My Kindle Fire Review

First and foremost, if you’re a techie this review is not for you. I am not a consumer electronics expert so they’ll be no talk of RAM and things of that nature. What I will talk about is the functionality of this product and how I’m doing with using it.

Okay let’s just get this part out of the way, I LOVE THIS FUCKING THING!!!! I absolutely adore it, best gift ever this Christmas along with a devotional my husband gave me by Joel Osteen. I’m such a conundrum cussing and talking about devotionals in the same paragraph, don’t worry God gets me even if no one else does. Anyway, I love the Kindle Fire it does everything I need it to do and we spent less money on it than an iPad personally I wasn’t all that cheesed up about getting an iPad once I figured out Amazon was no longer downloading books to my iPhone, the point of me getting a tablet was so I could read more and see it. I no longer have to lift my glasses to read the small writing on my iPhone, I’m blind enough and that phone was making more blind. It’s easy to use, comes completely set up the only thing I had to download to it was my music and I did that via the Amazon Cloud (you have to have an account at Amazon to get access) and what’s so great is that stuff you store at the Cloud doesn’t take up any storage space on your device. Now to get all you can get with accessibility on the Kindle Fire you need a Wi-Fi connection and I have one at home and really this is probably the place I will use this device the most. It works like an Android phone which at first kind of threw me since I own a iPhone but it didn’t take long for me to pick up on it’s use and it’s fairly easy to use. I get access to everything on the web and the browser is actually pretty fast as long as your Wi-Fi connection is a good one. If you buy one I would recommend getting the Amazon Prime service it’s $79.00 per year so about 6 or 7 bucks a month and you can get better pricing on items, 2 day delivery on your items for free, a lot of free videos because you can watch videos on the Kindle Fire. One of the reasons I asked my husband for this is because we travel a lot to hotels that have no television so I love having videos available on my devices. It also gives you cheaper rental fees and you can borrow books from the Amazon book share but you can also borrow books from your local libraries you just have to check to see if your library system participates. The first month is a free trial and I love it already and will be keeping that service. You can also get Netflix on your device, along with a ton other applications. Now the apps aren’t as diverse as iPhone but they’ll do for what I need. I don’t use many apps anyway and the ones I do, they have available. And then there are the books, hundreds of thousands of books. At this point Amazon is picking my pockets clean and doing it quite easily. If you give one as a gift, please do the person a favor and buy them a gift card to go along with the Kindle, saves them a little money because downloadable books are not that cheap actually they’re about as much as an actual book. But I did like that my library of Kindle books already came downloaded on my device, I didn’t have to do a thing except start reading. I love the color, I love that I can change the font size and font type for easier reading. It holds a battery charge for a long time, a couple of hours and I should know because I was playing Angry Birds for like 4 hours before it went to half charge. It’s pretty durable but my one complaint is it’s kind of heavy not exactly bulky but it’s got a little weight on it but not enough to not make me use it. I have a cover that will stand up the tablet so that makes it so much more convenient, I don’t always have to carry in my hands. So I’ll be reviewing some books soon because I just bought like ten over the last 7 days or so that I’ve owned this baby. Love the Kindle Fire, Amazon is the best!


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