Remembering Your Heart-Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was Tuesday afternoon and Mona was having lunch with Torie and Corey Kinimaka, they’d been Mona’s best friends since she moved into her Aunt’s house as a child. They were fraternal twins a boy and a girl, Victoria and Corey Kinimaka, they were half black and half Hawaiian. As a child they’d really made living with her Aunt and Uncle in the old neighborhood an adventure. They were the same height about 5’10”, same beautiful butterscotch complexion and wavy curly black hair. Corey was built like a bodybuilder he was all muscle since high school, he now worked as a personal trainer and with those smoldering good looks and that body he was highly sought after. Torie was gorgeous, beautiful face with a lot of womanly curves, she worked as a stripper at night and made insane amounts of money doing it. After working as a stripper, she’d become a lesbian and she and her girlfriend of 5 years, Faye lived together in Troutdale, Oregon right outside Portland.  At 38 years old these two were still the biggest troublemakers Mona knew.

“Well, what’s been up with you two?” Mona asked as she took another bite of her bacon burger. Torie rolled her eyes, “what’s up with that Torie?” Mona asked.

Mona turned to look at Corey as he sighed, “she’s hot about me and Kim.”

“Oh my god, Corey what’s up with you and your babies’ mama?” Kim was Corey’s psychotic ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two boys, Corey Jr. aka CJ and Stuart.

“It’s cool, she was tripping about this new chick I’m seeing.”

Torie’s mouth dropped in an astonished gasp, “tripping, she’s not tripping she’s doing her usual psychotic fare. She’s threatening to take him to court over custody again. Oh, that broad is just crazy.”

Mona just shook her head, she and Corey had dated for a hot minute while they were in high school but had decided to stick to friend mode.  He’d met Kim when he was a senior in high school, she’d been cool at first. Mona and Torie liked her but after she ended up pregnant she became very possessive of Corey and was extremely jealous of his relationship with Mona.

Mona avoided her at all costs, the looks and nasty comments were too much for her to put up with and she decided it was easier than popping her in her jaw.

“Wow, Corey you need to put in her place or something she needs some help.”

“She needs a man, that’s what she needs,” Torie shouted.

Mona started to laugh, Corey just sat there with a scowl on his face he didn’t like to be teased but that’s what Mona and Torie did best to him.

“Anyway,” he said in an annoyed voice, “what’s going on with you Mona. Talk about needing a man, you got one yet?”

Mona set back in the seat and looked at them both, “as a matter of fact, I do. I met somebody and we’re going out tonight if you wanna know.”

“Whoa,” Torie said in shock, “I wasn’t expecting that. Who is he?”

Mona noticed that after she said she had a date Corey got a little quiet and withdrew slightly. But she couldn’t worry about that, she was excited about her date with Luke.

“Remember the guy I told you about from the Italian deli, Luke,” Torie shook her head in the positive as her eyes widened “well, it’s him.”

“Good googly moogly, oh my god. I remember you talking about him and how hot he was.”

“Well, yea and that ain’t changed at all,” Mona laughed.

“Oh, some Italian stallion, that’s what you’re into now.” Corey said sarcastically.

Mona looked over at Corey with a frown at his sarcastic manner, “yea, Corey that’s what I want and I want it all night long.”

Torie busted out laughing and hit Corey in the arm playfully, “well, I guess she told you. Stop being a hater, Corey.”

Corey just snorted, “I gotta go to the bathroom, I’ll be back,” he pushed back his chair in kind of a huff and walked away.

“What is up with your brother?” Mona asked. She was confused at his bad reaction to her news.

“I don’t know but don’t worry about him; I’ll deal with him later on. Tell me more about this impending date.”

“Well, I’m not making too big a deal out of it. He’s a hot guy and I’m still kind of in shock that he even asked me out. I wasn’t expecting it, we’ve been flirting for a couple of months but I didn’t think this would come out of that.”

“Awww, come on Mona you have to know you are a hottie patottie okay?”

Mona smiled and laughed at Torie’s comment.

“Yea, I know I’m attractive Torie but come on I do a man’s job and that doesn’t give frequent opportunity to look like a cute girl.”

“But that doesn’t matter any man with eyes can see beyond that firefighter crap and see that beauty underneath,” Torie took her face by her chin and shook it.

“Thank you, Torie you always make me feel like being glamorous,” Mona shook her hair to demonstrate.

“You are glamorous. What you wearing on this date?”

“I have no idea, it’s been so long since I’ve been on date. My niece Amber and I are going shopping after this and see what I can find. She keeps suggesting I buy a dress but good lord Torie, the last time I wore a dress was Paulie’s wedding and heels…” she made a face at Torie “puhleeze!”

Torie giggled, “I think she’s right Mona, you got some legs on you and if he gets to see those he’s guaranteed to fall in love in a second. I wear heels all the time and I’m a lesbian so it ain’t that bad.”

Mona smiled, “when you gonna give up that life, Torie. You know you’re worth more than that job.” Mona hated to see her friend waste her life writhing on a pole for horny men’s pleasure, she’d always been smart and was excellent at math, and it just didn’t make sense to her.

Torie rolled her eyes, “as soon as regular jobs pay five thousand a week.”

“Well, I guess you got me there,” Mona shrugged her shoulders, “but I hope you think about it.”

Torie sighed, Mona wasn’t aware but she had been thinking about it, thinking hard she just didn’t think she could live on a smaller budget.

Corey came back towards the table with the sour puss look plastered on his face still. He looked over at Torie and said, “hey, I gotta go. I got a personal training appointment. I’ll see ya’ll later. Later Mona.” He turned and walked away from the table out the door.

Mona looked at Torie a little confused and a little disgusted, “what is his problem?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but he’s been getting on my one last nerve here lately. I’m gonna have to cut him off for a bit till he pulls it together, I really don’t have time for Corey’s crap.”

“Well, whatever. I gotta go I have to meet Amber downtown to shop for this date tonight. I got my nails and toes done, look.” She stuck out her hands for Torie to peruse.

“What? Not the hooker red, oh my gosh!”

Mona smacked her hands, “hey, I’m trying to be sexy and not look stupid.”

“Don’t worry you don’t have try that hard, he’ll get it.” They got up and started gathering up their things to leave, “I’ll pay for the meal,” Torie told her, “it’s not a big deal you get it next time.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

“And remember Mona, something simple but sexy and no pants please.”

“I’ll remember I know Amber won’t let me buy any pants for this date, geez.” Mona looked down at her watch, “oh I gotta go, I’ll see you later,” she gave Torie a peck on the cheek and rushed out of the restaurant to hurry downtown to meet Amber.

That evening in her bedroom, Mona was getting prepared for her date. She was more nervous than she’d ever been. It had been such a long time and she wasn’t sure she’d remember all this went. She’d received some great advice from her niece while picking out the dress, she’d told her, “just be yourself Aunt Mo, you really are an awesome person and he’d be a fool not to notice”. She figured she was right, she’d always had a healthy dose of confidence she kept wondering where it had disappeared to for the evening but then again she’d never knew she could attract a man as hot a Luke, as she looked at herself in the mirror she thought ‘now that you have him what are you going to do with him.’ She sighed she need to buck up; if she had to do anything she’d just fake it till she made it.

Amber had helped her pick out a soft silky black sheath dress, it dipped into a deep V neck in the front. Mona had never been known for her big boobs so the dress looked really good on her but she did buy some two sided tape just in case. Around the neckline were a line of beautiful crystals that sparkled, she’d bought a pair of peep toe black patent leather platform slingback heels from Nine West. She’d decided to forgo stockings, she hated those things anyway, they were a man made torture device and just wear her diamond studs in her ear.  She stood in front of her full length mirror set against her bedroom wall to look at herself, she’d not done much make-up this evening just black liner and mascara, and she wasn’t a fan of make-up usually made her skin feel funny, unnatural and itchy. Amber had stayed around to do her hair, she’d put it up in a bunch of heated rollers and threatened her Aunt not to take them down until she was about ready to go.

As she stood in front of the mirror removing the last of the rollers from hair and bending it over to shake it out and run her fingers through it. She looked up and was surprised to see something, a sexy woman. Mona had forgotten that once upon a time she was sexy, that men found her sexy, and that some women found her sexy too. And here she was again, a sexy woman. She thought to herself even if Luke and I don’t work out, she was determined not to ever again forget how sexy she was. The doorbell rang, Luke was here. She looked at herself one more time she wasn’t sure about this wild mop of curly hair swirling around her head but it was too late now. She popped on her shoes, grabbed her patent leather clutch and her wrap and bounded towards the door.

She could see Luke standing with his back to the door from the side panel windows next to it. He was wearing dark jeans and a black leather jacket.  She could see that beautiful black hair glistening under her porch lights; she was in for it tonight. She opened the door and he turned suddenly to greet her.

For a moment, he stood there looking at her. Mona looked down at herself; she wondered did she have something on her to make him look like that.

“Hello.” He said slowly as his eyes came up to meet hers.

Mona thought to herself, ‘this man is so pretty, he’s prettier than me’.  “Hi, how are doing tonight?”

“I’m doing fantastic now that I’ve seen you,” he said to her as he smiled.

Mona almost came on the spot, it had been way too long since she’d been complimented by a good looking man especially one she was lusting after like a piece of chocolate cake.

She looked down coyly and blushed a little, “thank you; you don’t have to say that.

“Yes, I do. I don’t want you thinking that I’m I have any problem seeing,” he told her slyly while cocking his eyebrow.

“Oh, you’re bad aren’t you?” Mona grinned at him.

“Only when it’s necessary, you have everything you need, bella?”

Mona turned and locked her door, “yea, I’m definitely ready for this evening. Where are we going?” She was madly turned on by him calling her bella from talking to Mr. Serrano she knew it meant beautiful and she definitely felt it tonight.

“Oh no, I can’t tell it won’t be fun that way. We’ll make it surprise but a good one of course.” He took her hand and led her to his car, parked behind her truck in the driveway.

Mona thought he had really nice hands, strong and smooth but not too soft like a man who knew about hard work. She did a lot to make sure her hands her soft and smooth, it was sometimes difficult in her line of work but she did her best to make sure that although she was firefighter her body didn’t show it.

As Luke took her hand, he imagined the feel of those long supple fingers all over his body and his body reacted to those thoughts. He had to get himself under control; he did not want to scare her off by acting like some teenage horndog. He knew from talking to his papa, that she hadn’t dated and she wasn’t some woman who hopped in and out of bed for pleasure’s sake not like his ex, Tasha. She was way more sophisticated than that. He opened the passenger door of his silver Porsche 911 Targa and she slid in. He ran over his side and got in and he started it up and they took off.

Mona sat there and watched the building pass in a blur, he did drive fast but she wasn’t exactly a grandmother driving herself. She glanced over quickly to see that he was full control of his car, for something so small he fit into easily and looked comfortable. He had on a pair of black leather men’s shoe boots and a charcoal grey V-neck cashmere sweater. It looked soft enough to touch but his muscular frame shown slightly under it. Mona was just holding it together barely; she knew she couldn’t throw herself at this man. He was world wise, she was sure a ton of woman had thrown themselves at him so he was used to that, she had to keep control and see who could wait the other one out longer. But as she glanced at him again and he caught her looking and smiled that gorgeous big smile at her she wasn’t sure if she was going to have the ability to wait longer than him, her legs pressed together again for the third time that evening to stave off the heat brewing between them.

Luke thought he was going to make this date special, he wanted very much to impress upon Mona how much he liked her and how much he wanted to spend time with her after this date. He enjoyed getting to know her as they’d flirted in his father’s deli over the last few months; she was sweet, funny, and extremely sexy even more than he figured she was aware. He had to drive but his eyes could barely stray away from looking at that beautiful body, she was in great shape not skinny but not big. She was muscular but not in a manly way, very feminine and didn’t look hard she looked well…she looked too soft. He trying to find any excuse to touch her but he didn’t want to be too forward, his father raised him to be a gentlemen and he was following that rule at least for tonight.

He turned for a moment to look at her side profile, she was absolutely perfect, “I think you’re going to like where we are going tonight,” he told her smoothly.

She turned her body towards him and he got an even better view of those incredible legs, “really, where are we going? Can I ask?”

“Of course, you can ask but that doesn’t mean I have to tell. Don’t worry, Mona I know how to impress a woman.”

“Oh, I have no doubt about that. I’m sure you impress women by doing absolutely nothing,” she said smartly to him.

Luke laughed at her little smart aleck comment, he liked that. She was a little sarcastic; he’d noticed that before and found it refreshing.

Mona laughed also, she liked hearing him laugh. He’d done it before but not to this depth and she found his deep laughter very arousing. They pulled into the restaurant/jazz club Jimmy Mak’s, Mona didn’t get out enough to know any bars or clubs besides the ones she frequented with the guys from her fire crew. This looked nice and she was impressed, she loved jazz music and thought she’d maybe mentioned that Luke on some occasion when they spoke but for him to remember.

“I hope you like it, I remember you mentioning you liked jazz and I hear this one of the best jazz clubs in the city. I thought I’d do something you would enjoy. I want to make sure to show you good time tonight.”

She smiled over at him, “well, you’re not doing too bad Mr. Serrano.”

“Why thank you, I’ll take all the compliments I can from beautiful women,” he smiled at her.

Mona put her face down in a shy smile, she’d never been particularly shy but the feeling coursing through her now as she walked towards the club with this handsome man by her side were those of a 15 year old with her first major crush. She was all butterflies, she kept wondering if she’d be able to keep her food and drink down this evening. As they walked to the door, Luke stepped in front of her to open the door. She was really enjoying his being a gentlemen, it had been a long time since she’d been treated like a lady. Working with nothing but men as a firefighter she was usually just treated like one of the guys.

As they walked into the foyer of the club, she looked around it was very sophisticated and she heard the sounds of jazz in the background. They stepped up to the hostess who looked up from her clipboard to notice them; she smiled and then smiled bigger as she got a good look at Mona’s date.

“Good evening sir, welcome to Jimmy Mak’s. Do you have reservations?” she nearly purred the question as she leaned across the podium shoving her cleavage in his face.

“Yes, I do. It’s under Serrano,” Luke took his arm and brought Mona in closer to his side.

The hostess looked sharply over in Mona’s direction and snorted slightly, “oh I see sir, let me find it,” she straightened up and started to scan her clipboard for Luke’s name.

Mona was outdone by the hostess’ slight rudeness, if this is how it’s going to be dating a good looking man; she was going to have to start practicing her tae bow.

“Yes, sir Lucas Serrano,” she pulled out two menus from a side box, “let me show you to your table.” She turned on her heels and led them towards their table. They reached the table; it was good location in the restaurant where they would be able to see the stage and scope out everything in the club. The hostess turned and flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulders as she stepped aside to show their seats. The hair flip she did annoyed Mona, it had always annoyed her. She had long hair herself but the blatant diss to her as Luke’s companion got under her skin.  The hostess left the table without acknowledging either of them.

Luke pulled her chair from under the table and invited Mona to take a seat.  Mona eased into her seat and tried to get comfortable, she was having a little bit of time being sexy with this dress’ plunging neckline. She adjusted herself to get comfortable and not look too silly while she was trying.

Luke sat down and just looked at her, “you look absolutely beautiful tonight. I’m just so honored you decided to come out with me tonight.”

She looked up in surprise, “Honored. That’s a strange word to use.”

He looked at her and shrugged, “I think it’s the right one. You are such a beautiful, dazzling and charming woman it’s hard to resist.”

“Oh, you are good,” she laughed at him.

“Please don’t think I’m just saying these things to make an impression. I don’t say anything I don’t mean. My papa taught me that.”

“I’m sure he did, your father is a bit of a charmer and if you inherited that from him you might be dangerous.”

Luke smiled as his eyes lit up, “My papa and mama were each other’s first and only loves.”

Mona’s head went to the side with a soft smile, “that is sweet.”

“How about your family, your parents?”

Mona was never sure what to tell people when they asked that question, so she usually said as little as possible. “My mother and father are dead. It was an accident.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” Luke stretched his across the table and caressed her hand lightly. He was regretting asking the question.

“It’s okay, how could you know. I lost them as kid and I went to live with my aunt and uncle, they lived in Astoria.”

“Wow, that had to be tough.”

Mona shrugged as her eyes went down to look at his hand caressing hers tenderly, “Oh, it wasn’t so bad. I had three cousins to keep me company. They were close to my age and we were close and had lot of fun.”

“Girls or boys?”

“Both, my oldest cousin is Georgina, she was more of a mini-mama than a cousin. She was so bossy, has always been that way. My middle cousin is a boy, James Stanley Jr. he was my protector, always sticking up for me and then there’s Pauletta, she and I are close in age so we’ve always been more like friends than cousins. It was good upbringing. How about you, I know Mr. Serrano is your dad but how about the rest of the Serrano clan?”

He smiled deeply at her question, Luke always felt blessed by the family he had although he had disappointed them on many an occasion.

“Yes, my pop is Sebastian Serrano. He came out here after my mother died to help my Uncle Salvadore, Uncle Sal as he was known to us run the deli.”

“Oh Luke, I’m sorry about your mom.”

Luke shook his head in dismissal of her comment, “there’s nothing to be sorry about. My ma died when I was 3 years old, it was tough on my dad but he did his best. My grandparents urged him to stay in Brooklyn where they could help with us, but he didn’t want to. His Katerina was gone and he couldn’t stay in Brooklyn. So he packed all us up and we came to live out here.”

“I understand from your father you’re the youngest of seven children and the only boy. Wow! I bet that was rough.”

He laughed, she really enjoyed his laugh it was deep and vibrant like him. “You better believe it was rough, six older sisters it was torture,” he said sarcastically. Mona leaned over and touched his hand and began to laugh, Luke felt her warmth and didn’t want her to let go but she did. Mona too had noticed the electricity that flowed through them when they touched, she wasn’t sure she was ready for that feeling.

Luke continued, “no he it wasn’t too bad, they spoiled me to death. My youngest sister is 8 years older than me and I was totally unexpected so I’m like the miracle baby,” he shrugged.

Mona looked at him and smiled quizzically, “oh my god, you’re Jesus.” They both began to laugh hysterically. Luke enjoyed her biting sense of humor; he hadn’t found many women as quick as her with a comeback.

“Yes, I’m him,” he said laughing, “at least to my sisters not all the time with my pop.”

“Well, I’d like to know more about your sisters because if they adore you as much as I assume they do, I need to be forewarned. As the new woman in your life, I do not want my ass handed to me by six Italian women.”

Luke didn’t think she realized what she said, ‘the new woman in his life’ yes she was and he was not going to miss this opportunity.

“Okay, here’s the rundown on the Serrano girls, furious six as I call them. Frances is the oldest she’s 64 years old, a retired banker on her third marriage but has 2 children from her first. Annabelle is the next she’s 61 and a firecracker, she worked as an electrician all her life she’s never been married but has a friend by the name of Valerie she spends time with,” he did a knowing smile.

Mona certainly got that one, being friends with Torie had taught her that many older lesbians were sometimes more private about their lives.

“Oh, I get it Luke. My best friend, Torie leads an alternative lifestyle but she’s an awesome friend.”

“Yea, I don’t judge, I love Annabelle she’s the greatest. Then there’s Sharon, who’s 58 she and my brother in law, Anthony have been married forever right out of high school, they have four boys good kids all really successful. After that it’s Cynthia, she’s 56, she’s divorced and has one daughter. Cynthia’s a doctor, she’s does pediatric oncology. She sees a lot of sad stuff.”

Mona sighed and took his hand again and began to rub it. She knew how that was, she saw a lot of sad things too in her job.

“My sister Norma is next, she’s 54 years old and has never worked a day in her life. My brother in law Michael makes sure of that, they have 3 grown children, two girls and a boy. And last but not least my second mother, Rose, now I have to be truthful she’ll be the toughest out of all my sisters. Rose does not play when it comes to me, she wasn’t fond of my ex-wife and hasn’t been fond of any of the women I’ve dated since.”

Mona just sat there, she didn’t want to have worry about meeting his sisters just now this was their first date but she did appreciate that he was telling her the truth about what she may be up against.

“Well, I appreciate you saying that Luke but really no one can resist me once they meet me,” she smiled showing those beautiful teeth.

Luke thought himself, ‘I certainly couldn’t’.

“You’re probably right, my pop adores you.”

“Oh you’re dad is a flirt, that’s all.”

“No, he really does genuinely like you. He has wonderful things to say about you even when you’re not in the deli.”

Mona blushed  a little, she’d enjoyed talking to Mr. Serrano over the years and she was certainly enjoying talking to his handsome son. Mona didn’t know what had come over her every time Luke said something she felt giddy as a school girl. She was really relieved when their waiter finally appeared. He looked slightly disheveled, she could guess the place was packed so he was probably busy.

“Good evening folks, I’ll be your server for this evening Chris. Can I bring you something to drink?” His words rushed out like a river and he seemed to be breathing hard as if he’d been running from someone.

Luke and Mona looked at each other and chuckled slightly, she was hoping for better service but what the hell she’d take what she could get at the moment.

Luke deferred to her first to order. Mona thought for a moment and decided on something easy and standard that she could handle, hard liquor would only prove to be dangerous with a man this sexy, she’d be slipping out of this dress before she knew it. “Can I get a glass of shiraz please?”

The waiter wrote down her order and turned to stare at Luke as he ordered, “I’d like a scotch on the rocks please.”

“Yes sir, I’ll get those out to you very soon.”

“Gee willikers, he must be busy tonight” Mona commented to Luke. He started to laugh again and she fell into laughter herself. She was coming to love the sound of his laugh. The MC came up and introduced a local jazz singer by the name of Pizzazz, Mona had heard of her before at another club she was good and was excellent with the old standards. The band started playing Dinah Washington’s ‘What A Difference A Day Makes’ and she began belting out that tune it was lovely. Mona thought to herself, yea what difference a day makes, just a day or so ago she’d just been exchanging hellos and smiles with this handsome gentleman across the table from her and now here she was sharing a romantic evening with him. She wondered what the day had in store for her after this.

Luke got up from the table and extended his hand to her, “would you care to dance?”

Mona was surprised. “Sure,” she scooted back her chair and rose. Luke’s heart skipped a beat when she stood, she was so graceful and just long and lean and sexy he was hoping he could keep this impending hard on he had under control. They walked out onto the floor, Luke noticed all the other men in the place staring at them as they walked onto the floor. Mona didn’t notice but he did, yes he noticed the feral looks of lust in their eyes as he took this beautiful woman with the cooper skin and long sable hair out onto the dance floor, she stepped in front of him. Luke couldn’t help but stare at that nice round behind of hers; she had an ass made for worshipping.

Mona turned and caught his eyes go up suddenly she surmised that maybe he’d been staring at her butt. She had to say she did have a nice behind, what God cheated her out of in breasts he sufficiently made up for in butt. She stepped into his arms and they swayed to the music, it was so soft and sweet. They danced slowly and close, Mona was pleased this man knew how to partner dance not many men did in this day and age. But she was sure his father had taught him, most men just used partner dancing as a way to feel up their dates. But he was close but respectful with a strong steady hand just at the small of her back. She was so comfortable in his arms after awhile she just laid her head on his shoulder. It felt nice, Mona hadn’t felt this secure with a man in a very long time and she was reveling in the feeling. He smelled so good and felt so solid under her, they just swayed. As one song ended, the singer began to sing Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ and yes thought Mona, good lord I am truly feeling good.

The night had gone fabulous, they’d danced a little more and had a wonderful dinner, and they’d shared a piece of decadent chocolate cheesecake for desert and drank a little more. Before they knew it was time for the place to close. Mona was disappointed she’d had such a fun time with Luke she didn’t want it to end.

As Luke drove her home, he looked over to find her asleep she’d been such arousing company all evening long for him and in more ways than one. She had turned in a little toward the center console of the car and had her face towards him on the seat rest. Those long legs were showing from under her dress, that slip of nothing she was wearing was driving him wild. That deep v-neck in the front was not helping; he kept willing it to just slip to the side so he could get a peek. She wasn’t exactly heavily endowed in the chest department but from what he could see she had some beautiful breasts that were perky to say the least. Luke looked at her quickly then turned back to the road, he side eyed her as he was driving he had to rub his cock to get it to calm down or he was going to burst out his pants. He hadn’t been this horny since he was teenager, being with Mona was better than Viagra and he should know since he’d tried it on a trip with Tasha to Mexico. As he turned on her street he had to gather all his will to reign in the tent that was popping in his pants. By the time they’d gotten to her house, he purposely bit his tongue to take his mind off his raging dick. It worked; he pulled into her driveway and turned off his engine. She must have felt the car stop because she began to awaken from her little nap.

Mona opened her eyes to see Luke staring at her smiling, she looked around they’d arrived in her driveway. “Oh Luke I’m sorry I fell asleep on you but this was a busy night for a girl like me, usually I’m just out putting out fires.”

Luke chuckled as he looked at her, he took her hands and held them, “no biggie I just let you sleep. I know I had you out on the dance floor all night long it’s my fault.”

Mona just smiled back, she liked the feeling of her hands in his, it just felt really natural. “Well, I guess I better be getting inside.” She gathered up her things and exited the car Luke was there to help her out before she could do it on her own. He was a perfect gentleman all night long. They strolled up the drive to Mona’s front door, her porch light was on so it was a tad bright but she noticed how handsome he looked no matter what kind of light was showing.

“Mona I had such a wonderful time this evening.”

“I did too, Luke. This is just the best night I’ve had in a long time. I’m so glad you asked me out.”

“I’m glad you accepted. I want to do this again.”


She seemed surprised that he’d asked her out again, Luke didn’t know why she was the best date and the most beautiful woman he’d been with in a long, long while.

“Yes, really. Why don’t you give me a call when you have some time off again and we’ll make plans to see each other?”

“Okay, that sounds great. I just want to thank for a great evening. Jimmy Mak’s was pretty good, service could have been better but everything else was great” she shrugged and laughed a little.

Luke was starting to notice things about her like those cute laugh lines she got around her eyes when she laughed, she was gorgeous. Before Luke knew what hit him, he leaned in for a good night kiss. Mona was surprised when he kissed her, he’d just been kind of staring at her then this. The kiss was tentative at first, soft and sweet as if he wasn’t sure she wanted to kiss him and was just trying to find out. Then he pulled her in closer and Mona went willing, she wrapped her arms around his neck and his set on her lower back. He kissed her deeper and harder and Mona’s mouth open to submit to the passion of his kiss. His mouth was soft and supple to her, his tongue came out to explore her and Mona deepened her kiss to duel with his tongue. Luke was intoxicated her lips her full and she tasted of sweet wine, he was getting drunk just from kissing her and he loved it. Damn this woman can kiss, he thought. Mona was lost in the moment, her womanly core was dripping she was completely turned on she may have leave a wet spot on her front porch. Damn this man can kiss, she thought. They finally pulled away from one another and each had to take deep breaths. Mona’s head was swimming slightly and she felt a tad unsteady. Luke had to get his breathing together and he knew his hard on had come back and was raging. Mona set her hands on his shoulders and Luke looked down at her, she looked like she was ready for loving but he knew today wasn’t that day but the day was coming soon that she’d get witness his passion head on and he was looking forward to the same with her.

“Wow! I think I need sit down,” she said.

Luke laughed pulled her into a hug; he kissed her forehead “yea I think I need a seat too. Well I better get going.”

Mona pulled out her keys and opened her door with shaky hands, “I’ll talk to you soon Luke and thank you again for a wonderful evening.”

“You’re more than welcome, bella” he took her hand and kissed it.

He turned and walked back to his car, Mona watched as he got in and closed her door. He started up and backed out she watched out of the side window as he cruised down the street.

Mona turned and leaned against the front door, her panties were completely soaked. She closed her eyes and thought that vibrator is going to be smoking later tonight as she headed for the bedroom to relieve some sexual tension.

When Luke got home he masturbated two times, it was a relief but a disappointment because his bella wasn’t there with him to release that passion.

They were both thinking it’s going to be tough to try to wait the other out. © EugeniaBerg 2011

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