A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 9

This contains explicit sexual content.

Chapter 9

Six Months Later…

It had been some months since the cancelling of Naomi’s impending engagement to Randolph when her life finally had settled down. After all the speculation had died down about her possibly being pregnant or having some dreaded disease which resulted in her passing out, life had returned to some semblance of normalcy. The Duke and Duchess weren’t pleased with her decision but they couldn’t possibly make too big a stink about it since they still wanted favor with the royal household.Randolphwasn’t sad about it in the least and went on with his gallivanting. A few weeks after the cancellation of the engagement he was caught in a scandal, he was found in a hotel room with two underage girls, they were tourists fromFinland. Naomi was pleased that her Father let her dodge the bullet by not marrying him.

During the months a few events had taken place. Freddie and Dhani had become engaged over the Christmas holiday. It had been a shocker for Freddie, but he’d been planning it for awhile and had asked her to marry him on Christmas day. So Freddie had been in full force for planning a wedding. She’d chosen Naomi as her maid of honor so she’d been busy also along with Zoe and Queen Evie who had stepped into the role of Freddie’s mother since her mother had passed as a child. Freddie who was usually all business had been walking around giddy as a schoolgirl. She’d been living inTennesseepart time with Dhani and coming back and forth to the island. The royal household had friends at the State Department who were helping her become a citizen of theUnited States. She’d also been training her replacements as Zoe and Naomi’s personal assistant. They’d decided to hire two assistants so the princesses wouldn’t be sharing one anymore. Naomi’s new assistant, Carla, was a very nice sweet girl from the island with dark skin the color of ebony almost, she was tall and thin with short hair colored blonde. Zoe’s new assistant was an ex-patriot fromEngland, her name was Julie and she was petite a tad on the portly side but cute and bubbly with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. She and Zoe were about the same age so they’d become best friends instantaneously.

Naomi had been so happy about Freddie’s engagement and did not begrudge her friend a moment of happiness but she couldn’t help but wonder and think aboutDouglas. She’d hear things here and there while she was inTennesseehelping Freddie with the wedding and being fitted for her dress. She’d heard he’d recently been promoted to position of a director in his department and that he dated a few women but hadn’t found anyone special. He was going to be Dhani’s best man but she hadn’t seen him on any of her visits toTennessee.

She was sitting on their private jet pondering what was going to happen now that the wedding was a few days away and she’d finally see him again after a long six months. Zoe and Queen Evie were making this trip also, her father unfortunately had business to attend to and would not be able to make the wedding but he had flown Freddie’s father out on the private jet a few days ago to attend the wedding as a gesture of goodwill and a way to ask to be forgiven.

“Are you doing okay, Sugar Plum?” her mother asked as she sat across from her on the plane. Her mother’s long time personal assistant, Martha had come with them to help them on the trip.

“I’m doing fine, momma. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you seem a little preoccupied, nervous maybe?” she said with concern in her voice.

Naomi chuckled softly, “yes, maybe I am,” she looked at her mother. Queen Evie could see sadness in her face. “This will be the first time I’ve seenDouglasin six months and I am all nerves.”

“Her mother reached out to take her hands, “Darling, don’t worry. It’s just that you still love him so it may be awkward at first but I believe he still loves you. No man that doesn’t love a woman very deeply reacts as he did when you last saw him. He was just hurt but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore.”

Naomi smiled a sad smile to her mother. She thought to herself, ‘well, I guess we’re going to see about that, aren’t we?’

It was a beautiful spring day inNashville,Tennessee. They’d had the rehearsal dinner the day before and Naomi had finally seenDouglas. He’d shown up with a date, an Asian woman named Simone who was petite with long dark hair, very cute Naomi had thought to herself as she looked at her. Douglas looked wonderful as usual in casual khaki slacks and a navy blue polo shirt, he’d cut his hair shorter but he still looked exceedingly beautiful. She’d tried to avoid eye contact with him but they couldn’t help it. Every once in awhile their eyes would lock and she’d see those ocean blue beauties turn a little stormy grey.

“Hello,Douglas,” she’d caught him right before dinner.

Douglasturned and was surprised to see Naomi in front of him. He’d seen her come in a few moments ago accompanied by her sister and mother. She looked fabulous, but she always looked fabulous. She was dressed in a beautiful bright yellow sundress that lifted those beautiful breasts of hers and let that smooth chocolate brown skin peek from underneath. He licked his lips, he was feeling thirsty all of a sudden so he took a sip of his drink.

“Hi Naomi, how are you?” he tried to sound nonchalant as if the sight of her wasn’t giving him the woody of a lifetime.

“I’m doing fine and yourself?”

“I’m great, doing wonderful,” his date slid in close to him and he turned to her, “oh, Naomi this is my…friend, Simone. And Simone this is my friend Naomi”

At least he called me friend, thought Naomi.

Naomi put her hand out to shake the woman’s hand but Simone only looked at it, “nice to meet you Simone.”

Simone just looked Naomi up and down as if to dismiss her as she said, “you too. Douglas, sweetheart can we go and take a seat I’m getting tired.”

Douglas looked annoyed, “sure, go right ahead and sit over at that table,” he then pointed it out for her.

“Aren’t you going to come with me?” she said in a whiny tone.

“I’ll be over in a minute Simone, but I’d like to finish talking to Naomi.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for you,” then she leaned up to give him a slight kiss on his lips.

Naomi was close to losing her composure but she couldn’t, this was her friend’s rehearsal dinner and there wouldn’t be any scenes here.

Douglaswas embarrassed by the kiss, he’d only been seeing Simone for about a week or two and she was becoming way too clingy for him. He met her at the gym and she seemed nice and he thought she would probably be a good way for him not to be dateless for Dhani’s wedding. He wasn’t sure if Naomi was bringing a date but if she did he wouldn’t be some dope. He’d heard months previous from Dhani that her engagement had been called off but his pride couldn’t have him slinking back to her to begin their relationship again. He did have to admit that he was relieved when he realized she hadn’t come with anyone.

“You look beautiful Naomi,” he told her and she knew he meant it.

“Thank you. You were always so generous with compliments.”

“It’s easy to be generous with compliments with someone who deserves them,” he smiled and that dimple came out. Naomi had to press her legs together not to come on the spot.

She put her head down and blushed a bit, “Douglas, please stop. I don’t deserve it especially after the way I treated you.”

Douglas’ smiled faded a little, the pain he’d felt had finally subsided. But he stood there and looked at her, his love had not faded at all, it was just as strong.

“That’s okay, that’s all over now. We can start again, can’t we?”

“I guess we can. I’m so sorry for what I put you throughDouglas. You must know I never meant to hurt you, ever. Please accept my apology.”

“I do, Naomi,” he pulled her into a tight hug.Douglasfelt as if he never wanted to let her go, she smelled so good so sweet. The way she smelled was the same way she smelled the last time he saw her, like lavender. Every time he smelled that scent it only reminded him how much he loved her and missed her. “I do,” he said into her ear softly.

Naomi pulled away she could feel tears coming to her eyes.

“I guess I’ll let you get back to your date,” she said in a rush and turned to walk away.

Douglaswatched her as she went to sit by Zoe and her mother. He still loved her and he wasn’t going to be a silly fool and let her get away again.

The wedding had turned out absolutely gorgeous. Freddie looked beautiful in an ivory spaghetti strap silk gown that flowed out behind her with a deep V in the back. It was simple but that had always been Freddie’s style. The hairdresser had put her hair up and it was adorned with orchids, she looked beautiful. She’d chosen a deep purple for her bridesmaid dresses and Naomi’s maid of honor dress, each dressed was similar to hers except tea length and made to fit whatever body type you were. Naomi’s was straight with part of her back exposed. Dhani’s sister, Sheila who was a full figured girl chose an A-line with her back covered, Naomi thought it was a smart and thoughtful move by Freddie to let the women chose dresses that would complement their figure.

Naomi had cried for most of the ceremony, so had Dhani for that matter. It was beautiful, they’d written their own vows and they were so wonderfully sincere and beautiful it could only do one thing…bring tears to your eyes.

The ceremony was held at Dhani’s church, Bethel AME and the reception was held at the Blackberry Farm Hotel in Walland, where Naomi, Zoe, Martha and Queen Evie and some other guests were staying while in town.

The reception was grand and beautiful. The room was decorated in beautiful ivory and purple, with beautiful flowers of the Bocaran Island decorating the room. It was lit by the glow of candlelight as the reception was taking place in the evening. Dhani and Freddie had decided to get a DJ and he was playing a variety of music, some pop, jazz, hip and hop and the old standards. Freddie and Dhani had chosen “Always and Forever” by Luther Vandross as their first dance and Freddie had chosen “Unforgettable” the duet between Natalie and Nat King Cole to dance with her father, while Dhani had danced to Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amore” with his mother as their dance together. Dhani’s family had been wonderful hosts they’d welcomed Freddie into the family with open arms. Dhani’s parents were so cute together. You could tell they loved each other and their family very much. Dhani had an older sister, Sheila and twin younger brothers, Kadeem and Jamal who were as accomplished as he was each with families of their own. Dhani’s son had acted as the ring bearer and his ex-wife and her new husband also attended the wedding, it was a full family affair and the feelings of love could be felt throughout the room.

But along with the feelings of love, were also feelings of some serious lust going on between Douglas and Naomi. Doug had decided to forego bringing Simone as a date. He had put an end to that potential relationship before it had started to get too serious. He also wanted the opportunity to try his luck at getting closer to Naomi this evening.

Naomi sat alone at her table, her mother had retired to their room because she was feeling tired. Zoe was cutting it up on the dance floor with Al who was one of the groomsmen. She’d noticed earlier that those two were getting a lot closer.

She noticed thatDouglashad come without Simone, which she was grateful for, she should have been ashamed but she hadn’t been too fond of that woman since she’d met her. She thought he looked wonderful in his black Hugo Boss suit with the beautiful silk purple necktie. She found herself unable to stop staring at him longingly. Yes, it was inappropriate for a princess to stare with such open lust at a man even her own husband but she couldn’t help it, he looked like he’d just stepped out the pages of a GQ magazine. He’d slicked his hair back off his face and those eyes had been that beautiful grey all day, that suit fit him perfectly and she thought to herself, ‘he does make that suit look good and looks even better walking towards me. Oh my god, he’s coming towards me’. Naomi tried to look as if she was preoccupied with her piece of wedding cake and glass of champagne.

Douglas stood next to Naomi’s chair staring down at her, he noticed that as he walked towards her she seem to realize it and suddenly became completely fascinated by that piece of lemon wedding cake on her plate. He chuckled to himself, okay if she wanted to play coy, he’d play.

“Naomi,” he said to her as he touched her shoulder, she turned her head towards him, “may I have this dance?” he asked and he held out his hand for hers.

“Certainly,” she said as she rose from her chair and took his hands.

Just as they’d been before, his hands were supple and firm. He took her into his arms and held her tightly to him. The DJ had just started to play “The Way You Look Tonight” by Tony Bennett. Douglas held her close as they swayed. He decided to be a little daring and settle his hands in the middle of her back and just above her buttocks as he caressed her gently.

Naomi felt as if she was melting in his arms, her whole body was hot and he felt so good, so solid in her arms. He smelled so good, a wonderful combination of citrus and musk like a man. She closed her eyes and just inhaled him deeply. She never wanted this dance to end, she loved him so much. Naomi separated their bodies as the music changed to something a little livelier. She smiled up at him, “thank you so much for the dance. It was fabulous.”

“I like to think of myself as the modern Fred Astaire,” he said as he did a little twirl to show his dance skills.

Naomi laughed, she always enjoyed that he didn’t take himself too seriously. “You’re a nut,Douglas.”

“I know but that’s why you love me.”

Naomi looked at him with her eyes wide, did he just say ‘that’s why you love me’. She guessed she wasn’t doing such a good job at hiding it.

“Douglas, I think we need to talk.”

He looked at her and shook his head, “you bet your beautiful ass we do, how about in my room?”

Naomi agreed as he took her hand and led them up to his suite in the hotel. As Freddie danced with her new gorgeous husband she noticed Doug and Naomi hand in hand leaving the ballroom, she jabbed Dhani in the stomach, “honey look over there.”

Dhani turned and watched as his best friend and the love of his life left the room holding hands. He turned to Freddie, “well looks like we may be attending another wedding soon,” he said and smiled as he kissed Mrs. Jefferson deeply.

As they walked into Doug’s room he commented, “Wow! We seem to spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. It would be nice to have you in my house for once.”

Naomi laughed at the words but she noted what he was saying about having her in his home, she wanted to have him in hers too. She wanted to have him in their home.

“Why don’t you have a seat, Naomi? You thirsty?” he asked as he removed his coat. His tie had already been removed and the top buttons of his dress shirt were undone.

“No, not really,” she told him as she sat down on the couch in the sitting area.

He shrugged his shoulders, “not a problem, I think I’m done drinking for the night. Maybe I’ll make myself a nice glass of water in a second. I guess we better talk.”

She smile at him, “yea, I think we should before we go any further. I think we may have rushed things the last time we met in private.”

“Yea, I guess we did,” he smirked at her.

Naomi had almost forgotten how cute he was when he had that little smart aleck smirk on his face. She wanted to do something very unprincess-like and jump his bones but they needed to have a conversation before anything went further, as lovers or as friends.

“Douglas, I wanted to apologize…” she started to say.

He put his hand up to signal for her to stop, “You don’t need to apologize again. I’ve already forgiven you a million times over. Naomi, I was wrong for what I did to you. I was just so hurt, after what happened with my ex-fiancé I couldn’t fathom trying to go through that pain again. So instead of acting like an adult, I reverted back to my 5 year old self,” Doug started to snicker.

Naomi scooted closer to him on the couch and took his hands in hers, “It’s okay, you definitely do not have to apologize. You reacted as you should have. I was deceitful and selfish and I deserved it. You must understandDouglas, the only thing I’ve been my whole life is a princess. Now, I must say I wasn’t spoiled but I was extremely privileged and plans were made for my life from the day I was birthed into this world,” Naomi could feel tears coming to her eyes thinking of the regret, “but I never meant to hurt you. I thought I would just have a little vacation fling and it would be over with and I could go back to being a princess. Think of how surprised I was when instead of having a fling, I fall in love with this wonderful and special man.”

Douglaslooked at her intently. He saw the tears falling down her cheeks and reached up to wipe them away.

“Douglas, you’re just the greatest thing that ever happened to me and before I could express that everything turned bad. I love you, so much and I want to spend…”

Before she could get another word out,Douglashad captured her mouth in a soul searing kiss. His kiss took possession of her and Naomi abandoned herself to it.

He broke the kiss but missed her succulent lips as soon as he did, “I love you, too Naomi. All this time I’ve only loved you. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the rest of my life if you weren’t in it. I have no idea how we’re going to do this, how I’m going to love and date a princess but dammit I’ll do whatever I have to be with you. Climb the highest mountain, traverse the deepest valley. You’re mine now baby and I ain’t ever letting you get away.”

Naomi lips spread into the biggest smile she’d ever had, he was going to climb the highest mountain to be with her. It didn’t matter what happened, they’d work through it. She knew her father wouldn’t be pleased but she wasn’t going to let that stop her, she wasn’t going to mess this up no matter who tried to stand in their way. Naomi stood up in front of him as he sat on the couch watching her, it had been a long time since she’d felt him in an intimate way and she couldn’t wait another moment. She dropped her dress into a puddle at her feet and stood before him in only a lace purple thong.

Douglasknew he’d just died and gone to heaven and he didn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. She stood there for a moment, nervous about the way he was looking at her. Naomi glanced down at herself to make sure everything was in place and looking good. Her head popped back up to look atDouglaswith questioning eyes.

“Naomi, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He pulled her onto his lap and started to run his hands down her back to her thighs. Her body was so soft and smooth, that beautiful chocolate skin he loved so much to touch tasted just as sweet as ever, “ooohhhh Naomi, my god you are the sexiest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of indulging in. Sweetheart I love you more than words could ever say but I’m about to show you how much I love you.”

Naomi spoke intoDouglas’ ear, “I love you so deeply darling, so deeply. Please show me how much you love me and I’ll do the same for you.”

Douglasmoaned low in his throat, his dick was hard as stone and he wanted so badly to be joined with Naomi in the tango of passionate lovemaking but he’d wait. He wanted her fully sated before he took her to new heights in their experience. He rose from the couch with her securely nestled in his arms, Naomi had wrapped her legs around his torso and her arms were snug around his neck. She kissed him deep and hard, their tongues locked in an intimate battle to pleasure each other.Douglascupped her ass firmly and squeezed, he thought about how much he’d missed that soft gorgeous body especially that wonderful rotund behind her ass was pure perfection, his favorite part of her besides that beautiful face.

Douglasbent his head to take her stiff nipple into his mouth. He sucked longingly on the blackberry bud nipple. She tasted and felt so incredible, the last time they’d made love he’d held back because of his pain but now that his pain was gone he could make love to her with a renewed fervor. Her skin felt like silk as his hands wandered all over her supple body.

Naomi was in ecstasy, she’d been dreaming about being withDouglasagain but this was beyond her greatest fantasy. The hard planes of his beautiful body felt so wonderful. It was spectacular to be in his strong arms again. She could feel his lips as they suckled at her breasts and his slick tongue laved her nipple. His ministrations on her body were slow torture, his taking his sweet time with her. She could feel his cock against her thigh hard and heavy, her sweet spot was dripping like rainwater. She was ready for him to take her, to bring her pleasure she’d been longing for these many months. He was kissing her down her stomach making his way down to bring her a tender caress. He took his teeth and removed her underwear slowly down her shapely legs. Naomi thought she was ready for what his sweet tongue was about to do, she could feel her body tingle with excitement. Her cavern was becoming wetter and wetter as his tongued danced circles around her clit. Naomi’s body had never experienced the kind of pleasure it had every time she made love with Douglas. They were perfect for one another. Their bodies were in synch and fit in every way. She could feel him as he brought her to new heights of carnal pleasure she didn’t know even existed. She felt her inner walls tighten and the muscles of her thighs started to quiver uncontrollably. Her breath was coming rapidly and her moans were wild with lust, “yes, yes, yesDouglas. Right there…that’s it. Love me darling, love me.”

Douglaswas focused on her body’s responses to his mouth as he loved her. Her body was starting to shake, she was moaning wildly. Doug’s eyes came up to focus on her beautiful face, as her eyes closed and she succumbed to her orgasm. He saw the relief of the release on her face, he smiled to himself. He enjoyed bringing her pleasure tremendously, to see her come almost made him come in his underwear but he was intending on coming in her tight pussy tonight. He rose from her body and Naomi’s head rose slightly very slow, she looked at him with half lidded eyes. She was having a hard time focusing, the orgasm thatDouglashad introduced to her body had almost knocked her completely out. He was stripping himself of the remainder of his clothing and as he did Naomi eyes cleared up to focus on his cock standing straight with a throbbing red tip, it looked as if he was going to pop.

Douglaslooked down to see what Naomi had noticed, “sweetheart, he’s been missing that sweet snatch so now he’s gonna indulge.” He smiled wickedly and jumped on Naomi’s body, she giggled loudly as he started to kiss her all over her face and neck. She was enjoying his play so much, she wasn’t prepared as he entered her swiftly, her breath rushed out and she moaned deeply at his entrance, he felt so good and made her feel so full her body tightened around his cock.Douglaspumped in and out of her slowly, she felt so good it was like coming home.Douglashad to concentrate to control his orgasm, as he entered her he wanted so badly to let go but he still desired to bring her to another deep release that would mean he would have to wait.

Naomi could feel his slow strokes and she wrapped her arms and legs around him tighter, her long legs encircled him tightly. She could hear her own breathe deeply in her own ears and also Douglas’ sighs as his body attempted to reach it’s ecstasy with her. She felt herself begin to fall into the release he offered, she wanted so badly to go over the edge. She could feel it building inside her, brick after delicious brick of her orgasm. She was going to lose it in a second but she noticed thatDouglas’ movements in and out of her welcoming and wet body were becoming harder and more frequent. She could feel his cock expand inside of her and his voice was got hoarse.

“Oh my god, Naomi, oh you feel so good, so tight. I’m going to lose it, come with me, come with me,” he sang out.

“Yes, yes fill me with your seed.”

“Oh god!”

Douglasfelt himself spill into the warm cavern of her sweet pussy and as he let go she let go in a rush. His body fell heavily on hers he was worn out from that tremendous orgasm that had been building over the last six months. He felt relief and a rush of unconditional love, he rolled over next to her and immediately missed the warm and softness of her body but he didn’t want to crush her.

Naomi wanted to reach out for him she wanted to keep his body close to her as he rolled over next to her she felt bereft at his loss. She turned to look at him and he smiled deeply at her, that dimple came out and she could see the glow all around him. He was so handsome but more than that he was just her, he was just her…her love. She needed him desperately and she swore to herself at that moment as she looked in those beautiful blue-grey eyes, he was hers, her man and she was going to fight for their love. It didn’t matter that she was a princess. She was first and foremost a woman in love with a wonderful man who loved her deeply in return. She’d been wanting this all her life, although she didn’t even realize it until it found her. She’d always done her duty, her entire life was based on duty and she loved the Bocaran people and her service to them would go on till the day she died. But just this once she was going to do something as a duty to herself, she was going to give herself completely to this man and love him with every fiber of her being.

Douglas smiled at her and said, “You know, you look absolutely lovely after you’ve been well loved. I want to see that look on your face forever.”

She blushed a little and put her head down. Douglas took his finger and raised her head.

“Naomi, I love you more than I ever knew I was capable of. You’re everything to me.”

She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest, “I love you too,Douglas. I can’t stop myself and I don’t think I want to. I want to be with you always. I don’t know how we’ll work it out but I can’t take us being separated again. After you threw me out of your room the last time we were together I was sick with sadness. I don’t ever want to experience that feeling again.”

“I know this complicated with you being a princess but we can get through it. What matters is we love each other and we’ll fight for our love.”

“Yes, I’m going to fight for you. My father is going to have a heart attack,” she lay back on the bed and sighed. She was so worn out with her constant battles with her father.

Douglaspulled her on top of him, “he’ll be okay and we’ll be okay. I’m going to stand at your side and love you through this. I want you for my partner for life. I want you to be my wife.”

Naomi eyes widened, “what? Your wife?”

Douglaslaughed heartily, “you’ve got to be joking, Naomi do you really think I just want you as a simple girlfriend, I love you way more than that,” he looked deeply into her eyes looking at her as if she was ridiculous. “If I’m ever going to be taken seriously by your father, your family or your countrymen I’m going to have to make an honest woman out of you.”

Naomi squeezed him tightly around the neck and they rolled over on the bed kissing and stroking one another. She was so happy, a few months ago after their meeting in Bocara she had no guarantees she’d ever be anything to him ever again. Now, it’s come true she was going to be his wife and he was going to be her husband. She didn’t know how any of this was going to work itself out with her government but she’d give up everything to be with him, he was worth it and even more.

They kissed each other and their tongues danced in each other’s mouth. Naomi’s body started to heat up again and become slick with her juices. Douglas’ fingers reached down and slid into her and felt her hot wet tightness, she was ready for him to take her again andDouglaswas glad to do so. She was going to be his wife, his for life.Douglastold her as he kissed her softly, “the last thing I thought I’d find on that vacation was a princess.”

Naomi whispered in his ear as he entered her slowly, “yea, the last thing I thought I’d find is a real prince,” she smiled and let her body languish with his.

The Next Morning…

In Room 11, Al was slowly waking from a restless sleep. He’d drank way too much last night and it was coming back to haunt him like a mofo. He tried to raise his head slightly from the pillow but his head wasn’t hearing it, it pounded like he had a jackhammer digging into his brain. ‘If god lets me live I’ll never drink again,’ he thought to himself. He turned his head to the side away from the window and noticed long sable brown hair resting on the pillow next to him. The body attached to the hair turned over and he realized it was Zoe. “Oh shit,” he looked under the covers and noticed they were both minus their clothing. Al slapped his hand against his head and the pain shot through it like a razor, ‘what the hell happened last night,’ he thought. He wracked his brain but it wasn’t coming back but he did remember something…Zoe was a virgin. ‘What have I done?’ he thought this was an impending disaster.

He looked over as he noticed Zoe’s eyes start to blink open, as she started to focus more he noticed her eyes were widening as she was realizing where she was. He decided to just smile stupidly maybe that would make her feel.

“Oh my god, what are you doing in my bed?” she screamed as she jumped up and saw she was naked she grabbed the sheet off the bed and wrapped her body in it and ran into the bathroom.

Al couldn’t help but notice that bangin’ body, she was more than fine. She was exquisite. But now what the hell was he going to do, a virgin, this was about to be more drama thanHollywood. Al sat up and swung his feet over the side of the bed and put his head in his hands. Now he had to calm Zoe down because she was crying hysterically in the bathroom. Al thought this may be the biggest disaster of his life.

He walked towards the bathroom, “ Zoe, Zoe sweetie it’s okay,” but he rolled his eyes as he said it because he didn’t believe that lie himself. ©


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