Looking for A Partner

I’m looking for a partner, someone who get things fixed…Pet Shop Boys ‘Opportunities’. I don’t like to miss an opportunity so I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to ask about a writing partner. I’ve been looking for someone forever. I am a pretty good at writing but I know I can be better but I’d really like to have someone who interested in a being a writing partner. I must say I’m not the greatest editor because grammar is not my strong suit but I can give an honest opinion without coming off as catty. I want someone who can do the same, if you’re a good editor that would be a plus but what I’m looking for is someone who will be honest about my writing. Someone will tell me what’s working and what is not working. Maybe we can challenge each other’s writing skills and maybe this will get me off my butt to finish some of those unfinished stories. I want to be a better writer not particularly because I want these things published, I just like doing my best at what I do. I’ve always enjoyed writing and yes one day I’d like to try my hand at a mystery, maybe I can do that with a partner. You need to like romance and mysteries. You need to  be constructive in criticism and not just mean for the sake of being mean. No one wants their hard work cut to pieces but I don’t want pie in the sky either. I’m realistic that I’m just a so-so writer for now but maybe we can help make each other better. Please comment and let me know.


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