Rendezvous-Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Violet had avoided Paul all day at the office, which to tell the truth wasn’t as hard as she thought, he was on the 42nd floor and she was on the 40th floor of the 8 floors held by their law firm, which made if relatively easy. He had e-mailed her quite a bit but it was all business and professional, which she was glad of. He reminded her only once about their business dinner that evening. She’d tried to dress rather conservatively, she didn’t want any distractions, so she wore a navy blue suit with a light blue cashmere sleeveless sweater underneath and navy blue pumps, she thought it looked as boring as the day was long.

But as she walked into Rockwell’s and Paul spotted her from the bar, he thought anything but that. “My goodness she looks spectacular, that suit fits her so well,” he thought. She was standing in the foyer, talking animatedly with an older gentlemen, he said something she must have found amusing because she put her head back and laughed loudly. He could hear her laugh, it sounded nice, like music to his ears and she had the most wonderful genuine smile. Paul enjoyed watching her mouth go up to stretch those full plump lips, and those beautiful coffee brown eyes of hers that crinkled at the corners.  She had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen, almond shaped and very distinctive, he could look at those all day. He saw the gentlemen turn his head and point his finger Paul’s way and she turned her head to look, when she spotted Paul she smiled and turned again to the gentlemen whom she looked as if she thanked and gave him a nice big hug. She walked towards Paul, well more like sauntered towards him. Did she even know what a sexy walk she had, all long legs and a slight natural twist, he was enthralled. He had to adjust himself in his seat because his cock began to jump to life.

“Down boy,” he thought, “this is just a business dinner.” But he could always hope for more.

“Good evening, Paul,” she said as she smiled.

“Good evening, I just thought I’d have myself a drink while I waited.”

She looked at his drink and back up at him, “Would you like one? Mine is bourbon.”

“No thank you, I don’t drink and drive. My father was killed by a drunk driver.  Although I do drink sometimes,” she added.

“Oh, I can understand that, very smart on your behalf.  I actually went home and dropped my car off and took a cab down.  That way I could change.” He said rising out of his seat to pull out a bar stool for her.

That was the first time she had taken notice that he had changed. He had on a pair of khaki slacks, a white button down shirt and a black blazer with brown loafers. Wow, thought Violet, didn’t he look bad in anything, was there any time he wasn’t dressed like he just stepped out of GQ.

“Well some of us had to work hard so we didn’t get a chance to go home and change.” Violet said with a smile in her voice.

“Oh no, that’s fine. You look great, no need to change what’s already working fantastic,” he told her letting his eyes glide down her luscious body.

She looked away a little embarrassed and smiled. He did have a way with words.

He decided to change the subject as he noticed she was getting embarrassed and he didn’t want her nervous around him. “Who’s the gentlemen you were talking to at the front, the maitre’d?”

“No.” She said emphatically, “that’s Frank Rockwell Ruggerio, he owns the restaurant. He’s also a client of the firm. He’s a wonderful man. He and his wife Barbara have been married for 44 years and have 7 kids and 18 grandkids. “

“That’s quite a feat,” said Paul, “not many marriages can weather that many years, are they happy?”

“Yes, insanely happy in fact,” said Violet. “They are so sweet and he’s the funniest man, I’ve ever met. He and Mr. Smithmeyer are friends. That’s one of the reasons the firm has an account here. It’s all about who you know in the legal world. But, I don’t have to tell you that. Do I?”

Paul laughed, big and hearty “No, no you don’t have to tell me that.” Violet decided she really liked his laugh it was great to hear a man laugh with such life and depth to it.

The hostess walked over, “Hello Violet, how are you doing?”

“Hi Candace, how are you? How’s that beautiful baby girl of yours?”

“Oh, she’s fabulous getting bigger everyday and cuter too.”

“And the hubby?” Violet asked looking slyly at her.

“He’s getting bigger too and… more cute.” Candace laughed and so did Violet. “Well, you guys, your table is ready and we got you a good one.”

Candace led Paul and Violet to their table by the window with a wonderful view of Puget Sound. She handed them their menus. “Thanks Candace.” Violet said and she left them to decide on their meal.

As they looked down at their menu choices, Violet asked, “Well, how can I help bring you up to speed on the Tri-Gear/Swisz merger?”

Paul looked up from his menu to see her still perusing hers. “Right down to business aren’t we?”

Violet looked up cocking one eyebrow and said, “Ummm, this is a business dinner, isn’t it? That means we discuss business. So how do I help get you caught up on the merger?”

So it’s going to be that way, thought Paul “Why don’t we order dinner first and then we can discuss the merger file.”

“Okay,” she responded.

The waiter came over and told them of their specials, Violet decided on a New York strip with peppercorn, medium rare with asparagus and smashed potatoes, a Rockwell’s house specialty, and Paul had a t-bone rare with a baked potato and seasonal mixed vegetables.  When their salads were brought out to them along with their meals, Violet and Paul went into deep discussion regarding the merger file.

Violet was all business, discussing the case and answering any questions Paul had, and letting him know in detail why his international law expertise would be needed in the merger. Paul was very active in the discussion and told Violet what he would be bringing to the merger and what assistance he would be to her.

As they talked though Paul couldn’t help but notice little things about her, she was so very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. He loved a smart and capable woman. He didn’t like women who feigned ignorance or helplessness to try to stroke a man’s ego. All the women he knew were smart and never lessened that fact to make a man feel more important.  He also noticed the excitement in her eyes as she discussed the law, she really seemed to relish what she did and thought her role in it was important and vital. He could sit there and listen to her discuss securities law all day long and never tire of it or of watching her, her beauty to him had doubled, even tripled since the time he’d met and encountered her at Borders bookstore.  That rendezvous with her in the bathroom had been magnificent but at this table discussing this case with her, it didn’t even compare.

As Violet sat there discussing the merger with him and their roles in it as co-counsel she noticed from the corner of her eye, the intensity with which he watched her. It was with great respect and reverence of her knowledge and ability as a lawyer, but he also looked at her with a hunger that was fully male, his gaze raking over her face and the portion of her body he could see, as she had removed her jacket and her bare arms and sweater covered breasts were exposed to his intense glare. Violet swallowed noticeably, she had never felt so naked while being fully clothed.  She felt goose pimples rise on her skin. She felt flush and was very aware of her body’s reaction to his scrutiny. She felt her panties become noticeably wetter as she squirmed in her seat a little. She noticed a little smile play on his lips as she did it. Bastard, he knows the effect he has on me, she thought.

Paul smiled just a tad as he noticed her squirming slightly, adjusting herself in her seat. Well, at least I’m not the only one feeling something he thought, happy to know her attraction to him had not faded.

As they sat with their coffee and dessert, Paul decided it was time to start making a play for his little flower.

“Violet, enough of the business talk, since we’ll be working so closely for so long I’d like to get to know you on a more personal level. Do you mind?” he asked.

Violet shrugged, “Sure, why not as long as it isn’t too personal. But, we may as well be friendly.”

“Good, tell me more about yourself. You know college and all the good stuff, family, things like that.” Paul said. Starting off slow was always best he thought to himself.

“Well, I’m 34 years old. I’ve been a junior partner at the firm for 4 years now. I’m one of four children. I’m the only girl and have three brothers, 2 younger, one older.”“What are their names?”

“The oldest one is Gregory for Gregory Peck, the middle one is Montgomery for Montgomery Clift, and the youngest is Tyrone for Tyrone Powers.”

Paul’s eyes knitted together in confusion.

Violet chuckled, “My mom, her name is Bernice by the way, really liked movies as a child so she named all my brothers after her favorite actors.”

“Oh.” He mouthed. “Well, you’re not named after an actress what happened to you?”

“My mom decided to make my middle name after one of her favorite actresses, it’s Ingrid for Ingrid Bergman. Violet is my great grandmother’s name and my mom said when I was born, she thought I was so beautiful the only name fitting for me would be that of a beautiful flower.”

“That’s lovely, Violet Ingrid.”

Violet blushed intensely, good thing she had darker skin or he would have seen it. The way her name rolled off his lips, almost made her turn into a puddle of goo in the seat, it sounded so delectable coming from him.

“Are you from here, where’d you go to school?” he asked.“Boy, you’re inquisitive.”“Hey, I’m a lawyer, that’s what I do.” He smiled.

She chuckled a bit, “no, I’m not from here. I’m originally from Houston, Texas, my mother and two of my brothers still live there. I moved up here to go to law school and stayed.  So I went to University of Texas as an undergrad and finished law school here at Seattle University. I went to school at night and worked in the day, it was tough but worth it.  So now I’m a Seattlite. The weird part is when I moved up here my best friend Aunedra, but I call her Nedra was already living up here, because she’d gone to Cornell College of the Arts for photography. So I wasn’t alone.”

Paul shook his head listening intently, Violet was so surprised, when she talked to most men about her life they either looked bored or cut her off to talk about themselves but he really seemed interested.

“Well, how about you Mr. Dudley? Where you from? What about your family and schooling?” Violet questioned teasingly.

Paul smiled big showing those brilliant pearly white teeth, “As you know, I’m Australian. I’m from Sydney, born and raised, that’s why I don’t have much of an accent, I’m not a country bumpkin.” Violet laughed at his description, “I went to the University of Sydney and went to Stanford University to get my law school degree. The first firm I worked for was where I met Harmon. He became my mentor.  I’ve worked in many places in the world, Chicago, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and was living in Sydney again when I got in touch with Harmon, he was looking for an attorney that was partner material and I was wanting to come back to the good ol’ U.S. of A.”

“Oh it must have been wonderful working all around the world, what an experience.” Violet commented excitedly.

“Yea, it was great at times. Not good for a marriage though.  I’m 43 years old and divorced.”

“Oh, do you have any kids?”

“No, no children. My ex-wife was a model and didn’t believe in sullying her good looks with a baby. So, no kids, she’s living in Paris now with her third husband.” Paul chuckled to himself then came out of his reverie, “Oh, yea you wanted to know about me. My mum and dad still live in Sydney, Dorothy and Malcolm Dudley married 49 years and I have an older sister, Ellie who works in the software industry, she and her husband and 3 children live in Singapore. I like football, soccer as you Yanks call it, rugby, classic novels, AC/DC, and I drive a Ford Shelby Fastback.”

“Get outta here,” said Violet in shock, “you like American muscle and classic cars.”

“Well, what idiot wouldn’t, the power, the speed, there’s nothing like muscle.” He said very seriously.

“I think I love you.” Violet said facetiously.

Paul began to laugh long and hard. “Because I love American muscle cars and have one.”

“Yes, I know you might see me in that Range Rover I drive to work every day but that’s just my everyday car. I don’t own a muscle car but I can appreciate one, I did have 3 brothers.  My own little baby is a 1969 corvette stingray in candy apple red. It’s my sweetie, I don’t take her out a lot but when I do.” She smiled thinking about her beautiful classic corvette.

“Oh, I know I love you baby.” Paul said jokingly but with a new respect in his voice.

“I know it’s an odd habit for a 34 year old black female attorney, but I love automobiles a lot. I did a lot of work on that car myself.”

“She can work a merger and work on a car, you’re my dream girl.”

Violet laughed to herself. She looked up to see Paul pretending to have the puppy dog look of love in his eyes. She had to acknowledge this business dinner was turning out pretty well. She looked at her watch, oh it was getting late.

“Oh Paul it’s getting late, we better get going. We both have to be up for work tomorrow. Those cases will not work on themselves.”

“Yea, you’re right. I’ve just had such a good time tonight. I better call myself a cab.”

“Oh no, that’s okay I’d be happy to drive you home.” She said.

“You sure, I don’t live far from here, but it might be out of your way.”

“Where do you live?” she smirked at him.

“On top of Queen Anne Hill on Republican.”

“Not a problem it’s on my way home to Ballard.”

“Good, I’ll take the ride.”

“Okay, let’s get going then.” She said as she smiled and signed the bill that the firm’s accounting department would be taking care of.

As they got up to leave and Paul walked behind Violet out the door of the restaurant, saying hearty good-byes to Frank and Candace and coming to her car. He thought as he watched that luscious rump of hers go from side to side in slow motion, ‘How do I make this fabulous woman mine?’ although he did have a couple of interesting ideas of how make that happen.

On the ride to Paul’s house, they talked more about themselves and their lives. Violet learned that Paul spoke 7 languages including Cantonese and Farsi. She also learned that he loved to give back by doing pro bono work for the poor and disenfranchised. He’d helped some aboriginal tribesman in the bush with land rights case and he had also done work in Kenya, he was looking for opportunities in Seattle to do pro bono work. Violet told him of a couple of organizations she knew of that needed legal help, because he’d practiced quite a few different types of law with international being his first love.

Paul learned that Violet sang in her high school choir and sang in a community choir, she was an alto. Her childhood dream was to be on Broadway, she loved singing and dancing. He also found out she loved to cook and had taken classes in French and Italian cuisine just for the heck of it. Paul was completely surprised to find out that she was an avid Elvis Presley fan and owned and knew all his movies. As they talked he became more intrigued by her each second, she was the most interesting woman he’d met in many years and he wanted to know more.

To Violet’s surprise, she was feeling she wanted to know more about Paul herself and not about his legal career. She wondered about his marriage, why would any woman let him get away. He was absolutely perfection. As they stopped in front of his house, finally she turned and took him all in. He was tall with a body that looked as if he worked out on a regular basis, but not overly muscular, it looked as if he was a swimmer, lean and long, a nice chiseled face, square jaw and straight nose, beautiful lips, she could stare at all day, not too plump, not too thin just right for kissing and she remembered he could kiss, nice beautiful blonde hair and those intense green eyes, they looked as if they saw right into her soul. She thought to herself, he looks kind of like Brad Pitt except only better. And best of all he had big hands and big feet she remembered what the old ladies used to say about those.  She remembered those hands gripping her thighs and lifting her up a little to gain access to her bounty. She felt as if she was starting to sweat.

“You okay?” he asked concerned looking at her, she looked as if she trying to catch her breath.

“Oh, I’m fine just thinking.”

He grinned mischievously, “About what, your eyes looked a little glazed over.”

“Nothing, just work.”

“Violet, you know I had a wonderful time at our ‘business dinner.’  I really enjoyed this evening with you.”

Violet smiled, “I did too. You’re a really interesting and very accomplished man. I’m quite impressed, a tad blown away.”

“It’s nothing, I love what I do. I feel lucky I found my calling in life.”

“I bet that is great.” She thought to herself, she still wondered when she’d find her own.

“Hey, why don’t you come into the garage and check out the Shelby. I also have a 1968 Dodge Charger in there I’m getting ready to restore.”

Violet’s eyes lit up, “You do. I definitely want to see it.”

As they walked up his drive she noticed Porsche 911 in the drive. “Is this yours too?” Violet looked at him curious.

“Yes, I like Porsches too. But muscle cars are a passion, I own six cars. The ‘64 mustang is in storage. I’m waiting for my Camaro and ‘65 Shelby to be shipped over from Sydney. They’ll be here in about another week or so.”

“Wow, you do like cars.”

“Well, we all have to have a vice.” He opened the side door to the garage, “Come on in and see mine.” He said to Violet.

Violet walked in and almost had an orgasm, he had a 2008 Ford Shelby Fastback, it was beautiful, black with silver racing stripe down the middle.

“Can I touch it?” She said excitedly as she looked back at Paul who was standing by the door.

“Sure you can, you can even sit in it if you want.” He pulled out his key chain and clicked and the door popped open.

Violet sat down in the seat, all leather, it was like butter. It was so smooth under her hands she just looked at the interior and sighed. Paul looked at her as she swept those beautiful hands across his leather seats and sighed to herself. He thought ‘I need to have her sweeping her hands across me and sighing like that.’

“Why don’t I take the cover off the Charger and you can check it out.”

Violet popped out of the Shelby and ran over to the car covered in a tarp, Paul pulled it off and all Violet could do was stare. She almost started to cry. It was beautiful, a metallic blue and in wonderful condition. “I still have work to do on the engine but it’s coming right along.”

“What are you putting under the hood?” She asked, a little test to see if he knew what he was doing.

“A V-8, twin turbos, of course. What else would I put under it?”

“You passed.” Violet said, satisfied he wasn’t just some rich guy trying to play with cars.

“Well, thank you,” said Paul. He wasn’t sure what he passed but he was glad he had. She was standing there with her hand on her hip looking smug and sure, he just wanted to grab her and kiss that look right off her face. “Would you like to come in and see pictures of the other three cars?

“Sure, why not?” But Violet was getting the feeling that when they crossed his threshold, they’d be doing more than having a simple discussion about cars.

Paul opened the door and stepped to the side to usher Violet in. “Come on in, Violet. Excuse the place it’s still a little messy. I haven’t unpacked all the boxes but my decorator was done, and the contractor had completed all the work I needed by the time I moved in.”

Violet stepped into his kitchen and was awestruck, it was beautiful. It made her kitchen look like a Barbie kitchen. Cherry wood cabinets, black granite counters, a full island, stainless steel appliances, he had a huge Viking stove with the most beautiful backsplash she’d ever seen mosaic tiles made into bunches of colorful flowers.

“Paul, you kitchen is spectacular,” she gushed.

“Thank you, but it wasn’t me. I made those contractors work really hard to have this done correctly. Would you like something to drink, I’m sorry to say all I have is tap water, vitamin water, and wine?” She noticed as he opened his refrigerator there was nothing in it but a couple bottles of vitamin water, what looked like butter on the side and a couple of containers of take out. “I haven’t been grocery shopping and to tell the truth I really don’t cook.”

Violet started to laugh she bent over his counter and laughed heartily. “I don’t believe it, this gorgeous kitchen wasted on a man that doesn’t cook. What a shame.”

Paul laughed and just shrugged.

“I’ll take a glass of water.” Violet said still laughing.He pulled a glass out of the cabinet and filled with water. He handed her the glass. “Thank you.” She said.

“You’re welcome. I better go get those pictures before you think I have ulterior motives.”

Violet raised an eyebrow. As Paul walked by her, he accidently bumped her and she spilled some water on her sweater. “Oh goodness, I’m a klutz,” she said.

“No, it was me let me get a towel to wipe that off.”  Paul turned to retrieve a towel from the counter and as he turns Violet had moved closer. Close enough so he can smell that intoxicating perfume of hers, what is that, DKNY? “Let me get that,” he says lifting the towel to her sweater. She looks up at him but he’s not looking at drying her blouse he’s looking into her eyes, there’s this feral look in his eyes, a hunger and it’s been awhile since Violet has seen that in any man’s eyes for her.

Paul notices that his look is reflected in her own beautiful brown eyes, she wants him and she’s going to have him. Paul moves in to kiss her, she’s the perfect height for him, their lips touch and it’s not like the kiss at Borders. This kiss is soft, sweet, tender, very tentative as if he’s not sure she wants the kiss but he’s trying to convince her.

But she does want the kiss, she wants to kiss him badly. Violet wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in.

Paul knows it’s time to go for it. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her into him, his hands make a downward journey to that beautiful round ass he’s been waiting to touch again, and it feels better than it did the first time.

She moans into his mouth as he kneads her ass with those big hands. Violet feels his cock start to harden as they kiss and she thinks, the old ladies were right. This boy is packing a monster.  Oh he felt so good against her, Violet’s head was starting to swirl. He pulls back from her lips and she’s left wanting more, she opens her eyes to see those smoldering green orbs of his staring at her intently. She can’t look away, he’s just absolutely gorgeous.

He pulls back a bit and lifts her sweater to see those beautiful bounties she has covered in navy blue silk, his hand lifts to caress her right breast. Her head lolls back and she moans at the intimate contact. Paul needs to taste her. He pulls her bra down and her breasts spring forth calling him, calling his tongue and his hands. He takes both hands and begins to knead her breasts. They are so soft and beautiful. He looks up at her again and notices her eyes are closed, lost in the sensation of his hands on her flesh.

Violet can’t get over the feeling of his hands on her breasts, they’re firm but gentle. He teases her a bit by pinching one of her nipples, “Oh!” She squeaks. Her eyes snap open and he’s staring at her with a devilishly wicked grin. She smiles back and his head moves down as he captures one of her perky hard nipples.

He licks her nipples, making her body want more contact with his mouth and other things. He switches from the right breast to left trying his best to give each the attention it deserves. As he licks one, he kneads the other, flicking her nipples and generating a sensation through her entire body. Her eyes can barely stay open, her body is enflamed, her pussy dripping her essence.  He puts his entire mouth over her nipple and begins to suck gently.

She’s absolutely lost it and she knows that if he keeps doing this she’s going to come right here on his beautiful granite countertops. She looks down and his eyes come up to reach hers, there is a yearning in his intense glare, of a man that wants to show her body delights that it’s never imagined.

“Oh, Paul” She moans almost incoherently.

“Yes love.” He says as he lifts his mouth from waiting breasts.

Paul knows what he wants and he wants to make her his in every way possible.

Violet’s body is sheer wonder of his ministrations. She’s never felt this way just from a man sucking her breasts, her co-worker sucking her breast, her mind screams. “Stop,” she screams and pushes him back, “please stop doing that.”

He looks up in total and utter confusion, “what’s wrong? Am I going to fast? Am I doing something wrong.”

“No, you’re not Paul, I have to go.” She pulls her bra up and her shirt down and jumps off the counter.

She grabs her coat and car keys and heads to the door. “Paul, thank you…”

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not going to pull the same crap you pulled on me at the bookstore.” He says, a tad pissed off. “What is up with you running away?”

“Paul, I told you when we first spoke at work, this has to remain professional. Our careers are at stake here.  There’s too much to risk for a little fling.” She said sternly.

“Little fling. Who said I wanted a little fling?” he questioned.

“Oh please, you were married to a model. You’re just scratching an itch with me.”

“Is that what you think? I’m just some jerk, who’s running around like a 14 year old wanker, looking to get laid.  Sweetie I’m here to tell you I don’t have a problem getting laid, I’m looking for more.” He said seriously.

Violet’s eyes rounded in shock, “More? Are you serious?”

“Yes, Violet I’m serious as death itself.”

“Paul, I’m sorry there just can’t be more between us. I have my livelihood to think of and you should be doing the same.  If this were to end badly, it would impact both our careers because we work together.”

“But, what if it turns out good?”

Violet thought for a moment about her last boyfriend, Charles who had left for his baby’s mom and the one before that, Spencer who decided he needed space but was engaged a month after the break up, and of course, her romance with Dirk from the firm she clerked at, she couldn’t risk that kind of disaster in her life again, not when her career was going so well, even though she wasn’t sure she even wanted it. Maybe the idea of trying to date again was a bad one. At least she thought if she was going to try to date Paul it was bad.

“I’m sorry Paul, there’s just no way this could ever turn out good. I enjoyed the dinner tonight. I’ll see tomorrow at the office.” And she walked out of his back door to leave.

Paul’s fist hit the countertop, “Damn!” he shouted to the empty kitchen.©


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