Rendezvous-Chapter 9

This chapter contains explicit sexual content. Please be advised.

Chapter 9

It was Monday at 9:00 am and Paul was running late, he was never late but he hadn’t been getting much sleep over the weekend. This new case with Tri Swisz Athletics had come up and they’d sent that damn Kurt Brandt over to handle some of the details. He knew that son a bitch was a charming snake, as he thought about it his anger began to boil over. Leslie, Paul’s legal secretary, had set him up in a hotel that at the last minute he cancelled, he was wondering where he was staying while here in Seattle. He knew that Violet and Kurt were friends and he couldn’t help but believe that he may be staying with her. He couldn’t get it off his mind he’d been tossing and turning all morning thinking about what he would do when he saw this guy in the meeting this morning. Well, now would be his opportunity when he walked into the Mt. Rainier conference room.

He saw a bunch of the other attorneys gathered around a figure at the head of the table with Harmon and Arnold doing the bulk of talking to the person. Lots of laughs and chatter, he also saw Kurt standing in the crowd. He looked on confused as he walked down to the other end of the table, then he heard it as clear as a bell. Violet’s laughter, what the hell was she doing here. He hadn’t seen in her in almost 8 months and now she just showed up out of the blue and to a case meeting of all things. He tried his best to enter the fray but it seemed everyone was there and he couldn’t make it through.

“Well it’s been okay working on my own. I’m enjoying it, I get to do whatever I like and take the cases I want. My office, my rules. I like that feeling” he heard her say bright and cheery.

“Oh if only…” said Sue Ellen Kirsch with a sigh, she’d joined the firm a little before Violet resigned.

He had to get to her, he felt like everyone standing there were making a brick wall between him and his target, Violet. He finally burst through.

‘Oh Paul, old man you’ve finally joined us,’ he heard Kurt say.

Paul didn’t even acknowledge Kurt’s comment he was so mesmerized by Violet. She looked absolutely gorgeous, she had on a white suit with a bright yellow blouse with ruffles on it, the buttons open just a smidgen so he could see peak at those beautiful chocolate globes she called breast. She was wearing yellow peep toe pumps and her toes were painted yellow. He was pleasantly shocked, when she worked here previously she was usually so conservative when it came to her dress but that suit was dang near scandalous with the long skirt with the slit up the front over her thigh clinging to every curve on her body. He felt himself start to almost sigh painfully aloud; he had to get himself together.  Lord she was gorgeous; his eye went from her delectable body to her beautiful face. Flawless as ever, her hair had grown out just a tad it hung a little past her shoulders. Those gorgeous bright mahogany brown eyes, she looked so at ease with herself.  So…happy. Paul’s heart sank at that moment, she’d moved on and he was still feeling the lingering sting of her leaving him. He hadn’t tried to find her but he had heard that she’d started her own practice and had an office up in Northgate. She looked so gorgeous.

Violet saw Paul step through the throng of old office mates. Everyone had been so thrilled to see her and she had been happy to see them all too. She’d happily taken the offer that Kurt gave her over the weekend to do some work for Tri Swisz while here in Seattle. She’d also been happy she changed her mind when he made the move on her the other night, she’d been so overcome with lust and a lot of still present grief she’d almost lost her head and ruined a wonderful friendship. Kurt had understood and although he told her he’d always been attracted to her he really had his eye set on a woman that wouldn’t give him the time of day, Joy, or at least he thought. They’d settled into a long conversation about love lost and unrequited but she assured Kurt that if he took a chance that Joy would fall madly in love with him. As madly in love as she was with this beautiful man in front of her. Kurt stood at her side and noticed she seemed distracted he moved close in and put his hand on her lower back.

Paul was not so mesmerized he didn’t notice when Kurt Brandt moved in next to Violet and put his hand on her back. Paul wondered to himself was that why she looked so care free and happy, she and Kurt Brandt had finally hooked up he figured. That dirty dingo he thought to himself, he couldn’t wait for Paul to be out of the picture. Bastard he thought.  Then he heard his name.

‘Paul, how are you?’ it was Violet speaking to him. Her voice sounded like pure silk and he could feel a chill go down his spine.

‘I’m fine, love, how are you?’

Oh well played thought Violet the inclusion of the endearment ‘love’ that he always used with her almost had Violet coming on that spot in that Victoria’s Secret g-string.  She gathered her wondering thoughts together to answer, “I’m wonderful. Everything is wonderful.” The words rang false in her ears.

For a moment to her it seemed no one was there but she and Paul, she could hear other voices but they all sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher while she was stared at him. He looked so gorgeous still, although under his eyes it seemed a little darker as if he hadn’t been sleeping well. But that one blemish didn’t take away from the male beauty that was Paul Dudley. He had on a black suit, she couldn’t tell who by maybe Ozwald Boateng, Paul was that kind of man and that suit fit him perfectly. He had on a beautiful white shirt and silk tie with black, white and gray. He could always work a suit like it owed him money. Violet could feel her flesh start to heat up and she needed a drink of water. She excused herself from the crowd and went over to the buffet hutch in the conference room to get a glass.

Paul thought this would be a good opportunity for him to whisper a little nugget in her ear, maybe something naughty.  He walked over before anyone noticed, especially Kurt.

‘I’m so shocked to see you here’ he said low to her leaning in close.

Violet was slightly startled and jumped a little not in surprise but his breath was warm on her neck she felt she was going to pass out. She turned slightly towards him and tried not to look him the eye, ‘really I’m still working as an attorney and Kurt said he needed some help so he hired me for a bit. There’s no conflict of interest if that’s what you’re worried about.’

Paul moved closer so they were touching, his eyes seared into Violet, he wanted her to look up at him.

Violet could feel the heat of his glare she tried to will herself not to look at him but she couldn’t this man still had a hold on her after all these months. She looked up at him slowly, he stood staring motionless his body just barely brushing hers. Violet kept her legs tight together because her womanly juices were about to stream down and that g-string wasn’t going to hold anything in. His eyes held that same feral glare they did when they would make love, he looked like he could will her clothes to just fall easily from her body. She could feel him breathing, his nostrils flared as he took in her scent.

‘You smell good Violet’ he told her in hushed tones only they could hear, ‘you smell…ready.’

Violet’s eyes widened, she was astounded could the man smell her wetness.

Paul realized she knew what he was talking about, his smile widened not exactly friendly more dangerous. Yes he could, he knew Violet’s womanly scent anywhere and her aroma was like the sweetest perfume to him. Paul couldn’t resist he licked his lips.

Violet thought ‘Oh my god, I’ve made a mistake I have to get out of here now.’ She turned to rush out of the room to the bathroom. She heard Kurt calling after her; she didn’t turn as she rushed out of the room ‘I’ll be right back’ and rushed down the hall to executives’ private bathroom.

Paul thought this was his chance, if he couldn’t get her back he could at least make her remember him forever.

Paul exited the Mt. Rainier Conference room without being noticed. They’d be starting this meeting in a few minutes but he had just enough time to see what Violet was doing. He knew she’d gone to executive lavatory, they were the nicest on this floor and seeing that she and Sue Ellen Kirsch were the only two women in this meeting she’d probably be there alone.  Paul knocked on the door to the bathroom and waited.

Violet heard a knock on the bathroom door, she wondered who it was. Sue Ellen should have a cardkey to this toilet, maybe it was one the legal secretary’s that needed to go to the bathroom really quick. This was just for partners but what the hell she didn’t work here anymore why not let them in so they can see the perks they missed out on. She went to the door and opened it, there was Paul. Something about this scenario seemed familiar.

‘Hello’ he said smoothly and entered. Violet didn’t think to stop him she was so shocked he was there in the first place.

‘Paul what are doing here?’ she asked bewildered.

He cocked one eyebrow in a look to her that said ‘are you really serious?’

‘Violet your pussy was calling me,’ he told her matter of factly as if that was the most normal thing in the world.

Violet blinked she’d forgotten how direct he could be when it came to sex.

‘Paul I’m not doing this’ she warned but her words sounded weak even to her.

‘Doing what?’ he said he looked as if he didn’t know what she was talking about; he eased her toward the sink. He’d taken off his jacket and slung his tie to the side, and he was rolling up his sleeves.

Violet couldn’t take her eyes off his gestures they were sexy and so male, she felt her bottom bump against the granite counter. She looked back only to see herself looking like a sex-starved vamp and Paul looming over her like the Big Bad Wolf. What the hell she thought, just go with it, she noticed after he’d rolled up his sleeves he was sinking toward the floor. Before she knew it he was on his knees and her skirt was hitched up, panties ripped and thrown to the side and this man had his face buried in her soft wet patch. Violet couldn’t believe it this beautiful man, in what she could only guess was a 7 or 8 thousand dollar suit, was on his knees eating her out like he was a dying man with his last meal. Violet had to put her hands behind her on the counter to stay steady. Her knees were starting to buckle. She guessed he realized this because he slung her legs around his ears and continued. She heard his greedy slurps as his ate her pussy like a gourmet meal. Violet’s head rocked back, she could feel the cold granite on her behind but it was heating up quick and so was she.  She wanted to ask a question but she couldn’t make a coherent sentence, she couldn’t put together a coherent thought, all she could do is feel and that’s all she wanted to do is feel. Feel the man that she missed and loved bringing her pleasure.

Paul felt even though he was sucking her clit and licking her juicy pussy he wouldn’t be satiated. It tasted like heaven; Paul hadn’t forgotten that Violet had the sweetest cunt he’d ever tasted. It was like a ripe peach, her wetness was running down his chin but he didn’t want to let a bit of it get away from him. He would have said something to her but he didn’t want to miss a drop. So he feasted on that slippery flesh.

Violet could herself building up, this would be the fastest she’d ever orgasmed but only Paul could do something like that. All of a sudden it hit her like a thunderbolt, her orgasm came on so fast and strong Violet felt she could have crushed that countertop beneath her fingers.

Paul felt the rumblings her orgasm her thighs clinched tight around his head and it felt fabulous. It felt good to make her body feel pleasure under his ministrations. Paul knew now that he’d done this, he had the opportunity to make her his again all he had to do is get a chance to talk to her. After the orgasm he looked up at her.

Violet looked down at him on his knees with her slickness spread across his face along with that devilish grin. She loved him so much but she couldn’t let one orgasm confuse her and let him back into her life, she didn’t want to be manipulated. She bounded off the counter and eased away from him. Paul stood up and had straightened out his clothing and hair before she knew it, goddammit how did he do that she thought. Violet pulled her skirt down as she tried to wipe herself clean, she was dying to have him fuck her at that counter but she was also so angry he was so smug. If he thought he’d just come back and eat a little pussy and all would be forgiven he had another thing coming. She pulled down her skirt sans panties and picked up her scrap of underwear and deposited it in the trash and opened door to leave.  She turned to see him standing there smug as ever with a huge hard on in those expensive dress pants.

‘Damn you Paul, damn you’ she said through clenched teeth and she swept out of the executive lavatory back down the hall to the conference room.

Paul stood there smiling with the hardest cock he’d ever had in his life. He knew he had her where he wanted her mentally now if only he could get her to where he wanted her physically.


Violet never squirmed so much in a chair in all her days, as the meeting went on into the early afternoon all she could feel were Paul’s eyes, the absence of her underwear and the slickness of her crotch. It was the most uncomfortable meeting of her life. She sat the large oval shaped table as they talked about the new acquisitions for Tri Swisz brand, she attempted with all her might not to look at Paul but every once in awhile her mind would get the best of her and her eyes would wander up. There he would be staring at her, not that she believed anyone noticed he seemed to be very stealth about it or at least she felt like that. He played with his pen, she noticed him writing notes while still staring at her. She had zoned out about 45 minutes ago. They’d been dismissed for lunch and she headed back to her own office and had lunch with Kurt. Kurt seemed none to the wary about where she’d gone or why she looked disheveled but did she look disheveled? She’d gone into the bathroom, the regular one not the private one she didn’t want a repeat of this morning’s performance,  checked herself out in the mirror she looked fine a tad flushed but her pecan hue hid that well.

The meeting dragged on and on it was 6:00 pm when it was finally dismissed. Harmon invited them all to dinner at the Rockwell’s on the firm, Kurt had accepted so she had to accept just looked good after all this time away to be friendly. The one person she wanted to avoid being friendly with was Paul Dudley, he offered her a ride over to Rockwell’s.

‘Violet I’ll be happy to chauffeur over to the restaurant,’ he inquired.

She looked around for Kurt wasn’t he the person she’d driven in with, they’d taken a car sent by Harmon this morning. What the hell happened to him, she noticed him walking down the hall talking to Harmon and Roger Strasser.  Judas!

‘Well I don’t know, I think Kurt and I should ride together we’ve got some things to talk about before tomorrow’s meeting,’ she tried to get away from him. He took her arm and told her, ‘oh come on after this morning, we’re still good friends. Let me give you a ride.’ But the way he said ‘ride’ Violet didn’t think he meant his car. She wondered if she could get anyone else to join them but Pam was in Argentina, so she was on her own.

Well it was just down the block, she figured she’d be okay with him till they got to the restaurant in Magnolia. They rode down the elevator the garage in silence, she’d look at him every once in awhile and he’d smile that same feral smile. Violet kept thinking what a bad idea this was but there was no turning back now. He didn’t try to touch her or kiss her; he was very cordial unlike his scene in the bathroom earlier today. She kept wondering what it was about her, this man and bathrooms being a sex den.

He was in that mustang he took her out on their first real date, she loved that car. Every time she saw one on the roads in Seattle she always looked to see if it was him behind the wheel but it never was. He clicked the alarm off and before she could outstretch her arm he was there opening her door, Paul was a gentlemen and she missed that about it. She missed a lot of things about him, his laugh, his sweetness, his honesty, and well in the bathroom this morning she found she missed that tongue, his touch, how he made her body shiver with excitement at the slightest glance. She sat there thinking she needed to steel her resolve with him in this car as he slid in beside her and turned to smile at her with a wink, she knew she was in for an uphill climb on that task.

As they drove along it was still light out, it was Spring in Seattle so it was still a little cold, rainy but the sun was staying out later into the evening.  They rode along in silence, the radio wasn’t even playing so Violet felt a tad unnerved. She noticed Paul wasn’t really disturbed at all. She couldn’t take the uncomfortable silence one more moment.

‘That was a very productive meeting, don’t you think?’ it was an inane statement but she had to say something to break up the weird vibe in the car.

Paul seemed to come out of some sort of reverie, ‘yes, it was very stimulating’ he said with emphasis on the word ‘stimulating’. Violet turned her head to the window. Maybe she should have just been quiet. ‘You know what my favorite part was?’ he asked her.

She turned back toward him, ‘no, what?’ she said curiously.

‘The smell of your sweet snatch on my upper lip all day, it was intoxicating.’

Violet sighed she wasn’t sure what to do, this man was driving her senses crazy and whenever he’d say anything she wanted to rip off her clothes or have him rip them off.

‘Paul you have to stop, I can’t take it. I think I need to go home, this evening is going to turn into a disaster if you keep on like this.’

‘Oh no love, this evening is going to turn into exactly what I want and I want you.’

All of a sudden he swung a quick right at the next light. She wasn’t sure what he was doing but she noticed he was headed toward Queen Anne Hill.

‘Where are we going?’ Violet shouted indignantly.

‘To my house, I’m not kidnapping you. You’ve been there before but before you get on with that little shite Kurt, I’m going to embed myself into your memory.’

‘Are you going to try to take me against my will, Paul? Is that the game you’re playing? Well, that will not…’

But she didn’t finish he covered her mouth with his hand, ‘Violet if you ever in your life accuse me of trying to rape you, I’ll never speak to you again. Ever,’ he looked over her briefly with a furrowed brow. He was extremely angry, ‘do you understand me?’ he rumbled.

Violet shook her head she knew Paul would never do anything so loathsome but she was trying to appeal to the gentlemen in him. I guess the gentlemen was out and Mr. Rough and Ready was in.

He removed his hand from her face and set it on her knee, it was not a sexual gesture more than a reassuring one.

‘Do you want to come home with me, Violet? I’d adore if you’d agree.’

She was surprised he asked, when Paul wanted something he usually just went for it especially when it came to them and sexual intimacy. Violet wondered what this would mean. She also wondered why he thought she and Kurt were involved. If she went to his house maybe they could discuss this, maybe she could get the answers she wanted and get some closure. Who was she fooling; she knew if she went all she’d get is the fuck of her life. She knew she’d regret this but she agreed.

‘Yes, I’ll come home with you Paul.’