Star’s Favorite…Authors-Sue Grafton

I love a good mystery, mysteries really are my first love when it comes to books. I read mysteries as a kid and although I write some romance, give me a good mystery and I’ll put romance down anyday. I also love series books, I don’t know what it is about series that I find so appealing. Maybe it’s the fact that I get to know the character in more an intimate way. So with my love of series books with a good character, I love Sue Grafton‘s character Kinsey Milhone and her Alphabet mysteries.

I fell in love with Grafton’s writing in the 90s I didn’t start her Alphabet mysteries at the letter A, I started at the letter H is for Homicide and I still haven’t gone back to read A is for Alibi through G is for Gumshoe but at some point I will. The character of Kinsey Milhone is very basic and uncomplicated, I think that’s why I love her. Grafton writes the story around the mystery and Kinsey Milhone makes that happen. You know about Kinsey, who she is, how she got to the point of being a private investigator, who with and where she hangs out but the story is the mystery the background stays background. The best thing is you could start anywhere in the series and not be lost. At this point I’m on S is for Silence, I’m actually three books behind but it gives me something to look forward to. I don’t know what will happen when Grafton finally gets to Z, I figure the series will discontinue. But I hope Sue Grafton keeps writing, she pens an engaging, great, edge of your seat mystery.

Her writing, even in a series, is never stale or contrite, you want to continue to read even as Kinsey takes on a new mystery. I look forward to her books coming out and seeing what unforeseen adventures our protagonist will face. It’s pretty plain spoken mystery at the same time complex enough to leave you wanting more but not intimidating to the reader. I like that kind of good, simple and pure writing. Sometimes I think writers make things complicated to seem deep but they just lose the reader and are unable to connect. Writing is for the reader not the writer and I think Grafton knows that and does it well. That’s why her series is still going and a bestseller. If you like mysteries and series, this definitely one to check out.


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