Surviving in Dateland-Chapter 1

I’m adding in a new story, I told you all I had all kinds of stories in various stages but this blog is going to make me finish my unfinished business. So I hope you enjoy this one, it’s semi-biographical of my experience when I started to online date which went from the sublime to the ridiculous. 

Chapter 1

“Well it’s 7:15 in the am, time to wake up and make it happen. This is 98.8 your alt rock radio leader,  Seattle, I’m Brainwashed Bob and Lucky Lola, saying…” Sophie hit the snooze button on alarm clock, she hated waking up and she hated Brainwashed Bob and Lucky Lola in the Morning but she specifically set her radio on 98.8 because only voices that annoying could possibly wake from such a beautiful sleep. She turns over and snuggles into the warm covers, the feeling is so wonderful. “…traffic  on 1-5 north of  Boeing Field is stop and go…” she turned over again to make sure the alarm clock is really off. May as well rise and shine, Sophie it’s another day. She gets up throws the bright red, green, yellow, and purple duvet cover back and jumps out of bed. The stretching feels good, she slides into her fuzzy slippers and heads to the bathroom. Standing in the bathroom she’s preparing to brush her teeth and she looks at herself curiously in the mirror. Sophocles Marie Robeson, age 38, 5’7”, 165 lbs, just had her hair cut in a pixie style, something new, divorced now for 2 years, a brewmaster at Passionate Brewery, where she brews passion, she laughs and continues to brush her teeth.  She comes out of her bathroom and notices it’s almost 8:00 am, she’s got to getting going there’s the Monday brewer’s meeting at 8:30 this morning. She throws on a pair of dark jeans, a pair of work boots, cause she’d be on the brewery floor today and a t-shirt that has her afro image of a strong sistah. Sophie needs to see this, because she’s not feeling like a strong anything today.

Traffic had been atrocious today and she barely made it to the brewery on time. Her job was in the older, more colorful neighborhood of Georgetown filled with old houses, artists and lots of bars and taverns. She parked and hopped out of her black Dodge Ram extended cab, it wasn’t environmentally friendly but she always liked the curious looks she got when she jumped out of the front seat.

“Hey Tru.” She hollered as she passed Trudy the receptionist for the brewery, a cute little Pacific Islander about 25 years old,  Sophie swore she couldn’t have been more than 5 ft tall with long hair that was various colors every other week or so, this week it was magenta.

“Hey Sophie, any get tales from the weekend, shorty?”

“Shorty? No Tru no tales from the weekend, how about you real shorty?”

“You know I got tales.” She laughs.

“I got to get to work.” Sophie laughs hard and heads down the hall to her office to drop her stuff off.

“I’ll tell you later.” Tru says after Sophie.

Please no, thinks Sophie, the last thing she wants to hear is another tale of the young and wild from Tru especially when she’s starting to feel her age.

She makes it to her office and dumps her bag and purse on the couch in the corner and sits down ready to start her day. Oh, she thinks brewmasters’ meeting in 5 minutes, she rushes out to head to the floor for the meeting before she’s late. She doesn’t need to see Bob’s steely glare this early in the morning.  The head brewmaster was Bob Stehr he was a German brewmaster, trained in the land of beer Germany. Sophie liked him, he was an awesome boss but he took his job very seriously and could be tough on Sophie sometimes when he thought wasn’t trying hard enough.  He had really taken her under his wing when she started working here 6 years ago, she wanted to be head brewmaster one day and thought if she really listened to and heeded Bob’s advice she would.

She made it to the meeting on time; Bob hadn’t even gotten there yet. A pair of hands came around and settled over her eyes. “Guess who?”

She knew who it was, her hands went up and covered those over her eyes and pulled them away as she turned around, “Grant, I know it’s you.”

Grant laughed, she loved working here it was almost like working in a fraternity, there were guys everywhere. She was the only female brewmaster, she really liked all the people she worked with and she looked forward to coming into work everyday she’d never felt that when she was a legal secretary. This career change had been a great boost to her life, sanity and self-esteem. Her ex-husband Matt had divorced her 2 years previous after 9 years of marriage because he was trying to find himself and had never supported her when she decided to become a brewmaster, Sophie thought once he did he’d just be disappointed with the outcome. She’d gone on with her life, moving out of her expensive townhome into a two bedroom apartment that overlooked Alki Beach in West Seattle.

When she first started to work at the brewery she and Grant had become fast friends he been working here since he 22 years old. He was 6’1” with the body of a football player, which he’d been during high school and the sweetest disposition of any man she’d ever met. He was married, but they’d always had this playful flirtation between them but they both knew it could never go any farther than that, but it was nice ego boost for her many days.

“How you doing pretty lady?” Grant asked, as charming as ever if he wasn’t married she’d would have made a move on him, he was a handsome devil, sparkling brown eyes, long black hair he wore in a ponytail and that body.

“I’m doing fine, Grant. How you doing sexy?”

He blushed and laughed, “I’m doing good, tired though. The baby was up all this weekend I think she’s coming down with something. Nicky took her into the doctor today.”

“Oh, I hope she’ll be okay.” Sophie said with concern in her voice, Grant’s wife Nicky had just given birth to their first biological daughter, Hillary, about 4months ago they’d both thought she wasn’t able to get pregnant but she did. They also had an adopted son named Kody who was 5 years old.

“Alright folks, let get down to business.” They heard Bob’s deep rumble coming even before he appeared on the floor. Bob was 5’6” and rotund, balding and a face like a pit bull. “We have a lot of work to do getting ready to this new tapping. Also we’re going to be working real close with research and development over the next month or so on a new seasonal for next summer.  So let’s get to work. How was everybody’s weekend?”

The meeting had gone by fairly quickly and Sophie’s day was moving quickly also, it was almost time to go home. She was sitting at her desk responding to some e-mails when Grant peeked his head in.

“You wanna join me for one beer, I gotta get home and see how the baby’s doing but I think Nicky will be okay if I have just one. “

Sophie thought for a moment and looked down at her calendar, aww geez tonight was yoga and her best friend, Leanne would kill her if she didn’t show up.

“No, Grant I’m sorry I got yoga tonight.”

“Yoga, oh not you too Sophie. What is with all this new age mumbo jumbo?” He sighed.

“It’s not mumbo jumbo, it helps me relax and keeps me in shape. You do think I should stay in good shape, don’t you?” Sophie teased him and got up from her chair to do a little twirl.

“Girl, if you were any better shape, I’d have to throw a birka over you?”

Sophie fell into her chair and laughed uproariously, Grant began to laugh too.

“What you two laughing about?” Stewart stuck his head in beside Grant.

“Nothing, Stew, hey you wanna go have a beer with me over at the Rusty Nail?”

“You paying?” Stew had to be the cheapest person Sophie had ever met.

“Yea, I’m paying.”

“I’m there, let’s get move on that beer won’t stay cold forever.” Stew pulled back and kept walking down the hallway.

“You need to turn that computer off and get out of here, Sophie. You’re too hot for this job to be your life.”

Sophie smiled at his compliment, “I doing it, I doing it. I’m closing stuff down now.” She started to close her programs and gather up her shoulder bag and purse.

She walked with Grant out of the building and he escorted her to her truck.

“Sophie, you know I’m your friend but I’m also a guy, you need to get a life sweetness. Being a brewmaster is not gonna keep you warm at night.”

Sophie opened her door and got in, she left her door open to respond to Grant.  “I know that Grant, I’m just trying to figure out if I’m ready. I’ll see you tomorrow hot stuff. You better get over to the Rusty Nail because I’m sure Stew is on his second beer and you’re buying that one, too.” She laughed.

“Have a good night.” He said as he ran towards the bar.

“You too.” She started up her engine and pulled out the parking lot on her way to yoga. ©


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