Surviving in Dateland-Chapter 3

Chapter 3

On Wednesday while at yoga, Sophie was stretching before class. She decided today to just come inside it had been raining all day and pretty windy, she was not going to stand out in that weather and wait for Leanne who was running late as always.  She had received a couple of peeks at her profiles on the dating sites, but she still hadn’t really put any interest out there. She was gathering her courage for that, but soon enough she’d say something back. Leanne was the one that agreed to pay for these things in loving hope of her best friend finding a date, so Sophie felt no pressing need to find a date now it wasn’t her money on the line. As she stood there in the room assigned for her yoga class, she was kind of in her own world when a pleasant voice came from behind her and took her from her reverie.

“Hey there, Sophie,” she heard and turned to find Brock in front of her, he was looking as tasty as ever in black yoga pants again and this time with navy blue t-shirt loose t-shirt on.

“Hi, how you doing you tonight teach?” she joked with him.

“The teacher is fine, please call me Brock.”

“Okay, Brock well I’m glad to hear you’re doing well.”

“You look nice tonight,” he said while scanning her body, again Sophie noticed.

She looked down at herself and noticed she was wearing her yoga clothes, gray pants and t-shirt with writing on it, she’d gotten at Wal-Mart. She couldn’t imagine how he thought she looked nice that day, but she accepted the compliment, “thank you very much, Brock.”

“What do you do, Sophie?”

She looked in those beautiful chocolate brown eyes again and thought he’s mighty curious, maybe he’s just making small talk till the class starts.

“I work as a brewmaster for Passionate Brewing,” she told him.

“Wow! You do I love Passionate IPA. It’s my favorite beer of all the time. That’s really something I’m talking to the woman that helps to brew that beer.”

Sophie smiled big, she was always happy to know that people drank the brews she helped to create and refine. That also meant she could keep a job, “I’m glad you do.” Sophie thought for a moment and came up with an idea, “hey, why you don’t come down to the brewery one day and take a tour. I’ll give it to you personally.”

His whole face lit up, he looked she said she was giving him the brewery. He took her shoulders, “You mean that,” he said looking straight in her eyes.

“Yea, I mean that. Why would I say it if I didn’t mean it,” she laughed at him a little.

He blushed trying not to seem too excited. “Can I get your phone number?” he asked her.

Phone number? I don’t want to give this guy my number, then she got a hold of herself, ‘he means your business card silly’

“Yea, it’s my locker my clothes now. Can I give it to you after class?”

“Sure, I gotta get going time to start class. I’ll see you afterwards for the card,” he smiled deeply at her and Sophie nodded.

She thought he looked so good and what had she just done inviting him to her job for a tour, maybe she could pawn him off on one of the tour groups that came through the factory a couple a times a week. But it was a personal invitation and she’d have to do it personally.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Leanne walking up looking stunning in yoga clothes, it was so unfair.

“What you two talking about?” she asks Sophie wagging her eyebrows.

“Oh, nothing…just invited him to take a tour of the brewery one day,” Sophie smiled. She knew Leanne would jump all over this she was the one in lala land thinking that Brock had a thing for her.

Leanne’s eyes widened and grinned really huge, “You did, that’s awesome. Did he accept?”


“Of course, he did he’s got a thing for you I knew it.”

“He does not have anything for me. It’s just a friendly gesture. He said how much he liked the beer, so I invited him down. No big deal.”

“Well, I believe it is a big deal look at him, Sophie.”

Sophie eyes hadn’t really left him for long, he was beautiful. That was saying a lot for a man.

“Let’s just ready for yoga, Leanne. You’ve dreamed up a relationship that has no chance in hell,” Sophie just sighed and sat down on her yoga mat.

The music started and the class got situated for the day’s session.  As Sophie watched Brock as he started to instruct on positions for warm-up she smiled, he was good-looking and sweet a great catch for some lucky young lady. He began to walk about the room, giving encouragement, helping folks with their positions for warm-up. Sophie noticed that all of sudden Mindy became the bumbling bimbo calling Brock over to help her, shameless, thought Sophie. After he had to pry himself from her side he continued across the room and settled next to Sophie, she liked the way he came out on the floor sometimes to continue instruction of the class but him being close to her made her a tad nervous. She glanced over at him.

“…now hold it for 20, feel those muscles stretch and breath, remember to breath deeply,” he stated in that calm voice.

He rose from the floor and turned towards Sophie his gorgeous massive hands gripping her stomach and back for a moment she forgot to breath and he said into her ear, “you need to breath Sophie, it’s important.”  He caressed her back lightly as he let her go and rose to return to the front of the class.

Sophie glanced over at Leann who was smiling to herself and mouthing to Sophie, “I told you. He likes one.”

Sophie rolled her eyes and continued with the warm up, touches weren’t enough to convince her of his undying affection but it was enough, however, to send her body into overdrive.  She needed a man, maybe this Friday at Vino’s she could find one hopefully as hot as Brock.

After leaving work on Friday, Sophie decided to stop by her mom’s house for a quick visit. She was meeting Leann and her co-worker at Vino’s at 7 pm and wasn’t really excited about this evening’s gathering but she had promised. She’d left work a little early but she had been there at 7 am this morning to do some testing for the new brew they were thinking of adding to line of stouts they had out presently.

Sophie’s mom lived in Columbia City neighborhood with her husband, they had been raised in Renton a small city on the outside of Seattle. But her mom and Thomas had moved back into Seattle to be near her mom’s dance studio. They had an adorable little house with a nice porch and wonderful garden in the back yard where Thomas tended his flower garden as Wanda sat and watched from the patio furniture. If there was anywhere, they could be found was in the backyard, Wanda sitting reading a book while Thomas was the dirt tending to his roses bushes. Thomas was about average height with very distinct African features, wide nose, full lips, dark eyes, skin so dark it almost looked blue, his hairline was receding and he wore glasses.  Wanda was petite only about 5’3”, she’d wanted to be a professional dancer but was too small in stature to be taken seriously.  She had butterscotch skin tone and she was still thin with a body that Sophie was jealous of but she knew it was because she danced, she had long locs that were honey blonde. She’d been wearing her hair in that style and that color for years. Sophie thought her mother was the most beautiful woman in the world with her wide smile and light brown eyes. Sophie hadn’t inherited those eyes, she sometimes wish she had then something about her would at least be exotic, her sister Cleo had but Sophie just had plain brown eyes, for plain brown Sophie, she looked more like her dad than her mom.  Sophie pulled up and parked on the street a little ways away from the house, she strolled up and unhitched the fence lock and walked into the backyard, she heard her mother talking to Thomas as she approached.

“Darling, I think we need to get a pet,” Wanda said, her mother was always talking about adopting a cat.

“Wanda dear, we’ve spoken of this before, who’s going take care of the thing.”

“Probably me,” Sophie said as she rounded the corner of the house.

Wanda turned and smiled as saw Sophie approaching, “Oh baby, it’s so good to see you.” Wanda put her arms out and came towards Sophie engulfing her in a big hug and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey mom,” she looked over to Thomas and went to give him a hug also, “hello Thomas, is she trying to convince you to get that darn cat again.” They both started laughing and looked at her mother.

“Yes, she is. I don’t know how many times I keep telling her no cats. You know that poor thing would be so neglected with your mother.”

Wanda frowned, “I don’t know what you two are talking about. I’ll have a pet, a companion someone to keep me company when Thomas in his office with this books and grading papers.”

Thomas was a professor of West African art at University of Washington. He and Wanda had met at an art exhibit he was guest speaking at Seattle Art Museum.

“Oh, mom you know you don’t need no cat, leave those poor defenseless creatures alone. It would only end up being Thomas’ responsibility and he’s got enough to do with this beautiful garden. Your roses are looking gorgeous, Thomas,” she told him, she loved this garden it always smelled well…like a garden and was really relaxing.

“Thank you, darling. I had my rhododendrons come out little early this season so they’re losing their bloom now.”

“What about the tulips?” she asked looking at his tulip blooms for the season.

“Ahh, they are lovely look at them. I cut some and put a couple of vases of them in the house. Go in and see them, I’ll cut you some if you want to take with you.”

“That would be great, Thomas. Thank you so much.”

“No problem, darling.”

“Thomas, sweetheart we’re gonna go in and have some tea. Would you like a glass?”

“I’ll be in, in a second. I’m just going to gather these tulips for Sophie,” he said smiling at her and her mother, “go on in and you two talk.”

Sophie and her mom walked into through the French doors into the kitchen. Wanda’s kitchen was very eclectic as was the whole house, bright colors, fabrics, art, and sculptures, lots of photographs of Sophie and her siblings and many others of Wanda and Thomas and their travels around the globe. Once a year they went back to Nigeria to visit Thomas’ family in his village, they both forward to that trip immensely. Sophie sat at her mother’s breakfast bar as Wanda got out glasses to pour the tea into.

“So, what’s happening with you my beautiful daughter?” Sophie’s mom was always so loving and complimentary to them all even if they had done things wrong she always started your lecture off with a loving words and a compliment.

“Not much, beautiful mother,” Wanda smiled,”I’m going out with Leann and a co-worker of hers tonight.”

“Hmm. Sounds good.”

Sophie shrugged, “I don’t know mom, I know I should get back out there but it’s just so hard. It’s so much work.”

Wanda took Sophie’s hands in hers, “I know you had a hard time after the divorce and you had some uncertainty about yourself but you’re my gorgeous girl. Also, Sophie you’re so smart and talented and in general a wonderful  woman. I’m not saying this because I’m your mama but because I love you, you’re my baby. No man is worth you keeping yourself cut off from finding love again, you know you deserve it, don’t you?”

“I know mom, I do but it’s still hard to think about trusting someone again.”

“You have to be okay with the fact that you might not find on the first go-round but you’ll find it. You’ll find the love you deserve,” Wanda rose from the stool and came over to hug tightly. It always felt great when her mom hugged her, she did give the best hugs.

“So how are Cleo and her family doing?”

Wanda pulled back to look at Sophie, “Fine, some kind of drama of course with the kids and sports. Your sister does have the worst attitude sometimes, so up at that school causing trouble. I think she got that temper from your father because it didn’t come from me.”

Sophie laughed, “Mom you know if we get you going on poor Thomas, I’ve seen that man shaking in his boots sometimes at the tongue lashings you give.”

“He does not, I treat Thomas with nothing but love and respect.”

Thomas was walking in the door with a colorful bunch of tulips for Sophie, “Isn’t that right dear?” Wanda asked him although he hadn’t heard the first part of the conversation.

“Whatever you say, my darling angel, it’s totally right,” he looked at Wanda with a beautiful full smile and bent to kiss her on the forehead.

“Thomas, you didn’t even hear what my mom and I were talking about.”

“It doesn’t matter you mother is always right, that way I stay happy and this house stays peaceful,” he chuckled to himself.

“What?” Wanda said surprised, “I don’t demand that of you Thomas.”

Sophie started to laugh even harder as her mother eyed her, “See, I told you mom. You’re a tough little lady, I know that.  So does Thomas,” she said looking at Thomas.

“These are you, dear,” he said handing her the beautiful bunch of tulips.

“Thank you, Thomas these are gorgeous. I wish I had your green thumb.”

“Well, in my village I grew many things, the earth was meant to blossom things.”

“Well, what are you two doing tonight?” Sophie asked them.

“Oh, we’re going to Provost home for a dinner party,” her mother rolled her eyes. Wanda hated those fake affairs with Thomas’ colleagues from the university.

“Your mother is not happy about going, she doesn’t like these things. I’m not always thrilled about hob-knobbing at these functions but it’s part of being tenured faculty and staying tenured faculty.”

“Yea, whatever”, Wanda said rolling her eyes.

“You better watch her tonight, Thomas. Don’t let her have too much red wine or it might be on, brother,” Sophie was smiling at Thomas as he was shaking his head.

“I know, I know we don’t want a repeat of the Christmas party,” he said.

“Oh please that couldn’t possibly happen again,” Wanda told him.

“Sure, Wanda dear sure. I’m going up to take a shower and start preparing for the evening. I’ll see you later Sophie,” Thomas turned and hugged Sophie and bounded up the stairs.

Sophie turned to look at her mother who had gone over to the sink to put her glass in it, “Mom, don’t embarrass him.”

“Embarrass him? I didn’t embarrass him last time. I only told that pretentious stupid woman where she could get off, cow. Telling me that African dance had no place amongst classical ballet, stupid bitch.”

“Mom! Please, the language.” Sophie looked shocked her mother never cursed even though she did have a temper.

“I’m sorry darling, but thinking about it makes me mad. What an idiot and to think she’s teaching at the university level, eeww!” Wanda shook her head.

“Mom, I’ve got to get going. I need to get home and take a shower myself and dress up nice for this evening out.”

“You’re going to look fabulous I know it. That cute haircut, what are you wearing?”

“I don’t know mom, it’s been so long since I’ve been out, out. I’m not really sure. I think I have mini-dress something black and chance to wear some heels, I hope I can still stand in those things. Because this what I’m used to now.” Sophie looked down at her clothes from work, jeans, a t-shirt, and steel toed work boots.

“You’re still beautiful. Take those flowers and get on home and make yourself the hottie I know you are.”

Sophie smiled at her mom, at least somebody thought she was hot, “thanks mom, I’ll see you later. I love you, you’re the best old lady ever.” It was running joke amongst her siblings to call her mom old lady, she hated it.

Wanda gave her another hug and kiss, “I know now get out of here before I spank you for calling me old lady. I love you, bye.”

Sophie picked up her tulips and trotted out the front door to her truck and took off for home and a shower and supposed fabulous night out on the town.

Sophie stood outside of Vino’s looking in the window at all the people on the inside, ‘my goodness what am I getting myself into’ she thought. She could see Leann in the bar area with what looked like a short pudgy woman with brunette curly hair, Leann had straightened hers and was doing her thing looking good and probably being bad. She was surrounded by men vying for her attention of course and she had them all memorized. Sophie walked up to the entrance and showed her identification to the doorman and was allowed inside.  She shuffled through the crowd; there weren’t a lot of people in the bar but enough to make it hard to pass without bumping into someone.

“Excuse me,” she said as she passed. She got some passing glances from the guys and some looks of disdain from the women. She could never understand that, she wasn’t what she’d call a threat to any woman’s possible hook-up for tonight.

“Sophie, over here,” she turned to see Leann calling her waving her arm in the air for her to come closer, “would you guys make room for my friend,” she heard Leann say.

“Sure, sure anything for you sweetheart,” she heard one of the guys say to her. He was about 6’1” looked pretty fit, blonde hair cut close with a suit on blue eyes and looking like the all American hot boy next door.

Sophie had to look at him again, that Leann could certainly pull the good ones and they flocked to her like bugs to a lamppost all waiting to get their wings singed.

“Hey, Leann” she said over the crowd noise and some background music. She was wondering how anyone could get to know each other in such a loud environment.

“Hello there darling,” Leann reached out and hugged her,” I’m so glad you’re here. It took you long enough.”

“Well, I had to find a place to park that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg, which means I parked a couple of block away.”

“Oh, you’re so cheap I’d pay for your parking,” Leann scolded her.

“Whatever. This place is crowded.”

“I know lots of hot guys. I’m warming them up for you.”

Sophie cut her eyes at Leann, she knew she was for absolute hell now.  She started to look around as she heard Leann’s voice in her ear. She was trying to spot the prospect that she had lined up for her. Leann was great friend and seemed to always want to play matchmaker, although were matches left you wanting a lot. For some reason today, Sophie couldn’t get a good read on whom it was but Leann’s co-worker Hayley was chatting it up with this black guy, he was nice looking dark complexion about as tall as Sophie when she caught his eye she smiled but he just looked down. It was odd but she felt that many black men thought as a black woman she’d be mad that they talked to women outside their race, personally Sophie could care less she never felt slighted in the least, it was their life not hers and she had no right to judge their choice just as no one had a right to judge hers.

Hayley turned to see Sophie, “hey, Sophie. How are you?” she reached up to give Sophie a hug.

“I’m fine, how are you doing Hayley?”

Hayley’s eyes went over to her conversation partner, “not bad, I’d say,” she smiled at Sophie.

Sophie smiled back. She spoke to Hayley’s new ‘friend’ who told his name was Theo Evans, he seemed like a nice fellow she shook his hand and chatted for about two seconds, just long enough for him to know she wasn’t judging his choice in women. Sophie let Hayley get back to whatever engrossing conversation she had with Theo and she stepped up to the bar to grab herself a drink. She wasn’t a fan of wine but while in Rome, you do as the Romans do, so she looked at the drink menu and decided on something she was familiar with a nice German Reisling, sweet and no bitter after taste.

“I’ll pay for the lady’s drink,” she heard a nice deep timbre come from behind her.  She turned to see who was making the generous offer with her luck it would probably be some guy standing 5’4” with eyeline at her chest, a potbelly and bad fashion sense. But as she turned on her spiked heels she was struck by the fact that she had to look up.  He was gorgeous about 6’4” with a smile that light up a the darkest of rooms, she couldn’t really tell exactly what was under that expensive navy blue suit but she knew it wasn’t a potbelly. His eyes were a beautiful sea green under a fashionable pair of glasses.  He had nice straight nose and strong jawline, just the way Sophie liked her eye candy. His brown hair was cut close but stylish, like he’d gone to some fancy salon somewhere in downtown Seattle no Supercuts here and he smelled delicious light scent kind of citrusy. Sophie thought for a moment she was in love, well more like really awesome lust.

As the bartender handed her the glass of wine and the stranger stretched over the bar to ask for him to put it on his tab, Sophie smiled, a big smile, “Thank you. That was very kind.”

“I wasn’t really trying to be kind. I wanted an opportunity to talk to you. I saw when you walked in and thought I really need to speak with her,” he said close to her ear.

It was a tad loud but she didn’t think loud enough for him to get that close. Some of Sophie not often used body parts started to heat up a little. “Why would you need to speak to me?” Sophie said with her eyebrows were raised in confusion.

“Because you are the most beautiful woman in this bar tonight and I just thought I wouldn’t be able to say I had a good night without speaking with you.”

Sophie giggled, my goodness, she thought had nothing changed after all this time.

“I can see you don’t believe me but I promise I’m not trying to make a move on you. I just needed a word with a beautiful woman. Now, I can go home and my night will be complete.”

Sophie couldn’t help but be drawn in by him, she hadn’t drunk wine in a long time and it usually went straight to her head. She just stared at him, feeling warm every time she took a sip of the cool liquid. Maybe it was because she hadn’t  been spoken to so smoothly in so long but she felt like she wanted badly to fall under this man’s spell, he was making a good looking Merlin at the moment.

“What’s your name?” Sophie asked she might as well get some type of identifier.

He stuck his hand out to shake hers, “Chad Lunden, how are you?”

“I’m fine Chad,” Sophie thought for a second, she was already here she might as well enjoy herself.

“And your name?”

“Sophie Robeson.”

“It’s really nice to me you, Sophie.”

The way her name rolled off his lips had Sophie a little giddy, she was giggling like a sixteen year old that just met her star crush. She glanced over at Leann who was giving her the thumbs up sign and she smiled.

Sophie had spent the majority of her evening chatting it up with Chad, he seemed reasonably nice and sane she was happy about that. He was an attorney that did maritime law, he seemed to find it fascinating and although he talked of himself, he did get in a question here and there for Sophie.  He was really surprised and intrigued by what she did and seemed like he wanted to know more. He told he was originally from Chicago and had moved out here for a job after law school 16 years ago. He was 42 years old and divorced.  She could understand the drama of that as the night wore on, they talked and exchanged smiles, he wasn’t too pushy but seemed determined to stake his claim on her at least for tonight.

“It’s getting late and I’ve got Saturday errands tomorrow,” she told him with a shy smile.

“I understand I have 8 am soccer game down at Greenlake tomorrow,” he said.

“Oh, you live around there?”

“Yes, I own a home over in Ravenna. I’ve been doing some renovations on it. You should come by sometime and check them out.”

“Well, I know nothing about renovating,” she said looking at him quizzically.

“You don’t have to, I just love to show it off. I love to show a lot of things off, “ he told her with a cocky smirk.

Sophie kept thinking this guy was extremely good-looking but something was off, maybe it was just the wine she drank that her thinking like that. She wanted to chance it, she needed to get back out on the dating scene and he wouldn’t be a bad guy to do it with.

Sophie thought for a moment and did something she rarely ever did, she put aside her sixth sense and said yes. “Sure, why not?” she told him.

He smiled a brilliant beautiful smile, he was quite striking and handsome, “Why don’t I make you dinner at my place and we’ll have chance to look at some of those changes.”

“Oh, I don’t know how about we meet for dinner and then if I’m feeling up to it I can check out your house.”  Sophie wasn’t trying to end up on the 11 o’clock news as missing girl number 10, she didn’t really know this guy.

He smiled but someone the smile didn’t reach his eyes, “Hey, whatever you like pretty lady. I’d be happy to pick you up.”

“That’s okay, I can meet you. Is there anyplace in particular you had in mind?”

“There’s a wonderful Thai Restaurant by Greenlake, you like Thai food?”

“Yes, I do. What’s the name?”

“It’s called the Royal Orchid Room, excellent. I frequent it quite a bit. How about 7:30 tomorrow?”

“Sounds good. Why don’t I give you business card, it has my cell number on it and if anything comes up you can call me.” Sophie dug into her little clutch for a business card, Leann had suggested she carry them just in case something like this happened. As she was handing the card to Chad, he had his own business card outstretched in his fingers. As she took the card from his hand, she felt him caress her slightly with his fingers and a tingle went up her spine and she could have sworn it wasn’t a good one.  He looked again and smiled at her and Sophie hoped she was doing the right thing by going on this date.

“Hey, Sophie sweetie. It’s time to go,” she turned to see Leann yawning she was clearly done for the night. Leann was excellent at playing the game, Sophie was sure had at least 5 potential dates for next week and none would step foot near her bed and she wouldn’t be giving any private parties for them. She had it down pat, she some strict rules for men and she kept them and if the guy didn’t measure up to her list, he was gone replaced by another usually in a matter of minutes.

“It was nice meeting you Chad. I look forward to dinner tomorrow.”

He smiled at her and leaned in to hug her as he did, he ran his hand down her back and patted her bottom.

“Nice to meet you, too Sophie. I know we’re going to have a good time tomorrow,” he said he let her go.

She turned to walk out of the bar with Leann.

“Where’s Hayley?” Sophie asked. About mid-evening Hayley disappeared with Theo not be seen again.

“I don’t know. I think her and that guy she was talking to took off for parts unknown.”

“You think that’s safe, Leann?”

“Hayley’s a big girl, figuratively and literally,” Leann started to giggle to herself sometimes when she drank she could be a tad bitchy, “she’ll be okay. Probably call tomorrow or be in on Monday with way too many details and a declaration of undying love.” Leanne shook her head slowly. “So what about you, what’s up the hotness.”

Sophie thought on it for a minute she wondered how much to tell Leanne without revealing some her reservations about the guy. “His name is Chad Lunden, he’s a maritime attorney.”

“Maritime, ugh booorring. Well, what else?”

“And he’s taking me to dinner tomorrow?”

Leann wrapped her arms around to pull her into her side, “that’s awesome. See I told you, you still got it mama. You’re hot and he knew it. Is he nice?”

“He’s okay,” Sophie said a little hesitant to give a full rundown on Chad,”we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

“Alright, a date for my girl, Sophie, yea!” Leanne said hugging her to side as Sophie lead Leanne to her truck so she could take her buzzed friend home.

As she got behind the wheel, she kept trying to convince herself that this date was good idea, but she wasn’t positive. But she decided to tamp those feelings down, she kept thinking about his hand on her behind and the fact that it was uninvited but for once in her life she was going to go with the flow and see where it took her, hopefully not to Loserville.

The following evening, Leann had come over to her apartment to help her get ready.

“Leann, we’re only going to eat Thai. What are all these clothing choices?”

“No, you need these. I looked through that closet besides that dress last night. Which I must say was not the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,’ Sophie made a face at her but she kept on talking “You need to sex it up Sophie. That guy was hot, really hot and he’s a lawyer. You have to say pow! When you walk through that restaurant door.”

Sophie started to laugh, Leann was consumed with making her into the sexpot it was really ridiculous. Sophie had always been conservative, she didn’t want to false advertise, promising a man something she knew she couldn’t give. She was looking at the outfits that Leann had brought over for her, Leann knew everyone and she had a friend that owned a boutique in downtown Seattle and she’d given Leann some clothes for her to wear as a favor. How Leann did it, Sophie always wondered but she was glad she could benefit from it.

“Well what about this one?” Leann was pointing out an outfit to Sophie, a red dress with a leopard print belt and black pumps. Sophie was thinking, why am I getting so dressed up for a basic dinner. She looked at the other outfit, it was shiny black skirt with flecks of silver in it and a silver sheath with a black sweater and a pair of silver sandal pumps, Sophie was sick of looking at these things. They were pretty but they weren’t her at all.

“Leann, I so appreciate you doing this. Yes, I know it’s true I haven’t been on a date in….forever. But this is not my style,” Sophie was standing there with a look of distress on her face with hand on her hip.

Leann sighed, “Oh Sophie you wouldn’t know what sexy was if it hit you the head,” she rose from the bed and put her hands on Sophie’s shoulders leading her to the bed. “These are absolutely sexy. I think you’d look great in the black skirt and silver strappy heels. Come on, let me do this. What if this guy is your dream man, you don’t want his first impression of you to be in casual capris, and you have to sex it up girl.”

Sophie looked at the clothing choices on the bed, “Okay, I’m going to put myself in your hands, I’m tired of fighting you. Which one do you like?”

Leann rubbed her hands together with a bit of a sinister smile on her face. Sophie thought, ‘what have I done, I’m going to go out of here looking like a nitwit.’

After about an hour, Leann had finally decided on an outfit for Sophie, it was a salmon colored form fitting dress with a short white blue jean jack that was decorated in salmon, pink, blue, and green hand painted designs and crystals plastered all over it. It was little busy for Sophie but Leann thought it was not only sexy it made a statement, Sophie kept thinking the statement was ‘you might be a ho’. She had Sophie put on the silver strappy high heels sandals they had a little portion that came over her ankles like the roman sandals that were making a comeback. Sophie looked at herself in her giant-sized floor to ceiling mirror; she thought she looked sexy but silly. She was just trying to get comfortable. She’d almost cancelled the date, she’d been so nervous earlier in the day. She’d talk to her sister who had something smart to say about her once again, ‘trying to get a white man think she was dateable’ that conversation didn’t last long. She didn’t need Cleo’s commenting on her personal life when hers was barely holding on to sanity. She turned and looked at herself she did have a nice sexy shape but she was hoping this turned out well. As she thought about this Chad guy she kept thinking maybe there was something about that polished veneer of his that didn’t ring genuine. But there was only one way to prove it, go out on the date after not dating for so long she had to get over her fear and get back on the horse. It could be worse, he could be ugly, at least she had a good looking date. She got her purse and promised she’d call Leann after the date and off she went hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. ©


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