A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 6

Chapter 6

They’d all packed up some clothing and taken the train into Berlin. They’d been there two days and this was there last night in Berlin. The guys had been staying at a hotel, while the girls had taken up residence in a small mansion a little outside the city. As usual, they had a staff and attendants just as things should be for royalty but Doug had no idea where they were staying and he also wondered why they weren’t staying in the city in a hotel.  Although they had quarters outside the city, Naomi had been spending her nights and mornings in Doug’s suite, their intimate moments had become more intense and frequent. They were each enjoying the other’s company as well as the other’s body. Naomi found herself swooning because Douglas was an excellent lover, very giving. She’d been enjoying spending time with him and although she thought she could keep her emotions under control, she felt them slipping into a comfortable relationship. She had to keep a hold of this situation because there really was no way for them to be together and she was leaving in a couple of days to return to her life in Bocara and this magical time during her German holiday would be over.  She was sure that Douglas knew this was just a fling, but she kept getting this gnawing feeling he was thinking something more he just hadn’t revealed what it was. They were going to go out that night with Freddie, Dhani, Zoe and Al to have a big dinner and partake in some of the wild night life of Berlin but they had been in Doug’s hotel room after an afternoon of touring and shopping lounging in each other’s arms after making love.

Doug looked over at Naomi, “what time are we supposed to be going to dinner?” he asked. He was in pure bliss and really didn’t want this time to end, he had no interest in going out tonight but they’d made plans and he didn’t want to be a spoil sport.

Naomi looked over at the clock it was almost 6:15 pm, “I think we’re supposed to be meeting for dinner at 8 or so but maybe I should call Freddie, she’s always planning things out. She plans a good part of my life.”

Doug watched as Naomi rose from the bed and went over to her purse to get her phone and call Freddie.  He’d noticed that she would say things like ‘Freddie planning her life’ and he just thought it was rather funny and odd. Why would your best friend plan your life, he’d thought. He kept getting the feeling she was keeping something from him but he felt that since it was so early in their relationship he didn’t have the right to pry especially since he wasn’t positive. Naomi was walking back toward the bed and his eyes couldn’t do anything but stare longingly at her body, she was exquisite but he knew she had no idea how exquisite.  She was just a lot of soft, supple curves and creamy mocha skin, her stomach was flat and her breasts were enough to make a man give his left testicle to get his mouth on them and he had, he’d spent lots of time sucking and licking her breasts he held deep adoration for them. He also loved that backside. Her ass was perfect, curvy hips that flared out into a luscious bubble butt. His hands couldn’t hold enough of her or touch enough of her as she approached the bed he eased up on his elbows.

“Well, I got the time. We’re all supposed to meet in the lobby of the hotel at 8 pm. I knew she’d know she knows everything,” Naomi smiled at him then she noticed he was looking at her with that lustful glare. “What are you looking at?” she asked.

“You,” he said nonchalantly “I’m looking at how lovely you are and I’m thinking I want to make love to you again.”

“Douglas, we just did that. We really need to get ready to go out. We don’t want to be late, Freddie hates it when I’m late and so do I.”

“I swear I’ll make it quick, we won’t be late but darling I have to have some of your sweetness again. I’ll die if I don’t,” he said jokingly with a pleading look in his eyes.

Naomi put her head back and laughed, he was so sexy and cute. He did look extremely tasty with half the covers on his body his manhood peaking out a little more because it had come to attention.

She smiled seductively at him and said, “Well maybe if you make it quick and make it good. I’ll be nice to you.”

“I like nice,” Doug said smiling from ear to ear.

Naomi crawled up the bed toward him and pulled back the covers to reveal his magnificent muscular form, “Okay now that I think about it, maybe you don’t have to do it quickly. Who cares if we’re late?” She climbed on top of Douglas to enjoy the ride.

They’d had a great night and they all decided to go to a nightclub. It was fairly dark inside and the music was blaring. Zoe had taken off a little while back, complaining of a headache but Naomi had a feeling she didn’t want to spend another moment in the company of Al. Al headed back to the hotel moments after she left, he was feigning tiredness. Those two had been going at it all night, one snipe after another, Naomi had the feeling that Al was getting to Zoe in a way her sister wasn’t prepared to acknowledge. Dhani and Freddie had been on the dance floor the majority of the night, those two looked good together. They also seemed to be becoming really close. It pleased Naomi to see at least someone could possibly walk away from this holiday with the love of a lifetime. She looked over at Douglas he was relaxing with a drink in his hand and smiled back at her. She wondered what was going to happen when it was time for them to say good-bye. After their love making today she was finding it harder and harder to think about telling him that they wouldn’t be continuing their ‘friendship’. But she was also getting a weird feeling like someone was watching her she couldn’t figure out why but she was. She’d had it for the last couple of days in Berlin, but maybe she was just being paranoid. One of the many results of being a royal was the feeling of being constantly watched especially in situations where she wanted to be incognito.

“You alright, sweetheart,” Doug asked her, she looked worried and kept looking around the club as if she were looking for someone.

“I’m fine, Douglas,” she turned and smiled back at him, “do you want to dance? I’d love to get you out on the floor.” She got up from her seat and started to move her hips backing up toward the dance floor and beckoning Doug to come with her.

Doug looked at her and smiled, she looked so alluring and sexy moving out on that dance floor. He was shaking his head in the negative, he wasn’t big on dancing and didn’t feel prepared to embarrass himself but he wasn’t feeling too bad as he watched her move her hips in that short black dress, it had sparkles at the hem in black and charcoal gray and she had on a pair of black peep toe shoes with an ankle strap, to him she looked like sex. Since he wasn’t going to join her on the dance floor she shrugged her shoulders and turned around to move to the music. When she danced he could tell she was from an island, she let herself go, she moved so fluid as if the music and she were kindred, one almost. Doug could feel his mouth go a little dry, he picked up his drink and took a gulp of it but it didn’t help with the fire that was growing inside, his cock was responding eagerly to the sight of her. His eyes sweep over the beautiful woman that was his as she danced alone on the floor, guys would creep up from the darkness of the room to try to make a play but she’d only push them away, hold them back. He then realized that the show she was putting on was just for him, for his eyes only and it thrilled him as nothing ever had. Doug sucked in a deep breath and slowly let it out, as a wave of something came over him, something he hadn’t felt even with Tiffani, he loved this woman he was madly in love with her. It excited him and scared him all at the same time. He had to make sure that she knew before she left, that she was going to be his for the rest of their lives.

Naomi watched Doug as she danced she was putting on this show for him. Being an island princess meant one thing she knew how to move her hips and body to any syncopated rhythm. As she moved around dancing in circles to the beat, she could see his eyes moving with her, he was lifting his glass to drink but would sometimes stop mid-way to watch her. She could see his left hand moving down towards the spot where his cock was encased, she thought it was erotic and kind of daring. Here she was dancing to the beat and this gorgeous man was sitting in his chair in the middle of a club and about to stroke his cock. She smiled saucily to herself she hadn’t felt this powerful as a woman ever in her life. She was all about propriety and protocol in public, never making a wanton display of herself as a princess, this felt good and right.  As she moved on the floor, Naomi thought she saw a flash of light, she looked around rapidly wondering where it came from, she still moved but for some reason she could not shake the feeling of someone watching her. She thought that maybe her dancing for Douglas in such an open display wasn’t as good an idea as she thought, maybe the champagne she’d been drinking was causing her to make unwise choices. She moved off the floor back towards the seat where Doug was sitting in full rapt attention.

“Hey, why’d you come back? You looked great out on that dance floor, you can really move and you’re really sexy too,” he said as he rose from his seat. He pulled Naomi close to him and rubbed his growing erection into her stomach.

Naomi felt his lengthening manhood against her and started to feel a bit flush she felt beads of sweat forming on her temples from the dancing. At least she thought it was the dancing. Doug pulled her in for a deep kiss as his hands moved down to cup her ass and squeeze it lightly. Naomi was so caught up in the kiss she felt like she was floating right out of those Manolo Blahnik’s when suddenly she felt the flash of light again. Her eyes opened and she pulled her lips away from Doug’s which surprised him, she looked around again but she couldn’t really see well in this dark club but she’d felt the flash behind her eyelids, someone was watching them. She looked at Douglas and a feeling of fear and uncertainty came over her. She didn’t want him caught in her mess.

“What’s wrong, Naomi? You’ve been acting funny all night, baby. Are you sure you’re okay?” Doug looked at her worried. She had been really jumpy this evening and he couldn’t figure out why.

Naomi couldn’t tell him what she thought but she knew it was time to go. “I’m fine Douglas, sweetheart. I think I’m getting tired or maybe it was all the champagne,” she tried to laugh a little to ease his mind.

He smiled at her and held her hands close to his chest, “that’s okay honey, we can get outta here. I’ll get Dhani and Freddie off the dance floor. Well, more like drag them off the dance floor and we’ll head out.”

Doug walked into the throng of people on the dance floor and rustled up Dhani and Freddie, who came back with him laughing and looking like they’d had the best time of their young lives. Naomi looked at Freddie with a worried look on her face, signaling to her that she felt something was amiss.

“You guys, Dhani and I are going to the coat check to get your coats and then we’ll leave, okay?” Doug told the girls.

“That’s fine,” Naomi spoke to Doug.

Freddie looked at them and did a little wave to Dhani as she giggled. She turned to Naomi and asked, “What’s wrong, chile?”

“I don’t know, Freddie. I keep getting the feeling that someone is watching me, that someone is taking pictures of me. I can’t seem to get over it, but I think it’s time we leave.”

Freddie started to look around and scan the crowd usually she was really good at telling if someone was watching them but being occupied with the chocolate sexiness of Dhani she hadn’t noticed anything. She didn’t want to let her friend down but most of all she didn’t want to let her princess down.

The guys came back carrying their coats and wraps. Doug helped Naomi into her wrap and squeezed her shoulders as he bent over to kiss her neck, “when we get back to that hotel, I’m going to do some naughty things to you. I also have something very important I want to talk to you about.”

Naomi looked back at him with confusion on her brow, “what?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you at the hotel, don’t worry it’s good, really good,” and he smiled deeply at her.

Naomi looked into his eyes, she didn’t know what to do she saw it, she saw it in his eyes, he was falling in love with her. She knew it was happening but she wasn’t sure, she didn’t want to think about the possibility. Now, what was she going to do?

Dhani and Freddie led as they walked out of the nightclub doors with Doug and Naomi close behind. As they stepped out into the cold night air, it happened, the one thing that Naomi thought she had escaped on her holiday.

“Princess Naomi, can you tell us about your young man?” she heard someone shout from the crowd. Then bulbs started to flash all around her and camera lights blinded her.

Oh no, she thought, the newspaper and tv, how did they find her, how did they find her here. She heard Douglas shout, “what the hell is all this?” he looked completely stunned and totally confused. She couldn’t explain to him, she couldn’t explain any of this circus that was going on around them.

“Princess Naomi, who’s the guy?” “Are you two going to be married?” “What about your fiancée in Bocara?” the screams and the bright lights were too much for her.  All of sudden she felt Freddie snatch her out of Douglas’ grasp and lead her to a cab at the curb, as they were getting in car she turned to see Douglas as cameras flashed and took pictures of him and Dhani, he looked so confused and utterly hurt. Dhani took him by the shoulders and hustled him back into the nightclub as Freddie shoved her into the car and they drove off.

As the car sped away she turned to look at Freddie “Oh my goodness, Freddie. What have I done? What have I done?” as she burst into uncontrollable tears.

In the foyer of the club Doug just stood with Dhani in front of him. “I don’t know if they’re gonna leave man, maybe we need to take a back exit out of this place.” He turned to ask the maitre’d about a back exit. As they walked through the club to the exit, Doug couldn’t think, he couldn’t breath he felt as if he might collapse. She had a fiancée, she was a princess?

Outside as they walked to catch a cab back to the hotel he turned to Dhani and in an angry tone he almost screamed, “What the hell is going on, Dhani? She has a damn fiancée? What was that about Princess Naomi? What’s happening, man?”

In the cab, Dhani looked guiltily at the floor he didn’t want to face Doug because unlike Doug he knew most of the story, everything but the fiancée part.

“You better start talking Dhani or I’m going to knock the hell out of you.”

Dhani knew that was empty threat but he knew Doug was mad. “Listen man, it’s like this Naomi and her sister are Princesses. They are royalty and Freddie is not only her friend but her personal assistant. They’d just been vacationing here undercover.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?” Doug was livid, madder than he’d been in a long time.

“Because Freddie made me promise.”

“Oh, Freddie’s more important than your boy? Is that it?” he shouted at Dhani.

“Yea, in fact, she is important she’s real important, Doug. Man I didn’t know you were falling for this chick I just thought you were having fun. I mean you just got rid of Tiffani, I didn’t think you’d get back on the horse this soon,” he shrugged his shoulders in apology, not really knowing what to say to ease the pain his friend was feeling.

Doug punched the back of the seat and the driver looked back to shout something to him in German. He didn’t care his heart had been stepped on once again and by a princess to boot.

“Doug you okay man?” Dhani asked him concerned.

He looked at Dhani with tears almost in his eyes, “No, I’m pretty far from being okay. I was going to tell her tonight that I loved her and I wanted us to start a relationship. But I guess I can’t start a relationship with an engaged island princess,” he put his head in his hands and ran them through his hair, “I’m such a dumbass, I’ve been screwed again and she didn’t even use K-Y jelly.”

Doug leaned back in his seat and Dhani figured it was best that they ride to the hotel in silence.

Naomi, Zoe and Freddie were on the royal family’s private jet on their way back to Bocara Island. Naomi had tried to contact Douglas at his hotel, but he refused to take her calls. She wanted so badly to explain that it had been a big mistake and she wasn’t meaning to trick or deceive him but he wasn’t hearing any of it. Freddie had spoken to Dhani after the incident at the nightclub and he’d told her that Doug was immensely hurt by Naomi’s deception and wasn’t feeling up to talking to her at all. Naomi had been crying on and off these last couple of days of the holiday. They’d gotten back to Wolfsberg and she couldn’t concentrate. She’d stayed at the castle and not done any more touring or shopping while Freddie and Zoe had gotten the last of theirs in. Zoe had even spoken to Al, who was none to happy about how this whole deal had gone down. He’d told her the whole story of Doug’s broken engagement and the betrayal by his fiancée and Zoe relayed the story to her. Everything she said just made her feel more like an evil bitch and deceitful and wretched, she wanted to die. On the plane ride home, Zoe and Freddie had been trying to reassure her that after a period of cooling off, she’d probably be able to talk to Douglas again and explain things but she wasn’t positive about that. She’d done something she never wanted to do to him, she’d hurt him in a selfish way. Her own selfishness had hurt him and now she couldn’t take it back, if only she’d spoken up earlier. She sat in her plush seat with a glass of mineral water in front of her, she hadn’t even touched. She hadn’t been eating or drinking much in the past few days. She looked out the window and just tried to think of the wonderful times they’d had with one another because she’d probably never see him again.

Douglas had gotten back to Atlanta on a Saturday in a state of almost shock. He hadn’t gone anywhere with his boys after they got back to Wolfsberg, he’d just stayed in his room. Naomi had tried to call him but he wasn’t taking any of her calls. ‘That selfish slut’ he thought to himself those first hours, he’d been so mad he’d almost beat the bellboy to a pulp for bringing up the wrong room service order. He’d spent that time drinking and drowning himself in pity. He couldn’t believe it. He’d fallen in love with another damn harlot. What was his problem, he could definitely pick them. ‘Maybe I should stop going for the pretty girls’ he lamented to himself on the plane ride back to the United States, ‘they’re nothing but trouble’. He couldn’t believe he was so stupid, he knew something was wrong but he went against his instincts. Dhani had tried to explain and placate him but after his deception he was barely speaking to Dhani in civil tones. Al had come by to do the ‘all women ain’t nothing but bitches’ speech but he didn’t want to hear that one either because deep in his heart he was still in love with Naomi which was surprising because after Tiffani’s deception he’d fell immediately out of love with her. But there was just something about Naomi her demeanor, her kindness, her care, and warmth that had sucked him in and gained his love.

He’d gone to a newsstand in Wolfsberg to see if he could get a copy of a paper with the story of her discovery in Germany, there hadn’t been a ton of them but the papers from her island home had been splashed with pictures of Naomi and himself with tawdry headlines like “Island Princess and American stud on Romp in Germany” “Princess Naomi caught in Holiday Affair”.

It was pretty tacky, pictures of him and her in the club as she danced for him and he kissed her. It was embarrassing for him and he wasn’t even famous but for her it was probably devastating, then again that’s what she gets for being a liar he thought. Liars always get caught at some point and she was as big a liar as Tiffani maybe worse. His heart had almost been wrenched from his chest when he discovered the depth of her deception. He wasn’t feeling in the mood to talk to anyone, he’d heard from his sister that the story had been on some gossip show she watched in the U.S. so he was minor celebrity. The news kept getting worse.

When he’d arrived home, his townhouse was just as he had left it quiet and still. His next door neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone had picked up his mail while he was away, when he knocked on their door to get it, Mrs. Gladstone answered with a concerned look on her face. ‘Oh no’ he thought she’s heard too, this was becoming a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from.

“Hello Doug, dear,” she said with that syrupy sweet southern accent of hers, she’d been a debutante in her day but those days were long gone and she was all coiffed dyed blonde hair, garish rouge, and red lipstick now. “How are you doing, darling?”

He answered without much emotion, “I’m fine Mrs. Gladstone. Can I get my mail? I’ve got to unpack.” He wasn’t feeling up to some long conversation with her.

“Of course, darling. It’s right here on the table,” she turned to shuffle toward her foyer table to pick up a folder filled with his mail.  As she turned to hand him his bills and junk mail she patted him on the arm, “I’m so sorry dear, I saw on that show ‘Night Copy’ that you were caught over there in Germany with some engaged princess. What was going on darling?” her question was part concern but more nosiness.

“Mrs. Gladstone, I’d ask that you please respect my privacy and not mention that to me again. Thank you.”

She looked a tad insulted and said haughtily, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stick my nose in your business. You have a good day,” and she closed the door in Doug’s face.

Doug turned and stomped back over his house. He let himself in and slammed the door so hard the whole house shook. “Goddammit, I cannot believe she fucking did this to me. Why, Naomi, why?” he shouted looking up at ceiling in the anguish closing his eyes trying to relieve some of the pain he was in.

Later that evening as Doug sat in the dark of his den listening to music trying to erase Naomi from his permanent memory, he heard the doorbell ring.

“I wonder who that is I hope it’s not Maggie. She’s too sisterly for her own good,” he picked up the remote and turned off the stereo.  He ambled toward the front door, he really wasn’t in the mood for company but if it was his sister she’d set on that doorbell till he answered. As he peered through the peephole, he was surprised to see who it was, Tiffani. Of all the people to come by, he didn’t need this now. He opened the door and there she stood all 5’3” of her petite skinny frame. He’d been so in love with her when they met, she was perfection to him, so girly and helpless he thought he liked that at the time. She had a heart-shaped face, little bow lips, long blonde hair that she wore straight, and light blue eyes. She was every American boy’s fantasy girl with a nice frame, although Doug had recently taken a liking to tall mocha colored princesses with full lips and pecan hued eyes and asses that made you want to worship them.

“Hello, Tiffani, what are you doing here?” he said as he looked more through her than at her.

“Oh, Doug, honey I saw what happened on tv and I had to get over here to see if I could be of comfort,” she swept right past him and sashayed her way into his house.

He turned to look at her like she was crazy but she didn’t notice, he closed the door and stood there in the foyer as she went into the living room to sit down.

“Doug you must tell me what that awful woman did to you. You know you just can’t trust those kind of women. I’ve told you that before, I know you’ve had that jungle fever thing previously and hanging out with that Dhani Jefferson didn’t help. But, those kind of women are just not meant for men for like you.”

Tiffani had never liked Dhani or Al for that matter. She didn’t do ethnic she used to tell Doug. Now, as he stood there and looked at her spewing venomous hate from that lying mouth of hers, it was all Doug could do not to toss her out on her flat ass. He couldn’t fathom to himself what he’d ever seen in this woman she was a hideous human being.

“Now, that you’re back and have all of that out of your system. Maybe we can start fresh again, you know I made a huge mistake by stepping out on you with that Brian, he wasn’t for me and now I know it. I want you back, Doug. You and I were always meant to be and now I remember how good we were together and how much I love you,” she was sitting there getting way too comfortable kind of lounging back on his couch with her mini skirt hiking up as she did so.

Does this woman have no shame, Doug thought. He couldn’t believe what she was saying, his heart was broken and all she could do was think about herself; he realized he didn’t just dump her because she was unfaithful, he dumped her because she was a self-centered, egotistical bitch and had always been.

“Tiffani, get the hell out of here,” he said with force.

“Wha…” she was in absolute shock that he’d spoken to her like that, she was only trying to help, “What do you mean Doug? I’m only trying to comfort you.”

“I don’t need your kind of comfort. I don’t need anything from you. I want you outta my house right this minute before I bounce you out on that non-existent behind of yours. Are you effing nuts?” He was looking at her like she’d lost her mind, he couldn’t take it anymore.

She stood up abruptly and pushed past him, huffing and acting as if she were insulted, “I was just trying to help. I thought you could use a friend, a shoulder to cry on.”

“I wouldn’t cry on your shoulder if it was the last one on earth and we are not and never will be friends.”

“Oh Doug, how could you say that,” she stood in front of him batting her lashes like she used to when he was mad at her and she wanted her way, she wasn’t going to get it this time. She put her hand on his chest and he took his hand and removed it.

“I mean it Tiffani I don’t need this or you right now. You are an awful hateful, vengeful, spiteful shrew and I don’t know what I ever saw in you. The more I look at you at this moment, the uglier you get.”

She sucked in a shocked breath, “Doug, you’ve lost your mind. Tons of men want me you’re just too stupid to know that. I’d been cheating you the whole time we were together. You were never man enough to satisfy me and I just took pity on you after I saw how humiliated you looked on tv after that black bit…”

“If you say one more word, I’m not going to be held responsible for what I do to you.”

She flashed a hateful look at him and put her coat on to go. Doug held the door open for her to leave.

As she left she turned back to him, “You’ll be back. They always come back to me. She isn’t even one of me, even if she is royalty,” she swung that blonde mane and stomped down the steps.

He slammed the door for the second time that day, “You wish you were half of her, Tiffani. You wish” he said after the door closed.

Naomi’s arrival home was not a joyous occasion when she got there, she noticed that many of the staff and servants just looked at her then turned their heads hoping not to get caught staring. Only Petunia who oversaw all the staff in the house greeted her with any kind of smile, as Efrem put her bags in her room at the back of the house. Naomi didn’t stay in the main house once she turned 25 she couldn’t fathom staying in that house anymore. She stayed in a cottage out back on the grounds. She did have most of her meals in the main house with her family but she felt a little more independent living in the cottage, there was no way in Hades her father would have ever let her move off the grounds of Albert Estates, that was the name of the royal palace and the surrounding grounds. It was a large estate with several quarters for servants, a stable for horses, a tennis court, two pool areas, and 3 guest houses besides the small cottage that she occupied along with lots of land for roaming. If she wanted, she’d never have to leave Albert Estates but most of the time she was there she just felt suffocated and confined. She was hoping the holiday to Germany would help with that instead she’d shamed her country, her family and the royal name.

She sat in her living room, when she heard a tiny knock on the door of the cottage.

“Come in,” she replied she doubted it was her father, King Milo, he didn’t ever come to her she was always summoned to him. She was grateful she wasn’t in the main house right now it would have been terrible and awkward.

Naomi’s mom, Queen Evie, peeked her head inside, “Can I come in, sugar plum?” that was her mom’s pet name for Naomi, Zoe’s was ‘cookie’.

Naomi was sitting on her divan trying to chill out for a moment, but she was glad to see her momma, she rushed to get up and get to the door for a big hug. She got one. Her mother hugged her hard as she started to tear up again. Naomi was a little taller than her mother but her mom looked up at her to wipe away her tears. Naomi’s momma was an island beauty. Both Naomi and Zoe got their looks from her, although Zoe looked more like their mother. She had been Miss Bocara Island as a young woman, she had short hair now it was brown with lots of gray in it she always looked so distinguished. She had eyes the color of honey and caramel skin, Zoe had inherited all those features from her. Naomi was the color of her Father, that chocolate mocha skin tone, with his dark brown eyes and black hair although his had grayed significantly also in his old age.

“Oh, sugar plum you know I don’t like to see my beautiful babies cry. You’re too pretty to cry,” she said as she wiped away the tears with her hand. Naomi could always count on her mother to try and lift her spirits. She was the wisest, kindest, and most beautiful woman that Naomi knew. She was an excellent queen but no one could hold a candle to her in Naomi’s eyes as a mother. “Come on let’s go over here and sit down and you can tell momma all about it, okay.”

Naomi walked over to the divan with her mother’s arm around her and set down. She really didn’t know where to start but she thought the best place would be at the beginning.

“Momma, it started so innocently we meet at an Oktoberfest gathering and he was sooo cute…”

About an hour later after she’d gotten it all out, Naomi’s mom looked at her with love and something akin to pity in her eyes. Naomi had told how she and Douglas met, the time they spent together, how she’d kept the truth of her identity from him, and how it all came out. She decided to leave out the more intimate details but from the look on her mother’s face, she’d guessed they’d hadn’t just had a chaste kiss at the door and called it a night.

“Naomi, you know I love you very much but you did a bad thing,” her momma shook her head and tsked, “You should have been honest. It never works when you try to deceive people, you know that. Now, this has all come out in the papers on the television and the PR folks have gone into overdrive. Where was Freddie?”

“Momma, Freddie can’t be responsible for me all the time, she has her own life.”

“Her life is supposed to be your life” the Queen said in a louder tone, Queen Evie rarely ever raised her voice as royalty it just wasn’t something she did.

“Oh, momma don’t be so mean. She did do her job, it was me that decided not to reveal to Douglas who I was. Can you tell me how Father is taking all this.”

Her momma sighed and put her head down, “he’s absolutely livid. I thought I saw smoke coming from his ears last night.”

Naomi’s shoulders slumped, she knew he’d be mad but she just couldn’t be sure how mad now that she knew this was bad. Maybe she could leave again but there was no way to do that, in a few days was the beginning of the Festival of Feasts which lasted a week.

“Has he said anything?” she looked at her mother cautiously.

“Nothing really. I’m sorry to tell you that, sugar plum but he hasn’t said a word. He won’t talk to me about it and he’s just been talking to publicist and handlers trying to get everything straightened out. He’s been trying to calm the nerves of the Duke and Duchess. It’s been a little bit of chaos around here. He’s in damage control mode. Remember the debacle with the Minister of Finance a few years ago and his penchant for underage women of the night, yes that’s his mode now.”

Naomi looked worried and her brow went up, oh the Minister of Finance and the prostitution thing had her Father in a full blown tizzy. He snapped at anyone who said anything, she’d avoided him during that for weeks. But she couldn’t avoid him now, she was the cause of this and she had to face him.

“Naomi, sugar plum, can I ask you something?” Queen Evie looked at her with grave concern.

“Yes, momma, what is it?”

“Are you in love with this Douglas?”

Naomi sank back into the cushions, she’d been thinking about that ever since that night at the club in Berlin when this whole mess began and she’d come to a tragic conclusion that she was in love with him but what did that matter.

“Yes, I am, very much so. But it doesn’t matter there is no way for us to be together.”

Her momma leaned in to hug her close, “you know, sugar plum, there is always a way but you have to be patient and keep the faith. True love always wins out.”

Naomi leaned into her mother and looked up at her, “but how, momma, how will this ever work out. He hates me, I’m betrothed to Randolph the dull dolt and I’m announcing my engagement in a few days.”

Her momma laughed heartily to herself at the description of Randolph, she had to agree. She was not excited at the prospect of him becoming her son in law. “Naomi, I’m your mother I know these things. It can be done, don’t worry. If you love Douglas, he knows you do and he’ll come around. As for the betrothal, those things are so antiquated, who cares about that, I can work on your Father.”

Naomi looked up at her momma excitedly, if she could be released from this promise of marriage to Randolph then she could pursue Douglas, let’s hope he still wanted something to do with her. ©


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