Rendezvous-Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Violet had avoided Paul all day at the office, which to tell the truth wasn’t as hard as she thought, he was on the 42nd floor and she was on the 40th floor of the 8 floors held by their law firm, which made if relatively easy. He had e-mailed her quite a bit but it was all business and professional, which she was glad of. He reminded her only once about their business dinner that evening. She’d tried to dress rather conservatively, she didn’t want any distractions, so she wore a navy blue suit with a light blue cashmere sleeveless sweater underneath and navy blue pumps, she thought it looked as boring as the day was long.

But as she walked into Rockwell’s and Paul spotted her from the bar, he thought anything but that. “My goodness she looks spectacular, that suit fits her so well,” he thought. She was standing in the foyer, talking animatedly with an older gentlemen, he said something she must have found amusing because she put her head back and laughed loudly. He could hear her laugh, it sounded nice, like music to his ears and she had the most wonderful genuine smile. Paul enjoyed watching her mouth go up to stretch those full plump lips, and those beautiful coffee brown eyes of hers that crinkled at the corners.  She had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen, almond shaped and very distinctive, he could look at those all day. He saw the gentlemen turn his head and point his finger Paul’s way and she turned her head to look, when she spotted Paul she smiled and turned again to the gentlemen whom she looked as if she thanked and gave him a nice big hug. She walked towards Paul, well more like sauntered towards him. Did she even know what a sexy walk she had, all long legs and a slight natural twist, he was enthralled. He had to adjust himself in his seat because his cock began to jump to life.

“Down boy,” he thought, “this is just a business dinner.” But he could always hope for more.

“Good evening, Paul,” she said as she smiled.

“Good evening, I just thought I’d have myself a drink while I waited.”

She looked at his drink and back up at him, “Would you like one? Mine is bourbon.”

“No thank you, I don’t drink and drive. My father was killed by a drunk driver.  Although I do drink sometimes,” she added.

“Oh, I can understand that, very smart on your behalf.  I actually went home and dropped my car off and took a cab down.  That way I could change.” He said rising out of his seat to pull out a bar stool for her.

That was the first time she had taken notice that he had changed. He had on a pair of khaki slacks, a white button down shirt and a black blazer with brown loafers. Wow, thought Violet, didn’t he look bad in anything, was there any time he wasn’t dressed like he just stepped out of GQ.

“Well some of us had to work hard so we didn’t get a chance to go home and change.” Violet said with a smile in her voice.

“Oh no, that’s fine. You look great, no need to change what’s already working fantastic,” he told her letting his eyes glide down her luscious body.

She looked away a little embarrassed and smiled. He did have a way with words.

He decided to change the subject as he noticed she was getting embarrassed and he didn’t want her nervous around him. “Who’s the gentlemen you were talking to at the front, the maitre’d?”

“No.” She said emphatically, “that’s Frank Rockwell Ruggerio, he owns the restaurant. He’s also a client of the firm. He’s a wonderful man. He and his wife Barbara have been married for 44 years and have 7 kids and 18 grandkids. “

“That’s quite a feat,” said Paul, “not many marriages can weather that many years, are they happy?”

“Yes, insanely happy in fact,” said Violet. “They are so sweet and he’s the funniest man, I’ve ever met. He and Mr. Smithmeyer are friends. That’s one of the reasons the firm has an account here. It’s all about who you know in the legal world. But, I don’t have to tell you that. Do I?”

Paul laughed, big and hearty “No, no you don’t have to tell me that.” Violet decided she really liked his laugh it was great to hear a man laugh with such life and depth to it.

The hostess walked over, “Hello Violet, how are you doing?”

“Hi Candace, how are you? How’s that beautiful baby girl of yours?”

“Oh, she’s fabulous getting bigger everyday and cuter too.”

“And the hubby?” Violet asked looking slyly at her.

“He’s getting bigger too and… more cute.” Candace laughed and so did Violet. “Well, you guys, your table is ready and we got you a good one.”

Candace led Paul and Violet to their table by the window with a wonderful view of Puget Sound. She handed them their menus. “Thanks Candace.” Violet said and she left them to decide on their meal.

As they looked down at their menu choices, Violet asked, “Well, how can I help bring you up to speed on the Tri-Gear/Swisz merger?”

Paul looked up from his menu to see her still perusing hers. “Right down to business aren’t we?”

Violet looked up cocking one eyebrow and said, “Ummm, this is a business dinner, isn’t it? That means we discuss business. So how do I help get you caught up on the merger?”

So it’s going to be that way, thought Paul “Why don’t we order dinner first and then we can discuss the merger file.”

“Okay,” she responded.

The waiter came over and told them of their specials, Violet decided on a New York strip with peppercorn, medium rare with asparagus and smashed potatoes, a Rockwell’s house specialty, and Paul had a t-bone rare with a baked potato and seasonal mixed vegetables.  When their salads were brought out to them along with their meals, Violet and Paul went into deep discussion regarding the merger file.

Violet was all business, discussing the case and answering any questions Paul had, and letting him know in detail why his international law expertise would be needed in the merger. Paul was very active in the discussion and told Violet what he would be bringing to the merger and what assistance he would be to her.

As they talked though Paul couldn’t help but notice little things about her, she was so very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. He loved a smart and capable woman. He didn’t like women who feigned ignorance or helplessness to try to stroke a man’s ego. All the women he knew were smart and never lessened that fact to make a man feel more important.  He also noticed the excitement in her eyes as she discussed the law, she really seemed to relish what she did and thought her role in it was important and vital. He could sit there and listen to her discuss securities law all day long and never tire of it or of watching her, her beauty to him had doubled, even tripled since the time he’d met and encountered her at Borders bookstore.  That rendezvous with her in the bathroom had been magnificent but at this table discussing this case with her, it didn’t even compare.

As Violet sat there discussing the merger with him and their roles in it as co-counsel she noticed from the corner of her eye, the intensity with which he watched her. It was with great respect and reverence of her knowledge and ability as a lawyer, but he also looked at her with a hunger that was fully male, his gaze raking over her face and the portion of her body he could see, as she had removed her jacket and her bare arms and sweater covered breasts were exposed to his intense glare. Violet swallowed noticeably, she had never felt so naked while being fully clothed.  She felt goose pimples rise on her skin. She felt flush and was very aware of her body’s reaction to his scrutiny. She felt her panties become noticeably wetter as she squirmed in her seat a little. She noticed a little smile play on his lips as she did it. Bastard, he knows the effect he has on me, she thought.

Paul smiled just a tad as he noticed her squirming slightly, adjusting herself in her seat. Well, at least I’m not the only one feeling something he thought, happy to know her attraction to him had not faded.

As they sat with their coffee and dessert, Paul decided it was time to start making a play for his little flower.

“Violet, enough of the business talk, since we’ll be working so closely for so long I’d like to get to know you on a more personal level. Do you mind?” he asked.

Violet shrugged, “Sure, why not as long as it isn’t too personal. But, we may as well be friendly.”

“Good, tell me more about yourself. You know college and all the good stuff, family, things like that.” Paul said. Starting off slow was always best he thought to himself.

“Well, I’m 34 years old. I’ve been a junior partner at the firm for 4 years now. I’m one of four children. I’m the only girl and have three brothers, 2 younger, one older.”“What are their names?”

“The oldest one is Gregory for Gregory Peck, the middle one is Montgomery for Montgomery Clift, and the youngest is Tyrone for Tyrone Powers.”

Paul’s eyes knitted together in confusion.

Violet chuckled, “My mom, her name is Bernice by the way, really liked movies as a child so she named all my brothers after her favorite actors.”

“Oh.” He mouthed. “Well, you’re not named after an actress what happened to you?”

“My mom decided to make my middle name after one of her favorite actresses, it’s Ingrid for Ingrid Bergman. Violet is my great grandmother’s name and my mom said when I was born, she thought I was so beautiful the only name fitting for me would be that of a beautiful flower.”

“That’s lovely, Violet Ingrid.”

Violet blushed intensely, good thing she had darker skin or he would have seen it. The way her name rolled off his lips, almost made her turn into a puddle of goo in the seat, it sounded so delectable coming from him.

“Are you from here, where’d you go to school?” he asked.“Boy, you’re inquisitive.”“Hey, I’m a lawyer, that’s what I do.” He smiled.

She chuckled a bit, “no, I’m not from here. I’m originally from Houston, Texas, my mother and two of my brothers still live there. I moved up here to go to law school and stayed.  So I went to University of Texas as an undergrad and finished law school here at Seattle University. I went to school at night and worked in the day, it was tough but worth it.  So now I’m a Seattlite. The weird part is when I moved up here my best friend Aunedra, but I call her Nedra was already living up here, because she’d gone to Cornell College of the Arts for photography. So I wasn’t alone.”

Paul shook his head listening intently, Violet was so surprised, when she talked to most men about her life they either looked bored or cut her off to talk about themselves but he really seemed interested.

“Well, how about you Mr. Dudley? Where you from? What about your family and schooling?” Violet questioned teasingly.

Paul smiled big showing those brilliant pearly white teeth, “As you know, I’m Australian. I’m from Sydney, born and raised, that’s why I don’t have much of an accent, I’m not a country bumpkin.” Violet laughed at his description, “I went to the University of Sydney and went to Stanford University to get my law school degree. The first firm I worked for was where I met Harmon. He became my mentor.  I’ve worked in many places in the world, Chicago, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and was living in Sydney again when I got in touch with Harmon, he was looking for an attorney that was partner material and I was wanting to come back to the good ol’ U.S. of A.”

“Oh it must have been wonderful working all around the world, what an experience.” Violet commented excitedly.

“Yea, it was great at times. Not good for a marriage though.  I’m 43 years old and divorced.”

“Oh, do you have any kids?”

“No, no children. My ex-wife was a model and didn’t believe in sullying her good looks with a baby. So, no kids, she’s living in Paris now with her third husband.” Paul chuckled to himself then came out of his reverie, “Oh, yea you wanted to know about me. My mum and dad still live in Sydney, Dorothy and Malcolm Dudley married 49 years and I have an older sister, Ellie who works in the software industry, she and her husband and 3 children live in Singapore. I like football, soccer as you Yanks call it, rugby, classic novels, AC/DC, and I drive a Ford Shelby Fastback.”

“Get outta here,” said Violet in shock, “you like American muscle and classic cars.”

“Well, what idiot wouldn’t, the power, the speed, there’s nothing like muscle.” He said very seriously.

“I think I love you.” Violet said facetiously.

Paul began to laugh long and hard. “Because I love American muscle cars and have one.”

“Yes, I know you might see me in that Range Rover I drive to work every day but that’s just my everyday car. I don’t own a muscle car but I can appreciate one, I did have 3 brothers.  My own little baby is a 1969 corvette stingray in candy apple red. It’s my sweetie, I don’t take her out a lot but when I do.” She smiled thinking about her beautiful classic corvette.

“Oh, I know I love you baby.” Paul said jokingly but with a new respect in his voice.

“I know it’s an odd habit for a 34 year old black female attorney, but I love automobiles a lot. I did a lot of work on that car myself.”

“She can work a merger and work on a car, you’re my dream girl.”

Violet laughed to herself. She looked up to see Paul pretending to have the puppy dog look of love in his eyes. She had to acknowledge this business dinner was turning out pretty well. She looked at her watch, oh it was getting late.

“Oh Paul it’s getting late, we better get going. We both have to be up for work tomorrow. Those cases will not work on themselves.”

“Yea, you’re right. I’ve just had such a good time tonight. I better call myself a cab.”

“Oh no, that’s okay I’d be happy to drive you home.” She said.

“You sure, I don’t live far from here, but it might be out of your way.”

“Where do you live?” she smirked at him.

“On top of Queen Anne Hill on Republican.”

“Not a problem it’s on my way home to Ballard.”

“Good, I’ll take the ride.”

“Okay, let’s get going then.” She said as she smiled and signed the bill that the firm’s accounting department would be taking care of.

As they got up to leave and Paul walked behind Violet out the door of the restaurant, saying hearty good-byes to Frank and Candace and coming to her car. He thought as he watched that luscious rump of hers go from side to side in slow motion, ‘How do I make this fabulous woman mine?’ although he did have a couple of interesting ideas of how make that happen.

On the ride to Paul’s house, they talked more about themselves and their lives. Violet learned that Paul spoke 7 languages including Cantonese and Farsi. She also learned that he loved to give back by doing pro bono work for the poor and disenfranchised. He’d helped some aboriginal tribesman in the bush with land rights case and he had also done work in Kenya, he was looking for opportunities in Seattle to do pro bono work. Violet told him of a couple of organizations she knew of that needed legal help, because he’d practiced quite a few different types of law with international being his first love.

Paul learned that Violet sang in her high school choir and sang in a community choir, she was an alto. Her childhood dream was to be on Broadway, she loved singing and dancing. He also found out she loved to cook and had taken classes in French and Italian cuisine just for the heck of it. Paul was completely surprised to find out that she was an avid Elvis Presley fan and owned and knew all his movies. As they talked he became more intrigued by her each second, she was the most interesting woman he’d met in many years and he wanted to know more.

To Violet’s surprise, she was feeling she wanted to know more about Paul herself and not about his legal career. She wondered about his marriage, why would any woman let him get away. He was absolutely perfection. As they stopped in front of his house, finally she turned and took him all in. He was tall with a body that looked as if he worked out on a regular basis, but not overly muscular, it looked as if he was a swimmer, lean and long, a nice chiseled face, square jaw and straight nose, beautiful lips, she could stare at all day, not too plump, not too thin just right for kissing and she remembered he could kiss, nice beautiful blonde hair and those intense green eyes, they looked as if they saw right into her soul. She thought to herself, he looks kind of like Brad Pitt except only better. And best of all he had big hands and big feet she remembered what the old ladies used to say about those.  She remembered those hands gripping her thighs and lifting her up a little to gain access to her bounty. She felt as if she was starting to sweat.

“You okay?” he asked concerned looking at her, she looked as if she trying to catch her breath.

“Oh, I’m fine just thinking.”

He grinned mischievously, “About what, your eyes looked a little glazed over.”

“Nothing, just work.”

“Violet, you know I had a wonderful time at our ‘business dinner.’  I really enjoyed this evening with you.”

Violet smiled, “I did too. You’re a really interesting and very accomplished man. I’m quite impressed, a tad blown away.”

“It’s nothing, I love what I do. I feel lucky I found my calling in life.”

“I bet that is great.” She thought to herself, she still wondered when she’d find her own.

“Hey, why don’t you come into the garage and check out the Shelby. I also have a 1968 Dodge Charger in there I’m getting ready to restore.”

Violet’s eyes lit up, “You do. I definitely want to see it.”

As they walked up his drive she noticed Porsche 911 in the drive. “Is this yours too?” Violet looked at him curious.

“Yes, I like Porsches too. But muscle cars are a passion, I own six cars. The ‘64 mustang is in storage. I’m waiting for my Camaro and ‘65 Shelby to be shipped over from Sydney. They’ll be here in about another week or so.”

“Wow, you do like cars.”

“Well, we all have to have a vice.” He opened the side door to the garage, “Come on in and see mine.” He said to Violet.

Violet walked in and almost had an orgasm, he had a 2008 Ford Shelby Fastback, it was beautiful, black with silver racing stripe down the middle.

“Can I touch it?” She said excitedly as she looked back at Paul who was standing by the door.

“Sure you can, you can even sit in it if you want.” He pulled out his key chain and clicked and the door popped open.

Violet sat down in the seat, all leather, it was like butter. It was so smooth under her hands she just looked at the interior and sighed. Paul looked at her as she swept those beautiful hands across his leather seats and sighed to herself. He thought ‘I need to have her sweeping her hands across me and sighing like that.’

“Why don’t I take the cover off the Charger and you can check it out.”

Violet popped out of the Shelby and ran over to the car covered in a tarp, Paul pulled it off and all Violet could do was stare. She almost started to cry. It was beautiful, a metallic blue and in wonderful condition. “I still have work to do on the engine but it’s coming right along.”

“What are you putting under the hood?” She asked, a little test to see if he knew what he was doing.

“A V-8, twin turbos, of course. What else would I put under it?”

“You passed.” Violet said, satisfied he wasn’t just some rich guy trying to play with cars.

“Well, thank you,” said Paul. He wasn’t sure what he passed but he was glad he had. She was standing there with her hand on her hip looking smug and sure, he just wanted to grab her and kiss that look right off her face. “Would you like to come in and see pictures of the other three cars?

“Sure, why not?” But Violet was getting the feeling that when they crossed his threshold, they’d be doing more than having a simple discussion about cars.

Paul opened the door and stepped to the side to usher Violet in. “Come on in, Violet. Excuse the place it’s still a little messy. I haven’t unpacked all the boxes but my decorator was done, and the contractor had completed all the work I needed by the time I moved in.”

Violet stepped into his kitchen and was awestruck, it was beautiful. It made her kitchen look like a Barbie kitchen. Cherry wood cabinets, black granite counters, a full island, stainless steel appliances, he had a huge Viking stove with the most beautiful backsplash she’d ever seen mosaic tiles made into bunches of colorful flowers.

“Paul, you kitchen is spectacular,” she gushed.

“Thank you, but it wasn’t me. I made those contractors work really hard to have this done correctly. Would you like something to drink, I’m sorry to say all I have is tap water, vitamin water, and wine?” She noticed as he opened his refrigerator there was nothing in it but a couple bottles of vitamin water, what looked like butter on the side and a couple of containers of take out. “I haven’t been grocery shopping and to tell the truth I really don’t cook.”

Violet started to laugh she bent over his counter and laughed heartily. “I don’t believe it, this gorgeous kitchen wasted on a man that doesn’t cook. What a shame.”

Paul laughed and just shrugged.

“I’ll take a glass of water.” Violet said still laughing.He pulled a glass out of the cabinet and filled with water. He handed her the glass. “Thank you.” She said.

“You’re welcome. I better go get those pictures before you think I have ulterior motives.”

Violet raised an eyebrow. As Paul walked by her, he accidently bumped her and she spilled some water on her sweater. “Oh goodness, I’m a klutz,” she said.

“No, it was me let me get a towel to wipe that off.”  Paul turned to retrieve a towel from the counter and as he turns Violet had moved closer. Close enough so he can smell that intoxicating perfume of hers, what is that, DKNY? “Let me get that,” he says lifting the towel to her sweater. She looks up at him but he’s not looking at drying her blouse he’s looking into her eyes, there’s this feral look in his eyes, a hunger and it’s been awhile since Violet has seen that in any man’s eyes for her.

Paul notices that his look is reflected in her own beautiful brown eyes, she wants him and she’s going to have him. Paul moves in to kiss her, she’s the perfect height for him, their lips touch and it’s not like the kiss at Borders. This kiss is soft, sweet, tender, very tentative as if he’s not sure she wants the kiss but he’s trying to convince her.

But she does want the kiss, she wants to kiss him badly. Violet wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in.

Paul knows it’s time to go for it. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her into him, his hands make a downward journey to that beautiful round ass he’s been waiting to touch again, and it feels better than it did the first time.

She moans into his mouth as he kneads her ass with those big hands. Violet feels his cock start to harden as they kiss and she thinks, the old ladies were right. This boy is packing a monster.  Oh he felt so good against her, Violet’s head was starting to swirl. He pulls back from her lips and she’s left wanting more, she opens her eyes to see those smoldering green orbs of his staring at her intently. She can’t look away, he’s just absolutely gorgeous.

He pulls back a bit and lifts her sweater to see those beautiful bounties she has covered in navy blue silk, his hand lifts to caress her right breast. Her head lolls back and she moans at the intimate contact. Paul needs to taste her. He pulls her bra down and her breasts spring forth calling him, calling his tongue and his hands. He takes both hands and begins to knead her breasts. They are so soft and beautiful. He looks up at her again and notices her eyes are closed, lost in the sensation of his hands on her flesh.

Violet can’t get over the feeling of his hands on her breasts, they’re firm but gentle. He teases her a bit by pinching one of her nipples, “Oh!” She squeaks. Her eyes snap open and he’s staring at her with a devilishly wicked grin. She smiles back and his head moves down as he captures one of her perky hard nipples.

He licks her nipples, making her body want more contact with his mouth and other things. He switches from the right breast to left trying his best to give each the attention it deserves. As he licks one, he kneads the other, flicking her nipples and generating a sensation through her entire body. Her eyes can barely stay open, her body is enflamed, her pussy dripping her essence.  He puts his entire mouth over her nipple and begins to suck gently.

She’s absolutely lost it and she knows that if he keeps doing this she’s going to come right here on his beautiful granite countertops. She looks down and his eyes come up to reach hers, there is a yearning in his intense glare, of a man that wants to show her body delights that it’s never imagined.

“Oh, Paul” She moans almost incoherently.

“Yes love.” He says as he lifts his mouth from waiting breasts.

Paul knows what he wants and he wants to make her his in every way possible.

Violet’s body is sheer wonder of his ministrations. She’s never felt this way just from a man sucking her breasts, her co-worker sucking her breast, her mind screams. “Stop,” she screams and pushes him back, “please stop doing that.”

He looks up in total and utter confusion, “what’s wrong? Am I going to fast? Am I doing something wrong.”

“No, you’re not Paul, I have to go.” She pulls her bra up and her shirt down and jumps off the counter.

She grabs her coat and car keys and heads to the door. “Paul, thank you…”

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not going to pull the same crap you pulled on me at the bookstore.” He says, a tad pissed off. “What is up with you running away?”

“Paul, I told you when we first spoke at work, this has to remain professional. Our careers are at stake here.  There’s too much to risk for a little fling.” She said sternly.

“Little fling. Who said I wanted a little fling?” he questioned.

“Oh please, you were married to a model. You’re just scratching an itch with me.”

“Is that what you think? I’m just some jerk, who’s running around like a 14 year old wanker, looking to get laid.  Sweetie I’m here to tell you I don’t have a problem getting laid, I’m looking for more.” He said seriously.

Violet’s eyes rounded in shock, “More? Are you serious?”

“Yes, Violet I’m serious as death itself.”

“Paul, I’m sorry there just can’t be more between us. I have my livelihood to think of and you should be doing the same.  If this were to end badly, it would impact both our careers because we work together.”

“But, what if it turns out good?”

Violet thought for a moment about her last boyfriend, Charles who had left for his baby’s mom and the one before that, Spencer who decided he needed space but was engaged a month after the break up, and of course, her romance with Dirk from the firm she clerked at, she couldn’t risk that kind of disaster in her life again, not when her career was going so well, even though she wasn’t sure she even wanted it. Maybe the idea of trying to date again was a bad one. At least she thought if she was going to try to date Paul it was bad.

“I’m sorry Paul, there’s just no way this could ever turn out good. I enjoyed the dinner tonight. I’ll see tomorrow at the office.” And she walked out of his back door to leave.

Paul’s fist hit the countertop, “Damn!” he shouted to the empty kitchen.©


Common Kind of Love-Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Naomi woke to the quiet sound of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” she knew that was Freddie calling her cell phone, oh no she thought she didn’t want a lecture this early, she turned to see that it was 7:00 am, she and Doug had been up a good portion of the night making love and sleeping in between. She looked over at him laid on his side facing her snoring lightly, his hair blocking his face he looked absolutely adorable she thought. Her phone was still playing the ringtone so she scooted off the bed silently to dig in her purse and find that pesky phone.

“Hello.” She said quietly as she answered.

“Where in the hell are you?” she heard Freddie’s Caribbean accent screech from the other side of the phone.

“Wait a moment Freddie, I need some privacy,” she walked across the room to the bathroom to make sure she didn’t wake Douglas with her conversation.  She took a seat on the edge of the bathtub and let Freddie continue her grilling, “okay Freddie. Go ahead.”

“Where are you at?”

“Where do you think I am? I spent the night with Douglas last night.”

“What? Are you insane, that was risky,” Freddie says, she hated when Naomi did things like this she couldn’t protect her if she was out gallivanting in the streets. “Naomi, you know better than that. But, you’re okay, aren’t you?”

“I’m fine, Freddy. I’m 30 years old I can take care of myself.”

“But you know your mother and father would skin me alive, if they knew I let you go around with some guy all day alone. Although he’s a nice, handsome guy if the tabloid press ever caught wind of this, it would be the end, what an embarrassment to your country.”

Naomi sighed. Everything in the end came down to duty to Bocara Island. “I understand that Freddie but nothing happened, we had a nice time and enjoyed each other’s company as two adults should, I don’t need a lecture now.”

Freddie clucked her tongued at Naomi. She thought that Naomi barely knew what she needed that’s why she was there.

“Naomi, I know this is supposed to be just a little fling before you return home and the engagement to Randolph is announced but be cautious, chile. Be careful of this man’s feelings. He seems really into you, you shouldn’t play with his affection.”

“Oh, Freddie now you’re just being silly. Douglas understands perfectly well this is not going beyond Wolfsburg, Germany.” Naomi says more quietly because she isn’t sure he does know because she hadn’t told him yet because she was becoming less sure of that fact every moment they spent together.

“Yea, right tell me anything while you’re looking at me,” Freddie said in an annoyed tone.

Naomi could picture that smirk on her face as she spoke, “Well, I’m not looking at you and I’m handling this fine. Freddie, I have to go Douglas may wake up and I don’t want him to catch me on the phone in some covert conversation with you. I have to go. I’ll tell you more when I return to the castle.”

“Okay, I’ll let you go but you can’t stay gone all day I need to see you and if your father calls or his secretary I’ll cover for you. I don’t know why I do this I should just let you get the throttling from him you deserve.”

Naomi laughed, Freddie was so suited to play mother hen, “You do because you love me and we’re best friends. Bye Freddie.”


Naomi ended the call and got up to look at herself in the mirror before she went back to bed with Doug.  She thought she looked dreadful, ‘no man wants to awaken to this’ she scolded herself, her comb was in her purse and that would be too much trouble so she decided to just run her fingers through her hair in hopes that it would at least look semi-straight.

“What are you doing, Naomi?” she pondered as she looked at herself. She was a princess who was having a vacation fling with a man she was beginning to like a lot, maybe even love. But she knew when she returned home her engagement would be announced and she would be the future wife of Randolph, a man not only that she didn’t love but that she didn’t even like. “Every girl thinks she wants to be a princess, it’s certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. This life is highly overrated.” She sighed to herself and slipped back into the main part of the room and eased her phone into her bag. As she slide between the sheets to cuddle up to Doug again, he woke for a second and looked at her and smiled that beautiful bright smile.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine, Douglas” she said as she looked at his sleepy face.

“What time is it?” he said looking around for the clock.

“It’s a little after 7 am. We could sleep a little longer if you like?”

“Yea, I like. Now, come over here and bring that sexy body closer so you keep me warm,” he grabbed her around the waist to pull her in close to him and rubbed his body against hers.

Naomi giggled softly as she settled into his body, “Settle down and go back to sleep you dirty boy,” she teased.

“I’m only dirty because you made me that way,” he said yawning in her ear.

Naomi smiled to herself, for now he was going to be her prince even if the possibility of that actually happening was impossible. They both settled into each other, rubbing and caressing the other’s body until they fell asleep once again.

When Naomi arrived back at the castle Freddie and Zoe were waiting for her as she opened her bedroom door.

“My goodness, don’t you two have anything to do besides stalk me.” Naomi was a tad upset they were there she just wanted some time alone to rest and think about what was happening or what was not supposed to be happening between she and Doug.

“Nope, we don’t. I’d just like to know what my big sister has been up to that she shows up here at 12:30 in the afternoon.”

“Me too,” chimed in Freddie not looking pleased herself, but Naomi noticed something about Freddie being miffed that had nothing to do with her late arrival, she wondered what was going on with her.

“This is a private matter and although I love you both dearly, I’m not going to share the details of an intimate evening spent with Douglas.”

Zoe clicked her tongue in disapproval, “You’ve never been any fun. If I had a fling with a hot guy I’d give you all the details.”

“I’m sure you would, Zoe but the difference is I wouldn’t want to know about your details. It’s always a good thing you’re still a virgin.”

Freddie chimed in, “well, my dear you’re not and this is not a good idea, Naomi. You’re playing with another person’s feelings and a nice person at that, I think you’re going to regret this.”

“Douglas and I have discussed the nature of this relationship, Freddie and he understands this just fun and we’ll being going our separate ways soon.” Naomi lied through her teeth. She had to say something to get Freddie off her back.

Freddie looked suspicious but responded, “Okay, whatever you say. I hope you know what you’re doing not for his sake, Naomi but for yours.” Freddie rose from the chaise lounge and walked out of the room.

Naomi just looked at her as she left she threw her things on the floor and fell on the bed with Zoe. “I’m so tired Zoe. Why is she mad at me?”

“Oh, she’s not mad. You know how Freddie is, high strung, that’s her job to be high strung.” They both laughed at the accurate description of Freddie. “I think she was just a little pissed because I think she wanted to spend some time with Dhani today and…well with you staying out all night and morning she had to put those plans on hold.”

Naomi rose from the bed and propped herself on her elbows, “Dhani?  Douglas’ friend Dhani?”

Zoe looked at her curiously, “well how many other Dhanis do you think we know? Of course, Doug’s friend, they had more of a connection than we thought they did.”

Naomi fell back to the bed, she didn’t want to interfere with her friend’s chances for happiness especially when she was so wishy washy about her own plans.

The phone on the desk in Naomi’s room rang, she ran over to pick to it up, “Yes.”

“My lady, King Milo is on the line and is eager to speak with you.”

Darn, thought Naomi she was not in the mood for her Father.  She hurried and attempted to brighten her mood by smiling, she would need that moment of peppiness.

“Hello, Father.”

Zoe looked at her and mouthed “Is that Papa?” with a look of dread on her face. Naomi shook her head yes.  Zoe crept out of the room, ‘Judas’ Naomi thought.

“Naomi. What is this I hear about you being out of the castle overnight?”

Naomi sighed, ‘Darn security, what a bunch of tattle tales,’ she thought.

“I can explain Father.”

“Please do,” he said sternly into the phone.

“Father, I was just out having a good time that’s all. The clubs stay open late here, so I didn’t get in until early this morning.”

“Naomi that is something I would expect of Zoe not you. You have to remember that you’re a princess and as such you represent the crown and this country.”

“Yes, Father.” Naomi had heard this speech so many times she knew it by heart, but she always hated to hear the disappointment in her Father’s voice as he said it.

“I understand that you are on holiday and would like to relax, but you can never get too comfortable Naomi. You must always remember you have a duty, you are not a commoner. You are royalty, even while relaxing you must be cognizant of that fact at all times. The last thing the royal family needs is a scandal.  Where was Fredericka during all this nonsense?”

“I had given her the night off, Freddie is a grown woman and my assistant Father, not my nurse maid,” she breathed deeply the pressure and weight of her life as royalty was starting to overwhelm her senses again.

“Daughter, please be more careful and make sure that you keep Freddie near if things go awry she knows how to handle situations correctly.”

Naomi sighed she hated being treated like a 5 year old but her Father insisted on making sure that she and Zoe were watched closely, she more than Zoe since she was next to be Queen.  “I understand, Father and I would of course never do anything to shame you, the crown or Bocara.”

“You know I am very proud of you Naomi, you are my highest hope for the continuation of our family’s rule. I expect that you and Randolph will be a perfect royal couple. Are you excited about the announcement of the engagement during the Festival of Feasts?”

“Yes, Father, I am very excited. I think it will be good for the country,” Naomi lied. She was good at lying to her Father especially when it came to Randolph and her impending sham of a marriage to him. She could hear her Father’s smile on the other end of the line. He was happy about the marriage but was absolutely thrilled about the prospect of Naomi adding children to the lineage.

“Good, we’re getting things prepared for the engagement announcement as we speak. Your mother and I are both pleased that the engagement will finally be taking place.”

“I am too, Father,” Naomi droned in a flat voice.

“Well, daughter I must ring off. I have some business to attend to in the morning. Please tell Zoe, hello and that I love her. Enjoy the remainder of your holiday and we will see you back home in a few days. I love you.”

“I love you, too Father. Good-bye.”

“Good-bye, my dear.”

As Naomi hung up the phone, she slouched in the chair behind the desk. The weight of it all, her status as part of the royal family of Bocara, her impending engagement to Randolph, her duty to her countrymen, and then there was her potential for falling in love with Douglas. She rose and flung herself across the bed and began to weep.

Doug sat with Dhani and Al as they had a dinner together.

“Well, man, have you called her yet?” Dhani asked.

“Yes, I’ve talked to her since we parted this afternoon. She was having dinner with her sister and Freddie then turning in early. She said she was tired, I guess I do that to women,” Doug said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“No, you don’t that to women. You actually bore them into tiredness,” Al joked to him.

Dhani started laughing and Doug punched Al in the arm. Doug wasn’t worried about it he knew Al was joking, that’s just the way their friendship worked. He had spoken to Naomi for about an hour earlier in the day, she sounded okay but he could tell she had been crying he heard it in her voice. He didn’t ask about it, he figured if she wanted to tell him she would volunteer the information herself but she didn’t. He was hoping it didn’t have anything to do with him but how could it. They’d had a fabulous evening and an even better night and morning. His mind went back to the sounds she made as he made to love to her and that delicious wonderful body of hers writhing beneath him as he was overcome with passion at their joining.

“Hey, man, snap out of it. She got your nose all open this soon?” Al was looking at him like he was insane and rolling his eyes.

“Leave him alone, Al. The man is in love. We can’t fault him for that, she is fine and seems real cool.”

“She is cool, man really cool. I’m really starting to like her.”

Al looked shocked, “aww, come on man you just got rid of that barracuda Tiffani, I know you’re not already trying to replace her.”

“Al, listen I’m not like you. I’m not into the spreading my love around thing.”

“What? I’m not spreading my love around. I’m just discriminating about who I give my love too and if she’s not worthy she’s just not worthy and I move on to next worthy candidate.”

Dhani laughed and said, “yea right, man how many girlfriends have you had in the last year? What? Like six or seven and some at the same time. Aren’t you dating two chicks, now?” Dhani and Doug started laughing, Al just smiled guiltily.

“Yes and they know the deal with me, I tell them how it is. Well, what’s up with you Dhani? Don’t hate because I’m out there handling business and you’re sitting at home with your books every night,” Al teased.

“You know I haven’t exactly been lonely but I’m not out always strutting mine around like a prize poodle, but you know I don’t lack for female companionship. Right now, there may be one female in particular.”

Doug looked at Dhani and furrowed his brow in confusion. Al just started to chuckle to himself.

“What female are talking you about in particular?” Doug wanted further explanation.

Dhani shrugged a little, he was always really laid back and low key and the most mellow of the group but boy if you got him mad, he was raging bull.

“Just somebody, listen man, you’ve been so busy mooning over Naomi I wasn’t really able to let you in on my own budding romance.”

“Get out of here, man. With you?”

Dhani looked down and smiled, “with Freddie, man.”

Doug’s eyes went wide with surprise and Al broke into hearty laughter at the look on Doug’s face.

“You weren’t expecting that,” Al said.

“Naw, no way man. That’s awesome, that’s great. You deserve it Dhani, you’re a great guy she’d be lucky to have you, man.”

“Yea, I know,” Dhani said while popping his collar, he was the humblest guy they knew and didn’t take himself seriously at all. “We’ve been talking a little and the day we spent together with Al and Zoe, we got to know each other much better. I like her, she’s my kind of girl, feisty, down to earth, strong, smart and I’m digging the freckles too, they’re cute.”

Doug smiled, he was happy for his friend but he was still thinking about Naomi and their blossoming relationship.

“But what about you and Naomi, Doug? What are you planning on doing when this vacation is over? Freddie said they’d be leaving in about a week to go back home, what’s up then?” Dhani asked with concern, he and Freddie had decided they’d keep in close contact maybe visit each other but he was worried about Doug’s plans.

“Man, I don’t know. She keeps things kind of close to the vest, you know. She’s not real open. I don’t ask those questions, because I think I’m afraid of the answers.  I sometimes get the feeling she’s keeping something from me, I don’t know what but whatever it is it seems important. Either of you guys find anything kind of odd about her, maybe deceptive?”

Dhani just looked at him and told him, “Doug, don’t mess this up. There’s nothing wrong with her. Maybe she wants to go slow, what you’ve known her for a couple of days. Just enjoy it. Don’t make her into Tiffani man, that skank is gone let it be done and over with.”

“I agree, Doug.  She’s nice, fine as heck, and she likes you. Run with it man.” Al patted him on back.

“She’s great woman, don’t go getting all nuts. Not every woman is Tiffani and that’s a good thing,” Dhani said looking at him seriously.

“Fo’ shizzle,” Al said and fist bumped Dhani.

Doug made a face at Al’s comment, “Oh please don’t do that Al, don’t try to be hip you just sound ridiculous. Like the ridiculous rich kid that you are.”

They all started to laugh. Doug was thinking how lucky he was to have these guys in his life. If it had not been for them when all the craziness with Tiffani’s infidelity happened he would have cracked up. His family had been great support to him, but his buddies, his homeboys that had gotten him out of the funk and depression that her betrayal had caused. He really thought that he would never be able to trust another woman or even be bothered with another woman then came Naomi.

“You guys are right, though. I’m going to let her go at her own pace. She’s been kind of sheltered by her parents, I think and this may be the first time she’s done anything like this.”

“Like what?” asked Dhani.

“Become physical with somebody so soon,” Doug decided to let them in on that information he’d gotten from her.

“I don’t think her sister has been physical with anybody at all,” Al interjected.

“You interested in her sister, Al?” Doug asked, he wanted to know, all he needed was Al playing mack daddy to mess up his relationship with Naomi.

Al looked a little unsure but answered, “no way man, she’s way too young and inexperienced for me. I was just trying to be a gentleman the other day. Anyway she’s too opinionated, thinks she knows so much. That’s not my kind of woman, I like them pliable and experienced.”

“Umm hmm,” Dhani smirked, “man, she’s just the kind of the woman you need, whip your behind into shape and have you running back for more.”

Dhani and Doug laughed, they enjoyed needling Al sometimes he was such a spoiled rich kid it was fun to mess with him. Both Doug and Dhani came from middle class backgrounds, but Al’s parents were wealthy his family owned a thriving Mexican foods manufacturing business out in Los Angeles, his dad also had a winery in Sonoma Valley.  He was a good guy but he was the youngest boy in a family of six children and was overly indulged by his parents and siblings.

“Anyway, when are we going to Berlin?” Al asked. “You got time lover boy?” he looked over at Doug.

“Of course, you guys want to invite the girls? I was talking about it with Naomi, you guys cool with that?”

“You know I am. What about you Al?”

Al sighed, he didn’t relish the thought of having to hang out with Zoe again but he didn’t exactly hate it either, she was cute and very sexy. “Okay, I’m in.”

“Cool, I’ll call Naomi and we’ll get this set up. I’m excited we’re going to have some fun I think.”

Doug was looking forward to any time he could spend with Naomi. He’d been thinking it over but now that he’d talked to his friends he was sure he wanted to tell her that he was thinking they should continue their relationship once this vacation was over. He wanted to get to know her a lot better and if she wanted to do that more slowly he was willing to take his time, because this was a girl he did not want to lose.©

Rendezvous-Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A week and half later…

Another one of these Wednesday morning partner meetings, she couldn’t stand meetings. Violet swiveled in her chair waiting for the other straggling partners to make it in for the weekly partner meeting at Brookes and Smithmeyer, LLP.  As a partner in her law firm she’s come a long way from waiting tables for tips to pay for law school night classes.  But she’d worked hard and had been rewarded, sometimes she thinks it’s not the reward she wanted but she’s proud and her mom is extremely proud of her, her only daughter a partner in a law firm. There are twelve partners in the firm, Harmon Brookes and Arnold Smithmeyer being the names on the sign over the door. Most she likes, but some can be kind of stuck up, wondering what a 34 year old black woman is doing becoming a partner in their old boys network. There are 44 attorneys at her firm, pretty good size and 12 are partners. It’s a lot of hard work to be a partner, late nights, weekends, no life whatsoever but she guesses the paycheck is worth it. Maybe one day she’ll go out on her own she thinks about Violet Maxwell, Attorney at Law, it’s a nice dream but today she’s just a partner. A 5 ft. 8 in, 175 lbs, not to skinny, not to fat, mid length black hair, cute face, nice smile, that wears reading glasses, partner.

“Okay, everyone listen up.” It’s Grant Carlyle he’s the managing attorney and a total dick when he wants to be.  A little power went straight to his head. “We’re going to do things differently today, usually we start with a report from everyone regarding their case load and any cases they may be managing with senior and junior associates but we have a surprise.”

“Whoopee” Violet thinks, she looks over at Pam, she and Pam are the only two women of color as partners in this firm and the only 4 people of color that are partners, period. Pam Takahara is Japanese, tiny and sharp as a whip and she don’t take no crap from anybody, she heads the real estate division. They both smirk and roll their eyes.  Surprises usually mean more work and maybe less pay.  No one likes surprises.

“We have someone new joining our firm. He comes from a firm in Australia and has almost 17 years experience in his field. He’s not coming in as an associate he’ll be joining us as a partner.”

As Carlyle drones on about the wonderful new partner from Australia, her mind wonders back to the Borders bathroom. She’s been thinking about that lately, she’s been thinking about it quite a bit. “I wonder what happened to him, I should have told him my name, gave him my phone number, man could he eat some pussy. What was his name again Peter, Patrick…”

“…Paul Dudley.”

She looks up at the mention of the name Paul that was it Paul, and there he is standing in front of her all 6 ft. 2 inches, glowing gold skin, blonde hair, and green eyes of him, Paul. “Good god, what is he doing here?” she thinks, “Is he the new partner?” Her head goes down so fast and she feels Pam lean over and say in a whisper, “Well, hello there partner. He is fine too bad I have a boyfriend.”

She doesn’t look up, if she could turn red she would, beet red, “I can’t believe this the one time I’m naughty and it’s come back to haunt me for the rest of my life.” She hears him speak again and it’s just like the first time, so smooth, masculine and sweet, her panties start to get wet.  She has to look up again, she does and as she does they catch eyes and she sees that something clicks in his brain and he smiles, not a nice “I’m the new partner smile” but a “I’m the spider, you’re the fly” smile.

“I’m so happy to be joining the Brookes and Smithmeyer team, I’ve known Harmon Brookes for many years, he mentored me and it’s a privilege to be working under him again. I look forward to getting to know everyone and working with you.” he says with a air of professionalism she hasn’t seen in awhile, he doesn’t even look nervous or the least bit perturbed at his knowing.

“Paul will be heading up our International law division since the recent departure of William Monahan and will be working closely with acquisitions and mergers department. And Violet…” Carlyle looks at her, she knows she looks like a deer caught in headlights, “He’ll be working closely with you on the Tri-Gear/Swisz Athletics merger since one of the companies is Swiss owned and we need his international law expertise.” She can feel her eyes visibly expand into saucers. Her worse nightmare has come true.  “Paul this is Violet Maxwell, she heads up Mergers and Acquisitions. She’s one of our best.” Carlyle says and it almost sounds like he’s gagging as he’s saying it. Paul moves to come around the conference table to shake hands with Violet, she stands and shakes his hand and he takes his other hand to caress the back of the one she’s shaking with, it’s an intimate move that only she notices. He smiles that devil may care smile again and she thinks, “These underwear are ruined.”

“Why don’t you sit by Violet, Paul and as the meeting goes on she can bring you up to speed on what’s going on with that merger. “ Paul pulls up a chair next to her, he leans over and says “May I have a couple of pieces of paper to take notes, I forgot to bring a notepad with me.” Violet can feel the heat radiating off his body, she has to tighten her thighs or she’s going to walk out of this room with a wet stain on her skirt.

“Sure, no problem” she snatches a couple of pages off and hands them to him without looking directly at him and he leans into her ear and says “Thank you, love.”

‘Why doesn’t the floor just open and swallow me whole,’ Violet thinks.

After the meeting, Violet rushes back her office like the devil is on her heels. She sits behind her desk and thinks, “what am I going to do, I have to work with this man.” Pam walks in with Violet’s legal secretary and part time drag queen, Leonard toddling behind.

“What the hell was that all about, you shot out of there like the cops were after you.” Pam says and she sits and so does Leonard.

“What, what happened at the meeting?” Leonard says with the excitement of man that loves gossip in his voice.

“Nothing, nothing happened at the meeting? And what do you mean, like the cops were after me? I left that meeting like I leave all the others, calm, cool, and collected.” she says, trying to convince herself the lie is true.

“Knock, knock.” they all turn to look at the door and standing there is Paul Dudley, looking better than any man should in a 3 piece Armani suit it’s got to be Armani. “Oh, I’m sorry I thought I’d stop by and talk a little bit more about the Tri Gear/Swisz merger, if you have time?”

“Oh, I have time to talk,” she says fast and nervous, Pam and Leonard turn and look at Violet curiously. “Leonard don’t you need to be typing up that contract for me?”

“Oh yea!” he says. As he passes Paul he sticks out his hand and says “Hello, I’m Leonard Finkelstein her legal secretary and body guard.” And he giggles, he actually giggles.

“Pam, I’ll speak to you this evening at our regular meeting.” Pam looks confused and then it dawns on her their girl’s night is tonight with honorary girl Leonard, Violet, Violet’s best friend Nedra, and Pam at the The Pink Martini Bar. “Oooh, okay, that meeting, yea I’ll see you tonight” she turns to leave and says to Paul “Welcome to our family Paul.” He smiles.

Violet stands to come around the desk and Paul rakes his gaze over her, if he thought she looked cute at Borders, she was damn near stunning standing in this office with a black pencil skirt, hot pink blouse that clung to those luscious breasts he didn’t get an opportunity to experience and pair of black high heel sling backs, she wasn’t wearing any stockings which he found very captivating staring at those toned legs. There was split up the side of her skirt that just gave a look at just enough of her thigh to remember what the felt like in his hands. As she came around her desk to walk over to some files he tried his hardest not to stare at that spectacular ass of hers, it was round and high and made for loving. “Ahem” his head popped up, uh oh he’d been caught, he smiled sheepishly. She looked so adorable being stern, what a stroke of luck it was for him to have found her again.  After those electrifying moments in the bathroom at Borders, he thought he’d never see her again, this had to be kismet.

“Mr. Dudley, the Tri Gear/Swisz merger is a very delicate one.” She said in her stern attorney voice.

“Please, call me Paul, no need to stand on ceremony. We know each other, somewhat,” he grinned as he made implications of their previous encounter.

“Paul…” as she sat in a tired heap on the leather sofa in her office, “I must assure you that encounter, we had was the only one of its kind. I am not that kind of woman, I just got caught up in the moment. Please don’t hold it against me.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” stated Paul empathetically. “You know sometimes we do things when we’re overwrought with passion, but I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. I was certainly disappointed when you just left me standing there.”

Violet looked ashamed, “I’m sorry, it’s just being that I’ve never done that before I was so embarrassed I had to get out of there. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be…rude I guess.”

He smiled at her, showing all those beautiful white teeth, he did have the most gorgeous smile she thought Colgate ad all the way. “It’s okay, I forgive you. Now is it possible that we can start from there?”

She looks shocked and wary, “Oh no, I’m sorry our relationship from now on has to be strictly professional. I don’t want the drama or gossip of an office romance. My career means a lot to me, no I’m sorry, Paul.”

“Oh, okay then, there isn’t anything I can do to convince you?” he says with a sly smile.

“No, I’m sorry” Violet had learned her lesson early in her career about office romances when she dated another attorney at the first firm she clerked at during law school and when it ended it was a disaster, he tried to get her fired and everyday she went to work after that was horrible he was an associate with the firm and he made her life a living hell until she finally had to quit. No, she would not be revisiting those waters. Because this man was so fine and so accomplished and friends with one of the partners, she wouldn’t have a chance if it ended badly.

“Okay.” It seemed as if Paul was resigned to his fate. “Why don’t we do this, I’ve got quite a few things to take care today and we need to discuss this case file a little more. Why don’t we go out to dinner on tomorrow, because it seems you have a business meeting tonight? I’ll pay.”

“Well, why don’t we let the firm pay, that way I wouldn’t feel like it was personal or a date. There’s a wonderful steakhouse called Rockwell’s that the firm has an account with, how about it?”

“Yea, sounds absolutely fantastic, I’ve been craving steak lately. How about 6 pm tomorrow after work, we can meet there if you’d like. I’ll look up the address on the net.”

“Okay, sounds good, I’ll bring a copy of the case file and any notes. I have two paralegals helping me out on this and still have a full caseload but this is big and as I said before delicate, the SEC will be all over it if we don’t get it right.”

“Sounds great, Violet I look forward to hearing about it in more detail at dinner tomorrow.” Yea, she thought he was resigned to his fate but Paul didn’t make it this far in life by just rolling over and playing dead he thought as he exited her office. He’d play it smooth for awhile and then catch her off guard and before she knew it, she’d be his, his very own Violet.

Leonard and Pam sat the table with apple martinis already in hand as Violet and Nedra came in, late as usual.

“Where have you two biddies been?” Leonard says with an attitude.

“In traffic, if you want to know fool.” Nedra smarts back. Nedra has been Violet’s best friend since 9th grade when they met in Mr. Andrews English class. Nedra’s one of the greatest and most loyal friends Violet has, always there to cheer her up and cheer her on. Nedra Thompson with her smooth chocolate skin, portly frame she stands a few inches shorter than Violet, she keeps her hair short because she has twin boys and a husband that keep in perpetual motion but these Wednesday nights with the girls are a wonderful excuse to cut loose. Nedra’s husband, Damien is an assistant coach for local college football team so time away from a house full of men and sports is a delight for her. She works as a freelance photographer and met Damien as she was taking photographs of one the games and they have been in love ever since.

Pam has been a long term relationship with her boyfriend Alejandro Quintana for 6 years, Alejandro is from Argentina and he’s 8 years younger than the 44 year old Pam, with lots of South American spice, those two in an argument is sight to see. Alejandro’s an emergency room doctor and the sexiest thing in the northern or southern hemisphere, well according to Pam.  “Well, it’s about time Leonard and I had to start without you two.” Pam’s already slurring a little, she’ll be cabbing it home tonight.

“Yea, girlfriends I was thirsty.” Leonard Daniel Abraham Finkelstein, the Jewish drag queen extraordinaire. When he first came to work for Violet as her legal secretary, his first day he came in full make up and she thought this is the ugliest woman or the prettiest man she had ever seen. He was also hilariously funny and would say anything to anyone and fiercely protected his boss, he worked liked a Hebrew slave for her gladly. Didn’t take long for him to be included in girl’s night out and become good friends with Violet.

“Well, sorry guys you know I have to pick up my girl and then trudge down here through evening traffic” sighs Violet. “Anyway neither of you look like you were at a loss for things to do or drink.”

The waitress comes over looking slightly bored and takes their orders, “Dirty martini for me.” Violet loves them dirty.

“A diet coke for me” states Nedra looking around the table at these drunks. She laughs she doesn’t drink but then again with Nedra drinking would only make it worse.  She’s the designated driver for Violet and will pick her car up from Violet’s townhouse and drive back to her home later in the evening.

“Okay, here we go since you’re here Violet, please tell me what is up between you and Mr. Delicious?” Pam asks accusingly.

“Mmmm hmmm” says Leonard, he and Pam are always ready to gossip.

“Me and who?” Violet plays dumb.

“Mr. Paul Dudley, who I have deemed Mr. Delicious from now on.”

“Mr. Delicious, Paul Dudley, who’s that?” Nedra asks.

Violet looks like she’s in the interrogation room at the police station under the hot lights, well she guesses she has to tell them sometime, why not now. “I’ve met Paul before.”

“Where?” Pam shouts.

“Keep it down Pam. I meet him at Borders, last Saturday.” Violet confesses.

Nedra turns to look at Violet, “At the Borders. Was this some kind of blind date and you didn’t even tell your best friend.”

“No, it wasn’t a blind date. You guys know I’ve been trying to rekindle my dating life. I’m finally at a point that if I really wanted to date someone again, I could. So I went into the Borders to…” Violet sighs, this is so embarrassing, “…pick up some books on sex.” Pam doubles over with laughter, Leonard laughs so hard he spits out most of his drink, Nedra just chuckles and shakes her head. “ Listen it’s been a long time since I was intimate with anyone, I just wanted to brush up, you guys know the last guy I was serious about left me high and dry for ex-girlfriend, mother of his two children. So I have confidence issues, I’m just trying to get my mojo back.”

“Oh girl, please. You have more mojo in your little toe than most women do in their whole bodies” reassured Pam.

“Yea, V you got it going little miss, beautiful, accomplished, a partner in a law firm, get out, don’t worry about it, it’s just like riding a bicycle you never forget,” laughed Nedra. Leonard joined in reassuring her “Violet you are the beautiful black woman, I long to be.” Violet smiled, she was pleased to have such a group of loving and loyal friends.

“Well, anyway you guys I was in the aisle sitting down with a stack of books beside me when I looked up and saw him, Paul. And let me say ladies and you too Leonard, he was looking all types of fine. I think my mouth dropped open. He came over and asked me about whether I knew where the books on oral sex. I told him where they were and he picked one out and winked at me.”

“Is that it?” Pam looked confused.

“No Pam, that’s not it. He was leaving and I was going to follow him up and ask for his number but I didn’t see him at the register, so I headed to bathroom. Well…he pulled me into the family bathroom and gave me the best cunnilingus of my life. He didn’t need any book.”

There was an audible gasp at the table.

Nedra looked shocked, “You let some strange guy, eat you out in a public restroom” she huffed.

“You go girl.” Leonard hollered.

“Go nothing. That is just not like you Violet.” Nedra chastised.

“Well, I say he’s not a stranger anymore so what does it matter.” Pam chimed in “Now, that he’s working with you are you two going to continue to explore what other interesting places you can find to have sex.”

“Oh no we will not,” Violet said definitively, “I will not be doing that Pam. We work together and closely do you know how bad it will be if it ends up badly between he and I.”

“What do you mean, he’s a super fine, good looking, reasonably nice, sane guy and you’re not gonna hit that again. You’re crazy.”

“I’ll take your place.” Leonard laughed. Violet just smirked at him.

“No, Pam I will not. My job is important to me and my bills. If things don’t work between he and I, no that’s a working disaster waiting to happen.”

“You are absolutely right, Pam please she cannot do this, if he was outside the firm maybe but they are working together, ethically that’s really asking for trouble.” Nedra warned.

“Oh you two are so dry.” Pam sighed “It’s not like we have any rules against partners dating or even co-workers dating.”

“Yea, but it is frowned upon.” Leonard spoke up, “remember the Raven Delano and Ryan Cartwright incident.” Raven and Ryan had dated for a short time, she was an associate and he was a paralegal and it ended with her sending him a dead bird in the office mail.

“Oh yea.” Pam and Violet said at once. “That was ugly, ugly, ugly.” Pam remembers, Ryan had to get an order of protection against her and Raven ended up without a job.

“Well, that just proves that I’m right. We will not be dating, although we will be going to a business dinner at Rockwell’s tomorrow night.”

They all looked at each other and then at Violet. “Dinner huh?” said Pam, “Well tell me if he has a nice house and whether he has Egyptian cotton or satin bedsheets.” Then she and Leonard started to laugh uproariously.

“I am not dating him,“ thinks Violet and she was determined to keep her promise to herself. ©

Rendezvous-Chapter 1

I’m going to add another story into this mix, my second attempt at writing is this story Rendezvous. Rendezvous is a romance but it is highly erotic and starts off that off. So please be warned there is graphic sexual content in this first chapter, so don’t start clutching your pearls there will be romance too, please enjoy the story. 

Rendezvous-Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She needed to go the bookstore, maybe I’ll find “Sex for Dummies” but she was no dummy she hadn’t been getting any really good sex lately that’s all.

“Oh geez” she thought “Am I defective is something wrong with me. I’m 34, in pretty decent shape, fairly good looking, pretty eyes, full lips, nice breasts and an ass and thighs to die for. “Am I fucking defective?”

As she walked into Borders she looked around wondering where they would hide the books on sex. Because she figured they were hidden, no sane person would want someone to know they needed a book on sex. She roamed for awhile looking back and forth, squinting trying to see the small lettering on the signs that hung above the numerous shelves.

“Aha, there they are!”  She was thinking that she knew how to do this, she actually had known about good sex at one time but now it just wasn’t exciting or even pleasurable and she was having fantasies lots of fantasies that she wanted to figure out how to make come true.

Hopefully, there was a book on bringing the spark back to your sex life, yea that’s what she needed the spark book. As she perused the aisle looking and searching taking out book after book, she had a nice pile and decided to set in a seat at the end of the aisle to glance and make a choice. Out of the corner of her eye she sees something, something nice and tall, wearing khaki pants and a nice sweater, it’s slim and blonde and beautiful.

She looks up over her glasses but then her vision gets blurry, “Aww hell now I’m actually gonna have to look all the way up, I hope I can do it on the down low.”

She looks up and sees something she hasn’t seen in awhile, a sex god. Her mouth slightly opens, her heart races, and her panties get a little wet, well maybe a lot wet. He’s gorgeous, tall around 6 ft. 2 in. maybe, pretty eyes, looks fine as frog’s hair, on the sexy slim side the way she likes them and has blonde hair, honey blonde. She loves blondes they just didn’t all love her.

All of sudden she thinks, god I bet he could help me with my resurgence into the Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors Sex Express.

He walks down the aisle with a little swagger, like he knows he’s got it going on and ain’t afraid to use it.  She’s staring, she never stares but she’s staring thinking about all the possible positions they would have sex in, doggie style, her favorite, the side from the back, one leg down, one leg up missionary, oh but how about her riding him into oblivion. She moans to herself, he turns around quickly and looks at her cocking one eyebrow.

“Aw shit, he heard me moan.” He smiles and she looks down at her books fast, “I do not want to be caught ogling a stranger, even if he’s a hella fine stranger.” she thinks.

As she looks down she notices a shadow come over her seat, what the hell, she looks up and it’s him and he’s smiling. Lord have mercy, that man could put Colgate outta business with that pretty smile. He has nice lips, man’s lips they look firm like he can kiss away every problem you thought you had. As she stares at his lips, she licks her own, she’s in physical pain right now he’s so fucking gorgeous.

“Ehem!” he interrupts her corrupt thoughts.

She looks up; damn he caught her again, what’s up with this guy catching her staring.

He says “Hello, may I ask your advice?”

Now, she’s gone, she’s really gone, he has a fucking accent, Australian she thinks. Aww, hell why’d he have to go and say something, she’s a sucker for accents. I wonder what that accent sounds like when he’s fucking a woman’s brains out and talking dirty in her ear. I bet it sounds real good.

“Yes, about what?” she says trying to look unconcerned and nonchalant but that shit ain’t working she’s real concerned and very chalant.

“Well, I was looking for a book on oral sex; since it looks like you’ve been here awhile” he glances at her book stack “Maybe you can tell me if you’ve seen any good ones.”

Oral sex? Looking at that thick tongue, he looked like the master of oral. But, there’s nothing wrong with a man expanding his knowledge base.

“Well, I don’t really know there were some on that shelf at the end and they looked interesting. Why don’t you try there?”

“Thank you, so much love.” he says in that sweet accent.

Love, did he just call her, love?  Men with accents they know how to make you cream on the slightest of words.  She looks down but continues to look up every once and awhile to keep checking him out, perusing that nice ass under those khakis, she could squeeze that forever. I wonder how his legs look, he looks to be in good shape I bet his legs are the kind you just to want to lick like a cherry popsicle, mmm her favorite.  Looks like he has a swimmer’s body, boy I wish I could get my hands on him. As she looks up once more, she notices he’s looking at her also. He smiles, holds up a book, looks like he got what he needed. She smiles back and nods her head.  Then he does it, the one thing that can send her into complete overdrive, he winks at her. She almost melts like a puddle into the seat.

As he walks away she thinks, “Damn, he’s fine. I wish I knew his name.”  Since he still has to purchase the book, maybe, just maybe she can get a name and phone number. Hell, there no harm in trying.

“Well, if I’m going to make a move to catch sexy Australian I better do it soon before he makes his way through the line and is gone”.

She rises up out of her seat, leaving her pile of books and makes her way to the front counter to try to make to catch Mr. Sex on a Platter. She comes around a shelf and with much disappointment and remorse she notices he isn’t in line. Aww damn, well maybe he decided he didn’t need the help with oral sex. She looks around a little more out of frustration and horniness to see if she can find him, no such luck. For a second she thinks about asking one of the clerks but maybe that would just make her look desperate.

Oh well, the opportunity to hook up with sexy guy with an accent has passed her by, she better stop by the bathroom and make my way out of here and head home. She walks toward the restroom sign and as she steps into the small hallway, she looks up and there he is Mr. Sex on a Platter. They almost bump into one another but he catches me by the arm.

“Hello there, again” he says in that delectable accent.

“Hi!” She looks down trying to act coy. “Fancy meeting you here.” she giggles and smiles, damn she sounds and blushes like a 16 year old school girl, this feels good.

He leans over her and says “You know I looked in that book and I think there’s some things I’d like to try.” close to her ear.

Her eyes go up in a question, like what the hell is he telling me this for then all the sudden before she knows what’s going on he’s hauling her into the family restroom, you know the one with the baby changing stand. Once they’re in there he’s kissing, pawing her, running his hands all up and down my body.

“God, I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw you sitting in that chair looking at all those books” he says huskily “what the hell is woman as sexy as yourself looking for books on sex, you should be getting more than you can handle.”

She’s lost all my ability to speak or even keep a coherent thought he’s running those smooth hands all over my nubile body. She feels hands all over my arms, back, and ass and it feels good he definitely knows how to handle a woman’s body and she’s thankful for it.

“You know I did bring you in here to try something from that book and I want you tell me if it works.”  Then he proceeds to start to show her his new skill, knowledge IS power.

She couldn’t believe she was in the family restroom with the guy of my sexual dreams getting ready to have unbelievable wild, unrestrained sex.

“When I saw you in the seat, I knew your pussy would be so sweet and I just wanted a chance to taste it.” he said.

She almost choked, his words were so hot, they were scorching her lips as he says them into her mouth. He kissed her with the intensity of man, who seemed starved for kisses. She knew that mouth was made was kissing, she’s on fire her pussy is dripping cream down her thigh. Thank goodness, she wore this skirt today. She couldn’t say anything she just began to kiss him back plunging her tongue into the cavern of his hot mouth. She is dizzy, he put his hand under her skirt and moves the thong aside to find her hot snatch, he plunges a finger into her soft folds.  She gasps and moans and then he puts another finger into her pussy and she decides to ride it.

“Oh, you’re cunt is so tight and you’re so ready, so sweet.”

“Yes, I’m ready, so ready for you to fuck me.” she says.

“Oh yes, love I’m going to fuck you so good with my tongue.”

He raises her skirt and she gets ready to ascend into heaven.

She’s so caught up in the sensations of his tongue in her mouth and fingers in her pussy, her knees are about to give out. He begins to rub her clit in slow circles and the sensations that go through her body are so intense she’s about to lose her mind.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he moans.


“Oh yes, don’t stop.” She says in a shaky voice.

“Oh, now you can’t come yet.”

She’s on the brink and looks at him surprised; she pulls her head back and looks into his eyes. “What?”

“No, you can’t come yet, you can only come when I say.”

“Oh, that’s not ffaaaiirr.” Her body is on the brink, she puts her hands on his chest to steady her legs.

“Are you ready?” he says in the voice that is so low and sexy.

Without removing his fingers from her dripping cunt, he slides down to his knees. He raises her skirt to my waist and pulls down her thong which is dripping wet she pulls her feet out of her undies and looks down as he looks up into my eyes, there is so much desire in his look she’s almost overwhelmed. She’s never been looked at with so much lust and desire and the feeling is heady.

“Put one of your legs over my shoulder.” he commands her.

She automatically complies, she places her thigh on his steady shoulder and he then proceeds to put his tongue between the folds of her cunt. She sighs heavily and her head lolls back, he works his deliciously thick tongue into those folds like a master. She is overwhelmed with sensations, her whole body is on fire, she’s coming close to being consumed.  He laps at her pussy like it’s his last meal, moaning into it and he enjoys it. He pulls his head back and says

“Oh you taste so delicious, love.”

She looks into his eyes and her bones just melt away, she is consumed by this lust as he takes up where he left off. She’s squirming and moaning loudly. He reaches her clit and begins to pull his tongue over it and flick it.

“Uuuggghh!” she says loudly that’s her weak spot and he’s hit just a like a hammer. He licking and lapping, almost cleaning her up but the more he laps and flicks her clit the more I drip.  She’s so ready to come, “Oh please, let me come, please I have to.”

He raises his head and with a wicked grin says “No, no I’m not finished enjoying this feast yet.” He dives back in, she’s never been with a man who seems to enjoy eating pussy so much and it’s turning her on to the nth degree. But, then when she thinks it can’t get any better he does something so freaky, she almost passes out.

His strong arms go under her thick thighs and ass and he lifts her which spreads her pussy and butt to him. He takes his tongue and swipes it from the crack of her ass to her waiting wet pussy.


She almost passes out “Ooohhh!” she says and begins to wiggle her ass a bit, as she wiggles she sees his head move back and forth, he can keep up.


He comes back to do the move again, at least she thinks he is but he sticks his tongue in that place so forbidden but so sweet. He moves his tongue in and out of her ass and she is going crazy the sensations are too much and she begins to moan


“Please let me come, you have to,” she begs for her release, pleading for him let her frustration ends, her core is starting to spasm and it’s going to be out of her control in a moment.


But he continues and comes back up to continue the assault on my pussy. His hands are kneading her ass and her hands are caressing his head. She knows any minute now someone from Borders is going to bust them in the bathroom, but she don’t care she needs this.  Her body has been aching for this.


He lifts his head slightly to look up into her eyes “Are you ready to come, love?”


“Yes, yes I’m beyond ready.” she pleads.

Then he sets her free “You may come.”


And she lets go, her body shivers and shakes but he’s still down there eating her pussy like a man on a mission. Her clit is engorged and it’s becoming painful but the pain feels so good. She’s oohhing and aahhing and shaking and coming it’s wonderful, there’s a smile on her face like she just won the freaking lotto. He removes his head and sets her legs back on the floor. She sinks to the floor and looks into his eyes, he’s smiling grinning from ear to ear.


She tells him “that was awesome, did you learn that in that book?”


“Yes.” he says still grinning “Looks like I’ll have to keep that one” he says and grins showing all those beautiful teeth in that gorgeous smile.


She smiles back at him and say “What did you say your name was again?”


“I didn’t, but it’s Paul, Paul…” but she stops him before he can finish.


“No I don’t need to know the rest” no need to get attached this is a one time incident she thinks.


He smiles and says “And your name?”


“It’s…” she about to reveal to him when, a loud banging comes at the door.


“Hey, you guys have been in there for like 20 minutes, I need to change my baby, come on!” they heard an angry voice bluster from outside the bathroom door.


“Oh my god, I gotta go. I have to get outta here, this is so embarrassing.” She says to no one in particular.


She’s hurrying to straighten her clothes and he’s doing his hoping when they get outside the door he can convince her to tell him her name and give him her phone number. Once she’s ready she opens the door to see an angry brunette with a little boy.


“What were you doing in there?” she strains to see in and notices only her and the man, “you don’t even have a kid.”


She makes a beeline for the door with her bathroom lover waiting in the hallway calling out “Hey, what’s your name?”


She hears him but doesn’t stop, the shame and embarrassment of having an absolute stranger give you the best orgasm of your life in the Borders bathroom.


I’ll never come to this Borders again, she thinks, “and that’s too bad cause I like this one.” She rolls out the parking lot, never to darken the door of that Borders ever.©




A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 4


Chapter 4

“When I came this morning to pick you up, I thought there would be a 14th floor,” Naomi mentioned as they rode the elevator to the top floor of his hotel, the Ritz-Carlton.

“I found it odd too that there wasn’t a 14th floor but the hotel is set up in sectors. I think it’s the German way of thinking, which I find odd sometimes,” he smiled at her.

Naomi laughed as the elevator went to his floor she was feeling a little nervous. They’d held hands back to the hotel and tried their best to just do a lot of small talk but they both knew what was about to happen. Naomi was nervous because it had been awhile for her it wasn’t as if she had tons of experience doing this. She’d only had 3 boyfriends in her life, because her status as a princess and none of those had ended on good terms. She’d only had 2 other lovers, 2 of the 3 boyfriends. Although she had found she had enjoyed sex with in her last relationship over three years ago, she thought that maybe she shouldn’t go through with this tonight with Douglas. She wasn’t the sort of girl who just took on lovers as a side project she’d been in committed relationships previously. This casual thing was new to her, but it was kind of exciting.  He leaned against the elevator wall, watching the numbers as they clicked passed it was almost time for them to get off. When they got to Doug’s floor he let Naomi pass first then he got off the elevator. He stepped in front and led her to his room, once inside Naomi found it very nice but the Ritz-Carlton always was she’d stayed at many around the world. Very modern and chic, she stepped through the door as Doug held it open for her. Then she heard to soft click as it closed, she turned to see him with his back to her locking it.

He turned to Naomi and saw she was eyeing him nervously, “why don’t you come in and sit down and make yourself comfortable. I may have something in this bar to drink, would you like something?” he said as he went around the bar and opened a tiny refrigerator.

“Can I have a gin and tonic?” she never really drank hard liquor but this occasion was calling for it.

Doug looked up in surprise, “gin and tonic, whatever the lady wants.”  He started to put ice cubs in short glass, the distinct clinking made Naomi jump. She was on edge, she thought to herself, ‘just calm down, he’s just a man’ a really gorgeous man she thought. He was pouring the tonic in over the gin when he looked up and smiled at her. Naomi figured she should get up and get the drink, she rose from her seat to walk toward the bar when Doug told her, “no, you sit there and relax. I swear this glass is not heavy I can bring it over to you.”

She grinned a bit as he walked over to her on the couch and handed her the glass and sat down with his own.  As Naomi watched him move so fluidly she thought he did have the natural grace of an athlete. He stretched his legs in front of him and leaned back into the corner of the couch. Naomi took a swallow of her gin and tonic she didn’t even taste it go down.  He was watching her with that feral glare and his lips curved up into a seductive smile as he took sips from his glass. Naomi started to stir restless on the couch. She pulled her legs under her and started to look around the room.

“This is a really beautiful suite, Doug. Are you enjoying it?” she asked to try to start some kind of small talk up again.

“I like it’s very nice, I don’t do anything but sleep in it and take a shower but it has a really nice balcony would you like to see it?”

Naomi was relieved, something so she wouldn’t just be sitting on this couch like a ninny, “sure, that would be great.”

They both set their drinks on the coffee table and rose.  He walked over and opened the door to the balcony. They stepped through and he stepped over to the glass railing, “look, it’s a lake then there’s the pool set in the middle of the lake.”

She stepped over tentatively Naomi had a small fear of heights that she’d forgotten about. She usually took some kind of medication to calm her when she took flights and had to stand at high places.

Doug was watching her, she kept stepping really slowly and cautiously towards the railing she didn’t make it all the over before she stopped and stretched herself to see over the side.

“You’re afraid of heights,” he guessed and smiled to himself.

She looked at him and thought how could he think this was amusing, she was almost in full out terror mode, “yes, I’m afraid of heights. What did you think I don’t like to look at water?” She frowned at him and turned and went back into the suite.

Doug followed her quickly and caught her by the arm and turned her around. She had on layered t-shirts and her breasts looked delicious with that cotton material stretched taunt over them.

“I’m sorry Naomi, baby. It’s not a big deal, you should have told me I wouldn’t have suggested we go out to the balcony.” He pulled her tightly against him into his arms. He put his head on her head, “I hope you forgive me,” he said into her ear as he kissed it.

Naomi thought with the way she felt in his arms and his soft lips on her ear, she could forgive just about anything he did right now.

“It’s okay. I just hate to show weakness, that’s all.”

He spoke into her ear again as he kissed it, “Baby, that’s not weak, that’s human. You’re still the sexiest thing walking on two feet even if you can’t stand heights.” He kissed her ear then let the kisses trail down to her neck.

Naomi could feel her body start to melt against him, her hands went up and down his solid back. She pulled her head back and he looked at her deep in her eyes. His eyes were turning grey again she figured that must happen when he’s feeling intense about something. He lowered his head and kissed her softly, letting his lips only touch hers lightly. Doug could feel himself being overcome with passion for this woman, his manhood had been standing proud for awhile.

“Naomi,” he said against her lips.

“Umm hmm,” she mumbled their lips and tongues still seeking out one another as they spoke in between kisses.

“I’m not good at beating around the bush,” he said moaning a bit as her tongue trailed down his neck to that wonderful sensitive spot on it. “So, I’m just going to say it. I really do want to make love to you tonight, do you want that?”

Naomi’s head rose and she looked at Doug directly to make sure he understood how serious she was, “Douglas I want to make love to you right now more than I want to breathe.”

He smiled at her and she smiled in return.  He took her t-shirts from over her head and there she was standing with those bountiful b-cups in white bra with tiny pink flowers all over it. He looked at her and thought, my goodness she’s so innocent and so damn sexy at the same time.  He knew he was in trouble.  Her breasts were caressed by that material, her skin was so beautiful like smooth sweet chocolate, he never seen skin have such a glow. He looked up at her again she looked worried like she wasn’t sure what to do or what he was thinking. He decided to ease her mind, he took off his sweater and began to unbutton his shirt but before he knew it she was in front of him, those beautiful long fingers easing the buttons from their restraints. As his shirt fell open her soft hand glided across his chest lightly as she familiarized herself with the feel of him.

Naomi had almost passed out as she opened his shirt it was so unlike her to be so bold. She was princess, they weren’t supposed to be forward but she felt like tonight she just wanted to be a woman just a regular woman. His chest was gorgeous, honed from exercise lightly sprinkled with brown hair she actually found that it made him much more masculine. Her eyes went up to catch his expression and he looked as if he was in pure ecstasy, she’d never quite seen a look like that on a man’s face, he was enjoying her touch tremendously she figured.

Doug had decided to make her feel as good as he was feeling. He touched her shoulders massaging them a bit his hands moved down her supple arms. Those breasts were the most beautiful things he’d seen in long time, so he took his fingers and trailed them across the tops of her bosom. Her breathing hitched a little, she was excited and so was he and the odd thing was they both still had their most of their clothes on.

Doug smiled as her and her touched her, “I think we need to get out of the rest of these clothes. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, I think you’re right,” Naomi giggled a bit and sat on the couch to remove her shoes.

“No, you won’t be removing anything this evening, that’s my job,” Doug said taking charge. He kneeled before her and unzipped and removed her boots, it was not an easy task but he was strong.  He pulled her to her feet and Naomi looked at his hands as he undid her zipper and slid it down. She could feel the goose bumps rise on her skin, she was so nervous.

Doug’s hands are shaking a bit, it’s not as if it’s been forever since he’d made love to a woman but one this sexy and beautiful he was so scared he’d do something wrong, whatever he did to make Tiffani cheat on him wrong. But she is absolutely the fineness, most beautiful thing he’d seen walking on two feet. He pulls her pants to her feet and she stepped out of them. Doug’s eyes just peruse her body, she’s wearing a pair of boy shorts underwear that matches her bra but with a ass like hers, there’s nothing about them that is anything like shorts. He can appreciate the sight later, he starts to take his clothes off and fast.

Naomi is shocked he took his time with undressing her, now he’s undressing himself like his clothes are on fire, “Doug I want to help you undress.”

“No time, these…things… have to come off,” he talking between pulling off pants, socks, and throwing that unbuttoned shirt to the side.

Naomi was grinning to herself, but he was some of kind of gorgeous once he was there in just a pair of boxer shorts.  “Oh!” she said more to herself than him.

He looked up, “something wrong?”

“No, no Douglas nothing is wrong everything is right, absolutely, positively right.”

Good, he swept her up in his arms and kissed as he walked the short distance to the bed. He deposited her gingerly on the bed Naomi scooted up a bit and laid in the middle against those cotton soft pillows. She sat on her elbows and admired his male beauty and he was beautiful.  Tall and slightly tanned, chest full of ripples from those rock hard muscles, he had long muscular legs, very lean and sculpted body. She loved the way that shaggy hair of his hung in his face like a little boy with the body of full grown man. He did have the face of little boy except his eyes in his eyes, in those Naomi saw all the hunger of a man.

As she lay there on his bed, Doug thought he’d died and gone to Naomi heaven. She looked so sensual, with all those luscious curves, hips that just rounded off so nicely to those beautiful toned legs. He decided to go for what he knew he leaned over and started to crawl up alongside her body, touching her as he went. Naomi squirmed a little, laughing in a low tone, he liked that, he liked women who knew how to have fun in bed.

“You waiting on me to make a move?” he asked looking up at her with her head rested on the pillow.

“Yes, I am, are you ever going to?” she said in a drool tone.

“Oh now it’s on,” He flung himself on top of her and Naomi was shocked with the sudden contact. She broke out fit of giggles as he tickled her.

“Oh stop, stop it Douglas,” she was laughing and squirming underneath him.

Then if happened she brushed something hard and not his leg, she stiffened.

He stopped and looked down at her into those cocoa brown eyes, “see what you’re doing to me.” Doug began to kiss her and run his hands along her body, trying his best to reach ever possible spot on that tender, soft skin. She smelled so good like honeysuckle, he could have sniffed her all day but he had other things to do.

Naomi grabbed his shoulders and her elegant hands drifted along his arms, making mental note of the muscles that shaped those beautiful appendages. He was kissing her all over her face and neck going slowly almost savoring the taste for later. Naomi felt his mouth move over hers as she prepared herself to kiss him, he put his mouth flush against hers pressed against hard, his tongue probing her mouth intimately. The kiss was taking on urgency. Naomi’s body was on fire, her slit slippery from her own juices his hands making trails of heat along her skin, she started to rid herself of the remainder of her clothes, but her hands couldn’t move as fast as his. Before she knew if he’d relieved her of her underwear and her bra, she lay naked under him panting and moaning.

Doug didn’t want to miss a minute of this, that’s why he’d left the lights on in the room, he was glad she wasn’t like a lot of women that needed to be in total darkness to make love. But why would she, her body was testament to how God made all things in his image of perfection. Her breasts were firm, his hand went down to knead them slowly then his head followed. His sucked in her hard berry nipple, it felt so good in his mouth soft and sweet. He felt her hands on his head, in his hair holding him there as he worshipped that breast. His fingers traveled along her flat stomach and he didn’t have to wait to long before he found her treasure, she was shaved, which surprised him, a felt a small strip of hair running along her slit. His fingers found their way into her folds and he massaged her before he pushed into her opening. He was hot and wet, he needed to get in there and soon or he’d go mad.  He fumbled around in his drawer on the nightstand and found his stash of condoms, luckily he put them there he didn’t think he could get up and try to dig the ones out of this wallet. He pulled his underwear down and as he did so rose a little off of her body.

Naomi peaked between them to see what his penis looked like and she was not disappointed. It was a good size, very thick with a red mushroom head. She’d never seen the penis of white man before, so she was curious to see if it looked different it actually didn’t just color wise it was the only difference. She saw his head go down and look between them then back up at her.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

She sensed some trepidation in his voice so she eagerly told him, “yes, I love it. I want to feel it.”

“Give me a moment to put this condom on and you will.”

He had the condom and was opening it with his teeth as Naomi took her hand and began to stroke his cock. He stopped mid-tear, his breath coming harder, his head hitting the pillows for a moment.

“Baby you have to stop that or I will not be able to satisfy you in the way you deserve,” he pleaded with her.

But Naomi didn’t stop, now that they were here she felt brazen and bold she wanted to touch him to feel him in her hands.  His moans were getting louder he grabbed both her hands with his and pulled them off his manhood.

“You have to stop,” he said again raggedly. Doug was on the verge of exploding all over her and he didn’t want that kind of embarrassment.

He slipped on the condom and started to rub himself against her slit. Naomi held on to his shoulders grabbing him tightly. He kept rubbing himself, lightly at first but now harder.  Her head went back into the pillows and she closed her eyes her body eager for his invasion. Doug was kissing her neck and chest and had moved down to breasts once again, kneading them in his hand and kissing her mouth while against her lips he was softly saying words of ecstasy.

“You feel just like heaven, baby. Oh you are so sweet, so beautiful and so sweet.”

Naomi could barely comprehend him she was caught up in the feel of him. He kissed her hard and deep and as he did so he entered her slowly. Doug didn’t want to miss a moment of her walls encasing him tightly she felt so incredible and gripped him with everything she had.

Naomi felt the head of his cock enter her and then he came down slowly, it was almost like torture. He felt so wonderful too good almost no man had ever felt this good entering her. Not that she had much to go on, but what she did have had never been like this. She never wanted this feeling to end, they looked at each other and she began to move slowly her body writhing under the delicious weight of his.

Doug felt her move and pulled back and pushed forward still not moving too fast, savoring the feeling of a woman so sweet. They stared at each other while they made love, Tiffani never looked at him when they had sex she would usually turn away or close her eyes but Naomi just stared at him lovingly. He saw a small smile come onto her lips and he smiled back. This was the happiest place on earth he thought, he could feel her silky smooth legs rub up and down his sides and wrap around him. That just allowed him to enter her more deeply, the feeling more intense. He could feel her beneath him, her body rolling in rhythm with his own. His hands went underneath her ass and lifted her slightly for a better angle he massaged that soft flesh and rubbed her cheeks as he ground into her.

Naomi knew in any moment she was going over the edge, she was about to come apart. Her hands slide up and down his back and grabbed those tight buns and held on for dear life. He was kissing her intensely and groaning almost growling as he penetrated her softness over and over again.

“Damn Naomi, I never knew it could feel like this,” he said to her.

Naomi’s head was back and her eyes had drifted close, “I didn’t either, this is…spectacular” she let out a deep breath.

Doug just rode her harder and deeper, her body meeting his with every stroke, he knew he wasn’t going to last long but he needed to make sure he lasted longer than her. So he brought her up butt even higher and rested on his knees as he leaned into her body.

All of sudden, Naomi felt a surge through her lions, she had never felt anything that intense. Her orgasm sailed over her smooth and powerful, her body seized up and she was stiff for a moment not even breathing just reveling. The feeling so powerful, she thought that maybe her eyesight had gone blurry because she couldn’t really see.  Just as fast as it had come it was ebbing away and she breathed out, “Oh my god!” she shouted.

Doug knew she’d had an orgasm because her walls her milking his cock so he let go and pumped all of his essence into that condom. He growled low in his throat, a grunt of manly satisfaction. He thought for a moment if it’s this good with a condom how would it be skin to skin. He stilled himself for a moment let himself soften within her. He slid out making sure to grab the condom so it wouldn’t come off, he didn’t want any accidents. When they had children together it would be on purpose, ‘whoa where did that thought come from,’ he chastised himself.  He rolled over to her side and deposited the used condom into trash container.  He turned back towards her she was there with her eyes closed with a dreamy look on her face. He gathered her up in his arms and stroked her back.

“You feel okay, babe?” he asked he knew she did but he wanted to hear it.

“I feel fabulous, that was fantastic Douglas,” she opened her eyes and looked up at him his eyes had turned slightly more blue than grey, “you’re superb. Can we do that again?”

He laughed, boy she was hungry, “yes, we can but you have to give me a minute I need to catch my breath and steady my heart rate,” he told her clutching his chest.

She laughed at him, Naomi adored that he was such a jokester, “I can understand that I need a moment myself. I have to tell you it’s been a while since I’ve made love to anyone and you’re only the third man I’ve ever made love to in my life. But I’m glad it was you.”

Doug looked surprised her body responded like someone who was experienced in the art of lovemaking but he was happy he could make her comeback a memorable one.

“Wow, well I’m honored. I’m glad I can make it special for you. You’re a really special and wonderful woman so your body should be worshipped.”

Naomi smiled big she set her head against his chest and felt his light sweat and his heart pounding beneath that hard mass of muscle.  Her hands rubbed up and down him slowly as she could felt his hands go up and down her back, every once in a while caressing her butt.

“You like that?” she asked him wickedly.

He smacked it lightly and she jumped, “yes, I like it a lot. I’ve always liked women with some cushion on their backside, nicer to watch and much nicer to hold,” he said squeezing her bottom.

Naomi giggled and smacked his chest.

“Hey, you asked if I liked it I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate your womanly curves,” he kissed her on her forehead.

“I’m glad you do. They do love to be appreciated. But you know other things love to be appreciated too,” she lifted her head and looked at him slyly. Naomi had decided since she’d already done this might as well go all the way.

Doug looked at her and thought well she’s not as innocent as she pretends to be and he was glad of it. He broke out in big cheese-eating grin with those gorgeous dimples prominent.

“I’ll show you how I appreciate other things.”

Doug slid down her body to the juncture in between her thighs. He began to kiss her inner thighs softly. Naomi moaned and opened her legs wider so he could gain more access. Doug kissed and licked her thighs, tasting her sweetness. His mouth caressed her outer lips lightly and breathed in the scent that was distinctly her own, he was going to enjoy pleasuring her. He licked her slit and Naomi moans were turning into full out gasps of joy, he opened her to his ministrations and licked and sucked her folds his tongue delving into her to enjoy the flavor.  She tasted salty and sweet, a really erotic combination.

Naomi had never felt anything like Doug’s tongue and mouth. Her other two lovers weren’t really keen on pleasuring a woman like this, although they always wanted to have her give them a blow job.  They would do it if pushed. But never like this. He seemed to be enjoying it like a man at his last meal.  She could hear him making mmm noises throughout the act, so as he enjoyed himself she enjoyed herself. Putting her hands into his hair and pushing him in slightly. She didn’t have to do much, he got the hint and went full throttle, licking her clit like it was lollipop, the feeling was intense like a gigantic nerve ball right in the center of her body her stomach was starting to do flips and her legs started to shake a little then a lot.

Doug could feel her legs shake and he knew it would just be matter of moments, she’d come all his tongue and he was happy to lap it up.

Naomi felt the entire lower half of body shake uncontrollably of it’s own volition as she came again, she was moaning loudly and panting “Douglas, oh Douglas, oh you’re wonderful.”

Somehow Doug was able to hold onto her legs, which was not an easy feat, they were strong but he didn’t want her to kick him by accident. He keep lapping her core, trying to gather every last drop on his tongue.  She finally stopped moving and all he could hear was her breathing, he licked her again and raised his head. She was completely in her own world of bliss, where he wanted her to be and she looked beautiful with those emotions on her face.  He felt a little cocky that he was the one that had put them there.  He rose and settled himself over her again and kissed her letting his tongue glide along the seal of her lips to open them. His kiss was slow and sweet and promising more to come for the night.

“This is far from over, sweetheart,” he told as his lips left hers as he began to rub his hard cock against her wet folds.

Naomi smiled and he kissed her again as their night of passion was just beginning. ©

Looking for A Partner

I’m looking for a partner, someone who get things fixed…Pet Shop Boys ‘Opportunities’. I don’t like to miss an opportunity so I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to ask about a writing partner. I’ve been looking for someone forever. I am a pretty good at writing but I know I can be better but I’d really like to have someone who interested in a being a writing partner. I must say I’m not the greatest editor because grammar is not my strong suit but I can give an honest opinion without coming off as catty. I want someone who can do the same, if you’re a good editor that would be a plus but what I’m looking for is someone who will be honest about my writing. Someone will tell me what’s working and what is not working. Maybe we can challenge each other’s writing skills and maybe this will get me off my butt to finish some of those unfinished stories. I want to be a better writer not particularly because I want these things published, I just like doing my best at what I do. I’ve always enjoyed writing and yes one day I’d like to try my hand at a mystery, maybe I can do that with a partner. You need to like romance and mysteries. You need to  be constructive in criticism and not just mean for the sake of being mean. No one wants their hard work cut to pieces but I don’t want pie in the sky either. I’m realistic that I’m just a so-so writer for now but maybe we can help make each other better. Please comment and let me know.

A Common Kind of Love-Chapter 3 CONT.


Doug and Naomi had an afternoon together of sightseeing and just walking around the town taking pictures, checking out store fronts, and eating here and there. Doug had bought some souvenirs to take home to his mom and dad, sisters, niece and nephew. He was sure they would enjoy the special purchases, although he’d gotten the kids t-shirts because he never knew what to buy teenagers. His two sisters were older, his sister Maggie was married to her husband George they had a daughter, Angela who was 15 years old. His other sister, Yvette and her partner, Pollyanna (that was her real name) had adopted their son, Rhett, who was now 17 years old. Doug was really close to his family and was thrilled to get the job at the CDC, because he’d be closer to home and family when he moved to Atlanta, closer to his hometown Macon, Georgia.

He learned a lot about Naomi that day, her dad also worked for the government doing community work and her mom was a stay at home mom who volunteered in several different organizations on her island. Her country was made of four island states, Big Bocara, Little Bocara, Taccaro, and Nycara the smallest of the four islands. She loved her home and knew tons about its history, it had been settled by the English in the 1500’s and when the slave trade started they brought slaves to the islands and in 1856 the slaves rebelled and a huge war started, the Allegiance War the war lasted a few months but the slaves won their freedom and the country won its independence and set up its own monarchy starting with its first king, King Albert the Magnificent he was a called. Allegiance Day was celebrated every April.  She’d told Doug that it was one of the biggest festivals of the year, the others being Rabbit Day, Festival of Feasts which would be coming up when she returned home from holiday, and Carnivale, which everyone knows what Carnivale is. Doug noticed her eyes always lit up when she spoke of her home, she was extremely proud of her heritage.  Her country wasn’t rich by any means it had a lot of poverty but the people were proud and strong.

They’d done so much that day and had discovered wonderful things about each other. She’d found out that as child Doug had a pretend friend named “Robbie” who would tell him to do crazy things like jump into the dryer while it was on and make attempts to ride his bike on the roof of his house.  He said he’d gotten a few spankings for that but with a butt like his Naomi figured he could take them.  Doug has always felt out of sorts with two older sisters, his mom was a teacher and his dad sold insurance so he wasn’t at home a lot. So he was basically raised by women.

Naomi told him about her fascination with Star Trek and that she owned every episode on DVD and had all the books written regarding the series.  She also spoke a few different languages including French, Spanish and she was learning Japanese.

“Say something to me French?” he told her as they were sitting a restaurant getting ready to order dinner. They’d decided to have dinner and then figure out what to do for the evening.

“Why?” she said to him exasperated but she thought it was cute that he asked.

“Because it’s French, the language of love and I want to hear you say something sweet to me in it.”

“Okay,” she thought for a moment and came up with, “Vos chaussettes sont propres et votre alimentation n’empestent pas,” she giggled as she watched his eyes light up with glee.

“That sounded great” he said a little breathless, “what did you say?”

“Your socks are clean and your feet do not stink,” Naomi started to laugh hard she was bent forward in her chair losing it.

Doug’s eyebrows knitted together.

“Oh, I’m sorry Douglas, I didn’t mean to offend you,” she thought he was upset by what she said.

He just broke out with a huge smile and started laughing himself and they both just went into hysterical laughing. It was quite a sight, Naomi was holding her side she was laughing so hard and Doug was leaning back in his seat with big guffaws.  The calmed down and caught their breath.

“Well, I must say having clean socks and non-stinky feet never sounded that sexy,” he said looking at her longingly across the table. Naomi just peeked from under her lids, he was very sexy and she felt like maybe this night was going to lead to something more.

Doug just looked over at her thinking to himself, he hoped she was thinking what he was thinking because if she was she was thinking it, she was hungry and for more than dinner. He’d only known her for short while and he felt something very basic for her, he was thinking maybe he needed to figure out a way to make her something more than a vacation fling, but he wondered how he would do that. He figured he didn’t have to solve that problem now but he needed to figure it out because when he went home to Georgia, he still wanted Naomi as a part of his life.

They ordered dinner and drinks and just continued to talk, after dinner they roamed the streets of the city just checking out night life and street performers there were so many things going on.  They were thinking of visiting Berlin by train the next day and maybe staying away for a night. Naomi wasn’t sure how Freddy would feel about that, Freddy was a friend but she was also Naomi’s personal assistant and she took that job seriously. Spending a day with Doug was one thing, staying in another city where she couldn’t watch over Naomi with him was another. She figured as Doug stepped up behind her and put his arms around her tightly and snuggled into her back, she’d think about that problem later. He felt so warm and solid behind her, they watched some performers do an acrobatics show in the square.

Doug nestled in closely to Naomi, she felt so good with her back to his front. Her ass nestled perfectly in his crotch, maybe too perfectly as he began to feel his cock awaken from its neutral state. Keep it together dude, Doug thought he didn’t want to offend her by having his hard on meet her soft side.  But she felt so good against him so he just snuggled up closer, she was wearing jeans again today but this pair were white and he was amazed she’d kept them that way all day. She had on a pair of brown leather boots over them with a spike heel and sweater jacket with a fur hood and she had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and a pair large gold hoop earrings on. He’d opted for wearing a pair of black corduroy jeans, black sneakers, a black cashmere coat, a bright yellow cable knit sweater and a black scarf. He cuddled up closer to her.

“You warm, Naomi?” he asked by her ear he felt her shiver a bit as the words left his mouth to reach her.

She turned her head towards his face, “I’m fine Douglas. Very warm here in your arms.” She rubbed her gloved hands up and down his arms, they were massive she thought how would they feel naked with her hands rubbing up and down them.  She leaned back into his body and felt a familiar lump by her backside. “Douglas!” she turned and looked at him with grin on her face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry really I am but you are a beautiful, sexy, very close woman to me and I tried to keep it under control but he’s got a mind of his own today,” he looked at her for mercy for his predicament.

She laughed, “that’s okay, you may be able to ease his mind later this evening,” she left the hint in the air as she was turned in his arms looking him directly in his eye. She turned back towards the performers.

Doug almost wanted to start jumping up and down like a lunatic this beautiful woman was willing to share herself with him. His cock got harder. He had to wonder, Tiffani had cheated on him, maybe he wasn’t able to satisfy someone this beautiful sexually or any woman for that matter. He was starting to worry.

Naomi knew what she was doing, she just wanted a little holiday fling something to tide her over before she had to marry Duke Randolph Inglebrook, as a child she had been betrothed to the Duke and Duchess of Endleman’s son, Randolph. Naomi always thought the idea of betrothal was ridiculous in this day and time but her Father believed in tradition and duty. When she became Queen he’d only be Prince Randolph but that would be a jump in his status at least on paper. Randolph was abhorrent to Naomi, he was dumb, crass, classless, and he wasn’t even that good-looking the least she could have would be someone nice to look at. He was completely dull and had slept with every woman in the country in Bocara and a many from around the world, at least that’s what she’d heard he couldn’t or wouldn’t say out of the papers. She didn’t want him for a husband but she didn’t want to disappoint King Milo either.

Zoe was lucky she could marry just about anyone she wanted, as long as he met with her Father’s approval, which actually may not be that lucky. Her Father was harsh and very demanding. She wished she could find someone like Douglas and marry him, now he would be a proper prince, but the idea of a white American as Prince of Bocara, her Father would die on the spot. She knew what she was doing, she’d have this little fling with Douglas and in a week she’d be home resuming her duties as Princess of Bocara. She didn’t want to hurt Douglas but she figured he knew this was only a short term thing, they don’t even live in the same country, it couldn’t go anywhere or could it? That was question she decided she’d rather not know the answer to.

She turned in Doug’s arms and looked up at him as he looked down at her, he was truly smitten. He wasn’t sure if he had regained the confidence to make love to her, Tiffani had really damaged his pride when he found her cheating but he knew he couldn’t tell her no if she asked him to make love her.

“Naomi,” he looked at her deeply.

“Yea, Douglas.” She said with a small smile on her lips, she was taking in his whole face and then landing on those eyes that were turning greyer in the twilight.

“I really enjoyed this day with you. This has been one of the best days of my vacation actually it’s been one of the best days of the last few months.” He thought she looked surprised he would say that but he went on, “You are one of the most amazing women I’ve met in a long time and your kindness, gentleness and beauty have just made me more attracted to you.  I just wanted you to know that.”

“Thank you, Douglas. This has been a great day and you’re a really funny and handsome man. As I get to know you, I’m liking you even more.  You’re so…” she was about to say more but he kissed her and not like the kiss from previous night, this was probing his tongued cascaded into her mouth and their tongues dueled for supremacy. Their lips pressed hard against one another, they could feel the passionate longing. He was rubbing his hands down her body and she had wrapped her arms around his neck, he picked her up off the ground and settled her bottom in his arms. After the kiss, Naomi was little shaky on her legs and Doug looked liked he wanted to rip her clothes off and have sex with her in the middle of the square.

“Naomi, would you like for me to take you back to your hotel and we’ll just see each other tomorrow.” Doug thought if he didn’t get her away from him right now, he was going to lose his mind.

“No, I want to go back to your hotel with you, Douglas” she said definitively.

Douglas looked at her, put his arm around her body protectively and they walked towards his hotel. Naomi tried to reassure herself she could handle this, no one would get hurt and it would all work out. ©