standing to unzip her skirt when Paul’s hand took hers to stop her. She looked down at him; she’d never seen such hurt in his eyes. She was taken aback for a moment. Had she done something? Had she offended him in some way? She didn’t understand; all the things he said in the bathroom, the stuff in the car, she thought this was what he wanted and in a way she wanted it too. She stopped mid-unzip, her hands fell to her sides nervously.

Paul removed his hand from her arm, he was angry now but he didn’t want this to end in an argument. He wanted her to know how much he loved her, not how much he wanted to fuck her although he did. It was important that tonight was about love and intimacy.

‘Is that what you think of me, Violet? You really think I’m just some horned up joker only capable of only using his dick and not feeling a thing,’ the hurt in his voice was noticeable to even him.

Violet sunk back into the couch and slumped, she felt defeated and ashamed. This man had brought feelings back to her she didn’t think she’d ever feel again and more than just lust, pure and beautiful love. Her head just lolled forward.

Paul took her face in his hands and lifted it him, ‘Violet, I love you. I didn’t even realize how much I did until I lost you. That bull I pulled with Rebecca Althorp was childish; I was such a wanker for doing that to you. I apologize and I’ll never do it again. But you can’t leave me thinking that all I ever wanted you for was sex.’

Violet was looking at him and she saw what she could only guess were tears. She’d never Paul cry, she’d hardly even seen him sad. But there they were, he blinked and they started to stream. He wasn’t sobbing profusely just silent tears. Violet felt like such a damn idiot, a fool that’s what she was.

‘I could never have sex with you, ever again and I’d still want to spend the rest of my life with you,’ he said through the tears.

Did Violet hear that right, did he say ‘spend the rest of my life’ she was shocked.

She pulled back out of his caress of her face, ‘are you serious, Paul? What are you saying?’

‘I’m saying I want to marry you, love.’

‘Marry? Paul now I’m a lot of work as you can plainly see. I’m just now getting to the point where I can feel independent.’

‘That’s okay, I still love you and when you feel like you can be interdependent with me I’ll marry you. I don’t want to rush you. I know we both have a few issues to overcome but I’m mad about you girly. I don’t want you to ever leave me.’

Suddenly, he moved off the couch to the floor on one knee. Violet was in shock, when did all this happen. Was this what he’d been planning all day? Paul removed a small black velvet box from his pocket. Violet couldn’t think. She couldn’t breathe. He took her left hand in his, it looked small in those large, strong mitts of his but he was gentle. She looked up at him.

He still had tears in his eyes as he opened the box and asked in the sturdiest voice he could muster. ‘Violet Maxwell, I love you with fiber of my being. I don’t want to go another day without you being my wife. Will you marry me?’

Violet sat still stunned all this was happening. She looked at him and saw the gentleness and love in his eyes. She looked down at the ring, this man was not playing. It was a solitaire princess cut diamond and it was big, she’d never seen a diamond that big. She looked back up at him patiently waiting for her answer. He wouldn’t have to wait anymore.

‘Yes, Paul I’ll be your wife now and forever.’

Paul sighed; he’d been so nervous she’d just get up and run out again. His face lit up with that megawatt smile that Violet loved so much and he leapt to his feet and gathered her up in a bear hug.

Violet almost lost her breath as he hugged her but it felt so good to be back in his arms so secure and safe. She could feel him suddenly let her go and she was bereft by the absence but she knew he’d never go away again.

‘Oh I almost forgot I need to put this on your finger,’ he took that gorgeous ring from the box and slipped it on her finger, ‘I remembered your ring size from that shopping trip when you tried on rings while we visited Portland.’

She was shocked that was many months ago, how did he remember that. But she knew that Paul was always very aware and attentive to her and her needs. She looked at the ring on her finger; it fit perfectly and looked like it belonged. She stared up at Paul again he was happy but his eyes still held some unshed tears. She took her fingers to wipe them away.

‘Why are still crying?’ she asked. ‘I said yes.’

‘I’m just so damned happy. You know I was planning on doing this differently but all of a sudden all the love I feel for you couldn’t be contained; I had to ask you to marry me. It couldn’t wait another moment.’ He pulled her into another embrace but this time it was sealed with a kiss. He kissed her deep and hard as if he never wanted their lips to part.

Violet separated first trying to catch her breath; this man could kiss like the dickens. ‘Whew! That’s what I call passion,’ she told him with a coy smile.

They both could feel Paul’s cock start to harden and the thing they’d both been dying for all day was about to come to pass.

‘Well it looks we need to celebrate this occasion’ Paul told her as he cocked an eyebrow.

‘But Paul with my engagement, I’ve got to tell someone,’ she said jokingly.

Paul pulled her close again, ‘they can have you after I’ve had you.’

Violet knew what she meant because she slick and ready for his cock to relieve the aching in her body.

‘Okay then, you first.’ Although she was happy to accept this invitation she felt some power in this situation. Paul wasn’t one to ask, he usually just took her at will which she enjoyed but it was nice to have him make a request.

‘Well where do we start?’ Paul said eyeing her sexily, all the tears of joy were gone and there was only male hunger left in his look.

‘Why don’t we start right here, on this sofa,’ Violet loved the boldness in her voice, ‘then move upstairs? Does that meet your approval, Mr. Dudley?’ She decided to become more submissive, letting him take over or at least think he was taking over.

Paul flopped down into the corner of the large sectional one foot on it and one foot on the floor. He was full masculine form; he wanted to play the game that Violet was suggesting in her question.

‘Yes, that meets with my approval but your clothing doesn’t.’

Violet looked down she’d forgotten she was half undressed when he’d gone all romance on her. ‘What do you need?’

Paul licked his lips slowly. It was a gesture not loss on Violet’s eyes it was fairly dark in the room but Violet couldn’t miss Paul’s hunger and that hard cock about burst out of those suit pants. She sometimes found his control unbearable, she knew with her own eyes he wanted to fuck her right into oblivion but the man was so nonchalant as he sat there. She felt herself trembling with unbridled delight, she was ready to be ravished but it seems he may have turned the tables on her.

‘Violet, pay attention please.’

She gone into a reverie at the thought of making love to him and hadn’t heard a word he’d just uttered.  She looked up, he was calmly seated and then he started to rub this hardened bulge.

‘I want to you to stand and remove your clothing but don’t rush. It’s been awhile I’d like to see you do it slowly.’

Violet rolled her eyes at the frustrating slowness of this task she was assigned.

‘Did I see you roll your eyes?’ he asked in quick brusque tone.

‘No’ she stated quickly. She could feel herself getting even more aroused, she didn’t know what it was about this man’s forceful demeanor during sex that made her long to comply.

‘Good but you’re not moving.’

Violet rose slowly and stood in front of him in a way she felt brazen and bold, his eyes never left hers. She removed her skirt just as she was about to do before he stopped her, he didn’t move to stop her this time. It dropped to the floor in a heap around her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. She was standing there in a hot pink bra no underwear as he’d ripped those off earlier in the day, she didn’t know what had possessed her to choose that color that morning but she may have known already what she was in for today. Her mouth was dry and she swallowed hard to relieve her parched throat.

He was still sitting, not moving, not smiling, just his eyes she saw them as they raked over her near naked form.

Paul was trying to keep control but really he wanted to rip that bra off. He almost smiled to himself as he sat there and saw her naked neatly trimmed snatch staring at him he’d forgotten he’d already ripped her panties off. He’d be nice and leave her with something to take home. She was about to remove the bra but he stopped her.

‘No, I like you looking like that. Turn around,’ he said with a sureness only he could possess.

She wasn’t quite sure but she didn’t think long, she turned and then he did smile. He knew she couldn’t see his face but my goodness she had the nicest, roundest, most firm ass he’d ever had the pleasure of looking at. He was sure he knew men that would give a right testicle just to look at it and he got the pleasure of caressing it.

‘Move toward me, Violet but don’t turn around.’

Violet thought how awkward she didn’t want to fall but she did as he asked she stepped gingerly backward till he told her to stop. She was standing in front of him at the inside corner of the sofa. Paul had sat up and her beautiful behind was right in his face. He noticed that shiny silk that running between her legs, she wanted him badly he liked that and although he wanted to be deep within her folds he also wanted to make her wait a little.

His hands caressed her backside, he heard her whimper slightly and his cocked jumped in response. He couldn’t have that another whimper and he’d blow his load right in those $2,000 slacks. He smacked her bottom and hard, she jumped.

‘No, no Violet you have to be quiet. I can’t concentrate on this gorgeous round ass of yours if you make those sounds.’

Violet didn’t know how she was going to keep it in, she was ready to come, and she could feel her juices sliding down her leg. His warm breath on her butt wasn’t helping either.

He took both his hands and put them on each cheek and just caressed and rubbed them gently. So smooth and soft, he caught her scent she smelled intoxicating. Then he did it, the thing he did when they first came across each other in the bookstore, he stuck his tongue between those cheeks and just licked. Violet was holding it together with a thread of sanity and as Paul lapped at her, he swept that tongue from clit to her rose bud. It was over, she couldn’t stop it, she started to terrible in this hands, her head got light, she wasn’t going to be able to stand on those heels a minute more. Her orgasm swept over her while he was still enjoying himself with her backside. He’d noticed she’d come, he knew that tremble anywhere but he wasn’t done. He knew he couldn’t make her remain standing she’d probably fall over onto him so he picked her up quickly and laid her back on the sofa and continued his delightful work. He lapped at her wet pussy, he knew he could make her come again and again if he liked. He’d done it to her before, he was happy when he found she was multi-orgasmic. Violet was surprised when she’d found it out. He buried his head between her beautiful wet thighs and let this tongue do all the work. He was quite deft in the use of that tongue, a skill that been honed many years. He looked up at her, hooded eyes, head back; she seemed to be biting her tongue to keep from screaming he could only guess. He was proud of himself; she took orders well during sex which only made him want to please her more. Before he knew it, he had her shaking and convulsing, her thighs tightened around his ears he loved the sensation and her juices flowed right into his mouth. He swallowed him Dom Perignon champagne but only it was sweeter. He stood up wiped his mouth with his forearm and stood there to look at his handiwork.

Violet was breathing so hard she felt like she’d been on the working out and he’d done all the work. She was amazed at this eagerness to please and his ability to do it so very well. She’d only found she was multi-orgasmic during sessions with him. She figured the rest just weren’t up to the task but Paul could make her come so much she was aching in the next day. She looked to see him standing over her, she didn’t know when it happened but he’d taken his clothes off or maybe she was dreaming. Her orgasm had been so intense she could believe she was seeing things but as she blinked she realized he was naked. His cock was red and swollen, hard as steel and just about as dangerous. He was caressing it, getting it ready she could only imagine. She could feel herself beginning to get wet as her pussy tightened and pulsated. She figured she’d take sweet cock into her waiting mouth. She moved for it and licked the tip which had a small amount of pre-cum on it.

‘Oh no, the only place this will be exploding is in that sweet cunt of yours.’ He hoisted her up suddenly and threw her over his shoulder with ease. She looking at that hard muscular behind of his upside down, even that way it was thing of beauty. He must flown up those steps because the next thing she felt under her was that soft bed and the next thing she felt over her was the hard planes of that muscular body.

He took a moment to look at her, he couldn’t believe this woman was going to be his wife and he would be able to enjoy her to his delight anytime he liked.

‘Violet I don’t want this to be silent, I want you vocal. I want you screaming to the top of your lungs that you love me as I make love to you and as you know you’re mine and no one else’s from now on.’

Violet shook her head ‘yes’ as he entered her swiftly and completely. He took her breath away and he writhed in her slowly with her moving along as his rhythm speeded up. She could feel herself taking him deeper. Paul felt her cavern start to close around him, her cunt so was tight and it fit him perfectly. He closed his eyes only for a moment because he wanted to make sure he wasn’t dreaming that this beautiful, fabulous woman was here beneath him loving him with a passion he’d never known. Her eyes her clear shining brown and full of love, she smiled as his cock moved in and out of her. He knew he’d never feel anything for anyone that way he felt for Violet.

‘I love you, Paul more than anything. I love you and I’m yours.’

‘I’m yours too.’

He knew there was truth in that statement more than any other statement he’d made in his life. His body, soul, mind and body were all hers, hers forever. Paul could feel himself start to build up he knew he’d spill his seed in her at any moment, he’d been dreaming about this moment coming again.

‘Oh God!!!’ he felt himself come in such a wave of relief and happiness.

Violet came with him, ‘Oh Paul!! Ohhhhh!’ echoed in his ear it was beautiful sound. The sound of his woman coming in his ear, there was no sweeter sound on earth.


Later on they lay sated in each others’ arms, slick with sweat from love making which they had done about two more times during the night. It was dark with only the dim light from Paul en suite flooding into the room.

Paul looked down at her as she lay across his chest, he was so incredibly lucky that she’d had change of heart and taken him back.

‘Violet, love, are you awake?’ he said softly into her hair it was laid out in a beautiful mass on his chest.

Violet opened her eyes and moved her head up to look at him. ‘Yes, I am my darling.’ She loved having a pet name for him.

‘Ahh love, I’m glad. I’m glad about everything. I want to get up and dance.’

‘Dance? Really.’

‘Yes, when I’m happy I like to do a jig but not now. I may be a little sore from that last round we went.’

Violet giggled.

Paul swatted her on her behind but not too hard, he only did that during sex.

‘Ouch. Why did you do that?’

‘You can’t laugh at me. I will not be trifled with.’

‘Really, well I can do anything I want to do Mr. Man.’ Violet smiled at him slyly.

Paul raised an eyebrow, ‘well what are you saying?’

Violet took his already hardening dick into her hands and started to rub it gently.

‘I’m saying that right now I’m in charge for once,’ she started to ease down his sweat slick body.

‘In charge, okay’ and as she wrapped her full lips around his cock ‘just this once.’ He laid back to preparing to enjoy himself.


It was six months later and a very pregnant Violet was standing in the baby’s future nursery with the interior decorator trying to pick out drapes.

‘I don’t know, Colin. I just don’t know’ she’d hired the new boyfriend of Leonard’s he was great interior decorator and actually around Leonard’s age which was a really big surprise.

‘Well if we’re going with the yellow and green scheme, I’m thinking these two.’ He held up two swatches, Violet thought they looked good. She decided to go with those two.

She’d been a big decoration extravaganza, after Paul and she had gotten married in Australia and spent a month in New Zealand for their honeymoon. They’d come back and sold Paul’s house and moved into a bigger house in Issaquah, that’s when they discovered she was pregnant. The night he’d asked her to marry him, had been a bigger night than they’d thought. Violet had been so overwhelmed by surprise and caught up with the love and passion. She’d forgotten that she’d stopped taking birth control about 4 months prior so now a little Dudley was on its way.

When she told Paul he had been thrilled he’d always wanted to be a dad and what better way for it to happen than with the woman he loved. They’d had a small wedding if you can call 100 guests small at her new mother and father-in-law’s horse ranch outside of Sydney. It was quickly put together but everyone had chipped in. Paul had flown out Violet’s family and her brothers had walked her down the aisle. It was a beautiful wedding with Paul in a suit designed by Hugo Boss and her in a stunning embroidered lace sleeveless v-neck with trumpet front slit wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier it was simple but sexy. Nedra had been maid of honor and Pam a bridesmaid and Paul’s childhood friend, Bradford had been best man and his brother-in-law as groomsmen. They’d somehow ended up in Bangkok for the bachelor party. She didn’t as; it would have turned into a real life ‘Hangover’ movie.

Violet had finally gotten to meet his family and they had been wonderful and so welcoming. Everyone in her family and his were thrilled about the pregnancy. Nedra and Pam were excited to be Aunties to her new little one. Because as Pam said ‘as close as she was coming to having a baby was via Violet’.

She was coming from the bedroom when she heard the chef calling to her. Paul had hired this person a couple of times during the week as it was becoming harder and harder for Violet to cook meals. They’d also kept his housekeeper, Rosalita she was now managing this household but was vacation in Mexico visiting family. Although she loved cooking now was not the time, it was a summer barbeque and she had guests coming over. Paul was working on his own with an office in Issaquah so he didn’t have such a bad commute this Saturday. He was in doing some work for Harmon Brookes, he was still consulting for them and other firms. Violet had decided to stay home until the baby started school then she’d go back to work as the other Dudley in the Dudley Group, LLC. She missed working but she was happy to be home during this time and with the full support of wonderful husband.

‘Wilson, can I do something for you?’

‘Yes, Mrs. Dudley the folks are out back looking for a place to set up.’

‘Oh thank you.’

Violet walked through the French doors of the kitchen out onto the large patio, this house was a 4500 sq. ft. 5 bedroom rambler made of beautiful stone with a massive deck, swimming pool. It had trees throughout the backyard that lead into a wooded area in back. She walked back there a few times it had a small stream running through back of the property. Paul had a number of ideas of what he wanted to do with the place but personally she liked all the trees and wanted it to remain just as it was. She could imagine their child running through the woods, what a great sight that would be; she rubbed her belly and smiled down.

She saw the event coordinator for this shindig and they started to chat about where to set up everything for the party.

Then she heard a familiar roar of an engine it was Paul back from work, it was 1:00 pm and this thing was beginning at 6, she was glad he was home.

She excused herself from the coordinator who was talking a mile a minute and went through the French doors again to see her devastatingly handsome husband coming through the front door.

Paul caught sight of his beautiful wife, she was more gorgeous than ever since she’d become pregnant. He couldn’t imagine any woman in the world being more stunning than a pregnant Violet he was thinking maybe he needed to keep her that way but they would speak about that later on. He was carrying flowers, dahlias he’d picked up at the local flower shop. She saw them and smiled even brighter. They raced toward one another, him a tad faster than her and he caught her in the great room. He swept her up into his arms and hugged her then kissed her longingly while he rubbed that rotund backside and squeezed it ever so slightly.

When he put her down she said ‘well Mr. Dudley that was quite a hello.’

He tapped her bottom one more time, ‘you wait till later on when I say goodnight.’

Violet knew what that meant a long night of luxurious love-making with her husband. They’d had to work out the dynamics since her belly had gotten rounder but he was quite the engineer when it came to sexual positions.

‘How are you darling?’ she said caressing his handsome face, ‘are those for me?’

‘I’m doing very well, love, now that I’m home and yes these are for you.’ He handed her the gorgeous bouquet.

Violet loved dahlias, really she loved all flowers. She took them to the kitchen and asked Wilson to put them in water. Although he wasn’t the butler he complied, he liked the Dudleys they were nice people and very much in love.

‘Well wow, you’ve gotten this whole thing set up don’t you?’

‘I do, there’s an event coordinator and before you know it, violά we’ll be ready to go.’

‘Well while these folks are out here taking care of this business, why don’t I take you to the bedroom and we’ll take care of some business.’

Paul had decided later was too late he wanted his hot wife, right now and his hands were beginning to roam.

‘I got things to do,’ she said as his hands started to roam further ‘Paul, right now with a house full of people?’

‘As long as you stay quiet no one will ever know,’ Paul told her with wicked challenging smile.

Violet smiled a bit more, ‘okay but you know that’s not a challenge for me, it is one for you.’

‘Maybe I can take you to the bathroom for old time’s sake,’ he told her.

‘I’ll tell you what if you can work that out I’ll be amazed.’

He took her hand as they strolled toward their en suite bathroom. Violet was so happy and in love with this man. She was thinking all this from an encounter in a bookstore bathroom, life was full of surprises.



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