Rendezvous-Chapter 6

This contains explicit sexual content.

Chapter 6

Violet woke to the smell of freshly brewing coffee and something that felt like a tongue between her legs. She opened her eyes slightly, lifted her head from the pillow, only to see Paul between her legs, licking her slit very slowly and deeply. What a wonderful way to start the day, she thought. She moaned and placed her fingers in his hair, she felt his head lift a little but his tongue never lost contact with her wet core.

“Paul, what are you doing to me,” it was less of question and more of a declaration.

His hands massaged her thighs and moved up to grab her under her butt, lifting her up. Paul wasn’t aware of anything except pleasing his woman, yes Violet, his woman. She tasted so good, it was intoxicating. He was getting addicted to her. Her body squirmed underneath his hands as he massaged her ass.

Violet was overcome with feelings of pure pleasure. Her body felt like it was floating into orgasmic ecstasy. Paul felt so good. His hair felt like silk as she passed her fingers through it. She couldn’t help but notice how much he enjoyed this. She wanted to make him feel good but she just needs the right opportunity. For now, she chose to lay against the Egyptian cotton sheets with her eyes closed and allow her body to prepare itself to take flight.

Paul had already learned many things about her in such a short time. He knows when her legs start to shake that’s an indicator that she’s about to come. He could feel her clit stiffen under his tongue, as it grew, he licked it. He decided as he felt her body start to seize up that he’ll go further and do more, her body lifted inviting him to go to that place he went to when they met at Borders, her rosebud was there for the taking. So Paul moved his head down and swiped her tight hole, stopping for a moment to enjoy the sensation.

Violet feels him going for her sensitive bud, as he swipes and pushes his tongue inside her she comes completely apart. Her body shakes with a passion that is immeasurable. She is taken in a whirlwind of absolute lust and total satisfaction. As she groans and screams his name, she wants him to take what’s his.

“Paul, get up here, don’t play with me I need satisfaction,” she orders.

Paul lifts his head, cocks an eyebrow and says, “Yes, ma’am right away.”

He lifts himself to loom over her and sinks deep into her with a powerful surge. He loves her body as he feels himself knowing more and more that he loves her also.

After a shower together and more rubbing and grinding in the shower stall, they sat together to drink coffee.

“Did you come downstairs before all that incredible sex happened to start the coffee maker?” she asked him curiously.

Paul laughed, “No silly, my brewer is on automatic. You know how I am at the office without my morning coffee, well the same applies here. I’m sorry I can’t cook, but I think Rosalita went grocery shopping this week so there may be some frozen waffles in there.”

“Frozen waffles yuck! That’s not a breakfast, sit down here handsome and I’ll whip you up something.”

In fact, Rosalita had been to the grocery store that week and she had brought back all kinds of goodies. Bacon, eggs, fruit, pancake batter, hash browns and some wonderfully tasty peach preserves. Oh, Violet was in breakfast heaven. The one thing she did do everyday was eat a healthy breakfast, it was important to help her keep her mind alert while working. She’d discovered that Paul was more of a sugary donut and coffee kind of guy. She started on breakfast while he sat at the island and watched her, enamored.

Paul was looking at her in amazement. He’d never watched her cook although she had made a couple of meals for him. He’d never seen her in action. She was amazing, very agile in the kitchen and she was very beautiful too. She pulled her hair back into some kind of messy bun, with tendrils hanging on the side of her face that once in awhile she’d sweep back behind her ears. She looked good after a night of being well-loved, her skin was glowing. She washed all her make-up off and it was just her smooth cinnamon brown skin, she never wore much make-up anyway, which he preferred, but her bare face was gorgeous. Since Anya was a model she was rarely seen without the full makeup artist treatment, he wondered to himself again why he’d ever married her, maybe because he was just young and stupid. He watched as Violet strolled his kitchen in a large t-shirt he let her borrow, she bent over once and he saw just enough of her beautiful and bountiful rump to get his cock jumping again. She turned to look at him with a question.

“Paul, do you have a griddle somewhere around here?”

“Griddle? Oh for the hotcakes, yes I think it’s in that cabinet next to the dishwasher. I’d be dang it if I’m not sure where everything is. Rosalita set the kitchen up the way it suits her, she’s the one that usually cooks here on the weekdays.”

She turned to him and put her hand on her hip with the griddle hanging from the other hand and a sassy smirk on those gorgeous lips and told him, “You are so spoiled.”

Paul shrugged nonchalantly, “And I intend on staying that way.” He came around the island and grabbed her in a hug and kissed her deeply.

Violet playfully struggled to get out of his grasp, “let me go, you brute. I have breakfast to finish for a spoiled brat,” and she swatted him on the bottom.

“Ouch, do that again,” he grinned and sat back to watch her finish breakfast.

After breakfast, they went out to enjoy the summer sun. They went to a local farmer’s market, then to the store to pick up some personal items that Paul was in need of, he also made her pick up some items that she would need while staying at his house because he decided she wasn’t leaving this weekend. They also went by her house to pick up some clothes and items she needed to work on for some of her cases. That night while they ate dinner, that Violet made of course, a wonderful vegetable lasagna, they sat on his back deck together as the evening glow covered the sky drinking some microbrew from Passionate Brewing Company called, Passionate Summer Peach Ale. They were enjoying each other’s company greatly and becoming more relaxed, so Paul decided to ask about Violet’s ex-boyfriend. He knew he was treading in dangerous territory since she’d never volunteered any information, and in the past whenever he brought up her past relationships she’d just say, “There’s no need to discuss that, it’s in the past, long forgotten.” But she would always have this look of sadness and pain in her eyes but it never showed on her face. He wanted to know what happened.

“Violet, I need to ask you something,” he said.

“Yes, go right ahead.”

“I want to ask about your ex-boyfriends.”

She turned and looked at him with her forehead creasing, “Why? We don’t need to talk about that. It’s over, it’s done now.”

Paul put his hand on hers and entwined their fingers. It was still pretty light out so he looked deep into her gorgeous pecan eyes, “Yes, we do. I want to know what happened, Violet. I shared my story about Anya and me last night I think with the way our relationship is progressing I have a right to know.”

Violet turned on him suddenly, “Right? You have no such right. I didn’t ask you about your ex-wife, you volunteered that information. I didn’t force it out of you.” Violet pulled her hand away from his and grabbed her plate, fork and bottle and stomped towards the house.

Paul got up immediately taking his plate and utensils with him. Violet was in the kitchen scraping leftovers in the garbage disposal rather forcefully looking madder than a cat with a squished tail.

“Violet, love,” Paul set his things in the sink and pulled her to turn toward him. She wrenched her arm away, “I only want to know what happened.”

She looked up at him, breathing hard from her anger, with unshed tears in her eyes. She started to shout “What do you want to know, Paul, what? How my ex-boyfriend told me he wasn’t ready for commitment but a month after dumping me he was back with his baby mama, and they had moved in together. How the first man I ever loved used me for sex, then tried to get me fired from my job to protect his sorry ass. How I always committed myself to people who had no intention of committing themselves to me. Telling me I was unlovable, not pretty enough or the famous line ‘well, girl you could lose some weight because you’re kind of thick’. I heard it all. I don’t want your pity for poor little Violet, no man wanted her. She was never good enough.” Violet’s arms were flailing and she was so mad, she felt steam rising from her head, “I don’t have to tell you anything Paul, anything at all. You’re not going to use it against me when you get tired of me and want another supermodel girlfriend. I’m not going to let you do that. Forget this crap, I’m going home.” She ran out of the kitchen and upstairs to get her things, Violet had long since let her tears go, she couldn’t believe he’d humiliate her like that.

Paul was stunned for a second at her outburst he couldn’t believe that anything bad had happened to such a beautiful and wonderful woman like her. He turned to go up the stairs after her she wasn’t going to keep running every time things got tough. He also thought if he ever saw any of her exes he’d sock them right in the eye, such wankers.

When he entered the room, she was walking frantically, throwing stuff into her overnight bag and she was crying, he heard her soft sobs.

“Violet,” he said, he didn’t want to touch her, he was afraid she might smack him, “Violet, love please stop, wait one moment.” He stepped in front of her to stop her back and forth pacing, “please Violet stop for a moment we need to talk, nothing good can come of you running out like this.”

She looked up at him with those beautiful sad brown eyes, tears running down her soft cheeks. Her eyes were red and he thought to himself I never want to see her this upset again. He was angry with himself for making her cry. He reached out and wiped her tears away with his fingers. He stared at her with concern, she was precious to him and he didn’t want her to hurt because of something he said. But, he also couldn’t let her leave and run away, they had to stop this behavior, he wanted her to know that no matter what, he wasn’t leaving her anytime soon.

She looked into his gorgeous eyes and handsome face, etched with so much care and gentleness it was almost too much to bear. She’d never had a man look at her like that, ever, and she wasn’t sure what to do with it. She wasn’t sure how to react to it, but she decided she didn’t want to leave mad at him. He bent down and kissed her slowly and passionately then he pulled away, her tears were drying and her sobs had stopped. He picked her up and went over to the bed and set her down, she wondered if he was going to try and make love to her but he didn’t, he just lay beside her. He put his arms around her and laid her head on his chest and he whispered to her, “It’s okay, love. It’s fine. You can tell me anytime you are ready. You can tell me anytime you want.” He kissed the top of her head. She breathed deeply and knew now was the time to come clean, so she started.

“The first man I ever fell in love with was when I was twenty-three years old. I was clerking at my first firm during the summer after my first year of law school. I didn’t meet Mr. Brookes until my second clerk position. His name was Dirk Woodhall, he was gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as you of course,” she smiled. Paul laughed to himself. “But he was good-looking he was an attorney that I was working with, I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I was so entranced with him. It was actually against the policy of the firm for senior and junior employees to date. He was tall, slender, great dresser, had brown hair and blue eyes. He was actually the first white guy I had ever dated, I was nervous at first but he made me feel…well good. I’d always had self-esteem issues in high school and college. I was kind of shy and awkward, so to have this handsome attorney pay attention to me was flattering. We kept our relationship a secret, meeting outside the office always. He’d only say little things here or there in the office since we didn’t want anyone to overhear us being too intimate. After about six months of hot and heaviness, he started to grow distant. I’d worked with him frequently doing research for him but all of a sudden he just stopped asking for my help, he stopped coming around, he always had some kind of excuse for not talking to me at work or seeing me outside of it. Finally one day, I stepped into the copy room and saw him cozying up to one of the new clerks, a blonde with big boobs and a shorter skirt. He saw me but acted as if I wasn’t even there. I was so hurt. I went back to my office and cried like a baby. Then he started to make my life a living hell around there, he’d give me assignments with vague instructions. In meetings he’d criticize my work and my legal skills openly in front of the other attorneys and staff. He made my life hell and then he starting bringing it up to senior partners about how shoddy my work was, how incomplete my research had been, anything to make me look incompetent. One of the legal secretaries for one of the senior partners told me how he had been bad-mouthing me and encouraging them to fire me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I just quit. My self-esteem and feelings had been beat almost beyond repair. It wasn’t until I started working at Brookes and Smithmeyer, did I realize that I was a good clerk. I was good at what I did and was going to be an excellent attorney one day. My relationships from then on have all been pretty lousy and I started to think it’s me, I was just bad at choosing boyfriends.”

Paul laid there rubbing her back, as his blood boiled. What happened to her was the most unethical and malicious tripe he’d ever heard. It was a shame but many men he knew in the legal field did use their power and influence to intimidate and seduce unsuspecting young women. Paul had been bad, but he had never done something so low to someone he worked with it was inconceivable to him to be that low.

She continued, “My last boyfriend, Travis, treated me like I was nuisance in his life only there for sex and to cook him dinner. I let myself get used in that one. I was lonely and eager and he used it against me. He constantly had problems, baby mama drama, I did what I could to help, gave him money to help with his child support, helped him find an attorney when they went to court and then paid for the attorney. I was such a grade A sucker, it was ridiculous. I thought he was cheating I just had to figure out with whom. Then one day he lowered the boom, he felt suffocated, he needed his space, he to had to think which meant our relationship was over. He’d moved in a couple of months previously and was living practically for free with me. He was only a mechanic and didn’t work steady. I think I was in love with the idea of love. After he left, I saw him and his baby mama out on the town one night at one of the restaurants he used to take me to all the time. I ran into them and he looked shocked, like a deer caught in headlights, he said my name and she looked at me and smirked and said ‘is this her? She wasn’t worth one of me. Too bad sweetie he was mines first and he’ll be mine forever.’ I felt about 3 ft tall after that confrontation, he never said a word to me, never defended me or anything. He just walked off and I learned later they were living together. I’ve had some bad luck.” She looked up at Paul with her eyes still red from crying.

“Well love, believe me your luck has changed and so has mine. Now that I’ve heard the stories, I’m kind of sorry I asked. What wankers! You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. You deserve to be treasured and loved and worshipped, that’s what I want to do.” Paul dragged her body over his and they began to kiss and grope at each other, clothes started to fly off and before they each knew what had happened they were joined in sexual passion. It was rough and a not so gentle mingling, but they each enjoyed the release of ecstasy that helped to overcome the pain of past relationships. It felt good to release that passion with each other.

When Violet woke up after their lovemaking session she felt hungry. She’d always been a midnight snacker, and after the workout with Paul she needed a little something to eat. She rolled over and noticed it was 11:47 pm. She’d brought an outfit from her house for work tomorrow but she had to be up and at the office about an hour early because she had a conference at 8 am. She tiptoed out of the bed and decided to just run downstairs naked, it wasn’t going to take too long to get something from the fridge and eat it quickly. As she pulled back the covers, she noticed Paul fast asleep next to her, the moonlight filtering in through the blinds lit up his body. He looked so sexy and very masculine splayed on his stomach with one leg over the covers. His hard body looked delicious. She had to shake her head to get it out of the trance his spectacular body was having over her senses. Violet tiptoed out of the room and downstairs trying not to disturb his slumber. She opened the fridge and dug around, she noticed some pepperoni slices and cheese she took those out and set them on the counter. She leaned over to check the fruit bins and saw grapes, perfect she thought and reached in to grab those.


She heard from behind her and nearly jumped out of her skin, she turned to see Paul leaning in the kitchen door looking delectable standing there absolutely nude. For a second she thought she should forego the snack and munch on him. “Paul you scared me to death,” she chastised him mildly.

He chuckled, “I know, but I heard you sneak out of bed. Did you really think you could leave me there alone and I wouldn’t notice your soft, warm body missing?” he raked his eyes across that beautiful nude frame of hers.

She said seductively, “Well, I guess I can’t get away from you. Why don’t you come over here and you help me with my snack.”

He smiled and walked over to her and began feeding her grapes, slices of pepperoni and cheese.

“Mmm, this is good and you’re excellent at feeding me. You want a job, sexy?” she grinned at him suggestively.

Violet began to think, that maybe she did need him as a midnight snack. He smacked her bottom lightly.

“Oh!” she squealed.

“You like that?” he asked her, he wanted to get some information that he could use later on.

Violet was a little reluctant to reveal she had a taste for some rough play sometimes, she’d been shamed by past lovers for trusting them with her kinkier side. But, as she looked at Paul she had an odd sense she could trust him with her secret.

“Yes,” she muttered silently and looked down, blushing a little.

He put his hand under her chin and raised her head, “say that again love, and I want to hear it louder this time,” Paul put a little force behind his voice.

Violet raised her head and looked him in his eyes and spoke, “Yes.”

“What else do you like?” he asked her, as he smacked her bottom again.

Violet moaned low in her throat, she was getting turned on and she thought, no she knew, he knew it. His smiled turned wicked and more seductive. “You like when I spank that delectable ass. Maybe I should tie you down and spank that gorgeous ass of yours. I’ve got some other ideas for it too. I think you’ll like those.” He was watching her like prey he wanted to pounce on her and gobble her up.

Violet was feeling so desirable and wanted him to take her again, she couldn’t get enough of this man and it was scaring her a little.

“Violet,” he said low in her ear as he caressed her buttocks, “I have a side of me that I haven’t shown you yet. I don’t just let this side out for anyone, I’ve wanted someone that would enjoy this part of me, revel in it and succumb entirely. I think you’re just the woman to do it. I saw something in you that day at Borders, something that wanted to be possessed, that wanted to submit her desires to her man and let him take care of her needs, bring you to sexual delights and wanton pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, but you have to trust me. You have to trust that I only want to please you and if you submit your body, mind and spirit to me during lovemaking, I’ll make it more pleasurable than you ever dreamed it capable of being.” Paul leaned over to take her earlobe into his mouth, sucked it lightly before letting it go and delving into her mouth with his tongue kissing her with abandon and pure lust.

Their lips parted and Violet was left standing there her lips swollen from the kiss and her body about to melt into a complete puddle. Paul swatted her butt then rubbed it to take away the sting and turned to leave to go back upstairs to bed.

Violet wondered as she stood there with a slightly stinging rump and her core getting slick, if she submitted her body to him would her heart not be far behind and if so could she handle that, could she risk her heart again?


Paul and Violet had been dating exclusively for a couple of weeks. In the office they were discreet and professional. Also in the office only Leonard and Pamela knew of their growing relationship and romance and they had kept their mouths sealed tight. Violet found that sometimes in meetings she would look up from notes to catch him staring at her intently with a look of absolute unbridled lust in his eyes. She wasn’t positive anyone else in the room would know the look, but she knew it and would grow warm all over when he looked at her that way. During this time, they spent practically everyday together she’d pretty much moved into his house on Queen Anne Hill. Although they hadn’t declared their undying love for one another, Violet was okay with that, she wasn’t really in any rush to make that declaration. She did care immensely for Paul, she knew that she was falling hard for him, she was determined not to say it first, that only spelled disaster in her previous relationships and she liked how things were going, no need to rock the boat.

She sat in her office one Tuesday afternoon, drinking tea and looking out of the window at the cloudy summer day.Seattlewas like that, you could never tell what you would get regarding the weather from hour to hour. Summer had been cooperating so far, but who knew how long that would last.

Leonard stepped into her office, “Hello, Violet.”

She looked up Leonard was looking fabulous in a summer seersucker suit, lemon yellow shirt, bow tie and white oxfords, nothing got by him when it came to fashion.

“Hey Leonard darling, how are you?” Violet said batting her eyelashes at him.

“Well, of course, I’m not doing as fabulous as you with that f-i-n-e man on your arm but I am looking good.”

“You are. I must say no one I know can pull off some of the fashion choices you dare choose.”

Leonard turned in a circle and struck a pose. Violet laughed loudly, she was always glad he was her legal secretary and not some of the other straight laced, prim and proper folks in this firm. He made it fun to come to work and be an attorney, he was also sharp as a tack.

“What did you come in here for, diva?” she rolled her eyes at him.

“Oh yea, we are working huh? Mr. Brookes secretary called, he wants to meet with you in about thirty minutes.”

“Did she say why?”

“Nope, just that he wants to speak with you about something regarding the Tri-Gear/Swisz merger, not many details.”

Violet’s forehead wrinkled, she was wondering what the heck was going on with Harmon Brookes. He was never one to call a meeting without giving details first, and she was a tad bit confused and that made her a little nervous.

“Okay, you can tell her I’ll be there.”

“Oh please girl, I already did that. It wasn’t like you were going to say no.” Leonard’s eyes went up in that ‘whateva’ look.

“Get out of here, Leonard.”

“You know you love me.”

“Yes, I do but still get to stepping. I still have work to do and so do you.”

He put his hand to his chest demurely, “I do, don’t I? I need to be out of here today early. I got a hot date.”

“With Richardo again?”

“Yes, with Richardo again, I am really starting to like him. Girl, he might be the one.”

Violet wanted to bust out laughing but she didn’t want to hurt Leonard’s feeling. Richardo was a twenty-four year old pretty boy that Leonard had met at a club and fell madly in love with at first blow job.

“Leonard, I hope you two have a good time tonight.”

“Oh, yes we will because I have plans for him.”

“Get outta here.” Violet said shooing him out, if she’d had something to throw at this head she would have.

Violet’s office phone rang, it was her personal line only a few people had this number and she knew if they called it, it was important.

“Hello,” she said as she picked up the line, Violet wondered who would be calling her, probably Nedra.

“Hello sweetheart.”

It was her mama fromHouston. Violet broke out into a gigantic smile.

“Hi, mama it’s so good to hear from you.”

“Well I thought I better call my baby, since it seems my baby can’t call her mama.”

“I’m sorry mama it’s just been so busy, work and everything.”

Violet’s mom chuckled, “yea, I know you been busy with work and busy with a new boyfriend from what I hear.”

Violet was surprised, she hadn’t told her mother really anything about Paul, she wondered who…Nedra, big mouth.

“Nedra told you, right? Oh she got a big mouth.”

“Don’t be mad at Nedra, you know ever since Diane died she’s been using me as a surrogate mama,” Bernice laughed a little. Nedra’s mom, Diane had been friends with Bernice in her later years and had recently passed of a heart attack. Not only had Violet been a great comfort to Nedra but so had Bernice, while Nedra got matters in order inBeaumont, where her mom was living at the time of her death.

“I’m not upset about that mama. I just didn’t want you to find out about my new boyfriend like this.”

“Well, I’ve found out. Now tell me a little more about this man.”

“Well, I’m sure you already know a lot. His name is Paul Dudley, he’s Australian and he works with me.”

“Do you think that’s wise, dear? You know I’ve always warned against dating people you work with, if it ends it might not be good, you remember that guy you dated a while back.”

Violet thought back to Dirk, she didn’t want to think about him and that horrible relationship but she had put that out of her mind and wasn’t going to hold that against Paul. “Mama, I understand that but I’m trying to put that mess and the drama it caused within me behind me. Paul is really nice mama, he’s such a gentlemen, sweet, gentle, and he’s good to me very affectionate and loving. I feel on top on the world.”

“Well, baby if you like him, I like him,” but Violet could hear the worry and warning in her mother’s voice. She had always heeded her mother’s advice as a young woman and she’d never led her wrong. She didn’t want her mom to worry about her and Paul.

“Mama, you’re coming here for Thanksgiving aren’t you?”

“Yes, your brother Greg and Natalie are not happy about it but I haven’t seen you in awhile so I want to spend that time with my baby. Anyway Monty’s coming up with Lita and the baby so we’ll be there.”

Violet had almost forgotten her middle brother Monty was coming with his second wife, Lita and their new little girl, Angelica.

“I almost forgot about that, good then you’ll both get to meet him. What’s Tyrone doing for Thanksgiving,” Violet asked curiously. Tyrone lived such a wild life, who knew what he’d be up to.

“Who knows, I try my best to just love Ty and keep out of his business because between the three baby mamas, it’s enough to give me high blood pressure.”

“Ah, geez is he ever gonna get it together,” her brother was so smart and charming but he seemed to have something about women and kids.

“Well, this last one Farrah, they might be in for the long haul, I hope so. I’ve been praying for that boy to settle down because if he doesn’t settle down it’s going to be bad news.”

Violet just laughed, not heartily, her mama was in constant prayer for all of them and she always appreciated it. Bernice’s life was church and her job as a city bus driver.

“That’s good, it’s about time. He can’t spend his entire paycheck on child support and baby toys,” Violet thought for minute, “no maybe he can, he’s the one who made those children with those girls he can suck it up.”

“Yes, he can that whole paycheck from NASA is going to them. Don’t play if you can’t pay.”

Violet and her mom busted out laughing over the phone.

“Oh, mama you’re so funny. Well, mama I just want to let you know. I’m enjoying my relationship with Paul. You’re going to like him mama, you are going to like him a lot and he’s really cute mama.”

“Yea, I figured that. I know you got some good taste in men just like your mama.”

Violet smiled into the phone, she looked like her mom they had the same everything so she knew that smile on the other end of the phone was like hers.

“Mama, I got to go. I have a meeting with one of the head partners and I don’t need to be late.”

“Oh no, I don’t want my baby to get in trouble. Now, you call me more than once a month, girl,” Bernice scolded her.

“I will mama, I’m sorry.”

“I accept the apology. Go to your meeting. I love you.”

“I love you, too ma. Bye.” Violet hung up the phone and gathered her things headed up to 46th floor to Harmon Brookes office. She was wondering what all the hubbub was about, but she was about to find out.

Violet arrived on the 46th floor. There are only four offices on this floor and the remaining space were conference rooms and war rooms for cases. One of those four offices was occupied by Harmon Brookes, it was less of an office and more of an apartment, he and Mr. Smithmeyer had a full kitchen in their office, bar area although Mr. Smithmeyer didn’t drink and a full bathroom and sauna. She’d snuck into Mr. Smithmeyer’s private lavatory once and it was spectacular. As she opened the outer doors to Mr. Brookes office, she noticed his private secretary there, Queen Porter, Queen was fromTrinidad and everyone in the office addressed her as Ms. Porter. She had a daughter and two grandchildren their pictures were on her desk. Her daughter was strikingly gorgeous so was Queen, you could tell in her day she was probably beating them off with a stick. She was tall almost 5’10”, a big woman but solid and all curves with a pair of legs that looked they could crush coconuts, she had smooth cocoa skin, short hair that was dyed blonde, it always looked odd to Violet but from the way she held herself with such dignity and pride she looked like she’d earned it. She was in her early 50’s now Mr. Brookes was in his mid-60’s. There had been whisperings around the office that she and Mr. Brookes were involved but if they were you couldn’t tell. They had a wonderful rapport with each other but were always professional. She did all his private business, he had a legal secretary also, but Queen never did that work for him. She knew that Ms. Porter had been with him now almost thirty years. She drove a white E-class Mercedes, brand new, there was talk that she made more than the associates at the firm and a couple of the junior partners.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Porter.”

Ms. Porter looked sharply over her glasses and a wide smile broke out on her face when she saw Violet, “Well, hello there Ms. Maxwell. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you,” she tilted her head slightly, “something about you is different. You look so bright, you have a glow…ah, you’re in love?”

Violet looked down blushing a little “it’s not a big deal Ms. Porter.”

“It is a big deal, you look happy and it makes your work more productive. It helps, I know,” she smiled at Violet a ‘knowing’ smile that said she understood.

Violet just smiled back and decided to steer the conversation away from her love life, “How are your grandkids?”

“Oh, the two boys, they are wonderful. I have pictures, wait let me get them.”

She pulled her purse from her desk drawer and rifled through it looking for the photos.

She showed them to Violet, “look, aren’t they handsome?” beaming with the pride only a grandmother can.

“They are so adorable.” Violet stares at the picture of the two boys, “how old are they?”

“They are seven and three, the three-year-old Jaden gets into everything.”

Violet just laughed, they were really cute little boys, curly black hair, long eye lashes, and café au lait skin. They would be handsome young men. Violet wonders if she had a little boy with Paul would he look like this. Where’d that come from, they’d only been dating there was no talk of marriage and especially not children. Violet shook the thoughts from her head.

“Here you go Ms. Porter, they are really handsome,” she said handing the photos back to Queen. She was depositing them into her purse again when Violet heard the door open behind her she swung around and saw Paul stepping through the door in a charcoal grey suit, looking good enough to eat. Violet had to squeeze her thighs tight she could feel herself begin to leak sweetness down her leg. It was becoming better but sometimes when he just looked particularly gorgeous it was hard for her body to not succumb to urges to have him immediately.

“Mr. Dudley,” Queen comes around her huge desk and hugs Paul intimately he hugs her back heartily. Since he’s worked with Mr. Brookes previously she knew him.

“Hello, Queen, how are you?” he asks with that blinding beautiful smile, his jade green eyes flash lust towards Violet. She notices and smiles to herself.

“I am wonderful, how are you?”

“I’m doing fabulous as usual. Is Harmon almost ready?”

“Yes, I think so let me check.”

Violet looked at him curiously, “you here to meet with Mr. Brookes, too?”

“Yes, I am. You also?”

“Yes, I wonder what this is about?” Violet wasn’t getting nervous, she knew she and Paul had been doing damn good work on the merger even though they had been frequently working on merging themselves but their work product never suffered.

Queen looked up at them once she was off the phone, “alright, you two he’s ready to meet.”

“Okay,” Violet moved towards Harmon’s office door.

“Thank you, Queen,” Paul came up behind Violet and rested his hand on her lower back intimately. He may not have noticed it but Queen did, ‘those two are in love’ she thought and smiled to herself. She wished she was a little younger because that Paul Dudley was not a bad man to be in love with, Violet had chosen wisely.

As the door clicked shut behind them, they entered and saw Harmon standing behind his desk. He was an old school southern gentleman born and raised inAlabama, where he attended undergraduate and law school. For being an old school southern gentleman, Violet found that he was not a good ol’ boy. He was very smart, wise, and respectful. He reminded Violet of Burt Lancaster, a big smile always, he was a strapping big man, looked like he still worked out frequently and was in quite good shape for someone of his age. His hair was completely white and he had full head of it, Violet couldn’t tell if it was real or fake but if it was fake it was fantastic. Mr. Brookes never tried to be young he took pride in his age and was always appropriately dressed from his clothing, to his hair, he always looked like a sixty-five year old man with incredible taste in clothes and fashion. His hair was cut short and he was wearing a brown pin-striped suit, he had his glasses on, which he didn’t wear all the time. Violet always found him incredibly handsome. If she was into older men or had a daddy thing he wouldn’t have been a bad man to have it with.

“Come on in, you two” he had a loud deep voice with a slight southern twang, he may have tried to lose it but it didn’t go far.

Paul reached out and shook his hand firmly, “How you doing, Harmon?”

“I’m fine, doing well.”

“Hello, Mr. Brookes”

“Hello Violet, you look lovely. You two sit on down and we’ll get this shindig started. Would you like anything to drink? I can certainly go over to that kitchenette thing and get something or have Queenie bring you something in.”

“No.” Paul answered.

“No, thank you Mr. Brookes” Violet said simultaneously.

The one thing Violet knew about any meeting with Harmon was that he got straight to the point, he was very direct and she always appreciated that about him. But she was having a hard time not appreciating Paul and how sexy he looked in that beautiful well-tailored suit. He really could wear a suit. Then again his body looked good in all clothes and no clothes at all. Violet let her eyes travel down his body to those strong legs, she couldn’t see the complete definition through those suit pants but she could see some of the bulge of his muscular legs.

“Okay, here’s the deal you two,” Violet’s head sprung up as she heard Harmon’s voice, “this merger is going fantastic,” he nodded towards them approvingly, “you all have been doing a wonderful job on this. Violet I must compliment you. You have taken the reins of this merger and handled it well.”

Violet smiled, “thank you, Mr. Brookes.”

“No need to thank me, I need to thank you, you make this firm look good.”

Violet glanced towards Paul, he was looking at her smiling slightly with a devilish look of ‘later on tonight we’ll be celebrating this’ she just turned back towards Mr. Brookes and squeezed her thighs even tighter.

“You have done a fine job. I’ve been checking over the file, you know I do that periodically just to keep up with all the cases that are going on in my firm.”

Harmon Brookes and Mr. Smithmeyer knew the status of every single case in the firm, they just worked like that, this law firm was their baby, their family and they made sure they knew what was happening under their roof.

Violet spoke up, she wanted to make sure everything about the case as it stood was understood by Mr. Brookes, “yes, Mr. Brookes we’ve been coming along. We have some meetings to attend in each company, starting the process of the merger. We also have an upcoming final meeting with the SEC, laying out the final plan to them for approval.”

“Yes, I understand. The reason I called you two in here was to talk about those meetings. I want those to start now.”

Paul looked at her, “now, sir,” he asked.

“Yes now, the sooner the better. This merger is hot and with the economy in the state it’s in, you don’t want to wait too long and make investors or boards nervous. This is not the best time to handle a merger but the SEC knows it’s necessary in some cases to keep companies functioning and the economy growing.”

Violet made a comment to them both, “yes, sir I agree. The SEC has been watching mergers closely but if your plans are sound, they aren’t saying much to stop or discourage.”

Paul looked at Violet he was always impressed at how well she did her job and how knowledgeable she was about it. He was getting increasingly turned on just by sitting there near her hearing her speak with Harmon. He couldn’t say he’d ever been this turned on by a woman speaking about the SEC, his cock was getting harder by the second. The fact that she looked so deliciously dressed in a beautiful crisp white linen skirt that hugged every curve ,with a turquoise shirt and a pair of three inch turquoise sandals with jewels all over them with a strap around the ankle, had him thinking about tying her down.

“Well, this means I want you start setting up meetings with Swisz Athletics as soon as possible. I want you two out of here on a plane toBern,Switzerlandas soon as feasible. How does that sound?”

Paul looked at Violet and she looked at him. They both looked back at Mr. Brookes and said a resounding “yes, sounds great”.

“Good, I knew you’d two would be ready to get going. If I know anything about you and Paul, you’re both definitely tenacious, an admirable quality.”

Violet thought to herself, he doesn’t know how tenacious because tonight I’m going to be on my back with someone working my body out overtime. She looked over at Paul and he just gave her a big smile, with that twinkle in his emerald green eyes. Switzerland, here we come thought Violet. ©

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