Common Kind of Love-Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Naomi woke to the quiet sound of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” she knew that was Freddie calling her cell phone, oh no she thought she didn’t want a lecture this early, she turned to see that it was 7:00 am, she and Doug had been up a good portion of the night making love and sleeping in between. She looked over at him laid on his side facing her snoring lightly, his hair blocking his face he looked absolutely adorable she thought. Her phone was still playing the ringtone so she scooted off the bed silently to dig in her purse and find that pesky phone.

“Hello.” She said quietly as she answered.

“Where in the hell are you?” she heard Freddie’s Caribbean accent screech from the other side of the phone.

“Wait a moment Freddie, I need some privacy,” she walked across the room to the bathroom to make sure she didn’t wake Douglas with her conversation.  She took a seat on the edge of the bathtub and let Freddie continue her grilling, “okay Freddie. Go ahead.”

“Where are you at?”

“Where do you think I am? I spent the night with Douglas last night.”

“What? Are you insane, that was risky,” Freddie says, she hated when Naomi did things like this she couldn’t protect her if she was out gallivanting in the streets. “Naomi, you know better than that. But, you’re okay, aren’t you?”

“I’m fine, Freddy. I’m 30 years old I can take care of myself.”

“But you know your mother and father would skin me alive, if they knew I let you go around with some guy all day alone. Although he’s a nice, handsome guy if the tabloid press ever caught wind of this, it would be the end, what an embarrassment to your country.”

Naomi sighed. Everything in the end came down to duty to Bocara Island. “I understand that Freddie but nothing happened, we had a nice time and enjoyed each other’s company as two adults should, I don’t need a lecture now.”

Freddie clucked her tongued at Naomi. She thought that Naomi barely knew what she needed that’s why she was there.

“Naomi, I know this is supposed to be just a little fling before you return home and the engagement to Randolph is announced but be cautious, chile. Be careful of this man’s feelings. He seems really into you, you shouldn’t play with his affection.”

“Oh, Freddie now you’re just being silly. Douglas understands perfectly well this is not going beyond Wolfsburg, Germany.” Naomi says more quietly because she isn’t sure he does know because she hadn’t told him yet because she was becoming less sure of that fact every moment they spent together.

“Yea, right tell me anything while you’re looking at me,” Freddie said in an annoyed tone.

Naomi could picture that smirk on her face as she spoke, “Well, I’m not looking at you and I’m handling this fine. Freddie, I have to go Douglas may wake up and I don’t want him to catch me on the phone in some covert conversation with you. I have to go. I’ll tell you more when I return to the castle.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go but you can’t stay gone all day I need to see you and if your father calls or his secretary I’ll cover for you. I don’t know why I do this I should just let you get the throttling from him you deserve.”

Naomi laughed, Freddie was so suited to play mother hen, “You do because you love me and we’re best friends. Bye Freddie.”


Naomi ended the call and got up to look at herself in the mirror before she went back to bed with Doug.  She thought she looked dreadful, ‘no man wants to awaken to this’ she scolded herself, her comb was in her purse and that would be too much trouble so she decided to just run her fingers through her hair in hopes that it would at least look semi-straight.

“What are you doing, Naomi?” she pondered as she looked at herself. She was a princess who was having a vacation fling with a man she was beginning to like a lot, maybe even love. But she knew when she returned home her engagement would be announced and she would be the future wife of Randolph, a man not only that she didn’t love but that she didn’t even like. “Every girl thinks she wants to be a princess, it’s certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. This life is highly overrated.” She sighed to herself and slipped back into the main part of the room and eased her phone into her bag. As she slide between the sheets to cuddle up to Doug again, he woke for a second and looked at her and smiled that beautiful bright smile.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine, Douglas” she said as she looked at his sleepy face.

“What time is it?” he said looking around for the clock.

“It’s a little after 7 am. We could sleep a little longer if you like?”

“Yea, I like. Now, come over here and bring that sexy body closer so you keep me warm,” he grabbed her around the waist to pull her in close to him and rubbed his body against hers.

Naomi giggled softly as she settled into his body, “Settle down and go back to sleep you dirty boy,” she teased.

“I’m only dirty because you made me that way,” he said yawning in her ear.

Naomi smiled to herself, for now he was going to be her prince even if the possibility of that actually happening was impossible. They both settled into each other, rubbing and caressing the other’s body until they fell asleep once again.

When Naomi arrived back at the castle Freddie and Zoe were waiting for her as she opened her bedroom door.

“My goodness, don’t you two have anything to do besides stalk me.” Naomi was a tad upset they were there she just wanted some time alone to rest and think about what was happening or what was not supposed to be happening between she and Doug.

“Nope, we don’t. I’d just like to know what my big sister has been up to that she shows up here at 12:30 in the afternoon.”

“Me too,” chimed in Freddie not looking pleased herself, but Naomi noticed something about Freddie being miffed that had nothing to do with her late arrival, she wondered what was going on with her.

“This is a private matter and although I love you both dearly, I’m not going to share the details of an intimate evening spent with Douglas.”

Zoe clicked her tongue in disapproval, “You’ve never been any fun. If I had a fling with a hot guy I’d give you all the details.”

“I’m sure you would, Zoe but the difference is I wouldn’t want to know about your details. It’s always a good thing you’re still a virgin.”

Freddie chimed in, “well, my dear you’re not and this is not a good idea, Naomi. You’re playing with another person’s feelings and a nice person at that, I think you’re going to regret this.”

“Douglas and I have discussed the nature of this relationship, Freddie and he understands this just fun and we’ll being going our separate ways soon.” Naomi lied through her teeth. She had to say something to get Freddie off her back.

Freddie looked suspicious but responded, “Okay, whatever you say. I hope you know what you’re doing not for his sake, Naomi but for yours.” Freddie rose from the chaise lounge and walked out of the room.

Naomi just looked at her as she left she threw her things on the floor and fell on the bed with Zoe. “I’m so tired Zoe. Why is she mad at me?”

“Oh, she’s not mad. You know how Freddie is, high strung, that’s her job to be high strung.” They both laughed at the accurate description of Freddie. “I think she was just a little pissed because I think she wanted to spend some time with Dhani today and…well with you staying out all night and morning she had to put those plans on hold.”

Naomi rose from the bed and propped herself on her elbows, “Dhani?  Douglas’ friend Dhani?”

Zoe looked at her curiously, “well how many other Dhanis do you think we know? Of course, Doug’s friend, they had more of a connection than we thought they did.”

Naomi fell back to the bed, she didn’t want to interfere with her friend’s chances for happiness especially when she was so wishy washy about her own plans.

The phone on the desk in Naomi’s room rang, she ran over to pick to it up, “Yes.”

“My lady, King Milo is on the line and is eager to speak with you.”

Darn, thought Naomi she was not in the mood for her Father.  She hurried and attempted to brighten her mood by smiling, she would need that moment of peppiness.

“Hello, Father.”

Zoe looked at her and mouthed “Is that Papa?” with a look of dread on her face. Naomi shook her head yes.  Zoe crept out of the room, ‘Judas’ Naomi thought.

“Naomi. What is this I hear about you being out of the castle overnight?”

Naomi sighed, ‘Darn security, what a bunch of tattle tales,’ she thought.

“I can explain Father.”

“Please do,” he said sternly into the phone.

“Father, I was just out having a good time that’s all. The clubs stay open late here, so I didn’t get in until early this morning.”

“Naomi that is something I would expect of Zoe not you. You have to remember that you’re a princess and as such you represent the crown and this country.”

“Yes, Father.” Naomi had heard this speech so many times she knew it by heart, but she always hated to hear the disappointment in her Father’s voice as he said it.

“I understand that you are on holiday and would like to relax, but you can never get too comfortable Naomi. You must always remember you have a duty, you are not a commoner. You are royalty, even while relaxing you must be cognizant of that fact at all times. The last thing the royal family needs is a scandal.  Where was Fredericka during all this nonsense?”

“I had given her the night off, Freddie is a grown woman and my assistant Father, not my nurse maid,” she breathed deeply the pressure and weight of her life as royalty was starting to overwhelm her senses again.

“Daughter, please be more careful and make sure that you keep Freddie near if things go awry she knows how to handle situations correctly.”

Naomi sighed she hated being treated like a 5 year old but her Father insisted on making sure that she and Zoe were watched closely, she more than Zoe since she was next to be Queen.  “I understand, Father and I would of course never do anything to shame you, the crown or Bocara.”

“You know I am very proud of you Naomi, you are my highest hope for the continuation of our family’s rule. I expect that you and Randolph will be a perfect royal couple. Are you excited about the announcement of the engagement during the Festival of Feasts?”

“Yes, Father, I am very excited. I think it will be good for the country,” Naomi lied. She was good at lying to her Father especially when it came to Randolph and her impending sham of a marriage to him. She could hear her Father’s smile on the other end of the line. He was happy about the marriage but was absolutely thrilled about the prospect of Naomi adding children to the lineage.

“Good, we’re getting things prepared for the engagement announcement as we speak. Your mother and I are both pleased that the engagement will finally be taking place.”

“I am too, Father,” Naomi droned in a flat voice.

“Well, daughter I must ring off. I have some business to attend to in the morning. Please tell Zoe, hello and that I love her. Enjoy the remainder of your holiday and we will see you back home in a few days. I love you.”

“I love you, too Father. Good-bye.”

“Good-bye, my dear.”

As Naomi hung up the phone, she slouched in the chair behind the desk. The weight of it all, her status as part of the royal family of Bocara, her impending engagement to Randolph, her duty to her countrymen, and then there was her potential for falling in love with Douglas. She rose and flung herself across the bed and began to weep.

Doug sat with Dhani and Al as they had a dinner together.

“Well, man, have you called her yet?” Dhani asked.

“Yes, I’ve talked to her since we parted this afternoon. She was having dinner with her sister and Freddie then turning in early. She said she was tired, I guess I do that to women,” Doug said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“No, you don’t that to women. You actually bore them into tiredness,” Al joked to him.

Dhani started laughing and Doug punched Al in the arm. Doug wasn’t worried about it he knew Al was joking, that’s just the way their friendship worked. He had spoken to Naomi for about an hour earlier in the day, she sounded okay but he could tell she had been crying he heard it in her voice. He didn’t ask about it, he figured if she wanted to tell him she would volunteer the information herself but she didn’t. He was hoping it didn’t have anything to do with him but how could it. They’d had a fabulous evening and an even better night and morning. His mind went back to the sounds she made as he made to love to her and that delicious wonderful body of hers writhing beneath him as he was overcome with passion at their joining.

“Hey, man, snap out of it. She got your nose all open this soon?” Al was looking at him like he was insane and rolling his eyes.

“Leave him alone, Al. The man is in love. We can’t fault him for that, she is fine and seems real cool.”

“She is cool, man really cool. I’m really starting to like her.”

Al looked shocked, “aww, come on man you just got rid of that barracuda Tiffani, I know you’re not already trying to replace her.”

“Al, listen I’m not like you. I’m not into the spreading my love around thing.”

“What? I’m not spreading my love around. I’m just discriminating about who I give my love too and if she’s not worthy she’s just not worthy and I move on to next worthy candidate.”

Dhani laughed and said, “yea right, man how many girlfriends have you had in the last year? What? Like six or seven and some at the same time. Aren’t you dating two chicks, now?” Dhani and Doug started laughing, Al just smiled guiltily.

“Yes and they know the deal with me, I tell them how it is. Well, what’s up with you Dhani? Don’t hate because I’m out there handling business and you’re sitting at home with your books every night,” Al teased.

“You know I haven’t exactly been lonely but I’m not out always strutting mine around like a prize poodle, but you know I don’t lack for female companionship. Right now, there may be one female in particular.”

Doug looked at Dhani and furrowed his brow in confusion. Al just started to chuckle to himself.

“What female are talking you about in particular?” Doug wanted further explanation.

Dhani shrugged a little, he was always really laid back and low key and the most mellow of the group but boy if you got him mad, he was raging bull.

“Just somebody, listen man, you’ve been so busy mooning over Naomi I wasn’t really able to let you in on my own budding romance.”

“Get out of here, man. With you?”

Dhani looked down and smiled, “with Freddie, man.”

Doug’s eyes went wide with surprise and Al broke into hearty laughter at the look on Doug’s face.

“You weren’t expecting that,” Al said.

“Naw, no way man. That’s awesome, that’s great. You deserve it Dhani, you’re a great guy she’d be lucky to have you, man.”

“Yea, I know,” Dhani said while popping his collar, he was the humblest guy they knew and didn’t take himself seriously at all. “We’ve been talking a little and the day we spent together with Al and Zoe, we got to know each other much better. I like her, she’s my kind of girl, feisty, down to earth, strong, smart and I’m digging the freckles too, they’re cute.”

Doug smiled, he was happy for his friend but he was still thinking about Naomi and their blossoming relationship.

“But what about you and Naomi, Doug? What are you planning on doing when this vacation is over? Freddie said they’d be leaving in about a week to go back home, what’s up then?” Dhani asked with concern, he and Freddie had decided they’d keep in close contact maybe visit each other but he was worried about Doug’s plans.

“Man, I don’t know. She keeps things kind of close to the vest, you know. She’s not real open. I don’t ask those questions, because I think I’m afraid of the answers.  I sometimes get the feeling she’s keeping something from me, I don’t know what but whatever it is it seems important. Either of you guys find anything kind of odd about her, maybe deceptive?”

Dhani just looked at him and told him, “Doug, don’t mess this up. There’s nothing wrong with her. Maybe she wants to go slow, what you’ve known her for a couple of days. Just enjoy it. Don’t make her into Tiffani man, that skank is gone let it be done and over with.”

“I agree, Doug.  She’s nice, fine as heck, and she likes you. Run with it man.” Al patted him on back.

“She’s great woman, don’t go getting all nuts. Not every woman is Tiffani and that’s a good thing,” Dhani said looking at him seriously.

“Fo’ shizzle,” Al said and fist bumped Dhani.

Doug made a face at Al’s comment, “Oh please don’t do that Al, don’t try to be hip you just sound ridiculous. Like the ridiculous rich kid that you are.”

They all started to laugh. Doug was thinking how lucky he was to have these guys in his life. If it had not been for them when all the craziness with Tiffani’s infidelity happened he would have cracked up. His family had been great support to him, but his buddies, his homeboys that had gotten him out of the funk and depression that her betrayal had caused. He really thought that he would never be able to trust another woman or even be bothered with another woman then came Naomi.

“You guys are right, though. I’m going to let her go at her own pace. She’s been kind of sheltered by her parents, I think and this may be the first time she’s done anything like this.”

“Like what?” asked Dhani.

“Become physical with somebody so soon,” Doug decided to let them in on that information he’d gotten from her.

“I don’t think her sister has been physical with anybody at all,” Al interjected.

“You interested in her sister, Al?” Doug asked, he wanted to know, all he needed was Al playing mack daddy to mess up his relationship with Naomi.

Al looked a little unsure but answered, “no way man, she’s way too young and inexperienced for me. I was just trying to be a gentleman the other day. Anyway she’s too opinionated, thinks she knows so much. That’s not my kind of woman, I like them pliable and experienced.”

“Umm hmm,” Dhani smirked, “man, she’s just the kind of the woman you need, whip your behind into shape and have you running back for more.”

Dhani and Doug laughed, they enjoyed needling Al sometimes he was such a spoiled rich kid it was fun to mess with him. Both Doug and Dhani came from middle class backgrounds, but Al’s parents were wealthy his family owned a thriving Mexican foods manufacturing business out in Los Angeles, his dad also had a winery in Sonoma Valley.  He was a good guy but he was the youngest boy in a family of six children and was overly indulged by his parents and siblings.

“Anyway, when are we going to Berlin?” Al asked. “You got time lover boy?” he looked over at Doug.

“Of course, you guys want to invite the girls? I was talking about it with Naomi, you guys cool with that?”

“You know I am. What about you Al?”

Al sighed, he didn’t relish the thought of having to hang out with Zoe again but he didn’t exactly hate it either, she was cute and very sexy. “Okay, I’m in.”

“Cool, I’ll call Naomi and we’ll get this set up. I’m excited we’re going to have some fun I think.”

Doug was looking forward to any time he could spend with Naomi. He’d been thinking it over but now that he’d talked to his friends he was sure he wanted to tell her that he was thinking they should continue their relationship once this vacation was over. He wanted to get to know her a lot better and if she wanted to do that more slowly he was willing to take his time, because this was a girl he did not want to lose.©


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