Patience Please

When I began this blog I let all the prospective readers know that while I was sharing some of my stories, the majority of my stories being shared were in mid-completion. Now we’ve come to the point where that will put a wrinkle in the frequency of my posts. What I’ve been posting are stories I’ve already written or started that were languishing. One of the things I hoped this blog would give me is a big push in completing these languishing stories. I know those that are reading, I don’t know who you are but hello, want to see the end of these stories and only I can make that happen. Since most of these have been hanging out stinking up my mind, it’s time for them to be complete. So here is the warning, updates for stories won’t be showing up as often. I’m sorry, but they will show up so continue to come by here every once in awhile. But I’ll also be reviewing some books that I love and telling you about some great authors in the in between time. I’ll also be telling how I like my new Kindle Fire, I haven’t got it yet, it’s going to be a Christmas gift but I am looking forward to telling you about it so you can buy one too. I’d also like to start a book club, I’m not sure how I’m going to do that so any suggestions would be great. So stick around, I’ll be updating Rendezvous very soon and I’m excited about how that is going to turn out. Keep reading and thanks for hanging out.


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