A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 3

Chapter 3
After spending the rest of the afternoon and evening eating and drinking with Naomi and her companions, Doug was feeling the call of sleep. He looked at his watch it was 8 pm, usually he was much better at staying awake but this had been a long day of fun and frolic. He looked over at Naomi and smiled then tried to suppress a yawn but it didn’t get by her view.
“You’re tired Douglas aren’t you?” she said to him concerned.
He really liked the way she called him Douglas no one but his Nana called him Douglas, she felt it was strong name that didn’t need to be shortened for convenience. But Naomi said in a way that his Nana never had and it made him have feelings in places that Nana’s were not allowed to go.
“Yea, it’s a been long day,” he said but quickly added, “but a really great one since I met you and your sister and Freddy.” He made sure to put emphasis on the ‘you’ portion of his sentence. He was really beginning to like Naomi and wanted to get to know here better.
Naomi was just looking at him as he stared at her, she was finding herself more taken with him every moment, he had the most beautiful eyes and she wanted to stare at those all day. Dhani and Freddy were having a great time they’d walked off a while back and came back to the table with two more beers laughing hysterically. Al and Zoe were not faring better, about half way through the conversation they had some kind of argument over the death penalty that left them both annoyed by the other one. After that Zoe spent time between participating in Doug and Naomi’s conversation or Dhani and Freddy’s and Al just sat there drank beer and sulked. Odd as it was, Naomi was starting to feel sorry for him she knew her sister could be a little stubborn but she was lovable and as sulky as Al could be she could see that he had a sweet side.  Although, he hadn’t spoken a lot during the day to Zoe he’d asked her on numerous occasions whether she needed a drink and always got up to get if for her and he paid for it. Naomi thought that was more than most men would do for a woman that didn’t talk to them.
Doug thought this had been a wonderful day he’d met his dream match and was feeling better about his prospects in the category of love. Dhani seemed to having a remarkably great time with Freddy, those two had hit it off almost immediately and had pretty much been acting as if no one else at the table existed most of the evening. Al, however, was not having any luck with Zoe and Doug felt kind of bad for him for all his childish antics and arrogance sometimes, there was no better person to have as a friend than Al and when he was committed to one person which wasn’t often he was really committed. He could see in Al’s eyes that he was really feeling Zoe he just didn’t know how to get through to her and his smooth moves and machismo charm were not working with her at all. Naomi brought his mind back to present and better looking company.
“We have to depart Doug,” she said looking around at the girls at the table, Zoe immediately got up gathering her things, “I’m rather tired myself and need to get some rest.”
She even spoke like royalty who used ‘depart’ in a sentence he thought “You have things to do tomorrow?” he asked her.
“Not much, thinking about some touring but not really sure.”
“Can I ask you something, Naomi?” Doug wanted badly to spend some more time with her.
She turned back towards him after gathering her things from the table. ”Sure you can?”
“I’d like for you to spend the day with me tomorrow.”
She looked confused for a second, “with all you guys, all of us?” she asked.
“Oh no, no offense to Zoe and Freddy,” neither one of the ladies seemed to take any, in fact they were both smiling, “but just you and I, hang out, do some touring together around the city. What do you say?”
Zoe spoke up before Naomi could answer, “I say yes.”
Naomi turned to her sister and trained her glare on her, “He wasn’t asking you Zoe,” she turned back to Doug and said, “yes, they sounds great. You guys will be okay on your own tomorrow, won’t you?”
“Chile, we’ll be fine tomorrow on our own we’re two grown women.” Freddy said and laughed.
“Yea, you guys will be okay, won’t you? Al? Dhani?” Doug asked looking at them with pleading in his eyes. They knew what to do.
“Yea man, we’re cool we may just hang with the ladies tomorrow.” Dhani suggested.
“That might be a good idea.” Al said all the while looking at Zoe, she wasn’t looking at him and she didn’t look happy about the idea.
“Great, then we have everything set. What time can I pick you up at your hotel?” Doug asked her.
“Hotel?” Naomi answered. She couldn’t let him see where they were staying. Her parents had a small castle in the German countryside with full staff for their visit. She told him quickly, “That’s okay, I’ll meet you at your hotel and we can leave from there.”
“Okay, if that’s what you want.” Doug thought that was strange, he wondered why she didn’t want him to pick her up maybe they were staying in what she thought was a subpar hotel, oh well he thought.
“Douglas, can you and the guys walk us to our cars, they’re parked a little ways away from the festival.” She turned to get ready to walk away.
“Sure.” Doug and the guys along with the ladies started in the direction of their cars.
As they walked they continued to chat and discuss further their plans for the next day. When they finally arrived at the girls’ car, Doug was taken aback.

“Okay, guys this is us.” Naomi said taking the keys from her purse, although as a Princess she didn’t drive herself often she had forced her Father to let her take driving lessons as a teenager and she enjoyed driving herself places when she had the chance and this holiday had been one of those chances. Zoe had driven herself in also, she figured Zoe was headed to some night spot because Freddy was getting into her car not Naomi’s.
“Wow!” Al said looking at Dhani. Dhani’s eyes were in large circles and his mouth hung open.
“These are your cars?” Doug said trying not to sound too shocked.

 “Yes, they are.” Naomi assured him. Zoe just laughed like the question was silly.
Doug just kept looking at the cars, they each had an Aston Martin, Zoe’s was steel grey Vanquish and Naomi’s was black db9, both were new. He looked at Naomi again. She just looked at him and smiled “Douglas I’ll see you tomorrow at 11:00 am at your hotel, okay?”
“Yea, yea tomorrow at 11 am, remember ask for Room 1445,” as he stared almost mesmerized those beautiful pieces of machinery.
“1445, I’ll remember.” She reached out to embrace him as Dhani was hugging Freddy and kissing her on the cheek. Naomi embraced Doug and he kissed her full on the lips, he just felt an overwhelming need to taste those succulent lips of hers. She pulled back at first but then thought he was such a good kisser why not just give in so she kissed him back. It wasn’t a hard kiss, just light and sweet, she could just taste the hint of beer and bratwurst still on his breath not the best taste but not bad either. He just slipped her little tongue not too much he didn’t want a porno kiss this first time but his tongue just swept the inside of her lips and then he pulled back. He opened his eyes and she was staring back him, looking a little shy as he looked around and saw everyone staring at them.
“Ehem, well we better get going too. I’ll see you tomorrow, beautiful lady.” He winked at her as he turned to leave with the guys.
Zoe got in and started up and took off down the road like a bat of hell. Naomi waved at Doug and he waved back as she started up and left.
“Damn man,” Dhani said. Doug looked over at him as they watched the cars drive out of sight. “What kind of government work does she do, because I need to do that. Even her sister has an Aston Martin. Did you see those cars?”
“Yea I did,” Doug knew Aston Martin’s weren’t inexpensive by any means and even renting one wouldn’t be cheap, he wondered what she did also because whatever it was she was being paid well for it. “We should have made them pay for drinks,” Doug joked and they all started to laugh.

…to be continued


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