Rendezvous-Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Paul didn’t know what had gone wrong, he thought his plan to make Violet realize what she could possibly lose if she didn’t step up and say she loved him would work. He never thought it would end up like this with her in his office, telling him that she thought it would be better if they ended this affair without any hard feelings. Hard feelings. Was she kidding? His feelings were hard and getting harder. He could barely get a word out before it was over and done with, she was a good lawyer she had totally caught him off guard with the argument she made for their break up. Now all he could do was sit there behind his desk and wonder how the hell the woman of his dreams had just walked out his life forever.

Violet was sitting there in her office with her head on the desk, she’d just spent the last ten minutes shedding tears over what could have been between her and Paul. She was a bit dizzy, all she knew was that after the team meeting she’d gone to his office to do what she felt would end her suffering. She wouldn’t be the one that got their heart broken in this affair. She was determined to be the heartbreaker. She wasn’t even sure what she’d said to him most of it was an absolute blur.

Leonard entered her office, “Violet, darling I need your signature on the documents and wanted to remind you about the meeting with Mr. Ruston of Greymaster Shipyard…” he trailed off as he notices Violet with her head in her hands “What is going on with you missy?”

Violet lifted her head with tears in eyes, “Leonard, I don’t know what to do, it’s over, it’s over.”

“What’s over?” said Leonard with a look of utter shock on his face

“My relationship with Paul, it’s over.”

Leonard rounds the desk, drops the documents for the case on it and puts his arm around Violet squeezing her tight.

“What are you talking about? When did all this happen? Does he know?” Leonard questioned her while comforting her.

Violet turned to look at Leonard stupidly, “Of course, he knows I told him in his office not 10 minutes ago. I can’t take this I got to get out of her Leonard. I’m going home. You can have the rest of the day off.”

“Well what about your meeting?”

Violet turned as she’s gathered up her briefcase and purse, “Reschedule it, please. I just need some time, my head is spinning and I feel like I’m going to faint.”

Leonard made her sit down on the leather couch “Oh no you don’t. Stop let me get you some water. I’m calling Pam, you need a ride home and I take the bus. You will not be driving.”

Leonard rushed from office to call Pam. Pam entered the office to find a distraught Violet.

Pam bounded in, in all her petite glory, “Violet, Leonard just called down on my private line. What is going on?”

Violet started to cry even harder, “Pam I have to get out of here. I just have to go. I’m going to lose it.”

“Okay honey, we’ll get your stuff and get you outta here.” Pam gathered up Violet’s things once again and they get ready to leave for the day.

They pass Leonard on the phone with Mr. Ruston’s office.

“Oh no, I’m sorry but Ms. Maxwell had an emergency and this meeting has to be rescheduled for a later date.”

Leonard mouths to Pam and Violet as they pass ‘I’ll be by later’. Pam gets ready to hustle Violet out of the office before anyone notices and starts asking questions.

“Go down to my office Leonard and have Janine give you my things and bring them with you when you come to Violet’s. My keys are in the purse, bring my car.” Leonard usually takes the bus so transporting her car to Violet’s place so she has it to get home will be a treat especially since Pam drives a BMW, “Thanks sweetie.” Pam runs to catch up to a fast moving Violet.

Paul sees Pam and Violet walking toward to the elevator. He decided to come down to see if he could talk some sense into Violet. He thought about walking up them and stopping them but as he stares he sees Pam turn around. Pam notices him and then scowls at him and turns to rush Violet into the awaiting elevator.

Paul is confused and upset. He didn’t understand what had happened. Well yes he did, he did something childish he tried to make her jealous but he’d been so upset after the Switzerland trip. He was tired of Violet running from him. He was tired of chasing her. He thought if he’s told her how he felt she would finally be convinced they start a life together maybe even get married. He was surprised that he’d been thinking about marriage again but when you get something this great, well he just didn’t want her to get away. But now he’d done it, he’d pushed her away like a fool.


Pam was in the kitchen getting Violet another cup of Earl Grey tea she glanced over at a stoic figure on the couch, Violet had kind of zoned out. She was drinking tea and would talk intermittently but really only to say something hurtful about Paul. Pam had called Nedra, who was at her studio and was on her way to Ballard from Renton. She’d talk to Leonard and he was still getting some work done but would be over as soon he finished. Pam really didn’t know what to say, she and Violet had been friends for awhile but she’d never seen her like this. She went over and set the tea on the coffee table in front of Violet then heard the doorbell ring. Thank goodness, she thought, it must be Nedra. She ran down the stairs to see someone she knew she didn’t want to see at the door, Paul Dudley.

She opened it swiftly to give him what for, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Pam, I really like you but I’m going to warn you to step aside so I can talk Violet.”

Pam puffed up her small body and stood on her tiptoes, “Are you threatening me?” She stuck her finger into Paul’s chest. “Listen here mister, how dare you bring your sorry ass over her when my girl is up there in catatonic shock from some crap you did. I don’t want to hear…”

“Pam!” Violet was standing on the stairs to the first floor. Pam turned suddenly and Paul looked up and saw Violet standing there looking like hell. He’d told himself that he never wanted to see her look like this again, he’d promised himself and now he’d broken that promise. What the hell is wrong with you, he thought to himself, did he have to destroy everything he touched.

Violet had calmed herself a little; she’d heard their voices from the first floor and just wanted it to stop. “Pam, it’s okay I’ll talk to him” she wasn’t sure what she would say but was not in the mood to hear those two go at it.  She walked down the steps toward him, Paul just stood in her doorway not daring to enter. Pam stood to side glaring daggers at him.

“You can step in Paul”, he did as she asked but didn’t go any further than the foyer, “and Pam I’ll be okay.”

Pam turned toward her with sympathy in her eyes, “okay if you need me, just holler and I’ll be down to kung fu his ass”.

Violet smiled to herself, that Pam was a feisty something but a loyal friend. As Pam came up the steps Violet descended down all the while looking at Paul intently, his eyes never diverted from her. She was surprised he didn’t seem really that guilty or didn’t let off an heir of guilt but then again as attorneys, they both had good poker faces. Once she was the bottom landing, she put out her arm to welcome him into her office. He turned solemnly and entered as she followed.

As Paul looked around he once again noticed how Violet’s office reflected her, very feminine and functional. It was a large room and on one side it held a regular desk that was metal painted white and other a standing desk with a stool, it was covered in papers and books. She had books on shelves and bookcases, all over the floor and lots of bankers’ boxes with documents from her cases. The room was a soft teal color with paintings and posters of travel spots from around the world. He knew she liked to travel, lots of photos with her and friends in different spots. She was rather adventurous as he’d come to figure out. He decided to stand as she took a seat in an oversized chair in the corner.

She looked him up and down, she was wondering why he’d shown up here. There wasn’t much he could say now to explain that display between he and Rebecca.

Paul decided he needed to go first because she didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk. “Well I guess I should get on with this. First I want to apologize again for what I did. I didn’t mean for it to turn out that way. I just thought that maybe I could get you bothered enough to care, to say something, to let me know your feelings”. He looked at her pleadingly, he wanted her to know that he wasn’t serious about Rebecca or any of that, he’d just chosen a childish way to show his dissatisfaction with their relationship.

Violet sat there kind of staring through him, she didn’t really care why he’d done what he’d done at this point. No man was going to manipulate her again, ever, she’d had that done before and it never worked out the way she imagined. She was not going to let him play games with her. So he’d explained himself quite well but that explanation was not enough, Violet knew she had to protect herself. She’d thought in the beginning this was a bad idea, now her suspicions were confirmed. She should have stuck to her first mind.

He was standing there waiting for a response, anything. Something. Her face hadn’t even moved, he was getting nervous and Paul never got nervous.

“Don’t you have something to say, Violet. I want to know that you understand what I’m saying. I love you and I want you to tell me something. That you love me or trying to love me, I need something.”

“Hmmm that’s so interesting Paul. Yes I do have something to say. The same thing I told you this afternoon but after this conversation, you’ve confirmed it. We are done. No one and I do mean no one will manipulate me ever again” she shouted at him. “I cannot believe that in one breath you would say you love me and then with your actions try to humiliate me. How dare you come here with that sorry excuse, I want you the hell out of my house and out of my life,” Violet was seething.

“But Violet, you have to understand…” he pleaded.

She jumped up from her chair and in a burst of anger told him, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. NOW!!” Violet didn’t recognize the roar coming from her soul; she was taken aback by her anger. But there it was all the anger she had built up over past heartbreaks she’d just released on Paul.

Paul was shocked, he stepped back. He couldn’t believe it, she was breathing heavily and tears were flowing freely from her eyes. She was mad and unbelievably hurt and there was nothing he could do to rectify this situation, he told himself he never wanted to do this to her again and here he had broken her heart. He’d hurt her all to try to make her jealous, all because of some childish game.

His words rushed out but he wanted to say them before he left her life for good, “I’m sorry Violet, I’m just so sorry.” He felt like a ton of bricks hit him when she looked at him with pain in her eyes.

“I don’t give a damn,” she said and dropped back into a chair in her office. Her head fell forward and she started to sob loudly.

He wanted to go to her but he’d done enough, he’d ruined another relationship, what the hell was wrong with him. As he turned to leave, he saw Pam running downstairs she ran into the office and comforted Violet. The scene as he opened the door to leave was Violet wailing in Pam’s arms, they both ignored his exit. As he closed the door and went to get into his car Paul started to cry, he’d just ruined the only good thing in his life. He knew she’d had issues previously why had he pushed so hard, he knew why because he was insecure just as he had been after the break up with Anya, he’d been so damn insecure and now it had damaged something so beautiful and precious. He drove away wiping tears from his eyes.


Paul was waking up to a sunny day in Sydney, after the debacle with Violet he couldn’t bear to see her at work so as soon as the Tri-Gear/Swisz Athletics merger had been completed he taken a sabbatical he really needed it. He’d fell into a deep depression after their break up, he’d come to discover that his feelings for Violet were deeper than he’d realized. They were a need, a love he had never known before and the thought of seeing her or not seeing her was enough to drive him almost mad. So he’d come home to visit his parents. They’d been pleased to see him but a little surprised, he didn’t tell them what had been going with he and Violet. He just said he’d needed some time off because of the stress of work. His mum was delighted, she loved doting on him and his dad was glad to have some male company around the house. Although he’d grown up in the city his parents had moved a little outside of Sydney to a large farm with about 100 acres of land. His dad had been doing something he’d always had an interest in, raising horses, so Paul was helping while he was there. The hard labor was just what he needed to take his mind off the Violet but sometimes during the night his cock would get rock hard and he’d have to relieve himself at the thought of her beautiful sienna skin and smooth shapely body. There had been some rough nights trying to satiate his lust for her and even rougher days trying to forget his love for her.

After the blow up at her home, he’d gone in the next day to ask Harmon for a sabbatical after the merger would be complete, which he happily agreed to. He hadn’t asked Paul why he wanted it. Harmon wasn’t the type of man to pry which Paul was thankful for. He’d just given him the go ahead. Paul assigned the other cases he’d been working on to other attorneys and left a week or so later, he’d caught a flight to Sydney to take his mind off his troubles. He’d called his office to try to see if he could get any information from Leslie without actually telling her he was trying to get information about Violet but she had none. He wasn’t sure what she’d done after that episode, but he did discover a few weeks later that she’d given her resignation and left Brookes and Smithmeyer. He didn’t have all the details but after he heard the news he felt even worse. He knew she’d left because of him, she’d told him she wouldn’t be able to deal with working there if things ended badly and they had. He’d left a wake of carnage in her life and his own; he’d been in Sydney almost three months and had just been lost without her, absolutely lost. Now what was he supposed to do?


Violet had finally finished hashing out a deal on the lease for her new office. She’d be sharing the digs with another solo practitioner but it didn’t matter, she’d finally gotten her own firm. She’d be having the engraving put up ‘Violet Maxwell, Attorney at Law’ any day now. She’d been so heartbroken after her break up with Paul that she just couldn’t stomach the thought of trying to go back and work at Brookes and Smithmeyer so after she’d taken some time off, she decided to tender her resignation. It was hard thing to do because Mr. Brookes really had given her, her first chance as an attorney and had been such a wonderful mentor to her. He and Mr. Smithmeyer had been sad to see her go but they also understood her ambition. While the tragedy of she and Paul had been horrid to go through, it had spurred her on to finally make a move out of the safety of working for someone else. She’d be working for herself and she was so proud of that fact. There had been some sad good-byes at her going away dinner, especially Pam although their friendship had not waned since she’d left, but not everyone seemed heart-broken particularly Rebecca Althorp, who she thought had been jockeying for her job at the party. That witless slut, she thought but that was all over now. She hadn’t immediately started practicing law after her resignation, she’d told all of her clients what was going on and surprisingly many told her to call them after she’d set up her new digs, they wanted to give her some work because she’d always done such a great job for them. She was shocked to see how many of the clients she’d worked with at the firm had admired her hard work and tenacity, so she was starting with an impressive client list.  She’d been living off savings for the last month or so. Leonard had also resigned his position as legal secretary because as he told her ‘I’m not working for any of other dicks and bitches around here’. So he was going to be her legal secretary still, she didn’t know if she could use him full time at first but with the way her client list was looking he’d be full time and she’d probably be able to pay a little more than he made Brookes and Smithmeyer. Nedra had been really upset about what happened between her and Paul, she’d was astonished at how it all gone so wrong so fast. But she’d been totally supportive of the decision that Violet had made going out on her own. She was also sending Violet some work from professional photographers she knew who need trademark and copyright legal work done. Violet had never been so happy, scared and sad all at the same time.

“Okay, Ms. Maxwell all the documents have been signed and here’s your set of keys to the office,” her new landlord a tall heavyset Russian gentlemen named David Baranova handed her the keys. She and the office’s other occupant were at his real estate office, her new office mate was a woman that did bankruptcy work, she was older white woman in her early 50s tall and amazingly bony with short platinum blonde hair that looked like a bad dye job, her name was Rachel Lamb, she was friendly and seemed outgoing, she dressed like a gypsy though. She had a mouth like a sailor so Violet was trying to get used to blunt manner, she had her own legal assistant who she said worked part time, a Filipino woman who Violet had met briefly by the name of Evangeline.

After Rachel signed what she needed to regarding the changes to the lease, she turned to Violet and took her hand and shook it hard. She had a solid grip for a woman so thin, “Alright Violet, you’re in for a hell of a ride now girly” and started to laugh boisterously. Violet just smiled back at her, she hoped she knew what she was doing because it was all done for now.


Violet was standing in the airport waiting for her friend to come out to meet her, she’d stayed close to Kurt Brandt even after she left Brookes and Smithmeyer they had become close friends. He was coming to visit because he was going to visit her old firm, they were doing some other work for what had know become Tri-Swisz Athletics. She had been really proud of the work she’d done on that merger she and Paul had worked… ‘oh wow’ she thought so many months had gone by and she hadn’t really thought about Paul at all. She had no idea what he was doing, she wondered if she was back at the firm but she never asked and Pam was such a good friend she never volunteered any information. She hadn’t been back to visit, she didn’t want to accidentally run into him if he had come back. The only thing she knew was that he’d gone back to Sydney for a sabbatical. She was torn from her reverie by a masculine voice.

“Violet!” it said loudly she looked up to see Kurt Brandt coming her way. Although he was in Seattle on business, she’d insisted that he stay with her no stagnant business hotel for him. He’d also get some of her wonderful home cooking.

“Kurt,” she stood with her arms open to give him a big hug. As he walked toward her all of sudden Violet started to notice what an absolutely handsome man he was. Now if there was anyone she could see herself getting under after the heart break with Paul it was Kurt Brandt, the man was gorgeous. All 6’4” slim athletic build of him with that perfectly coiffed hair and those striking blue eyes. Yes, he could make her forget all about Paul, at least for a little while she thought to herself.

When he reached her, he stood to take her in for a moment. He reached out to hug her closely “hello, there beautiful,” he said as he kissed her cheek lightly. He kept his arms around her as he pulled back slightly to look at that gorgeous cinnamon brown smiling face. She really was a beautiful woman Kurt thought and she’d told him about her relationship ending with Paul but not all the details. He intended on getting those while he was here. What a damn fool that guy was, to let this beautiful, smart, successful and incredibly sexy woman get away from him. Well, what he’d so easily thrown away Kurt was more than willing to pick up and make his own. They’d been friends for awhile now, maybe now was his opportunity to take that friendship to the next level. He’d always liked Violet, she was smart and dynamic women, he’d always had a thing for beautiful black women and she definitely fit in that category. He wondered what she thought about him.

As Violet pulled out of the hug, she was little shaken by some of the feelings it stirred. She knew she was still healing from her time with Paul but for a moment in Kurt’s strong arms she relaxed and something reawakened slightly in her lady bits, she was having a tough time pulling from Paul emotionally but physically he was like a drug addict’s withdrawal. Her battery operated boyfriend was not working to soothe her libido. She wondered was it a smart idea to keep the temptation, which was Kurt Brandt, close to her by inviting him to her home. But it was too late now. She’d have to put that vibrator into overdrive, time to stock up on batteries.

“It’s so great to see Kurt, it’s been so long. You look fabulous.”

“I feel wonderful. After the wonderful work you did on the merger and everything in the transition is going so smoothly. Darling, you’ve made my life easy.”

Violet smiled up as him, she did have to admire that handsome face. “Do you have some luggage?” Violet asked. She’d seen he’d only come out with a carryon and a laptop briefcase.

“No I’m traveling light libeling, so let’s roll”, he put a bright smile on his face as they walked toward the parking garage.

On the way back to Violet’s townhome, they talked of things, nothing too serious. Kurt didn’t pry he wanted to ask what had happened between she and Paul but he’d wait for the right time.

“So are you seeing anyone Kurt? I can’t imagine you being single for any amount of time.”

“Nothing serious, I can’t find the woman of my dreams. I think if I could make her, she’d be just like you Violet.”

Violet blushed a little, good thing she had a darker complexion or he’d be able to tell. But this was Kurt, he was always teasing and flirting with her, there was nothing to it. But she did notice that after his compliment she’d gotten a little moist, boy she was horny maybe this was a bad idea.

Later that evening they were sitting in her living room laughing and drinking wine, she had couple of bottles of chardonnay she’d gotten on a trip to Napa Valley she was enjoying drinking them with a  good friend.

“Oh it’s so good to see Kurt, I haven’t been this light hearted in a long time,” her face turned somber for a moment but she let it pass and smiled although stiffly again at Kurt.

“I’m so happy to spend time with you. I’m so glad we’ve become such good friends,” Kurt put out his hand to touch her knee. Violet was aware of his touch but she noticed it held none of the spark that happened between her and Paul. “So how is your practice?”

“Oh it’s going grand. I’m so shocked at how busy I am. I thought I’d have to drum up business but I was just thrilled that many of my clients at Brookes and Smithmeyer were ready to give me some work. It’s not as big as what I did for them there but it’s still significant and they recommended me to other associates.”

“Wow, that’s awesome Violet, I knew you’d do well when talked to me before about going solo. I knew you could do it. I’m sad I won’t be working with you at the firm anymore but I’m happy for your success.”

“Who will you be working with at the firm?” It was out before Violet could call it back, she thought she didn’t want to know but in heart she was dying to hear whether Paul had returned.

Kurt looked down for a moment, not really wanting to answer he didn’t know all the details of their parting but from what he guessed it hadn’t gone very well.

“Paul.” He said flatly.

Violet looked away for a moment and took her wine glass she downed what was left and got up to open another bottle. She would need it she thought. As she fiddled with the bottle and wine opener she looked over at Kurt, he was staring at her with sympathy in his eyes.

“Kurt, don’t feel bad. You don’t have to, I’m a big girl. I just wasn’t sure whether he’d come back to the firm yet.” Violet could barely bring herself to say his name. Pain was still there that she thought had gone away.

“Libeling, I can’t do anything about this. He’s the best international lawyer in that firm, our company needs to the best. Actually Harmon Brookes begged him to come back from what I’d heard he’s been in Australia.”

“Yes I know and yes you’re right he’s a whiz with international law you’ll never find anyone better in Seattle or possibly the world. Have you spoken with him?” she asked as she brought her glass and the newly open bottle back to coffee table and sat on the couch.

“Yes I have, he’s been very cordial. I knew he wasn’t fond of me in Bern but he’s professional.”

“Has he asked about me?”

Kurt sighed he wasn’t sure he wanted to be in the middle of this now that she’d asked, “no he hasn’t asked me anything,” he immediately took his hands and put them on her knees “but he’s being professional Violet.”

Violet could feel wetness pooling in her eyes but she wasn’t going to cry it has been almost 8 months since there break up and she was finally feeling like her old self again. But she couldn’t help it, she blinked and tears rolled down they weren’t sobs just silent tears thinking of the loss and failure of something that had started so good.

“Oh Violet I’m sorry,” Kurt reached out and drew her into in arms to comfort her, “I’m sorry libeling I didn’t want to make you cry.”

She looked up at him “it wasn’t your fault Kurt, I shouldn’t have asked. I’ve been doing so well, I’ve kind of put it all to the back of my mind.”

“Violet, he was a fool, a damn fool. I would have never let someone as beautiful and extraordinary as you get away from me.”

She smiled as tears fell, it made her feel good to know that but she hadn’t broken up with Kurt she’d broken up with Paul and it was still painful. Kurt held her as he stroked her hair and tried to silence her crying. He took his hand and gently brushed away her tears. Violet looked up at him when he did this, it was such an intimate moment and she just wanted the pain to go away. She wrapped one arm around his neck and gathered him in for a kiss, Kurt went willingly he’d longed to kiss those succulent lips and he was feeling very protective of Violet at this moment. Their lips met quite suddenly but the kiss was passionate and deep, Kurt pulled into his lap and the kiss got deeper and more desperate as if they were searching for something that would bind them. Violet just let herself go, she hadn’t kissed someone since Paul and had to admit that Kurt was not a bad kisser, his kisses didn’t hold all the feral hunger of Paul’s but they were pretty dang good. Kurt took his hand started to caress her back he moved slowly up and down to her shirt bottom then under her shirt to touch her skin. He wanted to make love to her right then and there on the couch but he needed to ask her, he didn’t want this to be a mistake that she’d regret later especially after all the drama with Paul.

He pulled back suddenly leaving a bereft Violet, her eyes opened suddenly. She was flush with hotness from the kiss and Kurt was breathing a little heavy.

“Violet, I have to know before we go any further. Do you want this?”

Violet looked at him for a second then decided, she wanted to take this chance, “yes, Kurt this is what I want, this is what I want badly.” She rose from the couch as she took his hand to lead him to her bedroom. © EugeniaBerg 2011