A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 4


Chapter 4

“When I came this morning to pick you up, I thought there would be a 14th floor,” Naomi mentioned as they rode the elevator to the top floor of his hotel, the Ritz-Carlton.

“I found it odd too that there wasn’t a 14th floor but the hotel is set up in sectors. I think it’s the German way of thinking, which I find odd sometimes,” he smiled at her.

Naomi laughed as the elevator went to his floor she was feeling a little nervous. They’d held hands back to the hotel and tried their best to just do a lot of small talk but they both knew what was about to happen. Naomi was nervous because it had been awhile for her it wasn’t as if she had tons of experience doing this. She’d only had 3 boyfriends in her life, because her status as a princess and none of those had ended on good terms. She’d only had 2 other lovers, 2 of the 3 boyfriends. Although she had found she had enjoyed sex with in her last relationship over three years ago, she thought that maybe she shouldn’t go through with this tonight with Douglas. She wasn’t the sort of girl who just took on lovers as a side project she’d been in committed relationships previously. This casual thing was new to her, but it was kind of exciting.  He leaned against the elevator wall, watching the numbers as they clicked passed it was almost time for them to get off. When they got to Doug’s floor he let Naomi pass first then he got off the elevator. He stepped in front and led her to his room, once inside Naomi found it very nice but the Ritz-Carlton always was she’d stayed at many around the world. Very modern and chic, she stepped through the door as Doug held it open for her. Then she heard to soft click as it closed, she turned to see him with his back to her locking it.

He turned to Naomi and saw she was eyeing him nervously, “why don’t you come in and sit down and make yourself comfortable. I may have something in this bar to drink, would you like something?” he said as he went around the bar and opened a tiny refrigerator.

“Can I have a gin and tonic?” she never really drank hard liquor but this occasion was calling for it.

Doug looked up in surprise, “gin and tonic, whatever the lady wants.”  He started to put ice cubs in short glass, the distinct clinking made Naomi jump. She was on edge, she thought to herself, ‘just calm down, he’s just a man’ a really gorgeous man she thought. He was pouring the tonic in over the gin when he looked up and smiled at her. Naomi figured she should get up and get the drink, she rose from her seat to walk toward the bar when Doug told her, “no, you sit there and relax. I swear this glass is not heavy I can bring it over to you.”

She grinned a bit as he walked over to her on the couch and handed her the glass and sat down with his own.  As Naomi watched him move so fluidly she thought he did have the natural grace of an athlete. He stretched his legs in front of him and leaned back into the corner of the couch. Naomi took a swallow of her gin and tonic she didn’t even taste it go down.  He was watching her with that feral glare and his lips curved up into a seductive smile as he took sips from his glass. Naomi started to stir restless on the couch. She pulled her legs under her and started to look around the room.

“This is a really beautiful suite, Doug. Are you enjoying it?” she asked to try to start some kind of small talk up again.

“I like it’s very nice, I don’t do anything but sleep in it and take a shower but it has a really nice balcony would you like to see it?”

Naomi was relieved, something so she wouldn’t just be sitting on this couch like a ninny, “sure, that would be great.”

They both set their drinks on the coffee table and rose.  He walked over and opened the door to the balcony. They stepped through and he stepped over to the glass railing, “look, it’s a lake then there’s the pool set in the middle of the lake.”

She stepped over tentatively Naomi had a small fear of heights that she’d forgotten about. She usually took some kind of medication to calm her when she took flights and had to stand at high places.

Doug was watching her, she kept stepping really slowly and cautiously towards the railing she didn’t make it all the over before she stopped and stretched herself to see over the side.

“You’re afraid of heights,” he guessed and smiled to himself.

She looked at him and thought how could he think this was amusing, she was almost in full out terror mode, “yes, I’m afraid of heights. What did you think I don’t like to look at water?” She frowned at him and turned and went back into the suite.

Doug followed her quickly and caught her by the arm and turned her around. She had on layered t-shirts and her breasts looked delicious with that cotton material stretched taunt over them.

“I’m sorry Naomi, baby. It’s not a big deal, you should have told me I wouldn’t have suggested we go out to the balcony.” He pulled her tightly against him into his arms. He put his head on her head, “I hope you forgive me,” he said into her ear as he kissed it.

Naomi thought with the way she felt in his arms and his soft lips on her ear, she could forgive just about anything he did right now.

“It’s okay. I just hate to show weakness, that’s all.”

He spoke into her ear again as he kissed it, “Baby, that’s not weak, that’s human. You’re still the sexiest thing walking on two feet even if you can’t stand heights.” He kissed her ear then let the kisses trail down to her neck.

Naomi could feel her body start to melt against him, her hands went up and down his solid back. She pulled her head back and he looked at her deep in her eyes. His eyes were turning grey again she figured that must happen when he’s feeling intense about something. He lowered his head and kissed her softly, letting his lips only touch hers lightly. Doug could feel himself being overcome with passion for this woman, his manhood had been standing proud for awhile.

“Naomi,” he said against her lips.

“Umm hmm,” she mumbled their lips and tongues still seeking out one another as they spoke in between kisses.

“I’m not good at beating around the bush,” he said moaning a bit as her tongue trailed down his neck to that wonderful sensitive spot on it. “So, I’m just going to say it. I really do want to make love to you tonight, do you want that?”

Naomi’s head rose and she looked at Doug directly to make sure he understood how serious she was, “Douglas I want to make love to you right now more than I want to breathe.”

He smiled at her and she smiled in return.  He took her t-shirts from over her head and there she was standing with those bountiful b-cups in white bra with tiny pink flowers all over it. He looked at her and thought, my goodness she’s so innocent and so damn sexy at the same time.  He knew he was in trouble.  Her breasts were caressed by that material, her skin was so beautiful like smooth sweet chocolate, he never seen skin have such a glow. He looked up at her again she looked worried like she wasn’t sure what to do or what he was thinking. He decided to ease her mind, he took off his sweater and began to unbutton his shirt but before he knew it she was in front of him, those beautiful long fingers easing the buttons from their restraints. As his shirt fell open her soft hand glided across his chest lightly as she familiarized herself with the feel of him.

Naomi had almost passed out as she opened his shirt it was so unlike her to be so bold. She was princess, they weren’t supposed to be forward but she felt like tonight she just wanted to be a woman just a regular woman. His chest was gorgeous, honed from exercise lightly sprinkled with brown hair she actually found that it made him much more masculine. Her eyes went up to catch his expression and he looked as if he was in pure ecstasy, she’d never quite seen a look like that on a man’s face, he was enjoying her touch tremendously she figured.

Doug had decided to make her feel as good as he was feeling. He touched her shoulders massaging them a bit his hands moved down her supple arms. Those breasts were the most beautiful things he’d seen in long time, so he took his fingers and trailed them across the tops of her bosom. Her breathing hitched a little, she was excited and so was he and the odd thing was they both still had their most of their clothes on.

Doug smiled as her and her touched her, “I think we need to get out of the rest of these clothes. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, I think you’re right,” Naomi giggled a bit and sat on the couch to remove her shoes.

“No, you won’t be removing anything this evening, that’s my job,” Doug said taking charge. He kneeled before her and unzipped and removed her boots, it was not an easy task but he was strong.  He pulled her to her feet and Naomi looked at his hands as he undid her zipper and slid it down. She could feel the goose bumps rise on her skin, she was so nervous.

Doug’s hands are shaking a bit, it’s not as if it’s been forever since he’d made love to a woman but one this sexy and beautiful he was so scared he’d do something wrong, whatever he did to make Tiffani cheat on him wrong. But she is absolutely the fineness, most beautiful thing he’d seen walking on two feet. He pulls her pants to her feet and she stepped out of them. Doug’s eyes just peruse her body, she’s wearing a pair of boy shorts underwear that matches her bra but with a ass like hers, there’s nothing about them that is anything like shorts. He can appreciate the sight later, he starts to take his clothes off and fast.

Naomi is shocked he took his time with undressing her, now he’s undressing himself like his clothes are on fire, “Doug I want to help you undress.”

“No time, these…things… have to come off,” he talking between pulling off pants, socks, and throwing that unbuttoned shirt to the side.

Naomi was grinning to herself, but he was some of kind of gorgeous once he was there in just a pair of boxer shorts.  “Oh!” she said more to herself than him.

He looked up, “something wrong?”

“No, no Douglas nothing is wrong everything is right, absolutely, positively right.”

Good, he swept her up in his arms and kissed as he walked the short distance to the bed. He deposited her gingerly on the bed Naomi scooted up a bit and laid in the middle against those cotton soft pillows. She sat on her elbows and admired his male beauty and he was beautiful.  Tall and slightly tanned, chest full of ripples from those rock hard muscles, he had long muscular legs, very lean and sculpted body. She loved the way that shaggy hair of his hung in his face like a little boy with the body of full grown man. He did have the face of little boy except his eyes in his eyes, in those Naomi saw all the hunger of a man.

As she lay there on his bed, Doug thought he’d died and gone to Naomi heaven. She looked so sensual, with all those luscious curves, hips that just rounded off so nicely to those beautiful toned legs. He decided to go for what he knew he leaned over and started to crawl up alongside her body, touching her as he went. Naomi squirmed a little, laughing in a low tone, he liked that, he liked women who knew how to have fun in bed.

“You waiting on me to make a move?” he asked looking up at her with her head rested on the pillow.

“Yes, I am, are you ever going to?” she said in a drool tone.

“Oh now it’s on,” He flung himself on top of her and Naomi was shocked with the sudden contact. She broke out fit of giggles as he tickled her.

“Oh stop, stop it Douglas,” she was laughing and squirming underneath him.

Then if happened she brushed something hard and not his leg, she stiffened.

He stopped and looked down at her into those cocoa brown eyes, “see what you’re doing to me.” Doug began to kiss her and run his hands along her body, trying his best to reach ever possible spot on that tender, soft skin. She smelled so good like honeysuckle, he could have sniffed her all day but he had other things to do.

Naomi grabbed his shoulders and her elegant hands drifted along his arms, making mental note of the muscles that shaped those beautiful appendages. He was kissing her all over her face and neck going slowly almost savoring the taste for later. Naomi felt his mouth move over hers as she prepared herself to kiss him, he put his mouth flush against hers pressed against hard, his tongue probing her mouth intimately. The kiss was taking on urgency. Naomi’s body was on fire, her slit slippery from her own juices his hands making trails of heat along her skin, she started to rid herself of the remainder of her clothes, but her hands couldn’t move as fast as his. Before she knew if he’d relieved her of her underwear and her bra, she lay naked under him panting and moaning.

Doug didn’t want to miss a minute of this, that’s why he’d left the lights on in the room, he was glad she wasn’t like a lot of women that needed to be in total darkness to make love. But why would she, her body was testament to how God made all things in his image of perfection. Her breasts were firm, his hand went down to knead them slowly then his head followed. His sucked in her hard berry nipple, it felt so good in his mouth soft and sweet. He felt her hands on his head, in his hair holding him there as he worshipped that breast. His fingers traveled along her flat stomach and he didn’t have to wait to long before he found her treasure, she was shaved, which surprised him, a felt a small strip of hair running along her slit. His fingers found their way into her folds and he massaged her before he pushed into her opening. He was hot and wet, he needed to get in there and soon or he’d go mad.  He fumbled around in his drawer on the nightstand and found his stash of condoms, luckily he put them there he didn’t think he could get up and try to dig the ones out of this wallet. He pulled his underwear down and as he did so rose a little off of her body.

Naomi peaked between them to see what his penis looked like and she was not disappointed. It was a good size, very thick with a red mushroom head. She’d never seen the penis of white man before, so she was curious to see if it looked different it actually didn’t just color wise it was the only difference. She saw his head go down and look between them then back up at her.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

She sensed some trepidation in his voice so she eagerly told him, “yes, I love it. I want to feel it.”

“Give me a moment to put this condom on and you will.”

He had the condom and was opening it with his teeth as Naomi took her hand and began to stroke his cock. He stopped mid-tear, his breath coming harder, his head hitting the pillows for a moment.

“Baby you have to stop that or I will not be able to satisfy you in the way you deserve,” he pleaded with her.

But Naomi didn’t stop, now that they were here she felt brazen and bold she wanted to touch him to feel him in her hands.  His moans were getting louder he grabbed both her hands with his and pulled them off his manhood.

“You have to stop,” he said again raggedly. Doug was on the verge of exploding all over her and he didn’t want that kind of embarrassment.

He slipped on the condom and started to rub himself against her slit. Naomi held on to his shoulders grabbing him tightly. He kept rubbing himself, lightly at first but now harder.  Her head went back into the pillows and she closed her eyes her body eager for his invasion. Doug was kissing her neck and chest and had moved down to breasts once again, kneading them in his hand and kissing her mouth while against her lips he was softly saying words of ecstasy.

“You feel just like heaven, baby. Oh you are so sweet, so beautiful and so sweet.”

Naomi could barely comprehend him she was caught up in the feel of him. He kissed her hard and deep and as he did so he entered her slowly. Doug didn’t want to miss a moment of her walls encasing him tightly she felt so incredible and gripped him with everything she had.

Naomi felt the head of his cock enter her and then he came down slowly, it was almost like torture. He felt so wonderful too good almost no man had ever felt this good entering her. Not that she had much to go on, but what she did have had never been like this. She never wanted this feeling to end, they looked at each other and she began to move slowly her body writhing under the delicious weight of his.

Doug felt her move and pulled back and pushed forward still not moving too fast, savoring the feeling of a woman so sweet. They stared at each other while they made love, Tiffani never looked at him when they had sex she would usually turn away or close her eyes but Naomi just stared at him lovingly. He saw a small smile come onto her lips and he smiled back. This was the happiest place on earth he thought, he could feel her silky smooth legs rub up and down his sides and wrap around him. That just allowed him to enter her more deeply, the feeling more intense. He could feel her beneath him, her body rolling in rhythm with his own. His hands went underneath her ass and lifted her slightly for a better angle he massaged that soft flesh and rubbed her cheeks as he ground into her.

Naomi knew in any moment she was going over the edge, she was about to come apart. Her hands slide up and down his back and grabbed those tight buns and held on for dear life. He was kissing her intensely and groaning almost growling as he penetrated her softness over and over again.

“Damn Naomi, I never knew it could feel like this,” he said to her.

Naomi’s head was back and her eyes had drifted close, “I didn’t either, this is…spectacular” she let out a deep breath.

Doug just rode her harder and deeper, her body meeting his with every stroke, he knew he wasn’t going to last long but he needed to make sure he lasted longer than her. So he brought her up butt even higher and rested on his knees as he leaned into her body.

All of sudden, Naomi felt a surge through her lions, she had never felt anything that intense. Her orgasm sailed over her smooth and powerful, her body seized up and she was stiff for a moment not even breathing just reveling. The feeling so powerful, she thought that maybe her eyesight had gone blurry because she couldn’t really see.  Just as fast as it had come it was ebbing away and she breathed out, “Oh my god!” she shouted.

Doug knew she’d had an orgasm because her walls her milking his cock so he let go and pumped all of his essence into that condom. He growled low in his throat, a grunt of manly satisfaction. He thought for a moment if it’s this good with a condom how would it be skin to skin. He stilled himself for a moment let himself soften within her. He slid out making sure to grab the condom so it wouldn’t come off, he didn’t want any accidents. When they had children together it would be on purpose, ‘whoa where did that thought come from,’ he chastised himself.  He rolled over to her side and deposited the used condom into trash container.  He turned back towards her she was there with her eyes closed with a dreamy look on her face. He gathered her up in his arms and stroked her back.

“You feel okay, babe?” he asked he knew she did but he wanted to hear it.

“I feel fabulous, that was fantastic Douglas,” she opened her eyes and looked up at him his eyes had turned slightly more blue than grey, “you’re superb. Can we do that again?”

He laughed, boy she was hungry, “yes, we can but you have to give me a minute I need to catch my breath and steady my heart rate,” he told her clutching his chest.

She laughed at him, Naomi adored that he was such a jokester, “I can understand that I need a moment myself. I have to tell you it’s been a while since I’ve made love to anyone and you’re only the third man I’ve ever made love to in my life. But I’m glad it was you.”

Doug looked surprised her body responded like someone who was experienced in the art of lovemaking but he was happy he could make her comeback a memorable one.

“Wow, well I’m honored. I’m glad I can make it special for you. You’re a really special and wonderful woman so your body should be worshipped.”

Naomi smiled big she set her head against his chest and felt his light sweat and his heart pounding beneath that hard mass of muscle.  Her hands rubbed up and down him slowly as she could felt his hands go up and down her back, every once in a while caressing her butt.

“You like that?” she asked him wickedly.

He smacked it lightly and she jumped, “yes, I like it a lot. I’ve always liked women with some cushion on their backside, nicer to watch and much nicer to hold,” he said squeezing her bottom.

Naomi giggled and smacked his chest.

“Hey, you asked if I liked it I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate your womanly curves,” he kissed her on her forehead.

“I’m glad you do. They do love to be appreciated. But you know other things love to be appreciated too,” she lifted her head and looked at him slyly. Naomi had decided since she’d already done this might as well go all the way.

Doug looked at her and thought well she’s not as innocent as she pretends to be and he was glad of it. He broke out in big cheese-eating grin with those gorgeous dimples prominent.

“I’ll show you how I appreciate other things.”

Doug slid down her body to the juncture in between her thighs. He began to kiss her inner thighs softly. Naomi moaned and opened her legs wider so he could gain more access. Doug kissed and licked her thighs, tasting her sweetness. His mouth caressed her outer lips lightly and breathed in the scent that was distinctly her own, he was going to enjoy pleasuring her. He licked her slit and Naomi moans were turning into full out gasps of joy, he opened her to his ministrations and licked and sucked her folds his tongue delving into her to enjoy the flavor.  She tasted salty and sweet, a really erotic combination.

Naomi had never felt anything like Doug’s tongue and mouth. Her other two lovers weren’t really keen on pleasuring a woman like this, although they always wanted to have her give them a blow job.  They would do it if pushed. But never like this. He seemed to be enjoying it like a man at his last meal.  She could hear him making mmm noises throughout the act, so as he enjoyed himself she enjoyed herself. Putting her hands into his hair and pushing him in slightly. She didn’t have to do much, he got the hint and went full throttle, licking her clit like it was lollipop, the feeling was intense like a gigantic nerve ball right in the center of her body her stomach was starting to do flips and her legs started to shake a little then a lot.

Doug could feel her legs shake and he knew it would just be matter of moments, she’d come all his tongue and he was happy to lap it up.

Naomi felt the entire lower half of body shake uncontrollably of it’s own volition as she came again, she was moaning loudly and panting “Douglas, oh Douglas, oh you’re wonderful.”

Somehow Doug was able to hold onto her legs, which was not an easy feat, they were strong but he didn’t want her to kick him by accident. He keep lapping her core, trying to gather every last drop on his tongue.  She finally stopped moving and all he could hear was her breathing, he licked her again and raised his head. She was completely in her own world of bliss, where he wanted her to be and she looked beautiful with those emotions on her face.  He felt a little cocky that he was the one that had put them there.  He rose and settled himself over her again and kissed her letting his tongue glide along the seal of her lips to open them. His kiss was slow and sweet and promising more to come for the night.

“This is far from over, sweetheart,” he told as his lips left hers as he began to rub his hard cock against her wet folds.

Naomi smiled and he kissed her again as their night of passion was just beginning. ©


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