Rendezvous-Chapter 1

I’m going to add another story into this mix, my second attempt at writing is this story Rendezvous. Rendezvous is a romance but it is highly erotic and starts off that off. So please be warned there is graphic sexual content in this first chapter, so don’t start clutching your pearls there will be romance too, please enjoy the story. 

Rendezvous-Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She needed to go the bookstore, maybe I’ll find “Sex for Dummies” but she was no dummy she hadn’t been getting any really good sex lately that’s all.

“Oh geez” she thought “Am I defective is something wrong with me. I’m 34, in pretty decent shape, fairly good looking, pretty eyes, full lips, nice breasts and an ass and thighs to die for. “Am I fucking defective?”

As she walked into Borders she looked around wondering where they would hide the books on sex. Because she figured they were hidden, no sane person would want someone to know they needed a book on sex. She roamed for awhile looking back and forth, squinting trying to see the small lettering on the signs that hung above the numerous shelves.

“Aha, there they are!”  She was thinking that she knew how to do this, she actually had known about good sex at one time but now it just wasn’t exciting or even pleasurable and she was having fantasies lots of fantasies that she wanted to figure out how to make come true.

Hopefully, there was a book on bringing the spark back to your sex life, yea that’s what she needed the spark book. As she perused the aisle looking and searching taking out book after book, she had a nice pile and decided to set in a seat at the end of the aisle to glance and make a choice. Out of the corner of her eye she sees something, something nice and tall, wearing khaki pants and a nice sweater, it’s slim and blonde and beautiful.

She looks up over her glasses but then her vision gets blurry, “Aww hell now I’m actually gonna have to look all the way up, I hope I can do it on the down low.”

She looks up and sees something she hasn’t seen in awhile, a sex god. Her mouth slightly opens, her heart races, and her panties get a little wet, well maybe a lot wet. He’s gorgeous, tall around 6 ft. 2 in. maybe, pretty eyes, looks fine as frog’s hair, on the sexy slim side the way she likes them and has blonde hair, honey blonde. She loves blondes they just didn’t all love her.

All of sudden she thinks, god I bet he could help me with my resurgence into the Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors Sex Express.

He walks down the aisle with a little swagger, like he knows he’s got it going on and ain’t afraid to use it.  She’s staring, she never stares but she’s staring thinking about all the possible positions they would have sex in, doggie style, her favorite, the side from the back, one leg down, one leg up missionary, oh but how about her riding him into oblivion. She moans to herself, he turns around quickly and looks at her cocking one eyebrow.

“Aw shit, he heard me moan.” He smiles and she looks down at her books fast, “I do not want to be caught ogling a stranger, even if he’s a hella fine stranger.” she thinks.

As she looks down she notices a shadow come over her seat, what the hell, she looks up and it’s him and he’s smiling. Lord have mercy, that man could put Colgate outta business with that pretty smile. He has nice lips, man’s lips they look firm like he can kiss away every problem you thought you had. As she stares at his lips, she licks her own, she’s in physical pain right now he’s so fucking gorgeous.

“Ehem!” he interrupts her corrupt thoughts.

She looks up; damn he caught her again, what’s up with this guy catching her staring.

He says “Hello, may I ask your advice?”

Now, she’s gone, she’s really gone, he has a fucking accent, Australian she thinks. Aww, hell why’d he have to go and say something, she’s a sucker for accents. I wonder what that accent sounds like when he’s fucking a woman’s brains out and talking dirty in her ear. I bet it sounds real good.

“Yes, about what?” she says trying to look unconcerned and nonchalant but that shit ain’t working she’s real concerned and very chalant.

“Well, I was looking for a book on oral sex; since it looks like you’ve been here awhile” he glances at her book stack “Maybe you can tell me if you’ve seen any good ones.”

Oral sex? Looking at that thick tongue, he looked like the master of oral. But, there’s nothing wrong with a man expanding his knowledge base.

“Well, I don’t really know there were some on that shelf at the end and they looked interesting. Why don’t you try there?”

“Thank you, so much love.” he says in that sweet accent.

Love, did he just call her, love?  Men with accents they know how to make you cream on the slightest of words.  She looks down but continues to look up every once and awhile to keep checking him out, perusing that nice ass under those khakis, she could squeeze that forever. I wonder how his legs look, he looks to be in good shape I bet his legs are the kind you just to want to lick like a cherry popsicle, mmm her favorite.  Looks like he has a swimmer’s body, boy I wish I could get my hands on him. As she looks up once more, she notices he’s looking at her also. He smiles, holds up a book, looks like he got what he needed. She smiles back and nods her head.  Then he does it, the one thing that can send her into complete overdrive, he winks at her. She almost melts like a puddle into the seat.

As he walks away she thinks, “Damn, he’s fine. I wish I knew his name.”  Since he still has to purchase the book, maybe, just maybe she can get a name and phone number. Hell, there no harm in trying.

“Well, if I’m going to make a move to catch sexy Australian I better do it soon before he makes his way through the line and is gone”.

She rises up out of her seat, leaving her pile of books and makes her way to the front counter to try to make to catch Mr. Sex on a Platter. She comes around a shelf and with much disappointment and remorse she notices he isn’t in line. Aww damn, well maybe he decided he didn’t need the help with oral sex. She looks around a little more out of frustration and horniness to see if she can find him, no such luck. For a second she thinks about asking one of the clerks but maybe that would just make her look desperate.

Oh well, the opportunity to hook up with sexy guy with an accent has passed her by, she better stop by the bathroom and make my way out of here and head home. She walks toward the restroom sign and as she steps into the small hallway, she looks up and there he is Mr. Sex on a Platter. They almost bump into one another but he catches me by the arm.

“Hello there, again” he says in that delectable accent.

“Hi!” She looks down trying to act coy. “Fancy meeting you here.” she giggles and smiles, damn she sounds and blushes like a 16 year old school girl, this feels good.

He leans over her and says “You know I looked in that book and I think there’s some things I’d like to try.” close to her ear.

Her eyes go up in a question, like what the hell is he telling me this for then all the sudden before she knows what’s going on he’s hauling her into the family restroom, you know the one with the baby changing stand. Once they’re in there he’s kissing, pawing her, running his hands all up and down my body.

“God, I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw you sitting in that chair looking at all those books” he says huskily “what the hell is woman as sexy as yourself looking for books on sex, you should be getting more than you can handle.”

She’s lost all my ability to speak or even keep a coherent thought he’s running those smooth hands all over my nubile body. She feels hands all over my arms, back, and ass and it feels good he definitely knows how to handle a woman’s body and she’s thankful for it.

“You know I did bring you in here to try something from that book and I want you tell me if it works.”  Then he proceeds to start to show her his new skill, knowledge IS power.

She couldn’t believe she was in the family restroom with the guy of my sexual dreams getting ready to have unbelievable wild, unrestrained sex.

“When I saw you in the seat, I knew your pussy would be so sweet and I just wanted a chance to taste it.” he said.

She almost choked, his words were so hot, they were scorching her lips as he says them into her mouth. He kissed her with the intensity of man, who seemed starved for kisses. She knew that mouth was made was kissing, she’s on fire her pussy is dripping cream down her thigh. Thank goodness, she wore this skirt today. She couldn’t say anything she just began to kiss him back plunging her tongue into the cavern of his hot mouth. She is dizzy, he put his hand under her skirt and moves the thong aside to find her hot snatch, he plunges a finger into her soft folds.  She gasps and moans and then he puts another finger into her pussy and she decides to ride it.

“Oh, you’re cunt is so tight and you’re so ready, so sweet.”

“Yes, I’m ready, so ready for you to fuck me.” she says.

“Oh yes, love I’m going to fuck you so good with my tongue.”

He raises her skirt and she gets ready to ascend into heaven.

She’s so caught up in the sensations of his tongue in her mouth and fingers in her pussy, her knees are about to give out. He begins to rub her clit in slow circles and the sensations that go through her body are so intense she’s about to lose her mind.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he moans.


“Oh yes, don’t stop.” She says in a shaky voice.

“Oh, now you can’t come yet.”

She’s on the brink and looks at him surprised; she pulls her head back and looks into his eyes. “What?”

“No, you can’t come yet, you can only come when I say.”

“Oh, that’s not ffaaaiirr.” Her body is on the brink, she puts her hands on his chest to steady her legs.

“Are you ready?” he says in the voice that is so low and sexy.

Without removing his fingers from her dripping cunt, he slides down to his knees. He raises her skirt to my waist and pulls down her thong which is dripping wet she pulls her feet out of her undies and looks down as he looks up into my eyes, there is so much desire in his look she’s almost overwhelmed. She’s never been looked at with so much lust and desire and the feeling is heady.

“Put one of your legs over my shoulder.” he commands her.

She automatically complies, she places her thigh on his steady shoulder and he then proceeds to put his tongue between the folds of her cunt. She sighs heavily and her head lolls back, he works his deliciously thick tongue into those folds like a master. She is overwhelmed with sensations, her whole body is on fire, she’s coming close to being consumed.  He laps at her pussy like it’s his last meal, moaning into it and he enjoys it. He pulls his head back and says

“Oh you taste so delicious, love.”

She looks into his eyes and her bones just melt away, she is consumed by this lust as he takes up where he left off. She’s squirming and moaning loudly. He reaches her clit and begins to pull his tongue over it and flick it.

“Uuuggghh!” she says loudly that’s her weak spot and he’s hit just a like a hammer. He licking and lapping, almost cleaning her up but the more he laps and flicks her clit the more I drip.  She’s so ready to come, “Oh please, let me come, please I have to.”

He raises his head and with a wicked grin says “No, no I’m not finished enjoying this feast yet.” He dives back in, she’s never been with a man who seems to enjoy eating pussy so much and it’s turning her on to the nth degree. But, then when she thinks it can’t get any better he does something so freaky, she almost passes out.

His strong arms go under her thick thighs and ass and he lifts her which spreads her pussy and butt to him. He takes his tongue and swipes it from the crack of her ass to her waiting wet pussy.


She almost passes out “Ooohhh!” she says and begins to wiggle her ass a bit, as she wiggles she sees his head move back and forth, he can keep up.


He comes back to do the move again, at least she thinks he is but he sticks his tongue in that place so forbidden but so sweet. He moves his tongue in and out of her ass and she is going crazy the sensations are too much and she begins to moan


“Please let me come, you have to,” she begs for her release, pleading for him let her frustration ends, her core is starting to spasm and it’s going to be out of her control in a moment.


But he continues and comes back up to continue the assault on my pussy. His hands are kneading her ass and her hands are caressing his head. She knows any minute now someone from Borders is going to bust them in the bathroom, but she don’t care she needs this.  Her body has been aching for this.


He lifts his head slightly to look up into her eyes “Are you ready to come, love?”


“Yes, yes I’m beyond ready.” she pleads.

Then he sets her free “You may come.”


And she lets go, her body shivers and shakes but he’s still down there eating her pussy like a man on a mission. Her clit is engorged and it’s becoming painful but the pain feels so good. She’s oohhing and aahhing and shaking and coming it’s wonderful, there’s a smile on her face like she just won the freaking lotto. He removes his head and sets her legs back on the floor. She sinks to the floor and looks into his eyes, he’s smiling grinning from ear to ear.


She tells him “that was awesome, did you learn that in that book?”


“Yes.” he says still grinning “Looks like I’ll have to keep that one” he says and grins showing all those beautiful teeth in that gorgeous smile.


She smiles back at him and say “What did you say your name was again?”


“I didn’t, but it’s Paul, Paul…” but she stops him before he can finish.


“No I don’t need to know the rest” no need to get attached this is a one time incident she thinks.


He smiles and says “And your name?”


“It’s…” she about to reveal to him when, a loud banging comes at the door.


“Hey, you guys have been in there for like 20 minutes, I need to change my baby, come on!” they heard an angry voice bluster from outside the bathroom door.


“Oh my god, I gotta go. I have to get outta here, this is so embarrassing.” She says to no one in particular.


She’s hurrying to straighten her clothes and he’s doing his hoping when they get outside the door he can convince her to tell him her name and give him her phone number. Once she’s ready she opens the door to see an angry brunette with a little boy.


“What were you doing in there?” she strains to see in and notices only her and the man, “you don’t even have a kid.”


She makes a beeline for the door with her bathroom lover waiting in the hallway calling out “Hey, what’s your name?”


She hears him but doesn’t stop, the shame and embarrassment of having an absolute stranger give you the best orgasm of your life in the Borders bathroom.


I’ll never come to this Borders again, she thinks, “and that’s too bad cause I like this one.” She rolls out the parking lot, never to darken the door of that Borders ever.©




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